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Author Topic: Dungeons & Dragons... Discuss!  (Read 12712 times)

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Offline chaoslord29

Re: Dungeons & Dragons... Discuss!
« Reply #250 on: April 19, 2013, 01:53:52 PM »
Make that Rule -2 then.  :-)

When most people talk about Rule 0 as it relates to RPGs, they mean:

Ahhhhh! See I'd always read that as "Whenever he/she deems it appropriate to maintaining everyone's entertainment."

No matter what though, the point holds true, if you can't make the game fun, you'll soon find yourself short of players. On the other hand, better no tabletop gaming than gaming that's no fun.

There was one group I tried to run, they were a fucking nightmare, a total bunch of powergamers with no idea about what they really wanted to do.

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Re: Dungeons & Dragons... Discuss!
« Reply #251 on: April 28, 2013, 08:22:41 PM »
I've DM'd once and I've only played a couple of game. I tried to get a few started online, but it's a lot more difficult than I imagined. My preferred is 3.5, but I could do pathfinder. I like 3.5 because that's what all my books are. :\

The biggest thing I'm doing is creating my own setting called Alabastra. It's fairly generalistic in a gamepaly sense because I don't want to mess with balance if I can help it. Also, I want people to be able to transition it to other editions.

It's called Alabastra

Right now it boasts a complete cosmology including the planes for all alignments, the planes of the gods (dubbed affiliated in the setting), the elemental planes, and the material plane one which the planet resides.

It's races include: Two types of dwarfs, two types of elves, humans, gnomes, halflings, half-orcs of two kinds, an extensively reworked merfolk player class, and a new race of winged bird people called the Buteo with half variations for both merfolk and buteo.

Each race has also been exstensively reworked setting-wise. For instance the Arboreal Elves (traditional elves) have a caste of tree-dwelling ironwood armor wearing samurai (renamed naturally).

It has just about every core class from every damn manual. Most are locked setting-wise but I offer up just about every variation in the book.
If it's from 3.5 it's in there most likely.

The entire planet is mapped into continents and regions. Several of the realms and kingdoms are in place, at least on paper if not geographically. I even have some of the bigger trade and merc companies.

It boasts at pantheon of about twenty plus gods and goddesses. Each one has a church that will be able to be joined and will have all its details, regalia, and ceremonies for reference.

It also has some of the basic rules of magic sketched out as far as the big stuff.

What the setting manual still needs is the prestige classes (I hope to create about half... but it's hard).

Also, there are at least a dozen weapons and armor that including things like harpoons and armlets that act like bucklers and allow the use of two handed weapons (but so do bucklers in reality), throwing knives, those sectioned staffs that monks use, and the meteor hammer (the monk weapon).

I need to comb through spells that I don't particularly care for (making a cabin out of nothing, never rubbed me right).

I also plan to write at least one hundred pages of history for the setting and one module (currently titled, "The Return of the Mad King"). As well as a monster manual of sorts. Though as always judgement will lie with the DMs of course.

My plan is to distribute it in PDF format for absolutely free, for anyone who wants to play or update it for a more recent editions.

Offline SeraphBlade07

Re: Dungeons & Dragons... Discuss!
« Reply #252 on: May 01, 2013, 05:23:58 PM »
So my bf got me into D&D when we first started dating. He ran a campaign and helped me make my first character (I’m not always good with numbers lol, but once I learned how to do it I didn’t need his help anymore). I think I was a ranger or a druid my first game. I play chaotic neutral for the most part usually when I play. My bf has a lot of the books and we have digital copies of some that we don't have the hard copy of as well that we got free over the internet.

We played 3.5 and that’s the only one that I know. I heard 4.0 wasn’t as good or as easy to customize.  We’ve only ever played 3.5 edition. When I make a character I like to have my animal companions/familiars. With my bf as the DM, I’ve been able to have some pretty awesome companions from a ferret that wore a vest and could beat you at poker and pick your pockets (he was pretty awesome) to a amethyst Gem Dragon (That I could make bigger, lol it was awesome when I made it big enough that it had frightful presence and I didn’t have to roll to see if I was affected but some of my party members did. Haha). Usually I would play, ranger, druid, and once I played a sorceress (that was the one with my dragon that a friend helped me get cause I wanted a purple dragon) and also as the sorceress, I was a beast summoner so I was like I have an army of creatures…now make them all bigger it was awesome. I usually played an elf or half elf with my characters. When I was my sorceress I horded the figure box for when I summoned my monsters and then made them bigger.

The last D&D game we played was a world that I helped originally create. I was a Moon Scythe in that one. And I still wanted my animal friend so as a pet I had a Grimalkin (Which honestly even though because it’s just a pet and doesn’t level up with me is the coolest thing ever). A grimalkin in it’s natural form is a medium creature that looks like an over sized gray house cat but the coolest thing about it is that it can shapeshift into any animal of medium size or smaller and I used that to my advantage so much, it was awesome. I had it turn into a crocodile (yes its a medium creature) and it bit a guy in half as he was escaping, and they couldn't hit it cause it was in the water, it was epic.

Ah I miss the last campaign of the “City World” based off D&D that we did. I cause so much problems and we got an NPC killed it was awesome. We still talk about it to this day.