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Author Topic: Roleplays Looking for a Home  (Read 944 times)

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Roleplays Looking for a Home
« on: May 03, 2013, 03:57:06 AM »
Hello there! Here I will be posting all of my plots, Ideas and pairings. If you think you would be interested in any of the below could you please PM message me rather than post on the threat its self, Regarding the plots pairings etc. everything is negotiable depending on what my partner really wants to do, thought that can be discussed, I am not fixed in any way and wish to make every as enjoyable as possible for both of us, So go ahead if there is something you wish to be part of PM me.

Also at this current moment in time I only so One on One roleplays, and for now not wishing to get into groups.

Here are a few things that I would expect from my partner thought I know all can’t be kept and this is not a problem long as I am made aware:

  • Consistency, I would much rather have a small paragraph every day than four paragraphs a week, thought I know some times this is not possible. This is just a person preference but if you are really not able to post every day or every few days please just advise me in advance from the start  I am aware and not left thinking have they stopped or not. Thought do not let this put you off asking me as I am flexible.

  • One or Two paragraphs a day (If possible), I am not going to cause issue if someone posts a very short paragraph or event a one liner long as it is not all of the time, as we all know some days we do, If there are any issues I will make you aware.

  • More than one post a day (If possible)

  • O/O(Table Page) O/O (In Depth)  you can see here to get a better feel of what I enjoy and do not, I am up for trying anything and everything though this will have to be discussed if there is something I have stated I am not interested in thought you are.

  • As much detailed as you possibly can, In all honesty my detail is not the best in the world, these for I am not going to penalize any one for it, new or not. Though long as my partner is trying I am happy. I do not wish to see something like “Walks over sits down and smiles” as a post, sorry but I will not accept that, but I am sure this will never be an issue, with the quality of writers we have here.

  • If you are going to be taking a break or some time away for whatever reason please tell me so I know what is going on.

The last thing I like to advice my partners that I am going to start roleplays with is that I am dyslexic, meaning I am not perfect, but who is. This sometimes affects my grammar and spelling and I am aware that this bothered some people and I respect that fact, I do not take any offence to it because well that’s just how it is, if you wish to see how I write you can see my current ongoing roleplays and judge this for yourself, Thanks and happy roleplaying!

Craving =  O:)

Bold = My Character (example Elf x Elf, thought Pairings are negotiable, along with everything else)

Taken = Strikethrough

General Pairings


Elf x Elf

Human x Human

Elf x Human

Knight x Princess

Master x Slave

Witch x Wizard  O:)

Sorceress x Knight

Necromancer x Princess 

Wizard x Princes O:)

Angel x Demon

Angel x Human Male

Demon x Human Woman

Vampire Lord x Elven Woman

King/Prince x Common Villager

Futuristic/Sci Fi

Human x Human

Cyborg x Human

Time Lord x Human

Intelligent AI x Human

Intelligent AI x Cyborg

Shape Shifter x Human

Galactic Princess/Queen x Galactic Pirate 

Galactic Assassin x Galactic Princess/Queen 

Video Game's

Current Video Game Cravings

Bioshock Infinite =  O:)

World of Warcraft =  O:)

Dragon Age Origins & Two

Alistair x Leliana

Fenris x Merrill

Alistair x Isabela

Alistair x Morrigain

Champion x Morrigain

World of Warcraft

Blood Elf x Blood Elf

Night Elf x Night Elf

Blood Elf x Night Elf

Human x Human

Human x Blood Elf

Bioshock Infinite
So, I have been thinking lately that I would be interested in starting. I have been wanting to run a role play regarding Bioshock Infinite. Between Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth, It would be rather useful if you have played the game or have an understanding of how it  flows it may help in the long run, thought if you have not but you are still interested please do PM me still and we can discuss it.

Thought this would be probably located in the City Of Columbia, the city that fly’s, I would like to also give the options of using Rapture back in its days and glory. On slightly thing I wish to change is the fact that Booker is no longer the father of Elizabeth, You will understand this if you know the story thought we can discuss this if you are interested.

If you are interesting in still role playing this just because of the locations still do PM me as, I would love to works something out it does not have to follow the story of the game,I just love the characters and the locations

Please feel free to PM me or post on the thread if you think you may be interested in this.

Here is a little description of the two locations

Rapture lies at the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean, as a gleaming metropolis of massive Art Deco-styled buildings, connected by networks of reinforced glass tunnels, bathysphere transport systems and submerged railways. It largely resembles the Manhattan borough of New York in both size as well as general appearance. The city is completely self-sustaining and all of its electricity, including pumping networks, water filtration, air purification and defense systems, are powered by the volcanic vents in Hephaestus. Fresh food and oxygen recycling are taken care of by large areas of cultivated forests and farms centralized in the Arcadia zone, as well as fish along with other sea life from Neptune's Bounty.

Columbia is a floating city in the sky. Composed of neoclassical buildings constructed on giant reactors and self-sustaining balloons, Columbia is able to literally fly over the clouds. It is eventually revealed that it is actually quantum mechanics which allows the city to float, not the reactors and balloons. Conceived by Zachary Hale Comstock, it was eventually constructed with the blessing of the U.S. government, and under the guidance of quantum physicist Rosalind Lutece.

DMC:Devil May Cry
Another RP that I have been interested in doing has been linked into the DMC: Devil May Cry the latest devil may cry game, the role-play I am wanting to go through is regarding , Dante or Vergil with Kat, for those who are familiar with the game  and know the story, I kind of want to move away from the story thought I wish to still have the same goal in it to destroy a demon lord, I am looking for someone to play Kat, I can play either Vergil or Dante depending on what my partner wishes for me to play, I want to try and add a healthy mix of action and adventure with love and romance. If you are interested drop me a PM we can talk about plots and so on. Also if there is anything you wish to change or discuses do feel free I am open all ears.




Final Fantasy XIII

Snow x Lightning

Snow x Serah

Snow x Vanille

Snow x Fang

Snow x Yeul

None at the moment!!


Comic Book

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Re: Roleplays Looking for a Home
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2013, 11:26:19 AM »
General Pairings Updated, Bioshock & DMC Added

Offline Lady Temptress

Re: Roleplays Looking for a Home
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2013, 02:06:02 PM »
Hello there. Is this still open for play? I'm interested in the Knight / Princess scenerio please. I'm not good at playing males, but I can try if needed since I wish to play the Princess.  I can usually post at least twice a day & since I just had Surgery this week, I can post a bit more.

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Re: Roleplays Looking for a Home
« Reply #3 on: August 23, 2013, 04:47:58 AM »
Still looking for a few more partners ^_^