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Author Topic: Looking For Fantasy, Adventure, Romance... And Lots of Sexy Times  (Read 492 times)

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I never learned how to do HTML code, so I'm afraid that the ad won't be very pretty. What it will be is very informative, and hopefully interesting enough that you, the reader, will be inclined to contact me, the poster, and we can get some delightful RPs going together. I've been RPing for a long time over various messengers and websites, but a friend of mine introduced me to this board and so I decided nothing ventured, nothing gained and decided to give it a try.  I'm new to the board and have seen many examples of great RP from reading through posts and scanning threads, so I'm looking very forward to meeting new partners for RP.

As far as things I would like to play, the list is a bit varied. I love original characters with a deep and abiding passion; I've found some OCs to be rich and varied, with a life and history and motivation and emotional depth that just boggles the mind. However, I'd also like to open up my realm of possibility to established characters and scenarios. For instance, I'm a bit of a World of Warcraft/Dungeons and Dragons nerd.  I've always wanted to play a humorous scene where a human warrior with a maddening hero crush on Thrall sneaks into Orgrimmar, only to come face to face with the very confused and slightly alarmed Warchief (I know he's not Warchief anymore, but still! Go with me on this one!) who then gives in to her request to experience some naughty, sexy cross faction relations. And that's just one example in my weird, twisted mind. Probably easier to just list out what I want though, hmm? Okay, here goes:

Actively Seeking

World of Warcraft (because it's big and varied enough to  need it's own section!)

Blood Elves - I don't know why, but the sin'dorei have always fascinated me. I suppose its that mix of elegant and beautiful and vaguely ruthless that they give off. Maybe it's that they seem a bit Drow-ish, which has always turned me on. Either way, much love for the blood elves, and no, not just because of the Sephiroth hairstyle option, though that is a strong point in their favor...

Death Knights - I love a redeemable villain, and these guys are the best. Of course, it's fun if they're not TOTALLY redeemed, because good men with naughty kinks and dominant streaks are ever so much fun.

Arthas - I guess this goes back to that whole "redeemable villain" thing. I always hate when villains die right after their redemption. (Don't get me started on Ichimaru Gin, I was so upset about that whole thing! *sniffles*) Ahem, anyway... Arthas seems like he would be amazingly fun to play with, especially on that whole road to redemption thing. And if there can be fun with gags and restraints while on that road, so much the better.

Trolls - I don't know why, perhaps it's spending too much time looking at hot troll fanart on Hentai Foundry, but good God, trolls can be sexy!!

Orcs - I've got such a thing for Thrall, it's ridiculous. But all orcs are wonderful, and I love playing with them. Especially playing a smaller character, like human or blood elf, or even a Forsaken girl. It's quite shiver-worthy to be overpowered and ravished by someone bigger and stronger, and orcs usually are.

Tauren - I love Tauren! I of course prefer to play them with taller or at least more sturdy races, since...well...*coughs* You know.
Draenei - I love those boys so much! Big, powerful, innately noble, it gets my heart all aflutter. One of my favorite RP's ever was a Draenei paladin who rescued a rather inept little Blood Elf rogue and they eventually fell in love. So much to work with here.

King Varian Wrynn - Don't ask me why, but I think he's sexy. I think it's the blood elf hair. No, it's the history. Gladiators turn me on, ever since watching Russell Crowe in Gladiator. And of course Varian is no different.

The Aspects - Alexstrasza is sexy, Kalecgos is sexy, Malygos is sexy (especially since I rarely play a spellcaster and don't really have any reason to piss him off) hell, they're all sexy. If anyone wants to play one of the Dragon Aspects, or even has an original idea for a member of one of the dragonflight members, I'd love to hear it!


Yes, I'm an anime geek too.  I've got certain shows I love very, very much and there's nothing better than to take something you love and throw lots of kinky, naughty sexiness into it (and of course original, fun plots.)

Bleach - Holy lord, how I love this show! Of course I have my favorites but I really enjoy the world most of all. Shinigami and Vizoreds and Arrancar, ohh my! Of course, if someone's so inclined as to play some canon characters for me (and what anime fan saw a female mention Bleach and didn't immediately assume she had a crush on Byakuya?) I'll love you forever and give you cookies.

Code Geass - One of my favorite animes, I love the world, I love the characters, I love the storyline.  Just so much love all around.  And there's just something about black haired, purple eyed, self sacrificing geniuses that get me every time.

Sailor Moon -  I grew up in the 80's and 90's.  Sailor Moon and Voltron were my gateway drugs so to speak.  Voltron is still epic, but Sailor Moon holds a special place in my heart. 

Naruto  - I feel geekier with every keystroke but yes, even Naruto. 

Inuyasha - I swear, I feel as though I and half of the female anime fan population has an obsession with Fluffy-sama but...well, when you're as sexy as Sesshoumaru, it tends to happen.

Boys over Flowers - The badass commoner / bratty but good hearted rich guy is a lovely theme, and there are so many good variations.  Suffice to say though, I think I like the Korean version better, if only because the boys are so very, very squee-worthy.

There are others, but they're more obscure and if you've got a particular anime that you like and want to play in the world of, feel free to mention it to me.  These are just my favorites.

Video Games/Tabletop Games

Mass Effect - Even though I might have very (VERY!) strong opinions on Bioware's handling of the third game's ending, I still love the world.  Yes, I do have my own Commander Shepherd, and yes, she romanced Garrus every time.  What can I say?  I love my awkward Turian badass!  But I love the other races as well, and wouldn't mind playing any character (original or canon) in a setting.

Resident Evil - Oh holy night, I love the whole zombie apocalypse thing and fighting for survival!  Makes the romantic/erotic parts so much wilder when there's the threat of ravenous undead monsters looming over the whole exchange.  I like playing a civilian who gets rescued (or captured), or maybe a scientist or lab technician at Umbrella who didn't realize just how terrible her employer was, even if they did offer a bangin' 401k.  I have other ideas, but we can discuss those if you're interested.

Kingdom Hearts - I feel so embarrassed just saying it.  But I love that world, and there are so many excellent story possibilities there.

Final Fantasy 7 - I'm a Sephiroth and Vincent fangirl.  Guilty as charged.  But the world is fascinating too, so it's not just beautiful video game bishounen that makes me like the series!

Dungeons and Dragons - I've got so many characters I've made for D&D games over the years that I could literally write an entire post about them.  Suffice to say that if you're interesting in a D&D type setting, I've got a character for every occasion.

Others like The Old Republic, Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, etc are loved as well. 

Happy to Play

Humans - my old standby. They're so versatile, which is probably why I enjoy them so much!  Humans are found in just about every single genre of everything anywhere so they're easy to work into any storyline/roleplay.

Night/Blood/High Elves/Drow - I love elves. I love elves so much, but I particularly like the blood elves and more traditional type fantasy D&D style elves.

Forsaken/Undead - There is so much that a person can do storyline-wise with the Forsaken; once you get past the bony parts and claws that is...  Vampires are always fun to play but a bit overdone.  People that can play very good vampires (not Twilight; I respect that there are people that enjoy the series, but I am not one of them!) have a very special place in my heart and I do my best to play them as well and true to form as I can.

Draenei - Space goats hold a very special place in my heart. They look so sexy, it's so much fun to play them!

Succubi/Eredar/Shivan (though I tend to play non-evil versions of them. I'm a goody-two shoes, so sue me!)

Various Anime-Styled Characters - Bleach, Naruto, Inuyasha, Final Fantasy, etc. I prefer playing original characters, but I don't mind playing less fleshed out canon characters. It's weird maybe, but I worry about not playing them right if they're already well established characters.)

Catgirls/Nekos/Other Furry or Anthro type characters - I don't mind doing furry RPs.  I enjoy them sometimes (Used to hang out on Furcadia and had a blast there!)  It's not the first thing that I think of when I think of things I want in an RP, but it's quite enjoyable when I do play it.

Now, just because I haven't mentioned something, please don't take that to mean I wouldn't enjoy it! Heaven knows that I love all kinds of RP, and I love to hear new ideas! Of course, I'd love to find players to RP the sorts of things that I suggested up top, but variety is the spice of life! Check out my on/offs for my kinks, they're probably a bit vanilla for some, but I enjoy them at least. I like RP to be detailed and well thought out, I don't stress the spelling and grammar so much as long as it's interesting, intelligent and well thought out. You don't have to write up an RP post like you're writing an English paper; I promise that I won't mark you down if your grammar isn't perfect, you've got some typos or if it's not a full 500 words. <3

Well, here's hoping that I get a few nibbles on the old RP fishing line. Hope everyone has a good day, and thank you for taking the time to read!

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Re: Looking For Fantasy, Adventure, Romance... And Lots of Sexy Times
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2013, 08:36:21 AM »
Adding a bit of an update to this listing -

Having seen all of the Marvel Phase One movies (Captain America, Iron Man 1, 2 and 3, Avengers, and Thor) as well as Thor 2, I'm seriously wanting some superhero-y action.  I've got a total fangirly crush on Cap and Bruce Banner, and I like Thor tremendously as well...but umm...*blushes* Ohh hell, it's the Internet, everyone knows that all the fangirls are loco for Loki!  So, anyone wanting to play as any of the Avengers crew (but especially, especially, I'll love you forever and ever as Loki) or other superheroes, I'm totally not one to discriminate, or even your own made up superhero/heroine, drop me a line!

Also, super craving a Bleach RP.  Canon characters (Ichigo, Byakuya, Ukitake, Grimmjow, Starkk to name a few) preferred, but I love a good OC too.  I prefer playing as OCs, but I'm willing to play as some canons myself, just ask for a list as to who those are.

Doctor Who - Am totally wanting to do something in the Whoverse.  10th Doctor is the favorite, followed by 9th and then 11th.  Also loved, Jack Harkness and the Master, possibly with a different look for this regeneration (since his last one kinda bit it - technically so did he, but hey, when's that ever stopped a fangirl?)

That's all for right now.  My posting schedule's been a bit erratic of late, but I'm fairly certain things have calmed down enough now to be able to post regularly.  Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon!