Looking for Femme Boy Willing to Beg

Started by dami, April 29, 2013, 03:44:53 AM

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THIS RP HAS BEEN FILLED. However if you find the rest of this message interesting, feel free to pm and we can perhaps rp together at a later time as I have quite a few roleplays now happening. Thank you, my loves!

I've decided I've spent enough of my time wandering around the site and hoping for random mail and that I should now propose something of my own that I'd like to try. I'm looking for an effeminate boy to dominate and torture/play with, probably with some elements of non-con, and possibly some fantasy. I don't have an entire plot designed but I want something that we can get into quickly reminiscent of pwp, though I would definitely like a post of two to get into it all. You should be forewarned, I am very new to dominating and I would like to explore this more, so please be patient if I'm not the most experienced controller of your character. I also tend to like to coddle my characters rather than humiliating them, but we can discuss this over pm if you're interested!

What I want from you: A thoughtful writing partner willing to come to me with some basic plot ideas and demands for what they want out of this roleplay, as well as any kinks they would want to explore. You should be able to write a minimum of 200 words a post, ideally between 300-600 but a sex-centered rp could be fine with less. I don't want a limp submissive. I want to hear all of your character's desperate gasps, feel the twitches of their skin as my fingers trail it. I want to know just how conflicted your character feels and just how good that third orgasm was, and just how badly they need to come. I want reaction, and lots of it.

What I want from your character: A submissive, effeminate male, delicate and sensitive. Someone who though originally embarrassed and unwilling, will eventually grow to love serving as a slave and beg for affection and long drawn out play sessions. I have a weakness for crying as they beg my character to stop (though they really don't want it to end since they're not using their safeword~).

What to expect from me: Someone who will not leave you hanging in the rp and will remain in communication over different parts of the roleplay. I'm very friendly and would love to chit chat with you as well as share ideas. I LOVE to hear about the kinks you want played out and have no problem including a wide range in our play.

What to expect from my character: A refined Mistress/Master (you can choose :3) interested in showing her/his slave what a wanton whore he is. Master: Slim, pale, tall, defined muscles with little bulk, long hair, colour tba, think Bill Kaulitz a little older and more muscled. Mistress: Curvy, beautiful, curled platinum blond hair to waist, white lingerie set with six inch white lace up heels.

Things I want in this roleplay (All are negotiable): Teasing, sensation play, cuddling, wax, flogging, whipping, extremely sensitive subs, possible piercing (nipples/cock), enema retention, URETHRAL INSERTION/STRETCHING, multiple orgasms, humiliation, Cock and Ball torture

If I haven't scared you away yet I do have a few more ideas for the plot. :) I was thinking along the idea of my character buying a neko boy to play with for him/herself. I was also thinking along the lines of my character being a noble and your character coming to mine as a creature from a foreign country who wishes to submit in order for peace. It could also be a completely consensual modern day setting where your character agrees to do whatever for my character over a 24 hour period in order to see if he likes the experience.

If you like what you see in this post and my O/o's feel free to contact, though please send a detailed message with future plans and ideas, kinks, whatever! I will simply tell you you do not seem like the right partner for me if I receive a one liner. Thank you!

On's and Off's~ Please don't hesitate to check them out and message!


I would love to work something out with you *grins* Let me know if you're still looking and we can organize something for sure!