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Author Topic: (sub or switch looking for dom )(actively seeking plots again)(M/M)  (Read 1639 times)

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  My O&O's
Looking for dominant or switch males
actively seeking rp partners.

Seeking to take on a new plot and willing to accept modifications ot any of these plots.

Pm me if interested in any of the plots below or you would like to suggest a plot.

Newest plot
The Autumn Masquerade

My character : A magic user from a well known family with a slightly dark reputation
Your character: mc's roommate at the dorm they both stay in(both characters would be in their twenties).
(Yc does not necessarily have to have a dominant personality for this plot.)
both characters attend an unusual school which caters to students with unique talents. The school takes students from ages as young as 15 but our story would focus on some older students. I left it at 'unique talents' because although another magic user is preferable I would also except another type (mainly werewolf, vampire, shifter, elemental). The main purpose of the school is to give its students a safe place to come into their strengths and learn without fear of prying eyes of the modern world. The plot is loosely inspired by a group I played in the past.

Your character and mine have been roommates for nearly a year. Which is a huge success as mc has come to be thought of as bad luck and hasn't been able to keep a roommate for more than 3months at a time. Not only is he from a long line of black magic users but he seems to have a knack for bringing trouble with him everywhere he goes. yc contrary to the rumors has found his behavior to be eccentric but relatively harmless. Not only that but they've formed a quiet sort of friendship.
So when mc's sister drops by and finds out that yc had intended to stay at the school over winter break and eagerly invites yc to visit their home...curiosity wins out. Only after accepting the invitation does he notice how awkward and concerned mc looks.

plenty of surprises await at the manor, including the autumn masquerade a sort of debaucherous revelry held for black magic users every year by his family. in the midst of which yc meets a very different version of mc than the one he's used to. Instead of the quiet, reserved and cautious man yc knew there is a passionate, forward man with lust in his eyes. how will the night change them? 

Characters I particularly like/am looking for:
-strong lord types(as in a Victorian or medieval lord)
-bespectacled professor
-a dark fae type
I like for my partners character to have some bit of depth for me to dig into. Maybe a mystery or a dark past. Maybe they're closeted/haven't fallen in love with a man before. Something to add a little character progression as the plot goes on. I do like romance in my plots but I don't mind if my character has to really work for it. After all not everyone falls head over heels at first sight.

(a small note on sexual related rps)
I love to play opposite characters that have dominant personality but I certainly don't mind playing against switches when it comes to smut. I've been rping long enough to know that no one likes doing all the work by themselves while the other person just writes "oh yeahs".
That being said because I'm not crazy confident writing the dom when it comes to bdsm type scenarios If you have any special fetishes you want included please includes in any pm discussions of the plot beforehand. So that at the very least I can give it a google and see if I'd be willing to try my hand writing it.


a mystery plot in which my writing partner uncovers a series of clues.

Your character has just awoken from a coma. They seem to have lost a number of years of memories and even some of their childhood memories seem to come up blank. members of your family seem very worried that you no longer seem to remember your self-proclaimed best friend. They tell you stories and show you pictures but something isn't right.  In an effort to get back into the swing of everyday life you decide to try and reconnect with said friend. Only to find that they seem distant and something just feels off about them. It's as if they too have lost something.

(set in a somewhat small town. characters should be in their twenties. The plot may contain supernatural elements or not depending on the person filling the requests preference.)

Siren Song/pearl tears
I would play a half-siren. The son of a beautiful but dangerous siren and a fearsome pirate. His father was not the friendly kelp eating, lives with talking fish kind of merman oh no. His kind have stalked dark waters for centuries long before humans began bringing their ships into their territory. Usually if a sailor was unlucky enough to be lured into the waters by their haunting song they would be treated like a nice snack. However through some small miracle an unlikely union happened allowing his mother to escape with her life and a small gift.
She returned to the life on land and forced her son to hide his more un-human qualities.
when she passes away and an old friend comes to visit offering him a place aboard his ship, he finds himself unable to resist the ways of the sea.
However not too shortly after earning his sea legs their ship is attacked by a rival ship and the only thing sparing his life is its captains interest in him.


I would play a siren whose curiosity of land life got the best of him. He was captured after wandering too close to a ship and has been sold into slavery. He lives a life of harsh servitude being sold from cruel to crueler masters. He fetches an increasingly high price each time becoming tamer, more disciplined and more skilled each time, valued for his particularly enchanting voice and the rarity of his species. Now that your character has acquired him what will he be? A loyal butler, a companion, a simple decoration in a collection of other oddities? 

An offer that couldn't be refused

Preferably in a fantasy setting but could be adjusted for a modern setting just replace 'kingdom royalty' with 'wealthy family'.  My character would be the fourth son of royalty. A young man with no hope to inherit the throne or any real fortune. Someone who relies entirely on how well they can stay in the good graces of their siblings or make themselves useful. The kingdom is set to marry off their most eligible daughter to another royal family for an alliance marriage. However she fall in love with someone else and makes a run for it just before the wedding is to take place. Now fearing the wrath of a much stronger kingdom the family scrambles to find a way to remedy the situation. to which there are two scenarios.

scenario 1 he knew all along
Your character the prince from the other kingdom stumbles upon my character and finds him to be just his type. Decides there will be a wedding after all and demands he take the place of the princess. With no real downside for the family aside from my characters reservations they agree. Thus begins a life for my character in a foreign land with his station in life suddenly drastically different.

scenario 2 he won't know until it's too late
Knowing that the foreign prince has never seen their daughter or even had contact aside from a short letter they devise a convoluted and precarious plan. Making the excuse that the kingdom has serious customs about the husband to be not seeing the bride until the wedding night they disguise their disposable son as the eligible maiden and continue with the ceremony. Somehow it works and the son is able to keep up this farce well into arriving in his new foreign home. Of course it's only a matter of time until he is discovered. My character finds that he is actually quite smitten with the prince and dreads the man's reaction. Will the prince declare war? taking the slight as an attempt to deprive him of an heir? will he accept the false princess and have the man continue the charade. Or perhaps he will demand them start over without any deception between them.

A summons of a different sort
This plot would involve my my character being a young wizard and your character being a demon. MC is part of a long line of wizards in a fantasy type setting.  However his family has slowly lost power over the years and when a neighboring lord plans to attack the estate MC decides to draw on the risky move of summoning a demon. With some luck he manages to summon YC a powerful demon and contract them to serve him but in exchange a sort of blank check is given to the demon. YC suddenly has the power to ask anything of MC at a latter date for compensation of his services. What he asked for is up to you. Could be love, MC's soul, it's your imagination really. though if YC is of the devilishly handsome type MC might have to make some quite lewd demands.

Preferably I'm looking for the demon to have at least a bit mischievous personality and become possessive(not in the sense of spiritual possession) of MC. I'd also like it if he were mostly humanoid though satyr esque is also ok.
the rest is negotiable.

Keeping the Band together

A small band that started with a spark finds themselves in a bit of a rut. Despite the wealth of jobs they managed to line up when they started they find themselves playing gigs at the same couple of places. The lead guitarist and vocal has been a member for the shortest time. He is considering a solo career instead. This is because of the band's lack of new jobs and his needy new girl who couldn't care any less for his band mates. The guitarist had always been heavy flirt and was a big hit with the ladies. Not wanting the band to split up the Bass guitar player takes it on himself to keep their lead in the band. He'll stop at nothing to convince the man not to leave. Even if that means he has to find some way to forcibly take him from his girlfriend. However somewhere along the way he discover's maybe it's not just for the sake of the band that he wanted their lead to stay so badly after all.
This story would most likely entail:
-cheating/affair of sorts
-romance and music
-possibly involving the other band members in some way, depends on partner preference
I would be looking to play the bassist so I'm seeking someone to play the lead

An Uneasy Union
set in a medieval fantasy setting. In a land of near constant turmoil. A king known for dabbling in the dark arts makes a deal with a powerful demon to win their latest war. It is a bold and hasty decision, the demon demands a personal sacrifice in exchange. The king however knows that even with the power of dark arts on their side a war takes time and he devises a plan. The king is a coward with no intention to pay the price.

I would  play a young knight who chosen by the king to assist the demon in leading the charge against the other kingdom. The war does indeed take some time and the demon grows maliciously fond of the young knight who holds his chivalrous ideals so dear. Once they have won the war they return and the demon asks for his payment. After many manipulative attempts for the king to worm his way out of the deal or get the demon to take a different sacrifice the knight willingly volunteers.
From their I would let the demon decided where it went.
Ideal I would like some bdsm invovled in this so if the demon is cruel and sadistic side that would be perfect.

As requested by the council
A modern fantasy plot revolving around a quest type plot.
I intend for it to be a fairly plot heavy game.
Seeking: Detective, or member of the council, (any species is allowed as long as it's human in appearance)

The setting could be hammered out more thoroughly depending on what sort of character you want to play. I was thinking a modern day setting with current technology but an under current of fantasy. Witches and Vampires,  werewolves that sort of thing, exist but they carefully hide and distance themselves from the human world. The council, comprised of an alliance of powerful members of each group come together helps govern the mixed community in order to keep it peaceful enough for everyone to stay hidden.

The plot is that some very powerful object has been stolen and  the council is taking steps to get it back before it is used. This item if used through it's sheer destruction would definitely alert the public to the more mythical among them.
I would play a wizard who because of an incident predating this is under scrutinous eye of the council. He is assigned to assist your character in search of the item. The details of which we would need to work out in PM but it could be because the wizards are trying to keep an eye on another group who is searching or just to keep an eye on this particular individual. I would like for there to be almost a detective story feel to it maybe, encounters with the sleazy less friendly bits of town and chasing after clues. Also for the two characters to maybe have a cop duo type relationship.


A spy, military plot in which my character is a spy working for his countries government and breaks into a secure facility to steal another governments secrets only to get caught by an equally clever spy who is just as interested in playing a game of wits as he is getting information. This would be a game where both characters are struggling for dominance and both characters would have scenes of submission. The more the would grow fond each other the harder continuing their missions would be. Will they end up running away together or will one eventually betray the other in the ultimate form? Your decision. 

The man with the violet eyes-
Seeking: Office co-worker
Setting: modern day America
Neil comes from a long line of psychics. When one is born in his family they are identified by their strange violet eyes. They have operated almost like a cult for centuries, keeping their gifted family members under close guard and using their abilities to strengthen the families wealth and power. Neil has finally managed to escape their grasp due to his unique mind reading abilities. He has assumed a new identity as a mundane office worker and now has to tackle hiding his ability. It's been going well until now. Now he has met an eccentric new hire. Only, this co-worker is only truly eccentric in his own head. Neil is the only one who can see the man's strange fantasies all day everyday and it has become increasingly difficult for him to even be around the co-worker. It almost seems as if the co-worker has caught on the way he seeks out Neil and seems to sabotage him at every turn by thinking the most obscene thing he can. If the co-worker turned out to be something not-human(like a vampire, werewolf, alien) or have special abilities as well that'd be interesting.

previous Plots

Only You Can hear My Voice.
Seeking: a roommate, the interpreter, or friend
(I still really like this plot, would consider opening it again.)
A Deaf student has just moved to a small town college and is trying to make it outside of the sheltered circle he'd lived in before. He was selected on scholarship and has to have an interpreter with him for classes and could use a good friend. I only have a rough idea worked out for it but I'd love to play this one out. Your character could know no sign language and struggle through trying to communicate and relate to mine or you could be the interpreter and become close by being my character's link to the outside world.

My heart is filled with Villainy-

Seeking: obsessive Villain
Setting: modern day new york
In this world superheros have become common place some are even actively associated with the police, becoming honorary members of sorts. A young hero has just made the start of his career and is finally being accepted among the circle of heroes populating new york. When he stumbles upon a hero he idolizes getting defeated by a super villain he rushes to aid the hero. He makes the difference and is rewarded for helping in the capture of the villain. However when said Villain escapes he begins to plot his revenge and becomes obsessed with the young hero, beginning a scheme to find the hero's weaknesses, capture him and make him a plaything and especially to turn the young hero against his idol.

If someone wanted to play the idol and the Villain or invite someone along to play the idol that would be a cool twist too. It could lead to a stronger conflict where he has to chose between them or maybe his idol the twist is that his idol is actually not as moral as once thought and actually had a deal worked out with the villain which he betrayed. Or he was the reason the other became a villain and occasionally lets him get away with things out of sympathy. Either way a scene in which the hero is in peril, the idol shows up and then helps the villain instead of the young hero could be fun, especially if it were a bondage type scenario. As though secretly the idol had wanted to tie up the hero and play with him all along as well.

Some other stuff I'm looking for atm
I would love to do something omegaverse related with my character as an omega. I'm open to whether this is werewolf related or not.
Open to ideas and suggestions. since I haven't been around to rp for a couple of months. feel free to send a pm.
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(added two new plots and a clarification on what kind partner I'm looking for.)

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-updated with a new plot

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bump for new plot and change in active status.