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Author Topic: Blind Victorian Romance (MxF FxF)  (Read 583 times)

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Blind Victorian Romance (MxF FxF)
« on: May 15, 2013, 08:56:18 AM »

Blind Victorian Romance,
1842 England

(This is a romantic RP, that is more about the chars Clara and the other person getting used to and learning of her disability and how this one woman has learned to cope)

Clara Vangrass is a beautiful woman of 25 years her family came from money the earliest years of Investment Bankers. Her father Sir Richard Vangrass a smart man who in his time could turn a single English Pound in to a million it was through him that Vangrass Investments became one of the most powerful business in England and North America. He married Isabella Demingo, a beautiful Spanish lady from the coastal town of Mazagón, Spain. She and Richard fell in love while he was on holiday. The two were in love; Isabella was a free spirit and seemed to be the thing Richard needed to complete his life.

It was three years later that Isabella gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Clara. Clara grew up in a home full of love, both of her parents, but when she was three something happened, Clara’s vision became blurred and within a couple of months it progressively became worse and worse, tell finally she was completely blind. Clara is a lovely girl, a beautiful face short black hair, with a skin that tans easily when she is in the sun,( she got from her mother) but her eyes are a milky white with shades of green. Relising at a young age that her eyes unsettled people who looked in to them, she began to where a blind fold and she is almost never seen in public without her ivory and rare African wood cane. She is a head strong woman, who thanks to her supportive parents and the best teacher’s money can buy she id extremely intelligent. Some of her teachers helped her learn to cope with her disability; mostly they tried to teach her to hide it the best they could. She has few friends, but still receives letters and inventions to social events, due to her mothers and fathers influence. Clara attends usually sitting in a comfortable chair listing to the music sometimes old friends of her parents will stop to speak to her.

Her parents are now dead leaving her an heiress to her father’s company in an attempt to find her a suitable husband; her dowry is the company its self, the man who marries Clara will be placed as CEO of Vangrass Investments. Even with this large dowry few men have courted her. Most are afraid of being ridiculed by the whispers about her, and all the rumors that float about in the higher circles. Some say she was cursed, for her mother’s supposed fowl deeds. Others claimed she is a witch and a spell that went wrong made her blind. Other men see her as a liability, somebody they will have to take care of all the rest of their lives. Some only wanted the money and power her family has. However Clara is not a stupid girl and usually figures them out quickly and dispatches them.

In her years she has learned to have her independent lifestyle, reaching the age of 25 she is well past marrying age. In her own way Clara has made up her mind and knows that there may as well be no man for her, so she just try’s to live her life to the best she can.

Story Ideas
1.   Girl in stick in a Boy’s World: You play a young man from a wealthy family. You were raised to run the factories and take over for your father the owner. But the people have begun to wonder about you, 27 and yet to take a wife. There have been interested women, but you push them away. Some have even thought that you prefer the company of men, and you will remain a bachelor for the rest of your life.
The truth is you’re not a man, but in fact a woman. Your mother died in child birth and your father did not keep it a secret that he wanted a boy to take over for his company. To make your father happy you put away the dresses and makeup, cut your hair and dressed in men’s clothing. Your father was shocked at first, but then he accepted it, he had groomed a fine air to his company.
But to keep the shroud going you need a wife, or at least to be courting somebody. But any woman who gets close would soon be able to see right through your descise. What were you to do, but soon at a party you here about a strange woman who sits by herself, with a blind fold over her eyes.
Asking about you discover the woman is in fact blind and she maybe your ticket to a wife. But what happens when Clara falls in love, will you return her feelings or use her to meet your ends. 

2.   Failing Business: Your investments have failed, and your about to go bankrupt. There has to be away. Then you learn about Clara, the lovely blind girl and her huge dowry. If you could marry her, this could be the thing to save you from the debt collectors. It was to be simple charm her off her feet and make her yours, and clam the money and title of her family. But Clara is not someone to be tricked so easily. She is smart and even blind she can see through most tricks and you must be on your toes. In the time of courting this woman you come to learn and understand her disability, and how such a woman could survive and what happens when you begin to fall in love with her.

3.  Clever Rouge: You are the youngest of three brothers, your two older brothers took to the company your father owns, you live easily on an allowance you father gives you, never a trouble in the world and now you have a reputation among social circles. As rouge, sliver tonged devil, who can talk the best of women and girls out of there dresses in the space of a wink. While at a dinner party, a few of your closest friends give you a dare. Not a man to turn down a challenge you except. You are to get in to Clara Vangrass, one of societies oddest women, in to bed and bring back proof, her blind fold she is known for and a pair of her knickers. Seems easy just need to spend your time, court her with a few lovely words and you’re done. That is in tell you acutely talk to her and the Rouge learns what a hard life can be and what the love of a good woman is.