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Author Topic: Normal and None normal things ~**~ NSFW  (Read 1817 times)

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Normal and None normal things ~**~ NSFW
« on: May 09, 2013, 05:36:38 am »
Looking for people who can write two + paragraphs

SOOOOO..I've been away for awhile due to life getting in the way. but I am hoping to try this again. I do apologies to all that I had rped with before. And If any of you see this Know that I greatly apologies..


To my list of likes and what nots


-Monsters, Beasts, things that aren't human
-Intelligent creatures
-Rape,Force etc...
-Macro,huge, Unique cocks.. (thats right I am a twisted girl)
- My girls body having the power to restore her virginity.
-Cum inflation

-small amounts of blood play(like vampires etc)

-bad posts, If you can't write a decent paragraph or two then dont bother messaging me.
-Disrespect for other players.
-Do not play my character
-Tentacle beasts or plant based monsters

With this said I do hope we can have fun otherwise

Main creatures I like
-Farm animals,domesticated animals, or even wild animals
-dragons, Gryphons, ogres and trolls.
-Furries (where the story is)
-Even creatures that are made up from your own imagination.

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Re: Normal and None normal things ~**~ NSFW
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2013, 07:54:37 am »
Idea 1:
All images used for characters must appear over 18 - Staff
BrotherXsister, FatherXDaughter, NieceXUncle, Brother's FriendXSister, GirlXBoyfriend, StudentXTeacher

A young girl of eighteen loses her mother in an accident and goes to stay (with father, older brother, uncle, or a friend who turns boyfriend) She has taken it hard and finds herself lost in depression clinging to whatever comfort that is offered. Where a forbidden or non forbidden love sparks.

Idea 2:
PrincessXknight. PrinceXmaid,

There love is Forbidden, being royalty may have its perks, but not when it came to the heart. For years she had watched him, Craved him. But never dared to make the first move. Fearing what could possibly happen to them if they ever dared the love that she and him held for one another. That was till he brought up the idea in running away. Fleeing the city, and taking to the wilds of that around them. constantly on the run until the found a small grove. Protected by thick stone walls that barely fit a horse through. The forest canopy protecting them from above. could they really be happy in this small paradise?


Idea 3:
bad boyXshy girl.
In the beginning the shy girl was innocent till meeting the badboy of town. Who eventually corrupts her into the perfect sex slave.


Idea 4:
All images used for characters must appear over 18 - Staff
Student X Teacher

This academy is about on hand experience if the parents permit it. But with only her father and him constantly away working she willingly volunteers to be a participant. Each teacher allowed to choose one student both must sign an agreement. Stating that she gave him permission, and that both knew the risks involved. once this paper was signed. He was only capable of doing her out of all the students.

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Re: Normal and None normal things ~**~ NSFW
« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2013, 09:29:15 am »
Idea 5:
Maid X boss/master X masters son

Born into this life and with her mother no longer able to fully do her duties and was place into a home. She is left with the responsibilities of ensure her boss/master is satisfied. But what she didn't know or expect since her mother didn't explain to her anything of the small yet bigger details. And is assigned to the masters son, who would be taking over within the months.

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Re: Normal and None normal things ~**~ NSFW
« Reply #3 on: May 09, 2013, 02:32:15 pm »
Not So Normal Idea's

Trainer X Pokemon

In the new world, Pokemon have become more advance. Scientist don't know why or how this happen but it has. Making the Pokemon more bolder.They also can speak, not just their breed but full sentences and what nots.

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Re: Normal and None normal things ~**~ NSFW
« Reply #5 on: May 14, 2013, 07:47:54 pm »
Doctor X Nurse, Nurse X Patient
Camp instructor X Assistant. Boyfriend X Girlfriend
Rock star X Fan
Father X Daughter, Uncle X Niece
college student X Teacher assistant,  Student X student
Coworkers, Friends
Angel X Demon
princess X Demon, Princess X knights, Princess X evil Lord
Adventurer X Orc/troll

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Re: Normal and None normal things ~**~ NSFW
« Reply #6 on: May 16, 2013, 04:55:20 am »
Little Red Hunter


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Re: Normal and None normal things ~**~ NSFW
« Reply #7 on: May 16, 2013, 06:52:01 am »
Monster Rampage
A Monster hunter Event

A female hunter finds herself thrown into the wild lands surrounding Moga Village. D.Island,flooded Forest, Tundra, Dessert,Volcano, misty peaks. The game is on to see how long this young huntress can survive the onslaught of rowdy monsters. Using what she knows, making what she can with supplies she can harvest she left on her own.
Name: Siren   
Age: 19
Armor: Nargacuga Mail
weapons: Spectral Demolisher. (duel Blades)

Items on hand: 10 potions, 10 mega potions,10 antidotes,10 well done steaks, bbq pit2trap tools, one of each trap. 5hot drinks 5cool drinks. 5 mega pick axe, 5mega bug nets

Some monsters she may come across.

Gigginox- ---
Rajang - -----
Qaurpeco- ---
Zinogre- ---
Azuros- -- --
Mosswine- --
Rathlos- --
Great Jaggi,Great Baggi,

and whatever else you may find :D

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Re: Normal and None normal things ~**~ NSFW
« Reply #8 on: May 16, 2013, 09:17:38 am »
Troublesome Secret

Nineteen year old student with a secret a big one in fact is on her way home, when she finds a guy she is totally into (or another like her perhaps) She flirts shamelessly and finds out they lived in the same apartment as one another and walked home together. He/she expresses and interest but what would happen if she, just pulled it out? She withdraws instantly. Growing shy and a bit nervous she can't find away to explain her problem.


Necromancers New plaything and Its Alive

for all her life she had been fear because of her powers. Many thought she would kill them when in reality she didn't. She never killed what was alive, only played and raised with the dead. Until one guy came around and expressed and interest. Turns out he was just as she was. and together they discover themselves, and the power they had within.

I would like this to be switch since im not really one to fully dome. But I wanna try something with this pic.
Icing on the Cake

Just starting at a family ran bakery, she is left in the hands of the son. Who normally does all the training, and teaches them the ropes. Turns out he trains them more then how to put icing on a cake. And he is really into her.


She's in Charge
(somone to play futa)

Taken off the street she is thankful and swears to do anything to repay the woman who helped her. Little does the little kitten know, the woman is more then just that. She becomes the woman's maid, in all things. Even the toy she always wanted.


When she first was told of her arrange marriage to an Elvin lord never had she thought he would be just attractive, he was kinky and still fairly young as their race allows them. The things he shows her, the things he brings her to is simply amazing.


the only Life I know

Sold by her parents to pay a debt a life of servitude is what she will come to know, once he can break her of her stubbornness that is.


Born to protect

She is a priestess, marked by the high heavens at her birth (the symbol on her back) He born to protect her. but when her order is attacked he steals here away, doing his duty to the best he could. His sole purpose is to keep her alive. She was the human races sole dependance and the only one capable of bringing peace

((still trying to work the idea out, please if you have a better idea let me know))


With nature staking claim to the lands once more, Great cities nothing more then ruins, and small groups of of people warning against one another in attempts to survive and rebuild civilzation. But her. She thought they deserved the life they had. Destroying the earth for the greed of man kind, it only made sense for the great mother to take it back. Though With her opinion made her an outcast amongst groups and she finds herself making a home in an old abandon wear house. along side her faithful malamute wolf hybrid. a massive beast.

On one of her scavenging trips she comes across a young man, who looked like he was lost himself. and brings him back to her home, and offers him a place to stay. Considering she was pretty well off for working alone.


For Love

she was a rejected experiment who was going to be put down until one of the assistants intervened. Saving her from the death she did not deserve.