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Author Topic: Mobster Two-Step (Crime, Drama)  (Read 308 times)

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Mobster Two-Step (Crime, Drama)
« on: April 28, 2013, 08:49:53 AM »
This is only an interest check and open to suggestions for changes…

Little Green Bag - Reservoir Dogs

Story Summary:
As the elections for Bigtown draw ever nearer, the local law-enforcement find themselves in a frenzy to take down one of the biggest families in the city, The Black Tie Family. Run by the elusive Boss Toni, the family has made a bold venture into politics, one which has been bearing more fruit than anyone would have expected. Toni now stands as a viable mayoral candidate and should she succeed, The Black Tie Family could join the list of untouchables. Thankfully, the law has a few cards up its sleeves as they have finally managed to sneak two undercover agents into the family. It’s undoubtable that the agents may have performed a few questionable acts to reach their positions but, for now, all the law cares for is the elimination of the family.

The setting is within the fictional coastal city of Bigtown, with the date being around the eighties. Bigtown is plagued by crime thanks to several competing mob families with the big three being The Black Tie Family, the Massino Family and the Lucchese Family. The game will focus on a small group within the family consisting of two Capo and two Soldiers as they test out new initiates hoping to make it in the family. In the meantime they will also be looking for traitors, doing jobs and possibly fighting for the position of Underboss. My hope is that this group will grow a rapport with each other, even if a rough one. Toni and the Consigliere will mostly only be available for brief, intermittent, scenes so as to not disrupt this plan.

The Black Tie Family -
This is the family that the game will be played under. Their namesake comes from the black and white formal clothing that inducted members wear. They have a number of warehouses, car depots, restaurants and other such businesses under their control. They also have a laundry list of crimes under their belts, including but not limited to drugs, assassinations, prostitution, fencing, heists, torture… The family is known for its transport and protection services, which it provides to the other families. It’s also the largest weapons dealer.

The Massino Family -
The Massino family has their hands deep in the drug trade and prostitution rings.  Georgio Massino, also known as the fat man (not to his face), is a grossly rotund man who runs everything from his bedroom. The only few times he’s moved out is when the other bosses call a meeting.

The Lucchese Family -
The Lucchese family is known for its casinos and rather efficient hit-men. Even the large families hesitate before crossing them. Silvano Lucchese runs the family, he’s a man who believes heavily in tradition and treating his enemies with honour. Silvano actually gained power by being one of the best hit-men in the family.

Other Families –
There are a number of other families, some almost large enough to turn the Big Three into the Big Four. There are also lots of smaller families which usually run errands or answer to one of the bigger families.

Death is possible in a few ways but it should be easy enough to avoid as long as you play smart. For example, if your character happens to be out of cover and being targeted by several police officers, don’t try to engage in a firefight.

Game Ending:
The game will end when all the FBI agents have been found and killed or if they successfully manage to cripple The Black Tie Family.

Limits: Consigliere (1), Capo (2), Soldiers (2), Initiates (3), Filler-Roles (None)

Feel free to apply for filler positions, such as friends, spouses, employees such as bartenders or waitresses, etc… Try to avoid any law-enforcement or positions too far from the family since it will be difficult to incorporate them into the RP. Be warned, these will be minor (just for fun) roles.

Consigliere – This isn’t an important position to fill as far as continuity is concerned but will be important if anything drags me away from the forums, then this person will take over the RP.

Capo/Soldier – These will be mostly male and either Irish or Italian. The Irish will normally be ribbed by the Italians since they’re in the minority and have a reputation for being rather heavy handed. Capo outranks soldier.

Initiate – Initiates are people who are trying to become members of the family. They’ve normally accomplished something which drew the eye of someone important within the family.

FBI Agents – If you’re interested, PM me, don’t post in the topic. There will be a max of two FBI agents who will be forced to follow certain rules. It’s going to be their job to take down the organization. Only apply if you know you won’t disappear!

Code: [Select]
[b]SURNAME: [/b]
[b]AGE: [/b]
[b]GENDER: [/b]
[b]EYE COLOR: [/b]
[b]HAIR COLOR: [/b]
[b]BUILD: [/b]
[b]HEIGHT: [/b]
[b]WEIGHT: [/b]
[b]HISTORY: [/b] This doesn’t have to be long but must include the reason why your character was invited into the family as well as possible skills your character might have… This information will be known to almost everyone in the family.
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