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Author Topic: Tick's Forum Requests  (Read 1265 times)

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Tick's Forum Requests
« on: May 12, 2013, 12:01:04 AM »
So I feel it’s time to restart my wants thread just like I am working on a new On/Offs, so let’s list off a few things I would like.

A quick note, my plots vary a lot in what I want. This is due to the fact I found that what I enjoy most is getting to write subjects I don’t get to write much of. Most of these plots are going to have elements I want to try, and thus bounce around a fair bit.  Some plots will be thought out, others will be concepts. I will be separating these into different sections.

I am going to try to keep these nice and concise rather then writing an essay that is a chore to read through.

If you are interested in any of these ideas, please send me a pm, do not respond to this thread. If I have to bold this, I am going to be disappointed.

So starting off:

Blood Lines
Modern fantasy

To say Leon was an average man would have been mostly accurate. He was on the better looking side, taking pride in keeping himself in shape, but there was nothing particularly remarkable about him. Having started at his new office as a promising computer security programmer, he had finally gotten used to the new work environment until a strong smell filled his senses one beautiful fall morning. It isn’t long before it gets stronger and stronger till he can finally place the smell. Blood.

Leon ends up being a half demon, which in this world, is equivalent to a human who mutates to a more demonic state when in danger. As demons are usually invisible to humans, the only reason he can smell, see, hear or have a sixth sense of them, is due to his survival instinct that pushes him into a demon state to allow him to notice them. As a demon butchers his work environment, he is slowly awakening to his latent last resort. As he flees from the demon attacking his company, his now red eyes and more pointy ears warn him briefly before he runs into another half of the world he just fell into. And the fact him can smell the sins of those who were sent to deal with the monster attacking his company makes things a bit more complicated.

Project Gatekeeper is a government funded organization designed to handle demons who come to the human world and remove them, then cover it up. Humans were never truly defenseless against demons, as those trained properly could use the humans version of demonic energy, spirit(though it went by a variety of names in different cultures) to allow them to see, but also fight back against demons. All cultures had their own ways, leading to the foundation of Project Gatekeeper to combine as many of those trained to deal with the monsters into one unit.

The problem is, technically, Leon is a demon even if only half.

What I am looking for: I am looking for a long term plot with a heavy emphasis in build up, nonsexual relationship building(Before getting to the sexual part) and someone who is comfortable moving npcs around and pushing the plot forward without me taking the lead at every single step of the way. The partner main character is up for discussion and I am happy to work out ideas. My ideal setup is to have him in a situation where there is a fair bit of prejudice against him, due to him technically being part of a race that is thought to be inherently evil. For whatever reason I want to explore this angle a bit.

Different Worlds
Original Post
Edit: After thinking about it, it could be interesting to have this also end up as a result of him meeting with a client with his company who is a young brilliant businesswoman when he was pushed to take a client faced responsibility to help him "grow" by his company. Could be an interesting angle as well.

The idea I am craving currently is a bit more normal then I usually would go for but there is a first time for everything.

The setting is for a modern scenario that plays around with the idea of two entirely different social groups interacting. My character would be a programmer and gamer who suffer from a sort of Asperger’s(Because I am not great with terms and this is off a brief understanding after someone explained it to me, feel free to correct me if this is not the appropriate term) like scenario. He is incredibly focused on what he does and is interested in, and is extraordinarily creative to back up his obsessions, but his social skills leave him blunt, and heavily struggling to understand people’s facial and vocal hints. Thus as twenty two, just getting out of college and already being offered a few high level programming job, he has few friends and has never dated anyone. Note, this isn’t to say he is shy, or an ass, he simply operates differently than others. He is extraordinarily blunt, has beliefs against lying, and can’t read people very well, so most people don’t know how to deal with him.

In a nutshell, he is brilliant, but has some very fundamental flaws.

Thankfully his boss is very encouraging and actually promotes him to be more active and outgoing in his interests. So he pushes the younger man to actually enter some video game tournaments and go to events. He quickly shows that he is massively dedicated and quick to pick up on strategy, tactics and is incredibly innovative. There is one draw back though. He tends to overthink things, which leads him to a scenario where he hesitates and thus he never gets top three because he always reacts just a hair too slowly due to his hesitation even though his tactics are perfect and his predictions are on point.

After failing to make top eight in a recent fighting game tournament(he participates in multiple genres fighting, strategy, and is on a semipro league of legends team, his coworkers often practice with him during lunch, being one of the few groups that somewhat understands how he thinks), his boss gets him some tickets for a curiosity of his, that he never acted on due to him finding it illogical. His boss and coworkers push him to take some friends and go and just unwind.

Here is where your character comes in. The event can be multitude things but the three I had in mind were a martial arts exhibition(or tournament, probably mixed martial arts), a concert for a female rapper/singer(or a male one and your character could be a backup dancer of some sort), or a basketball/soccer(some sport here) game. The idea from here can start in multiple ways, for example, my character is very strong at analyzing and predicting when between two points(for example, start of a game to winning a game), so after watching the mixed martial arts competition, perhaps they have a small exhibition where the fighters will do one round with audience members for a small prize and his friends tell him to compete, knowing he found her attractive(he is very blunt and has told them his type before when they made fun of him for not having a girl friend). He had already noticed a habit of hers and while he does keep himself in shape, he is no fighter. But he plays along for fun. Before the fight, his friends goad your character into going on a date instead of the cash prize and for whatever reason your character agrees(perhaps arrogance, perhaps she finds it amusing) to my characters facepalm. He gets the ever loving crap kicked out of him until your character performs the habit opening he noticed before and using a trick that would only ever work once, gets the takedown.

Something like that, for the concert, perhaps he goes for an autograph or whatever and his friends drop a ticket to his next tournament. Something along those lines where he isn’t very forward but finds your character attractive but doesn’t know how to act on it, and his friends compensate, then she gets a view into his life. This can go a multitude of ways. Perhaps he becomes an analyst for her martial arts tournaments, perhaps she picks up gaming and has him help her, and she can use his tactics while he has his hesitation issue. Perhaps she helps him get over it.

This is meant to be a romance plot mostly that has two entirely different social circles meeting up, her being famous up and coming star in her circle, and him a prodigy who seemed to have a giant barrier he couldn't get past in his. The direction it goes can be discussed, and the kinks as well. Since they can be as kinky as we want on a consensual basis. Hell she could be a masochist for all I care and love getting whipped and I would enjoy it. But it’s not a noncon plot.

For a bit more elaboration of how I see this plot going as I intend it as a very long term plot. The two of them would become rather integrated into each other’s lives. For example, if she is a upcoming singer/artist, he might take up playing an instrument or try singing with her. Perhaps really far later in the plot he does one song on stage with her at a concert. She on the other had might try to learn a couple games and even offer to write and perform a song at EVO(largest fighting game convention of the year or something similar.) The goal is to sort of show them both stepping into the others world a bit more and to see where it takes them.

Another quick example could be if she was a martial artist. Perhaps the fighting game developers at say Capcom saw her at a tournament cheering for him and asked her to help them develop a new game using her experience in actual fights to take a little bit of a new angle. And he might end up helping her analyze and work on her own fights and tournaments by watching videos of her and her opponents to find tendencies and habits to abuse.

Another thing to mention is that this would be a bit of a slower plot sex wise. I don’t intend for them to be sleeping together very soon out of the gate and for most of the beginning for them to slowly learn more and more about each other. This would be a more genuine romance plot that would be like a fine wine that takes time to mature.

Space Epic
A standard craving of mine has resurfaced and I would like to do a semi episodic(a overall plot, but done in small 'episodes' that can be somewhat like side plots) space epic, where it can either be pirates, military or bounty hunters as they travel about on their missions. I would really like to do military since I have not gotten to do a good one in this genre, though that might require each of us to play a few different characters. Details to be discussed.

Bow and Sword

Genre: Fantasy
Pairings: MxF or FxF
Kinks: More plot heavy, anal, humiliation, degredation, non-con(at first), BDSM, dom/sub and the rest is negotiable.


In the world of Jera, the many countries are much more distinct then in our world. They all grasp to their beliefs, and there was no set method of controlling magic. Instead, it matched the methods the society believed in.

Melsor relied on the Bow and Sword pairs to act as their defense against the other nations. Melsor was generally considered to be a free country, one that allowed any race or beliefs into its walls as long as they were not destructive to others or the country. But there were always shadows closest to the light.

My character came from the land of Usov, which had been at war with Melsor earlier until a piece treaty was signed. He/she(we will be using he for the rest of this description) had been captured with his family and while his family had been executed for “warcrimes” despite being farmers, he was kept, tortured and raped until Usov decided to pay ransom for him. When they inevitably did not, he was given a choice, death, or to serve as part of their military. They tried to break him, and they thought they had succeeded.

When he agreed to their terms though, he knew he would have to act until he was given his chance to get his revenge. So he played along with their game as they clamed they had reformed him, taught him the ways of a moral society. He was quickly chosen to join the Swords due to his prowess in combat, his act perfect. Unfortunately for him, his acting would be put to the test soon enough. The Bows and Swords worked in pairs, a Sword who specialized in close range offensive, and defensive skills, able to manipulate one element. Each element had their own specialties and properties. The Bow on the other hand focused on chemical and physical reactions, gravity, electricity, magnetism, fire. The Bows were generally easy to kill at close range and took longer to manipulate their spells, while the swords were quick to cast and excelled at close range combat.

Unfortunately for him, his acting was too convincing and he gets assigned to the same pair as an upper noble’s daughter.  One he unfortunately knew before hand, whether she remembered him or not. Her father had brought her once to come see him back when he was still imprisoned. The trauma he experienced then has her hating her, despising her. Post-traumatic stress disorder has him nearly strangle her the moment they are alone together for the first time.

Despite his plans to wait till he gets close to the king to assassinate him, he finds himself struggling with himself, wanting to put her through the same thing they put him through, being a better man then they were to him, and sticking to his greater plan.

Want to try: I want this to end up in one of a few ways, first, she feels empathy for him and wants to try to help him gain his revenge, but his hatred for her and her people creates a prejudice he must fight. Option two has her refusing to take responsibility for what happen to him, claiming he was exaggerating or that he deserved or it was for his good, which makes him believe all of this country was rotten. Or something I have considered, surprise me.

Not seeking currently
The Gamers Wish

This is one of those things I am curious to try and haven’t really had a chance to explore.  The one warning about it, is that my partner would probably have to play multiple characters. They can have a main character, but I would like to see how this plays out with different people.(I suppose this might end up as a threesome thread if two partners want to play Sara’s victims together, I just don’t sub since it causes me to freeze up).
Genre: Fantasy Modern
Pairings: HxH, HxF
Kinks: Smut, Anal, Oral, Dom/sub, bondage, possibly incest if partner wants to include it

Sam was the stereotype of a hardcore gamer. No girlfriend, still a virgin, loved a variety of games and spent more times with his computer then normal people. Strangely enough, he wins a game that gives him one free wish. Not a bad prize for a game that was supposed to be unbeatable. He considers the usual, a hot girlfriend, a billion dollars, but then he thinks, that would be boring. Let’s be a little more creative. Instead, he wishes for a game, everyone in the world would be turned into hermaphrodites.

Everyone naturally had a favorite hole for sex, that hole now became your “weakness” When someone “came” in you, it would slowly wear away your mind, making you belong to them. Of course you could resist this, but the more it happened the harder it became to resist. If it was in your weak spot, it was exponentially worse. If you broke, you became a normal woman and belonged to the person who broke you, if you had someone who belonged to you and you cave to someone else, all of your slaves also belong to that person now. Fetishes also weakened your will to resist the mind breaking cum of your opponent.

Thus Sara was born and the game began.

Want to try: Mainly futa/hermaphrodites since it is something I haven’t played much, I think like what thread. I also think the concept could be fun.. and quite blatantly with two more serious threads above, I think more amusing one would be enjoyable.

This is list of kinks I would like to include but haven’t had many opportunities too. I am not seeking any of these except maybe incest in another plot currently.
Wanted kinks with no plots yet
Survival(A plot where my partner plays a bunch of women(or futa I suppose) who enter an area for any number of reasons, alien outbreak, knights out to kill monster, unlucky civilians, and one by one gets picked off and broken into slaves/sluts by monster/aliens/machines/other)
Body modification(can be tied to the survival one)
An unwilling dom(a situation where either by society or by some reason a man/woman is forced to have a slave and while she accepts it, he is reluctant to use her, despite his own body desiring too)

Superhero Request


I am going to try to keep this short enough that it doesn't take up pages, and long enough to give a solid idea of what I am looking for. Obviously to start off, I am looking for a Superhero setting, preferably DC because I know it better, but Marvel could work.

Here are the kinks I am looking for since I know this will probably cut people off first, some of these can be negotiated out of course though the only one really required is D/s and almost anal(just a big kink for me):

Dirty talk

 I am looking to play a Hero or sort of inbetween character due to the fact I have yet to play a villain I have been proud of and do not feel like this is a good time to try again. I can play the sort of villain with good intentions decently(Think Malcom Myrlin from the TV series arrow) but usually my characters are closer to having strict moral standards.

My character also won't usually have metahuman powers, at least not naturally. I usually prefer characters who either use technology(Ironman) or their wits(Batman/Arsenal(Bonus points if you know this one)) to overpower their opponent. This is more of a trend then a rule, and I am willing to alter this as necessary. I almost always use OC since I don't think my ability to play premade characters ends well. I am willing to play pretty much any gender though I think I can safely say my male characters come out the best, though I've been working on my female.

Now as for your character I am rather open. I have my preferences but most of them go out the window for a good partner. But one hard limit, I can't get into an rp with a shy character, it just isn't my thing. Beyond that, I prefer characters like Powergirl, Huntress, and Grace Choi(if anyone knows this one I'll be impressed and you get bonus points) the sort of female who is very self confident, usually a bit sarcastic or humorous and generally on the baddass side more then the naïve(As much as I like the, Starfire, Wonder Girl(original young justice) and that line don't do much for me, though, pretty sure Wonder Girl is under age anyway so she  really doesn't count at all, but I couldn't think of another good example off the top of my head). I don't care if you are a hero or a villain though I prefer longterm so something will have to happen to help that along.

Plot is negotiable. I don't really want to define this one now, since I have a few ideas but I don't want to separate people out by saying I want x plot, since that has made people avoid messaging me before when I am usually pretty lenient on how things work out.

If you made it this far I hope you are interested enough to toss me a message.

Thank you for reading.
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Re: Tick's Forum Requests
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2013, 12:39:42 AM »
Cyber Punk Story heavily influenced by Ghost in the Shell

And because I want to give credit to the maker

Genre: Scifi- Cyberpunk
Setting: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex(or a variation there of, without any involvement with the characters from Stand Alone Complex, only the world.

Plot(long version)
   In the year 2000 project Ark was established to attempt to preserve humans with fatal diseases with no cures using cryogenic freezing until an age which a cure had been developed. Due to the expenses of the crude project and the fact that it was rather risky only select participants were allowed acceptance. One of these was an up a coming programmer named Matt Sterling, who would have become one of the founders of a new age. Matt had been working with two partners to create a break through sequence that would allow for a beginning into true artificial intelligence. In the year before the Ark project was offered to him, Matt had developed an algorithm he intended to purpose for the sake of adapting cyber security. The project was crude and in its early stages and would have theoretically taken years to reach a point where It would be capable of starting a new age of cyber warfare, a side effect he ignored due to his passion for the topic.

   With his two friends at his side in their company, Sterling and Lang Productions, he was making impressive strides with only one other programmer on the team. Yao Lang was a well known programmer, much more noticed by the general public as he had graduated from his university with a doctorate at the age of twenty four years old. His thesis had provided for the foundation for a new server software that was part of the main build of Sterling’s Shield computer security system. In comparison Sterling graduated two years late at twenty four and barely got his bachelors. But where Lang had the memory of a computer, Sterling had the creativity and wit that a computer at that age could never dream of having. Unfortunately, Matt never got to see his program finished and due to his cancer, which had developed at a young age. Coming from an upper middle class family and with Lang’s influence, Matt was added to the Ark list against his initial wishes, not wanting to leave his family. Sterling did not trust the program due to having no control of what happened, but eventually agreed and was placed in a cryogenic frozen state until a time would arrive when his cancer could be treated. Which would come from a source he could have guessed, but wouldn’t have believed. When he awakes in 2052, it is not to his family, the descendants of his family, or to anyone he ever knew. With the program standing for such a long time and getting shuffled from research station to military base, to school, eventually the program is sent to a specific sect of the Research and Development portion of the military. Unfortunately for him, it is also a rather corrupt version that wanted the Ark ‘specimens’ since there were few people to miss them.

   Naomi Hill, the Einstein of the era and the head of lab six had no interest in helping the military or mankind. Instead, she in her arrogance, wanted to create herself the perfect body. In an age where all brains had been cyberized, and full body prosthetics were common place, there were questions of how much further the process could be taken. In lab six, there were no such limits. Using the Ark subjects, she “cured” each patient by giving them a full prosthetic body to test her theories, enhanced muscle output, hidden weapons, built in fusion generators, nanite repair modules, all in the process of creating her own perfect body. Unfortunately for her, she chose the wrong system to test on Matt. Whereas most would see power as brute force, Naomi saw potential in the idea of controlling the digital world. Being genius in cybernetics and computer systems, she was one of the best hackers in the world. But, that required her to be able to jack in to her target, instead, she made a body to make it possible to simply touch a machine and create a datalink using theoretical science. The ultimate weapon in her eyes, the ability to touch a person and cause their brain to fry, or go comatose, or simply turn them into a puppet, the inherent flaw with cyber brains. And to this end, Sterling could very much agree with the power, potential, and efficiency. But he was also one of the few people who could use it.

   There was never any doubt that Matt was creative and intelligent, but his inability to memorize subjects and keep things straight in his head lead to common mistakes, most noticeably on tests. But the algorithm he had developed for his Shield Project had taken a much different turn after he had left. Rather than finishing the project, Lang had taken it and sold it, as his own property and brain child, to medical, military and big businesses to be incorporated into rudimentary artificial intelligence and adaption systems. This gave birth to the rapid development of cyberization and was the origin of the cyber brain discovery. To put it simply, a fragment of Matt’s sloppy code, was the platform and technology the new era was built on, and nobody knew it better than him. The downside to this predicament was that Naomi was using a test body on him meant for her, meaning it was using a female chassis. As cyber brains didn’t need to stick to the gender of the original human, female and male bodies could be swapped out for each gender. And since he was just meant to be a test subject, for the sake of space and design research, Naomi was using female chassis for her experiments, leaving Sterling in a female cybernetic body.

Plot(Short Version)
Matt Sterling is frozen using cryogenic freezing in the middle of creating a super advanced computer security system in the year 2000. He wakes up in 2052 where one of his partners had claimed his work as his own, destroyed the original project and sold the artificial intelligence algorithm that Sterling had designed to the Military and Medical companies who then used it to develop the cybernetic technology that made up the current society, in short, the entire world was built on a platform he designed and almost nobody else completely understood. Rather than waking up to the smiling faces of friends and family, cured of his cancer, he wakes up in a female cybernetic body for a ‘mad’ scientist named Naomi, who was using him to test her Transfer system that she wanted to include in her “perfect” cybernetic body. In other words, he was being used as a test subject.

Where I want this to go
I am open to a lot of the directions this can go but I am looking for a long term story where she(I am going to refer to Matt as she since this is meant to be an exploration for me on how he copes with the fact that life is no longer defined by the physical appearance. Yes, he could switch bodies to a male that looked like him, but he would be giving up what at the age would be a monstrosity of a weapon, his one ace against a world he barely understands, where his partner had betrayed him and the program he had trusted his life to had been corrupted). So I want her to find an organization to join(Something like Sector Nine, but perhaps based in the United States. And one of her defined weaknesses is that she has no combat experience or skills, so I would like to pair him with someone who ends up being something like her bodyguard, the muscle so to speak for her ability to hack and manipulate the digital reliant world the Earth has become. I would prefer a female character be partnered with her, but I might accept a male on the terms that they are on equal terms, and the idea is amazingly interesting to me. Her partner could also be one of the other experiments from Naomi with a different specialty and from a different time. I would like the story to have a bit of filler, and have a few different arcs, or episodes with different villians/goals.

Cost of Living: a fantasy story
Genre: Fantasy
Date: 326
Setting: Original World, Continent of Ulthan, the countries of Rei’zan, and Ierson.

If the use of magic were to be defined by the culture that used it, what would happen when the magic of the barbarians meet the spells of a kingdom?

Rei’zan is a militaristic country ruled by the Warlord Ore’la, who rules the country with an iron fist. The citizens of neighboring countries would quickly call them barbarian and blood thirsty ones at that, but that gives them far too little credit, for much genius and structure comes from their society. As strength rules everything in Rei’zan, the houses have quickly learned how to fall in line and when to grab for power. And this usually revolves around the Bloodbringers. The magic of the cruel nation of Rei’zan is mostly physical in nature, that which they call Szi. Their warriors are trained to use the energy to reinforce their bodies, to move quicker, more deadly. While most of their warriors can only use crude, low level forms of this power, their Masters can fight entire squads by themselves, and the Grandmasters can hold their own against a division. The Bloodbringers are the highest of these warriors, four who have proven themselves unparalleled in skill, capable of fighting an entire army on their own with their Fragments.

The barbaric country is very easily describable as a wasteland in most respects. Very little farmland exists. Minerals are common, but hard and dangerous to mine. Animals for hunting are sparse leading to the root of their warring country. Lacking the ability to sustain their entire population, Rei’zan broke into brutal turf wars frequently around the year one hundred. Being separated into clans, they fought until one was dead or gave themselves up to be slaves of the victor, which didn’t mean you got to live either if they did not find you to be worth the trouble. This continued until the early years of the third century, where a genius by the name of Via’lo created the first blood weapon using a rare mineral and a procedure lost using the greatest of Szi Masters of the era to infuse the life force of a hundred slaves into the weapon. The Fragments, as they were later called, were capable of acting as a catalyst, amplifying the power of a common soldier to equal a Master, and a Grandmaster, to the point of a God.

Five fragments were created before Via’lo committed suicide, impaling himself on the final weapon, the Fall of Man. This weapon was taken by the leader of his clan, a grandmaster who had encouraged and provided the resources for the Fragments, and only smiled as his tribemate lay dead at his feet. Giving the other four Fragments to his best Szi users, they united the nation by force. In a surprising act, he allowed any tribe who surrendered to him to be established as a House in his Capital, Rzan’gul, at the cost of only one of their virgin daughters for his harem. Needless to say, at the risk of extinction, many agreed. At the time of the unification, fifteen tribes joined. Since then,  the original Emperor who’s name was erased to make way for his “legacy” was assassinated by one of the first Bloodbringers who then took the Fall of Man and instated himself as the new Emporer.

This trend continued every decade or so as the fatal flaw of the Bloodbringers became apparent. The use of the weapon gave you ungodly power, but the more it was used, it ate away at your body, causing it to deteriorate, allowing for a grandmaster to eventually threaten a Bloodbringer and replace them. Despite this glaring flaw, few have restrained themselves from using the weapons, the power addicting those who wield them.

In comparison Ierson has lead a much simpler existence. Founded on very fertile land, the kingdom started as a group of nomadic settlers who found the location to be a perfect place to build their permanent home. Over the years, they quickly prospered and grew, eventually causing a few small conflicts, and one major civil war, but nothing compared to the never ending war of their neighbor. Soon they named themselves the Kingdom of Ierson when they first made contact with their neighbor to the south, Serrena. Whereas Rei’zan was in the center of the continent, Ierson was on the border of the ocean to the east, and the mountain range to the north named the Hills of the Fallen where only inhabited by nomads, exiles and monsters who rarely left the mountains resided. There was a story to how the Hills of the Fallen went from a powerful nation to an uninhabitable monster infested domain, but that is a tale for another time.
Unlike the Rei’zan who’s magic was centered around power and physical destruction, the Ierson used their own magic which was based around chants, scrolls, charms and potions to improve the standard of living of their country. Average lifespan was easily double that of their neighbors, and food was plentiful, culinary arts had even developed due to the excess ingredients. This also made them a target for the warrior nation to the west, who was envious of their plentiful food and well kept farms. But rather than outright declare war, Rei’zan amazingly sent a messenger offering a deal, albeit a rude and very aggressive messenger.

“Make our farms grow, or plow them.”

The threat clear to the leaders of Ierson. Either use their magic to help the Rei’zan grow crops, or become slaves and be forced to farm the fields. Unfortunately, the Ierson were arrogant in their prosperity and saw the survival of the fittest nation to be little more than barbarians who posed little threat. They would soon realize how wrong they were as the first raid too place. The inexperienced army of Ierson was easily swept aside and slaughtered as the warriors of Rei’zan struck with unexpected coordination, tactics and power. Defeat looked eminent in the blitz as the Rei’zan army struck fast and with surgical precision. Taking many major trade line and fortresses. In that time, the militaristic nation would go through another civil war, the current emperor being slain by his new predecessor, the first Empress. The Ierson would retreat to lose a third of their country before adapting while the Rei’zan were distracted with their internal war, the Kingdom’s magic slowly turning the tides as they learned how to use their power as a true weapon against the onslaught and took back half of their stolen land.

As victory seemed like it was finally possible for the Ierson, the Bloodbringer’s were sent to the battle field. Unga’r, the Ravager of Civilization, Sar’goth, the All-Consuming Flame, Orv’a the Five Steps of Death, and Xer’yan, the Enigma of Apocalypse.  With the four Bloodbringer now effectively in play, the war took a turn for the worse. Battles became horrendously one sided as soon as one of them joined in, or rather, when one of three of them entered. Xer’yan was, like all of them, rather fitting of his name Unlike the other three, he typically worked alone, sticking to guerilla tactics and taking out key points without an army, but by simply striking every time they left an opening and leaving them with a gaping wound before sinking into the shadows, only to strike again soon after. Most noticeably though, he only once used his Fragment during his time in the war. Otherwise, he has relied mostly on his combat experience and his raw skill and natural power, without his catalyst.

Ierson on the other hand, had its culture change dramatically to center around a few key figures. The Queen ruling the nation since her father died in the war, not yet married, had like her father take up the  title of military leader and Knight Commander. Since the beginning of the war, the Royalty of Ierson had all turned to being leaders and fighting for their nation with their troops in an attempt to boost moral, leaving the Princess, now Queen, to a childhood of training and military lessons to defend her nation as her family line was expected too. The war had cost her a peaceful childhood, in return, she was one of her countries last hopes. The other two of note being the Archmage Greison, and Grand General Certifrae.
What I am looking for
I am looking to Xer’yan, an orphan who was put into a military training school where you were not fed unless you performed well. After nearly starving many times he grew up with a “whatever it takes to survive” mentality, leading to becoming a Bloodbringer as the highest position he could get without being Emperor. But as he values his life so heavily, he refuses to use his Fragment unless he absolutely has to, to preserve his body

I would like to pair him with either the Queen of Ierson, or the Empress of Rei’zan. For the Queen, I was thinking that as slavery is common in Rei’zan, he could attack her unit and eventually either force her to give herself up, or capture her by force. She either convinces him to join her country, or offers to help him overcome the curse of the Fragments if he saves her country. My initial idea for this is that she agrees to be his slave in his nation to help him get close to the Empress and marry him once he kills the Empress, uniting their nations if he ends the war, and she would help him destroy all Fragments but his own, and help him overcome the price of using it.

As for the Empress, I honestly don’t have any ideas for her, but I think she could be a very interesting character to have involved in a story, with the right idea.

The third option is that if the person who wishes to do this story with me wants to play both characters, that is always an option but by no means required.

New ideas are also welcome.
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Added Teddybear and Loving Cruelty

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Added twincest craving

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Added current Craving, Semi-Episodal Space Epic

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Added Drow vs High Elf

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Added Superhero Request

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Added Cost of Living and Ghost in the Shell inspired story(creative name there) to second post

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Cleaned out and tweaked a few ideas

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Added Craving, and elaborated on Different Worlds

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Changing cravings and desires

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Added modern fantasy story Bloodlines

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Elaborated on Bloodlines and fixed a couple grammar mistakes.... probably missed a couple still.

Edit: Shuffled around what I am looking for.
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