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Author Topic: thunderstruck (M looking for Female)  (Read 575 times)

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thunderstruck (M looking for Female)
« on: May 07, 2013, 01:23:57 am »
hey yeah everyone, Thunder here. This entire page is going to be a WIP but I promise once I finish posting my ideas I will get it looking nice and pretty with codes and stoof.

kinks/Turn Ons

Age Play - I just absolutely love scenes and plots that involve my character being seduced, or seducing an older women.  Personally, I like there to be a 10 year gap minimal between the characters. If my character is 18, i love to see the female in the 28-40 age range. The plot, and the relationship between the characters are completely up for discussion

Dominant Females/bondage - Strong female  characters are always very  interesting to me, and it naturally transcended to my kinks. Strong women excite me, and it is always a very fun thread to play with a woman showing her stronger, more dominant side.

comics - Name any two characters from any sort of comic, Marvel,DC, GI Joe.Make any two ship. Superman and She-Hulk? sure. power girl and Hawkeye shag it up? Why not? Endless possibilities and I am extremely open to plotting

Fantasy - A large arry of fantasies really. Mermaids, vampires, D&D, Skyrim, Sci-Fi or anything in between. Creativity with this is more than welcome, care to create a world where Magic and Sci-Fi are one in the same? Awesome. Have a interesting alien species you wish to play with? Even better. Open Minds are always welcomed.


Judge a Book By its Cover -

Matt was the perfect man, or at least so it seemed to the public. He was handsome, he was strong, and to top it off he was on the Deans list and riding a full paid academic scholarship. Unfortunately for him, due to his looks, and his athletic prowess, he was on the constant end of gossip and rumors. Rumors that he was sleeping with the teachers, both male and female. That he used steroids. That he was a player, and that he was masterful at manipulating people to get what he wants.

In reality though, Matt was just a simple suburban kid who was home schooled. He was dreadfully introverted and is downright afraid of talking to his peers. The furthest he's ever gotten was kissing a girl. This complete teddy bear of a man has never felt any romantic feelings for anyone. That was until of course, he met his Sociology professor. She was a tease, the envy of her female peers, and the desires of many young man who took her class. Matt was no exception to this. In fact, he had grown to fall for the teacher. Will he ever admit his love to her? Or does he take a more drastic turn and forces it upon her? Or perhaps it is her who takes advantage of Matt and finds a way to blackmail him into doing what she wishes. Or perhaps Matt finds out she is sleeping with one of the students and threatens her with it to love him. The possibilities for this are endless.

Alpha and Omega

To properly name Alpha would be to admit he would be an actual citizen to some state, or country. Or for that matter to even exist in the first place. Born on a military base, Alpha was bred for greatness, or at least for the glory of serving his Country. Every day he was tested physically and academically, pushed to his absolute limits and then even further. When he turned 16, he "graduated" from basic training to the more advanced courses. He learned from the best to become the modern day super-spy. Hand to hand, firearms, exotic weapons like archery and swords, technology like hacking, and engineering. Alpha learned it all. When he finished his training, he was out on the field at the age of 21, taking out whatever big brother and Uncle Sam commanded to. He had no rank, or no terms of engagement to follow. Only the mission.

After many successful missions, Alpha was given the toughest job he was ever asked of. He needed to go undercover, and infiltrate a Private Army Group that was rumored to be planning attacks the United States. They were posted out in Eastern Russia. It didn't take long for Alpha to create a cover, and a fake past life to live. Hell, it took even shorter to master his Russian. Though once inside the insurgent group, he was introduced to their commander, Omega. The Russian bombshell was nothing like Alpha had ever seen before, she was strong, she was wise, and whether or not she knew, she tested Alpha everyday to discover if he was really a new recruit, or a double agent. Her tests were however strange, and unusual for Alpha. She had him strip for wires, she had him clean her heels with his mouth, she had him crawl like an animal, and if he was good enough, she rewarded him with sex beyond his wildest dreams. Does Alpha go off the deep end and join the terrorist group? Or perhaps they were not terrorist after all, but a response group to the blood stained past of Alpha? Does Omega ever discover his identity, do they fall in love, or do they find each other fighting one another at gun point?
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Re: thunderstruck (M looking for Female)
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2013, 12:01:36 am »
Updated with a couple plots.