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Started by Ayla, May 06, 2013, 06:17:54 PM

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So seriously this has been invading my brain like the freakin' black plague! Help me out here please someone! Anyone!

In 2045 thirty-three years after the attack on New York Tony and Pepper proudly announce their only daughter Antonya (Tonii or Toa for short) as the new CEO of Stark Industries. Blessed with the elegance (and work ethic) of her mother and the genius of her father Miss. Stark was born for the job of not only taking Pepper’s place at the top of the Company but has proven a valuable asset to the science community as well; inventing more advanced medical equipment mostly.

Preferring the solitude of her lab over press conferences as galas and of course Stark Expos, Tonii is a hard woman to find. Especially when Mr. Stark or Pepper will not give you her general whereabouts.

A woman SHIELD wants to find.

Which is fairly easy when you have Agent (Insert name here) Barton the son of SHEILD’s greatest assassin team on the hunt for her. The hard part was getting her to come back with him.

Tony doesn’t want his only child running about with SHIELD Agents or even affiliated with SHIELD in away. In fact her brilliant mind was a rather well kept secret from SHIELD until she was sixteen when she invented the first fully-functional replacement heart and perfecting the programming algorithm for Nanites, for fear of them turning to her instead of himself as a weapons designer and consultant. Though, his real fear is of her becoming the new Iron Man. He hardly wanted to it himself, how could he bear the thought of his one and only daughter risking her young life in a job he could do instead?

The young Miss. Stark doesn’t want to be apart of SHIELD either and proves to be a quite stubborn and dangerous opponent for the slightly older Agent (insert name here) Barton.

In fact whoever said she didn’t have her own Iron Man suit... had lied. Because she does. And she’s not afraid to use it.

So this is an idea that came up REALLY late at night. Just as I was about to fall asleep. It all started with this one idea: What if Agents Barton and Romanoff had a kid, and Tony and Pepper had a kid and those two kids fell in love? And then it kind of grew from there.

This is strictly movie-verse (in my head anyway). It will consist of Barton jr. ( age 26) trying to convince Miss. Stark (age 23) to join SHIELD. When being polite and nice gets him nowhere and then taking her by force fails, seduction is left but what if he finds that he’s the one falling for the quiet yet spunky daughter of Iron Man? Who will be left with a broken heart when it has to end? If it ends at all.

Quite obviously I’m looking for someone to play the spawn of Agents Barton and Romanoff

The plot and what happens in it is always up for debate. I love suggestions and make an RP that is enjoyable for both of us.

Please PM if interested! ^-^

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