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Author Topic: Embrace Your Problem! (M looking for F) Persona Based  (Read 710 times)

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Embrace Your Problem! (M looking for F) Persona Based
« on: May 10, 2013, 12:07:19 AM »
Hello there, Eilliquiy!

I am Wikwik, and in this Ad, as you may have guessed, I am specifically asking for RPs of the Persona Variety. Specifically, RPs centered around characters from Persona 3 and Persona 4.

Now, I have a O/O thread, which has details about other fandoms, and new plots, that I might be interested in. Feel free to look through it and PM me about any ideas in there as well!

That contains most of my kinks and about me, so feel free to breeze through it. That is for general things though. Like I said, this ad will be for Persona RPs only.

So, why do I need a new thread just for Persona RPs? Well, the main reason is that its my biggest craving at the moment. I've never had a true, honest-to-God good Persona roleplay, and to be honest, I would probably sell a body organ for one. If you are not familiar with Persona, but would like to give it a shot, I am always open to discussion and would be perfectly willing to help you out!

So, straight into the meat of it. First and foremost, I will mention the type of RP I am looking for, which is honestly any. Do you want a couple one-shots? Great! Do you want a long story with tons of smut? Perfect! Do you want an intense romance that slowly builds upon character development? Sign me up! I love all types of RPs, and all of them can fit into the Persona world perfectly.

Next up is the way I rank the characters that you will be playing. These are which Persona girls I tend to like, the reason I like them, and their rating for me. The rating will be from * to *****. In these RPs, we can either keep them to one specific Persona or combine the two. (As it says in my other thread, I LOVE multiple characters. So the more characters we include, the happier I will probably be.) Also, please note that even characters of just * are still very playable. I don't dislike them at all, and I would be happy to play with them. They simply are not my favorites. If I don't like a character, I don't include them.

((Possible Spoilers Ahead))

-=Persona 3=-

Yukari - ***** - Yukari is, maybe predictably, one of my favorite girls in the Persona 3 universe. This is partly due to being the heavily-hinted main love interest, and partly due to her being the Lovers Arcana, which is my favorite. Most of all though, of course, is her character. Yukari is the perfect mix of sure-of-herself, vulnerable yet strong, and a bit flirty. She doesn't take any shit, but she's not completely fearless, and has that kind of cute fear of things that normally aren't scary or real. If you want to play Yukari, bonus points will probably be awarded to you.

Fuuka - ** - Fuuka is an odd one for me. She's cute, but not amazingly so. Her character is developed, but not in a way that I think she's just astounding. I honestly don't have too much to stay about her. I don't dislike her at all, she's just not that high up for me.

Mitsuru - ***(and one half) - Mitsuru is the definition of a sizzling red-head. She's sexy, a bit tsundere, and comes off as incredibly full of herself. Deep down, however, she seems like a very nice girl who simply isn't quite as aware of the normal things as other people, due to her upbringing.

Maya (Ms. Isako Toriumi) - ***** - Isako is one of those girls that I just can't get out of my head. You spend your entire social link not even knowing who she is (though she drops hints that you SHOULD pick up on, so you probably realize who she is). She doesn't even know who you really are, and in fact mentions to you that she thinks your hot, not realizing she told you directly. When you finally confront her, she, a teacher, completely loses her cool in front of you and practically blushes herself to death. Frankly, its ADORABLE. Her final scene is one that I watch over and over, and I honestly love this character. She's just the right amount of bitch with cuteness all wrapped up. Plus she's a bit of a cougar. A young teacher, but still, teacher on student is always nice!

Aegis - **** - Aegis is a bit of a conundrum for me. On one hand, she's a robot, and thus its not exactly sure if her breasts are actually real. On the other hand, she is a truly interesting character, completely full up of hilarious lines, character development, and all around cuteness. Aegis' slow transformation from monotone robot to practically human is very realistic to me, and I find it heartwarming every time I see it.

Yuko - **** - Yuko is a very simple character. She's brash, flirty, and just all around fun to be around. I really find her a fun character and just enjoy her social link whenever I happen through it.

Chihiro - ** - Chihiro is a strange one. She's darn cute and by the end of her link, she's grown quite bold compared to what she used to be. However, on the flip side, she STILL seems shy enough that I'm amazed she doesn't stutter herself into a coma. Again, more then willing to play with her, just not one of the best to me.

Maiko - *** - To make this perfectly clear, both Maiko (And Nanako) would be aged SIGNIFICANTLY. This would mean either A. Years later so the Main Character is aged, B. With an OC, or C. We modify the timeline. So, again, to be clear, Maiko MUST BE OF AGE for me to consider roleplaying with her. Anyway, as far as her character goes, I found her social link very interesting, and always looked forward to moving up to the next rank. She made me want to take care of her!

Elizabeth - **** - Holy frickin' hot. Elizabeth is crazy hot. Literally. She's half insane and really hot. Did I mention she's pretty hot? Yep, I sure did. ANYWAY! Elizabeth is a hilarious character throughout the game, making your outings with her incredibly enjoyable and her character very much lovable.

-=Persona 4=-

Chie - ***** - The third 5 star character to make the board. Chie is just one of the perfect girls. She's your best bud throughout the entire game, even comparible to Yosuke. She's extremely cute and can even be sexy, but she's not over-sexualized. She's book-dumb, but not actually dumb. She can figure out problems, but isn't one of those over-analytical types. She'll do what she feels is right. She's extremely courageous, but still afraid of thunderstorms and bugs. Plus, she loves meat. All types. Pun intended.

Rise - ***** - The last 5 star character on my list. Rise is just such an interesting character to me, something that might escape others. On the outside, she is your typical bubbly idol. She flirts heavily with the main character, she teases everyone, plays the ditz, and poses in swimsuits. Inside, however, she's a depressed girl who dislikes the fact that people only noticed her once she was famous and flaunting her talent and body on stage. But then she decides she'd rather do that then be forgotten about. Rise is an incredibly complex character who wants nothing more then for the main character to see her as Rise, and not Risette. Probably my favorite character in all the Persona games. Plus, come on. That body WITH pigtails? Hell yeah!

Yukiko - **(And a half) - Yukiko is extremely beautiful and probably going to be the perfect housewife. She cooks (at least she's learning), she cleans, and she runs an inn. However, I simply do NOT find her that interesting. It all stems to the same simple problem, and I don't feel her character ever gets any real development. A unique laughing fit is not the same as building a character I love. I like Yukiko, and I feel she has potential in a roleplay, but she's just not one of my favorites.

Naoto - ***(And a half) - Naoto is a very complex girl. She's so smart that it could make your mind boil, and yet she has an inferiority complex. She is slightly shy, but also not afraid to speak her mind. She baffles me, to be quite honest, but its that baffling that leaves me trailing after her like a lost puppy. She's a great character all around, and a damn cutie to boot.

Margret - *(and a half) - The lowest star on my list, simply because I was disappointed. While everyone has spiritual successors in terms of arcana, she was a direct successor. She took over for Elizabeth, and quite simply, is not half the woman she was. She lacks her sister's amazing zaniness, and she just seems a bit boring whenever you talk to her. I don't even find her that beautiful, which everyone else seems to. She's good looking, of course, but to be honest, she is probably the person I am least interested in roleplaying with that I have listed here.

Nanako - **** - Like with Maiko, she'll need to be aged. That aside, however, I can see Nanako being an extremely fun character to be alongside in a roleplay. She has this way about her that just makes you want to help her out, but she's so independent that you'll be left in awe, and I feel her character would only have grown more as she aged. She's a cutie in a kid sense now, but there's no doubt that she'll be a beauty in an adult sense once she's legal. Besides, she straight up said she wants you when she's older. A bit creepy in the current context, but down the road, I definitely will not be thinking that.

Sayako - ** - Very simple, to be honest. I don't feel like her character got as much of a development as it could have. I feel she has potential, but just given how she is now (AKA an easy fanservice for early game), I don't feel she's destined to be that high on the list.

Ai - **** - A very interesting character in my eyes. Ai comes across as your very typical popular bitch, but learning her backstory, you learn that it came from so much more. She wasn't born into popularity, she had to earn it. She worked hard to get where she was, and once she got there, she still doesn't get the attention of the boy she likes, and people spread rumors about her just because she looks nice and has money. She's the hardest social link in Persona 4 just because you can reverse it SO many ways, and you have to pick the right route to even date her properly.

Yumi - ** - Again, like Sayako, not that interesting. She's cute, but that's about all she has going for her. Loads of Daddy issues that could be useful in an RP sense, however.

Marie - **** (And a half) - Marie is who deserves to be the successor to Elizabeth, and BOY does she earn it. Her story is downright CRAZY, to the point where you'll be saying "What the actual fuck, Atlus??" when you finish it. So frickin' interesting, and her character is just darn lovable to boot. Cute, frantic, always in your face about this or that. She could write poetry for me any day.

Aika - *** - Sheer hilarity whenever this character appears on-screen in the animation. While she really doesn't have any character development and is practically monotone, I'm honestly intrigued by her. I feel like a story could be developed with her, given enough brainstorming!

So there you have it! That's all the girls I consider to be viable for RPing. If there is someone I didn't list and you would really like to RP them, there's no point in not asking me. I won't bite, and the worst I can say is no thanks!

So, next up are the male characters I will be playing. I'm not going to go into detail with these, since overall, it comes down to what you prefer. Instead I will merely rank them loosely based on what I'd prefer.

1. Yu (Persona 4 Main Character), Minato (Persona 3 Main Character)
2. Original Male Character (Character/Characters that I made up for this universe), Yosuke, Adachi, Akihiko
3. Kanji, Kenji, Junpei, Dojima
4. Kou, Ken (Aged), Kaz, Narutame, Teddie

Very simple list, based on my preferences. So, onto the plots. To be honest, we will most likely discuss what kind of plot, since there are so many things we could do. We could pick up from a point in the actual game, continue afterwards, make an alternate universe. Really, its whatever we prefer, and each person that messages me will no doubt have a different idea for what they might want. If you don't, however, I will be more then happy to offer up some ideas for scenarios we could do based on the kind of roleplay we want to happen.

So! That's about the jist of my Persona begging. If you are interested at all, please drop me a PM and we can begin the talk!

Best of luck to all of you!


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Re: Embrace Your Problem! (M looking for F) Persona Based
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2013, 04:02:43 AM »
Giving this a big old revival bump. It's been a few months since I posted it, and while I had some good RPs going, they've all but dried up, and I'm looking for some new Persona blood to flow through the old RP veins!

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Re: Embrace Your Problem! (M looking for F) Persona Based
« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2014, 03:14:20 AM »
Giving this another hearty bump, because there's no such thing as too much Persona!