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Author Topic: The Serial Killer and the Muse (Female Character Needed)  (Read 396 times)

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The Serial Killer and the Muse (Female Character Needed)
« on: May 14, 2013, 04:03:31 PM »
After a long time away from writing, I've decided to give it another go.  I must warn any perspective takers that I am not 100% what my online time will be like for the next month or so as I am between laptops and am at the mercy of a friends choice of when to let me borrow theirs.  However, once I get mine back I tend to be a once every 1-3 day poster.  I just wanted to lay it out that it may be daily our it may be few and far between until then, but I'd still like to at least try and get an idea of a co-writer and try to work out the story details.

After a new found obsession with Dexter, my minds been on the serial killer plotting.  The other day I came up with the brief outline of a story, and the more I thought about it the more I realized it'd be better written with another person.  I am looking for a tradition forum style game, myself playing the killer and the other writer playing the "Muse".  Here is a brief description of what I've came up with.

My character will be an active killer, who's killings have yet to catch the medias eye.  Despite that there are different websites that have caught hold of what is going on, and even a select few that have managed to get both crime scene photos and descriptions.  The kills are incredibly well thought out.  Many believe that the killer is nothing more than a sexual sadist getting his offs on young women, while others see another purpose.  Each victim has been cut up in different ways, though limbs were never taken.

The early kills were all experimental.  It took police until the fourth body to put together that it was the same person, because despite the same complete and utter lack of evidence, the cutting is different on each victim.  The killer experimented with styles of cutting, from the knives to the depth to the placement.  The police have now began to figure out that he was attempting to find which way to best preserve the victims life, while inflicting as much damage as possible.

The last two kills were something new entirely.  It was as if all of the others were simply leading up to a grand scheme.  Each of the last victims were not only cut, they were drawn upon with a blade.  Each body had patterns which resembled tattooing, only the ink was replaced with blood.  Both were displayed in such a way that it was finally obvious what the killer was attempting to do.

He was making art.

This is where the second writer would come in.  I imagine that she would be following the killings through the underbelly of the internet.  Since all of the police information that was leaked is sensitive, the only sites that are displaying it would only be accessible to a "hacker", or at least someone who knows enough people to get into them.  Sort of like a fan club for the morbidly obsessed.  I want the second character to be an artist.  An artist in the tradition sense however, and I would prefer it if she was a painter.

Your character would have became fixated upon the killings.  She saw what he was doing in the early killings, and predicted the last two.  When she saw the bodies online, she found herself more inspired than she ever had been in her entire life.  She painted both victims.  Both paintings were just abstract enough to not draw police attention, but she did catch the attention of the killer.  The latest two victims artistic renderings were displayed in a local art show, and both were purchased for a higher amount than ticketed.  Both were purchased by the killer.

When he saw them, he finally found the exact inspiration he had been looking for.

That's around where I'd want to start.  Either at the art show, or shortly there after.  The bases of the story would be that both would find a muse in the other.  My character would eventually bring yours to one of the killings, and your character would be so obsessed with her art that she would keep it their little secret.  Not to mention, after she witnessed the first killing and failed to do anything about it she would be considered an accomplice.  That is the one part that must be built into your character; a devotion to her artistic integrity that would ensure she never go to the police or tell a soul, as well as the fact she found a muse in seeing the killings.

For the most part I am entirely open from there on out.  I do have an idea of how I want the story to go, but I prefer to let the story play itself out for the other writers enjoyment.  Thus, I do not intend upon laying it out scene by scene.  Instead, I wish to build the basis of the story and characters and go from there.  This will be a highly character and story driven game.  With that being said, I am looking for a writer who is capable of delving deep into the psyche of their own creation.  Typically I prefer long winded post, with lots of words and character details.  A lot of people call it useless filler, but my favorite part of the story is reading the in betweens of whats going on in a characters head.

As far as sex goes within the story, that is one thing I am opened to but not decided upon.  At the moment it is not built into my concept of the story, but it also isn't something I am completely against.  As long as the story itself is being written well, then I see no reason why sex cannot be included.  However, AT NO POINT will this story revolve around sex.  Sex will be an added cherry on top of the story, not the ice cream itself.

And now I feel as though I am babbling.  If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.  I am sure I will add/substract from this posting as I figure more things out, but for the time being feel free to shoot me a PM.  I prefer PMs over responses in here, but to each their own.

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Re: The Serial Killer and the Muse (Female Character Needed)
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2013, 03:31:17 PM »
Story still available, and it's looking as though my laptop access will be permanent from this point forward.

Thus, I ought to be able to post within the story on a daily basis.  Or at least once every three days, depending upon my work schedule.