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May 27, 2018, 03:06:40 PM

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Author Topic: The Corruption of Liberty Lass (or the Downfall of a Heroine) MXF Plot  (Read 803 times)

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Offline LaCroixTopic starter

The latest in my ongoing craving for corruption of innocence  as well as a smattering of a Super Hero story rolled into one. If that interests read on, below you will an outline of some of the more important elements I am looking to explore.

    Mild to Extreme Non/Consensual

By this I mean forced encounters. It can be as varied as Kidnapping to a more brutal encounter. My tastes lately lean towards the milder Non/Con, or 'pseudo-non/con' as some of us call it. That sort of Non/Con involves, for me, a slower, more sensual, erotic form of torment and assault. Imagine his hands on you, running over your body, you're bound so you squirm and writh but his hands keep moving. You wish it wouldn't feel so good, God, why does it feel so good and so terrible at the same time! The thought runs rampant through your mind like an errant, unstoppable locomotive. It's a slow, measured, careful assault, as much on the mind, the soul, as it the body. Wonderful stuff when done right, by both parties.

    Sometimes Naive/Innocent characters

Read further, I -love- naive, innocent partners. This does not mean stupid, it does not mean a mind blowing imbecile. It means that she is naive, gullible, sometimes tricked by her lack of knowledge in certain situations. It can be reasoned out quite simply, from an Elf Maiden wandered into a human settlement on her own, having no ideas of human laws, customs, and traditions. Lecherous guards notice her, she looks shy, timid, staring around at the towering stone buildings with wide eyed awe and wonderment. The approach and begin to accost her, accusing of breaking some law that they more than likely made up on the spot and haul her off to some unknown, dark prison. Further things await, what will happen? -That- is the sort of scenario that I mean. I reiterate, Naive, innocent, but she does not need to be played or perceived as stupid, merely cast of her element, out of her comfort zone where she is prone to the cunning desire of lecherous men.

    Buxom, Busty, Curvy Women

I like my women with curves that you'd need a sport's car with a fine tuned steering system to navigate properly. This can range to the plumper side, quite easily, but all I really ask for here is a decent sized bust, shapely hips, a rounded, almost heart shaped bottom. Think Jessica Rabbit here, for the general shape, to varying or lesser degrees, as per -your- own tastes. Not a requirement, just something I enjoy as part of my fantasy play.

For a more detailed list and a deeper look into what I enjoy, look into my ons and offs which are listed under my RP preferences here on the site as well or just ask me personally.

Now onto the plot themselves. This Plot could contain, depending on potential partner's preferences but none are requirements: Mild to Extreme Non/Con, bondage elements, kidnapping,  forced seduction, dom/sub play, master/slave play, lactation, forced impregnation, breeding.

Now if you have made it this far then I am already really excited to meet you and discuss this idea with you. So lets meet our Heroine, shall we? I currently have two inspiration sources for what she might look like, so here we go. Option 1

And Option 2

And there she is, or one possible example to give you a feel for what I'm going for here. Liberty Lass is basically an original creation, inspired from the above image for the purposes of this story. She is a take of the Patriotic Super Hero archtype. A Paragon of Justice, Virtue and Morality and of course the gold old fashioned American way. She is the counties one and only Super Hero in this this alternate timeline of ours that we're creating.

Over the course of her illustrious career, she has battled her nemesis, the villainous mastermind known as Brigade. Time and time again she has defeated him and come out victorious, saving the day and the world. This has lead to a deep seated hatred of her in Brigade who comes up with an idea to end the career of our might Super Solider Heroine once and for all when he comes across some old pinup material that Liberty lass did for the war efforts during World War 2.

It sparks an idea in his mind to completely humiliate, corrupt, and ruin the Super Heroine and her image. Brigade, himself, being a master of disguise much like the infamous Red Skull who inspired him escapes from the compound holding him and a year later emerges in a civilian disguise of a wealthy and influential business man. He sets about approaching our Heroine and contacts her informing her that he wants her to do a new Pin Up themed calender, a reprisal of her old war time efforts, with a vintage 50-60's Pin-up theme to them with all of the proceeds going to benefit a charity, something that would appeal to our Heroine, possibly even flatter her that anyone at all even still remembers her old pin-up and morale boosting material.

She agrees to come in to meet him and through charm and deception he talks her into going along with his idea. As things progress, the session and the pictures become more heated, naughtier, suggestive by inches and degrees until Brigade is suggesting perhaps they do a few peril shots, feature her bound up, looking helpless, things of that nature that we can discuss further as the moment arrives for it, only to discover that these bondage/peril shots are all to real when Brigade reveals his true intentions.

He's gotten his hands on the serum that enabled her transformation, that turned her into a Super Soldier and he has modified it into what he sinisterly informs her is his own creation, the Slut Serum. A serum that renders changes to the Heroine leaving her body incredibly sensitive, in a constant of arousal, one that she must try to war with as Brigade sets out to slowly corrupt the Heroine through forced seduction, rape, bondage, extreme humilation and things of that nature. His true plan to completely ruin her, to document her changes through video and picture, all the while threatening to release them as he continues her torture, torment and training, attempting to make the Super Heroine into his little fucktoy.

As mentioned above this is going to be a slow process, she wont change over night. She's a Super Heroine after, she has to try and resist, summon her will power against his evil and lustful manipulations. Will she escape, triumph and apprehend Brigade again, emerging victorious, if traumatized by the encounter? Will Brigade succeed completely and enact the downfall of the powerful Heroine? That is open ended, intentionally. It can go either way, much the same as Brigade's actual 'training/torments/and other moments like that' are left open to discussion so that we can include whatever elements excite us both. This should be a story focused as much, or more, on the Heroine, her internal struggles with the horrible, lustful, terrible things this madman does to her than the smutty fun.

If this interests you, please PM me and let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.
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Offline LaCroixTopic starter

*Edited for clarity

Offline LaCroixTopic starter

Addition editing and added a few inspiration images for possible Liberty Lass looks/costume.

Offline Decrepitdan

I would be interested in organizing something with you along these lines. I actually have an rp idea along these lines...the 'Blonde Bombshell' request in my thread. We could organize some combination of the two, or I could totally head up your Liberty Lass, if you'd prefer that. :)