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Author Topic: Interested in some Fantasy-themed sub/dom play (M for Dom F)  (Read 286 times)

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Offline SkynetTopic starter

Greetings [you]!  For some time dominant women have been an occasional fantasy of mine.  There's just something appealing about a female taking charge.   

Dom/Sub Bondage Ideas

I haven't really RPed with Submissive/Dominant elements before, so I was thinking of a one-shot or short story.  That doesn't mean we can't change our mind later and extend the story, depending on how things are going.  :-)

So here are the ideas I had, along with inspirational images.  I'll be playing the role of the (submissive) male in both stories.  Normally I'm not into NC themes, I feel like making an exception for these stories.  The general idea is that a venturing male ends up the prisoner and sexual plaything of a group of women in a remote area.  Elements I'm interested in include:
  • females taking the lead in sex
  • physical and magical restraints
  • charm spells
  • domestic servitude
  • endurance-based sex, women passing him around like a personal toy after they're done with him
  • forced breeding, using him as a stud to impregnate multiple women

Some of the more violent aspects of S&M (like flagellation), however, I'm not comfortable with.

Temptations at Darkthorne Mansion

Inspirational Images:

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And an NSFW one

A young pilgrim is traveling through the dreaded Witchwood, home to black-clad cultists of primal forest spirits and deadly beasts twisted by magic.  He's low on supplies and near death, but through either luck or the twist of fate he comes upon a manor house in the middle of the wilderness.  Owned by a mysterious woman attended by lovely elven slaves, she tends to his wounds and fills him with good food.  The man really wants to stay, but he has to be on his way to complete his pilgrimage.  In reality the mansion's owner is a succubus in need of a new servant and source of energy, and doesn't plan on letting him leave anytime soon.  The pilgrim tries his best to escape, but it's all too easy for the succubus and elves to overpower him.  Will he be able to resist giving in and hold fast to his faith, or will be succumb to the pleasures of the flesh?

For the Good of the Many

Inspirational Images (NSFW):

Tribal Ritual

Within a vast yet remote forest there lived a tribe composed entirely of women. As heirs to the Water God the women had protected the Water God's Spring since ancient times. One day a young traveler wandered into the village. He was captured and about to be killed, when a young woman stayed his execution. By her wish the man was saved from death, but he lived in the village as a slave. Every night the girl would secretly visit him and, as they gazed upon the moon, listen to the traveler's stories about the outside world. One day the girl suddenly collapsed. The man learned that the girl's body was used as a vessel for bearing children in order to sustain the tribe. The many years had taken a toll on her body and further childbirth would certainly endanger her life. The man begged the village chief to let him take her away from the village. However, there was a condition attached. If the two would marry and leave their child to the village, the girl would be freed from her duty to the tribe. In spite of his hesitations, the girl simply smiled.

The backstory above was actually written by the artist.  I can only assume that the context of the drawing is either the women of the village using his services as a slave for personal pleasure, or a fertility ritual with his new wife. ;D

If you're interested, feel free to PM me!
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