An Eye for an Eye (Switch party: f char. seeking 1m, 1f [EX/NC])

Started by Cerulean Dreams, May 01, 2013, 02:13:25 PM

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Cerulean Dreams

An Eye for an Eye
What happens when the victims have the power

'Jasmine was addicted. She lived for the screams of her captives. Adored the way they begged, first to be released, then for mercy, and then, finally, to be free of pain - forever. She particularly liked young couples - inexperienced, fresh-faced, just entering the real world, only for their futures to be cruelly denied on her whim. She favoured crude but effective means of punishment - Physical blows, punches, cloth and tape as gags, cuffs and belts as restraint. There were more refined ways of causing suffering, but Jasmine wasn't interested. It worked.

And it would work for her next targets. Another young couple... a pretty girl, a handsome guy. They would soon learn the cruelty of her soul, the hardness of her heart, the wickedness of her ways. Their suffering would be delicious. It was the drug she needed to keep herself going, keep herself pumped.

But they would also be her last fix. For Jasmine, however cruel or cold, was still only human. Liable to make error. A single unfastened belt can spell disaster. And when the two young people, badly scarred both mentally and physically have both their tormentor and the means to make her suffer at her disposal... What would you do?'

And so in this story I seek two players, one female character and one male character both capable as switchers to play the young couple. The first half of the story will detail their capture and their torture. Following a mistake on Jasmine's part the tables turn for the second half. I would like to emphasise the 50:50 split between the two sides, since I am keen to Dominate just as much as I am to submit. If you are strongly Dominant/submissive this may not be the ideal game for you.

Some kink elements:
- Violence
- Physical beating
- Verbal abuse
- Violence
- Some element of bondage
- Violence
- Unlikely to be much sex. The second half has more potential.

This I wish to be a fairly dark, unforgiving game. During both Jasmine's Domination and submission there will ideally be a focus on both mental and physical abuse. In the first it will be motivated by Jasmine's dark passion; in the second it will be motivated by the couple's desire for revenge.

If you are interested please PM me. Alternately feel free to ask any questions, though please ask them in this thread so that everyone can see the answers. As you might have guessed I'm indifferent to partner gender.


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