Looking for Medieval, Fantasy rp (F for M) Details inside

Started by Chiarra, May 13, 2013, 08:09:09 PM

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First, before I go into the details of the rp, I just want to lay down some rules and my no's.


1.  Please have good spelling and grammar, though I do understand a few mistakes, I make them myself, I at least want to be able to read and understand your posts.

2.  At least two paragraphs please, I do not like one liners, and though I understand the occasional one, too many and I will drop the rp from lack of interest.

3.  Please tell me if you would like to drop the rp or are going to be away for a while, I will do the same in return.

4.  If you are losing interest, maybe we could try to make it more interesting, if not then I thank you for your time on the rp that was dropped.


I do not do anything with bestiality, same sex, torture (that deal with a sexual nature), Scat

I would prefer, that if rape scenes happen (though I would prefer they didn't), or torture scenes that don't deal with sex, fade to black.

For a more detailed on's/off's page click here

Other than that, if you have any questions about something, feel free to ask and I will answer honestly.


Thank you to those who have stuck so far with this.  Now, I will go on with the real reason you came here.

War is brewing between Astoria (A kingdom similar to that of England) and Eldonia (A country that's more barbaric and very similar to the Nordic Countries.)  The king of Astoria wants to prevent such war, craving peace that his kingdom is in desperate need of.  So, to settle this, he gives his one and only daughter, MC, to the son of the King of Eldonia.  The son, either YC or shared, would be a cruel man.  Think of him more as a Joffrey from Game of Thrones.  He wouldn't tolerate her ignorance of their ways and she has to adjust quickly.  His brother however, though still a hard and rough man, YC, is kinder than his brother and she starts falling for him, though it takes him a bit longer to do so.

Basically, this is a forbidden romance between two characters that develops slowly and if they are caught, can mean death for the both of them.  Also, am thinking that maybe when the older brother becomes king, there's a plot between the two to overthrow him so they could be together and yada yada.

Willing to work things out more and or change things.
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