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May 22, 2022, 06:23:00 am

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Author Topic: [Non-Adult] The Super Special Squad  (Read 728 times)

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[Non-Adult] The Super Special Squad
« on: June 22, 2008, 05:56:44 pm »
SSS the letters that represent the greatest or at least largest superhero organization in the world mostly due to their LOW admission requirements. You have a power no matter how silly, ambition no matter how unrealistic and a funny costume you can represent your nation and city as an official superhero under the UN Superhero Registration Treaty. As an official hero or heroine of SSS licensed through registry in Panama you to can fight evil and defend the innocent just register over the internet it takes five minutes to sign-up, initial the SSS Oath of Service and all your waivers in case of dismemberment, insanity, death and other things to common to mention.

Join the noble ranks of heroes and heroines the Founder who was crushed by a space monster in 1970 The Pink Bunny, the dashing heroine Madam Hat who has her amazing gadget hats now in a mental hospital possessed by some ancient Deadite Demon well....many do very well and you could be one of them.

Character generation is loosely based on Risus you get 10 Dice one must go to a power and yes it should be something specific and may or may not be all that effective- in the Mystery Men Movie the Shoveler would be one idea. And should if its useful have a small drawback like if you can toss electrical charges you might need to contact an electrical source to do it. The rest can go into anything from gardener to really good at playing video games to a specific job you do. VILLAINS the big ones will be at that level to far higher but you can team up, like it may help if Morgoth the World Crusher shows up- not. But you can go for it.

Character Sheet



Dice Pools
- Power (name and describe it a little) 4 Dice
- Skill (name and describe if needed) 3 Dice
- Skill (name and describe if needed) 3 Dice
Hand-to-Hand Combat Defaults to 2d6 if no skill is better.

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The Blue Hat

Description: This dashing fellow wears all light blue in suits and a big fedora hat with gold chains and bling mostly cheap imitation of what rap stars and street types wear.

Dice Pools
-Power (boomerrang Fedora can toss his hat lines with light alloy that flies and bashes enemies in the head, has to roll again against a difficulty score of 12 to get it back) 4 Dice
-Skill (breakdancing dodge, can dodoge attacks if he can breakdance) 3 Dice
-Skil (rap on the street to get tips for decent money to live on) 3 Dice
Hand-to-Hand Combat 2 Dice

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New Players are welcome if your not accepted into the site just to have fun, if you get accepted and you want out just say so and we can see your properly honored in a death or other situation to be a registered heroe on the Internet Wall of SSS Heroes and Heroines Honored in Noble and Heroic Death (The IWoSSSHHNHD). Also your loved one will get a Certificate of Membership in the IWoSSSHHNHD and Form Letter. I would ask you role-play that out having your hero get squashed, mind fried, shot or disintegreated in some proper way fighting against hopeless odd.

All of you will be conveniently in the City of New York which has the highest number of members and the highest death rate of any branch in the SSS.

Just post in the SSS Registration Site (Non-Adult Small Games RIght Now) and remember this is a PG-13 game. If this does happen to be a big game we can add additional GM's and maybe get a big board.