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Author Topic: On The Prowl (M seeking F) -Updated May 20th-  (Read 689 times)

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Offline KevinR778Topic starter

On The Prowl (M seeking F) -Updated May 20th-
« on: May 09, 2013, 06:15:43 am »
I'll keep it simple since its a bit long down below, searching for some roleplays! Of course all characters are 18+! And now...

Onto the Plots and Pairings!

Some of my Favorite Pairings:


(*s = Craving)

Student/Teacher *
Roomate/Roomate's Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Roomate/Roomate's Brother or Sister *
Best Friend/Best Friend *
Best Friend/Best Friend's Girlfriend or Boyfriend
Best Friend/Best Friend's Family Member ***
Athlete/Shy Kid *
Doctor/Patient *
Cop/Civilian *
Bartender/Partier (Could be drunk if necessary)
Waiter or Waitress/Customer *
Rich Person/Poor Person
Rich Person/House Servant, Maid, or Bulter

Anything else you can think of!


(*s = Craving)

Brother/Sister **
Cousin/Cousin *
Mother/Son *
Aunt/Nephew ***
Uncle/Niece *
A few pairings listed in fantasy
A few supernatural pairings listed


(*s = Craving)

Sorcerer or Sorceress/Apprentice *
Knight/Elf *
Knight/Apprentice *
Elf/Sorcerer or Sorceress
Elf/Princess or Prince
Elf/King or Queen
King, Queen, Prince, or Princess/Servant or Prisoner
Royal Guard/King, Queen, Prince, or Princess
Prince/Princess * (Can also be an incest pairing)
Prince or Princess/King or Queen (Another possible incest pairing)
Knight/Princess *
King, Queen, Prince, or Princess/Peasant

Anything else you can think of!


(*s = Craving)

Witch or Warlock/Human *
Witch/Warlock or Wizard
Demon/Human *
Angel/Human *
Succubus/Human ***
Incubus/Human ***
Succubus/Incubus ****

Anything else you can think of!


(*s = Craving)

Pokemon (OCs or Canons)******* (Plot Craving below!)
Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra (OCs or Canons)******
Digimon (OCs preferred)***

More to come!

Almost all of these are interchangable in terms of gender.

Feel free to suggest different pairings!

As for plot, I'm pretty convincable with ideas but as for my ideas, they aren't usually too complex. I like plots but I'm perfectly fine with just smut.


Here's some plots. (preferred pairings for plot) Names filled in accordingly. * = Craving


Plot #1 (Teacher/Student or Boss/Employee or Secretary) *
_____ #1 has a favorite student/employee named _____ #2 that they've grown a liking towards. ______ #2 learns of a secret and ______ #2 become intrigued. After gradual seduction or just using the secret against _____ #1, either way certain desires are fufiled. (Seduction or using the secret against them is up to you.)

Plot #2 (Roomate/Roomate, Best Friend/Best Friend's Girlfriend or Boyfriend, Best Friend/Best Friend's Brother or Sister) *
_____ #1 and ______ #2 hate eachother. They have nothing in common and often argue more then a old married couple. They try to avoid eachother as much as they can, but when alone one day they discover a hidden similarity. This one similarity causes almost an attraction and they take advantage.

Plot #3 (Nurse/Doctor, Nurse/Patient, Doctor/Patient) *
_____ #1 had a long day and it wasn't over yet. _____ #2 was tired and didn't really want to be there. As they meet, things become alot less stressful and boring. Their conversation deliberatly turning to flirting. The door gets locked, the blinds are shut and like a spark to flame, their passion ignites.

Plot #4 (Cop/Criminal, Cop/Civilian)
____ #1 has had a slow night and when approached by ___ #2, ___#1 gets a bit hot under the collar and things start to heat up. (For the civilian, It would be seduction on one persons part but for the criminal it could be seduction or a more persuasive offer, for example offering them a deal to not arrest them)

Plot #5 (Bartender/Partier, Waiter or Waitress/Customer) *
____ #1 is working the night shift and ____ #2 come in. Once they interact ____ #2 invites ____#1 to join them. As they learn about eachother they grow attracted to one another and find the backroom. (For the Bartender/Partier pairing, The partier can be drunk if so requested and it also could be a non-con situation if you can convince me. For the waitress or Waiter/Customer It would be a gradual attraction that can turn into seduction or just straight up seduction.)

Plot #6 ( Your Pairings Here)
Your plot here!


Plot #1 (Any Pairings involving Royalty) *
______#1 has been lonely as of late and travels out of the castle. Upon going through the kingdom ___#2 discovers ____#1 and realizes who they are. (In any incest paintings it would be immediate) Upon realizing they could: a) Threaten to inform the royal guard. b) Eventually fall in love with _____ #1. c) Discover a side that most don't see and become attracted to her (for incest pairings only)

Plot #2 (Any/Elf)
After discovering an elven village, ____#1 meets ____#2 and they grow attracted to each other. When they find out that it is forbidden, will they run away together or stay and face it together?

Plot #3 (Any/Sorcerer or Sorceress)
When ____#1 goes into the forest, they are met with an unexpected surprise. ____#2 appears, at first it is a bitter confrontation but when ____#2 realizes you mean not harm, he/she invites you to his/her home. Upon arrival, ____#1 feels strange. A spell has been cast on them. The spell can either a) cause them to crave the body of another. or b) fall in love with the sorcerer or sorceress.

Plot #4 (Knight/Any) *
After many weeks on patrol of a village, ____ #1 isn't used to going so long without getting some kind of release but when he spots ____ #2 he feels a strong attraction towards her and needs to fulfill his urge to find release. (Could be non-con if requested)

Plot #5 (Sorcerer or Sorceress/Apprentice, Knight Apprentice)
____#1 is the best at what he/she does. When ____#1 gains an apprentice, _____#2, he/she grows attracted to ____#2 during their training. Will they, a) train them in the more erotic ways? or b) use them for their desires? (possible non-con for b)

Plot #6 (Insert your pairings here)
Your plot here!


Plot #1 (Vampire/Werewolf, Vampire/Vampire, Werewolf/Werewolf)
____#1 and ____#2 are part of rival families but when they meet they discover that all the things they have been told were all wrong and fall in love. Among the violence their love only grows and once they get a chance to meet again, it becomes a passionate display.

Plot #2 (Demon/Human, Incubus/Human, Succubus/Human, or Angel/Human) *
After discovering an strange book, ____#1 reads a strange incantation and summons ____#2. Will ____#1 run? Or stay and play? (For a more detailed version, check my plot cravings)

Plot #3 (Any/Human) *
When ____ #1 ran away from home, they didn't expect to run into ____#2. At first ____#1 is afraid but learns that most things about ____#2 are untrue. They develop a liking towards eachother and a) fall in love b) give into lustful urges together

Plot #4 (Angel/Any)
When ____#1 finds him/herself in a strange land he/she turns to ____#2 for help. When ____#2 realizes what they are, will ____#2 help? or just use them for their attractive qualities?

Plot #5 (Demon, Incubus or Succubus/Any)
Upon their summoning, ____#1 can grant ____#2 a wish of anything they desire, but it comes with a price. It could go two ways, a) He/she takes him/her and uses them for pleasure purposes (I recommend the incubus or succubus) b) He/she demands a sacrifice and ravages his/her body to do so. (Could be non-con, I recommend regular demon for this one. Also for a more detailed version, check my plot cravings)

Plot #6 (Insert your pairings here)
Your plot here!


My Current Plot Cravings

#1 Title: An Adventure of Erotic Proportions

Pairing: Master or Mistress/Slave or Pet

Idea: The Master or Mistress is an adventurer who upon exploring a unknown part of the rain forest (or desert, jungle, whatever it may be) discovers a small village of humans (or Nekos, something else requested, if it's Pet instead of Slave). He or she soon finds out that the villagers rely on pleasure to survive. He or she meets one of the villagers and takes them back after the expedition to become their slave/pet. Exploiting their need for pleasure but eventually they become close with his or her new slave/pet. Will he or she fall for them or just use them for their desires?

Basically a Master or Mistress/Slave or Pet with an actual plot beforehand.

#2 Title: It Takes A Village

Pairing: Explorer/Natives

Idea: Similar to the above plot except he or she doesn't take a slave and upon discovering the reliance on pleasure becomes a new member of the village. The lack of males or females making them rely on him or her to keep the village alive. Alittle smuttier than the one above but it still has plot.

#3 Title: Who Says Reading Isn't Fun?

Pairing: Incubus/Librarian or Succubus/Librarian

Idea: After a long day working at the library, it's time to lock up for the night. But along the way a strange looking book drops to the floor. The title in Latin and hard to make out. When the title of the book is read correctly, it releases a demon into our world. The demon bent on seducing any it can. Will they be seduced by the mystical demon?

Could become a potential power struggle but generally a better smut type idea than a plot oriented one.

#4 Title: Curiosity

Pairing: Brother/Sister or Cousin/Cousin

Idea: When their parents are away, they discover each other's changing bodies and decide to experiment a bit. It starts as simple kissing but over time it escalates in to full blown passionate sex. This would continue after their parents return, but will they get caught? I figure they're young at around 18, possibly twins? Or just born close together. Smutty at first but the plot grows as we go on if you'd like to add a bit of romance in there too

#5 Title: Lustful Brothers

Pairing: Incubus Brothers/Woman (or Women)

Idea: Two incubi are free on earth, roaming it for their most carnal desires. When the two brothers are on the search for the same thing, lust, passion, what ever you may call it. What happens when the same woman catches both their eyes?

Pretty simple, sibling rivalry as they try to out do eachother by pleasing her the most. Kinda smutty

#6 Title: Be Careful What You Wish For

Pairing: Demon/Human

Idea: When a human discovers a wish granting demon, how will they use it? For good? For revenge? But wishes aren't free. What would you do to have your dreams fulfilled?

Pretty simple really, each wish cost something, to be decided by the demon. Each new wish costs more and more. How far are you willing to go?

#7 Title: What's This Do?

Pairing: Pokemorph/Trainer

Idea: While out on their adventure, the Pokemon finds a mysterious stone. It looks to be an evolutionary stone but not like any others. When the Pokemon touches it, it transforms them into a Pokemorph (Half-Pokemon, Half-Human). With this new form, what happens when a bond becomes more?

Basically could be romantic, smutty or even plotty, it's up to you.

#8 Title: When Worse Comes to Worst

Pairing: Uncle/Niece or Aunt/Nephew

Idea: Their parents have had enough, sick of the wild behavior and the sound of sex filling their house. They get sent off to live with their Uncle/Aunt who's a bit more easy going that their parents. When stories of their escapades intrigue their Uncle/Aunt, they still got it despite their age and are thinking about getting some young blood, preferably them.

Pretty simple really, could be romantic later on or just smutty. I was thinking around late twenties to early thirties for the Aunt or Uncle.

#9 Title: From Online to Reality

Idea: On an online roleplaying site (similar to here of course), two roleplayers get to know eachother and set up a roleplay, they hit it off and play well together. But then in character turns to out of character, what happens when meeting up is an option?

Could be a pontentially very long term RP.

#10 Title: A Lesson He Won't Soon Forget
Idea: They are happily married, nice house with good jobs, and a good enough time in the bedroom. But when he's caught cheating, she teaches him a lesson!

Pretty simple idea. Basically she decides to dominate him for once and pretty much does what she pleases to him. Could include some light bondage if requested but nothing too heavy, as well as other extra kinks you could add.

#11 Title: A Queen Among Men NEW

Pairing: Reverse Harem Members/Harem Boss

Idea: Running a harem is hard, especially when all of her members are in love with
her. Unsure told who to pick she takes her time and has her fun with her boys.

Potential for long term romance with some conflict or just lots of smut.

I have no real preference on any of these ideas and feel free to give them your own little twists.

Feel free to reply with any questions or send me a PM if you are interested.

My All Time Favorite Kinks:

Dirty Talking
Large Breasts
Receiving Oral Sex
Giving Oral Sex

All are not necessary in every RP, so pick a couple you like. Just ask and I'll let you know if i'm up for it.

Hope to hear from you,
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Re: On The Prowl (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2013, 08:25:16 am »
Update, added plot craving #11