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Author Topic: Forevv Searching F seeking m characters or f who double  (Read 2046 times)

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Forevv Searching F seeking m characters or f who double
« on: April 26, 2013, 11:09:58 PM »
Hello there! If your here than I'm assuming your here for a rp no?

First of all I like to write. I write a few paragraphs per character. (Yes I say per character in the event of doubling.) At the very least I post two and will never go less than that unless I have writers block or something. In that case I will let you know! I would like someone who can do the same and could write two or more decent paragraphs a post. I know a lot depends on different things such as situation/what your given to work with/etc.. I just mean in general.

I prefer playing female. I will only play male if we're doubling, sorry. I also tend to do submissive or equal characters for the most part.

Please no first person point of views.

For pictures I prefer using real unless we are specifically doing some sort of anime fandom. Which would be highly unlikely since I do not know a lot of anime shows. To be honest I prefer using pictures and description. It's a nice balance in my opinion.

Oh and with pictures, I prefer being about to pick my own and not be forced into picking what someone else wants me to pick. I'm very, very, picky about my pictures so I'd rather not be forced to choose a select few.

For Fandoms my preference is canon x OC.

I prefer to roleplay through threads or email. Anything but IM really. So if you prefer somewhere feel free to suggest. I might try IM. If anything I'd really only prefer that for ooc chat.

Please let me know if you're not interested in the roleplay anymore. That way we could either figure a way to add to it to make it interesting again, start something new, or just go our separate ways.

Put a random thing in your message when you contact me to show you have read the rules. Also when you contact me let me know what exactly your interested in doing, if you want to double, etc..

Please message me, don't post here. Also feel free to check out my O/O list in my signature.
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Re: Forevv Searching (Updating)
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2013, 11:14:01 PM »

Crave; Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries/The Originals, and Wrestling

(Ill list parings that, most of them, I would like someone to play the canon to my OC.)
I wouldn't mind possible crossovers/love triangles if anyone is into that sort of thing.

Tv Shows

Sam x OC

Vampire Diaries/The Originals
Klaus x OC
Kol x oc

Rebekah x Stefan/oc
Caroline x Klaus/oc

Borgia; Faith and Fear (I have only seen one episode though. I'm watching it through Netflix)
Juan x OC

The Borgias
Cesare x OC
Cesare x Luzreazia


The Tudors
Brandon x OC

Chris x OC
Demon x witch (OC x OC)

Collin x oc
Quinn s oc

21 Jump Street
Booker x oc
Hanson x oc

Spike x oc

Game of Thrones (A song of ice and fire series)
Robb x OC (have quite a few potential plot ideas for this)

Lannister oc x Stark oc
Targaryen oc x Stark oc
Major noble house oc x minor noble house oc

The Walking Dead
Daryl x oc

CM Punk x OC
Dean Ambrose x oc (Please!!!)

Bobby Roode x OC

Being Human (Syfy version)
Henry x OC


Once Upon A Time
Hook x OC

Vikings (On history channel)
Rolo x oc

Ghost Adventures
Zak x OC
Nick x OC

Sebastian x oc


Huey x OC

Sorry don't know much about any other anime


House of Night Series
Stark x OC

Twilight -Maybe something dark and twisted-
Alec x oc
Emmett x OC

Crique du Freak
Vancha x OC

The Forbidden Game-L.J Smith {I think this could be very interesting. Many possible plots}
Julian x OC
Shadow man (OC) x human

The Black Dagger Brotherhood
Canon x OC

Video/Computer Games

Frozen Essence
Cauis x oc


Beautiful Creatures
Larkin x oc
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Re: Forevv Searching (Updating)
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2013, 11:16:49 PM »

Demon x human
Demon x witch
Angel x human
Guardian Angel x human
God/Goddess x human
Vampire x human
werewolf x human
Vampire x witch
Hybrid (vampire/werewolf one) x human
Hybrid (vampires/werewolf) x vampire or witch

Royalty x commoner
Peasant x Prince
Princess x Royal Knight
Prince x Princess
Royalty x slave
Arranged marriage
Viking x captive
Pirate x captive
Lord x slave

Master x slave
Celebrity x fan/non fan
Country boy/girl x city boy/girl
Band member x fan/non fan
Gang leader x girlfriend
Dealer x addict
stalker x stalked
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Re: Forevv Searching (Updating)
« Reply #3 on: April 26, 2013, 11:23:38 PM »
Fandom plots

Game of Thrones
I have a few different ideas. Most all involve Robb and an OC. I would really love to find someone who would play Robb.

Among the wolves
The northern army has been at war with the south for months now in a fight to win their independence as well as for the Starks to get their beloved sisters and daughters back. Each and every battle the Lannisters have said to have been defeated. What would happen if the King in the North gained another advantage when they would take over a stronghold and come across a Lannister. Not only that but a female? Will they use her as a bargaining chip since the Kingslayer is much to dangerous to let free, or will other things occur?

Oathbreaker or no?
When Lady Catelyn and her son Robb made a deal with the Frey's, most of the men joined the northern army in the march south for war. In this I'm thinking one female, a granddaughter of Lord Frey, would sneakily go to join them. Perhaps tired of being at The Twins where there was to much family around to ever really stand out in the crowd. Perhaps passing off as a commoner or bastard and helping with the wounded, what would happen if she and the king caught each others fancy? Better yet, what if he had no clue she was a Frey? Would he be considered going back on his word by wanting a granddaughter instead of a daughter?

In the game of thrones you win or you die
In an attempt to make peace with the Starks; Tyrion and Cercei arrange to have one of their cousins be betrothed to Robb. Unknown to Robb, or even the Imp, Queen Cercei plans to have the cousin marrry him, birth an heir for Winterfell, maybe more than one kid because bad things happen sometimes, and then have him killed that way the child will grow up in Lannister influences and they will have yet another place that the lions rule.

Growing Strong
In this idea Margaery and Renly would have consummated their marriage before his death. But the thought was, after his death thanks to Stannis, Loras wants revenge and the Tyrell's need a new alliance. With the northern army winning they decide to try and forge one with the Starks using the next eldest girl in the line after Margaery. Whether we leave it that Robb made his oath to the Freys or not doesn't bother me. (Could just add a bit of drama into it all if we left it like that.

I'm thinking either doing something with the idea above or keep things how they went in the series and have an oc somehow captured by the army.

Kings of Winter
This would be an OC x OC sort of idea. I'm thinking darker themes, NC/hostage

So it's a vague thought but I'm thinking to have it set in during the times when the Starks were the Kings Of Winter. (I'm not sure how far in the past it was when they were.) But basically my thought was my character would be a noblewoman from one of the southern kingdoms houses, an enemy to the Starks, and somehow she ends up captured and in their possession. Being that she's very pretty the Stark king, or perhaps a prince if they have siblings, a.k.a your character, would decide to take possession over me and use me for your pleasure.

We can discuss things more in detail and flesh the thought out.

Back to the Start
Okay so this one was sort of inspired by the song The Scientist by Coldplay. Like some of the others it does have to do with a Lannister and also becoming captive. But in this one I was thinking the way her and Robb meet was during the point when everyone was at Winterfell back in the very beginning of the series. And for one reason or another she decides to sneakily stay after the Lannisters and Ned, Arya, and Sansa head back south.

I left it vague so it could be fleshed out a bit. Basically my thought was the drama and tension that would come once all of the shit hits the fan in the south and the north goes to war with them. Especially if they kind of like each other by the point she would have to be considered a hostage.

Princess Argella Durrendon was the daughter of Argilac Durrendon, the last Storm King. After her father was slain by Orys Baratheon in a battle that would be called "the Last Storm", Argella locked herself inside Storm's End declared herself Storm Queen. However, her garrison refused to share the fate of King Argilac and revolted, delivering her to Orys naked and chained. Orys, however, removed the chains and gave her his cloak as well as food and wine. She was later married to Orys to cement the latter's rule over the Stormlands.

This happened during the Targaryen conquest. I was thinking maybe to do something similar to this or just come up with an idea based off of it. Maybe take two major houses and use ocs, or a major house and a minor noble house. They could be sworn to the major one, or sworn to their enemy or something.

The Borgias

You will never be free of me
Okay this is sort of a vauge idea that stems from when Cesare told Ursala she could never escape him. It's a Cesare x OC idea.

When the Borgia family still lived in Spain, him, Lucrezia, and my character, Rebekka, all knew each other. Rebekka lived right next door to them, she went to church much like they did, they all knew her well. Like any little girl Rebekka had a crush, though she never told. I'm thinking maybe the three of them were pretty close friends before they had to leave and go to Rome.

Fast forward a few years to Rodrigo being pope. Perhaps set sometime in season two? After Ursula's death might be best. Rebekka's brother joins the papal army and comes to Rome to live, bringing her with him as the two are close and did not want to live that far apart. (Perhapd close in a similar fashion as Lucrezia and Cesare but not to such an extent that they are.) What would happen if her in the Borgia's meet once more? And would the eldest Borgia son go to any means necessary to keep another departure from each other from happening?

(I'm thinking dark themed for this one. Sort of like how Cesare treated Ursula there at the end before she died. Maybe he acts like that at some point. I dunno. Just an idea, we could discuss more.)

Deadly Ambitions
Again this would be a Cesare x oc. But it could also fit Juan x oc too.

My character would be a commoner coming from a family of a medium class. Her fathers still alive, her mother having died in child birth. While her and her father got along well enough, her favorite family member was always her uncle. Skip forward to a few years from what would be present day, her uncle is assassinated which causes her to become filled with vengeance. So much like the sculptor that Rodrigo meets in season two who pretends to be a guy, my oc dresses up and acts like a guy, learning the art of being an assassin.

After having completed her quest to kill those who killed her uncle she takes on various jobs which give good pay we come to the present. She's been offered a lot of money, I'm thinking by either Della Rovere or someone else looking to take out the Borgia family, to assassinate the pope. Michiketto (or if we do Juan x oc, either Juan or one of his personal guards) find this out and she's (he's) taken to Cesare/Juan to be dealt with.

We could discuss what happens in the encounter/afterwards etc. I'm thinking they would be looking to kill him, but somehow come to find out he is really a her.


What if a oc wanted revenge on the brothers? Their dad killed her dad.Oh and she's half demon/ half human. A few years later after the dads death she learns of the brothers. She wants revenge. Maybe not so much physical but emotional like she went through. It would of worked to if one thing hadn't of stopped her. She started caring about them. So what happens now? And what will happen if Sam and Dean find out what she had planned to do?

Sorcery is at an all time high right now. Something evil is trying to takeover Camelot. Uther has sent an army to kill anyone involved in magic. A girl is sent away from home. Her family hoping to keep them safe that way. She stumbles upon Camelot. With no idea where else to go she stay there. Eventually she comes across Merlin. It doesn't take long for them to realize that the other is into sorcery. Merlin decides to help by trying to teach what he knows. What would happen if the she and Arthur catch each others eye? Will they be able to stop the evil threatening Camelot? And how will the girl be able to keep her magical life a secret from Arthur? What will happen if he finds out?

Vampire Diaries/The Originals

Deadly Ambitions
In this in thinking my character will be a vampire, one turned by Katherine. I'm thinking she had been turned in the sixteen hundreds and that she was made to be a spy. She would come across the original family and ingratiate herself into their trusted circle in whatever way she could. When anything useful was learned she would report it to Katherine. Well eventually Klaus would find out and my oc would learn just in time to escape? (maybe Elijah or Rebekah was fond of her and told her so she could get out. Or maybe even Kol was awake at the time? Could make for an interesting love triangle.)

Skipping forward to present day somehow she runs into them/Klaus again. It could be by betrayal, coincide, or whatever we decide. That's about as far as my idea goes and I'm definitely looking to expand on it!

Bring Me Back To Life
What if at the end of season five of the Vampire Diaries when Alaric, Tyler, and co managed to come back with the help of Liv, Kol managed to sneak his way back to the world of the living? With him thinking Klaus didn't care (or helped Elena and Jeremy) he is bent on revenge against his brother. With his years of hanging around witches , perhaps he knows a powerful family (similar to the Bennett's or Liv's family) he knows where to look to find a descendant of that family. Maybe he has information he uses to force her to help him? Perhaps he knows of a powerful amulet/ring/whatever. From there we can figure out where to go. Feel free to shoot ideas!


What if my oc (still a descendant of a powerful witch he knew) is somehow able to see Kol while he's a ghost? Maybe it could be because of his past/powerful connection to her family, maybe ghosts are more like the ones in our world where sometimes people can see them, or whatever we decide. Again he could force her to help him come back to life somehow. And then from there perhaps he decides that's not enough and still wants help in helping get revenge on his brother.


The Hounds of Justice
This idea would be set when the group was still together. Either they could be with the authority or my oc could like in the idea below. Either way maybe they are terrorizing wrestlers and divas who are on opposing sides. My oc happens to be one of them so they mess with matches/cause her to loose and things like that.

We can discuss more in detail but I figured she would confront them and things like that and have it progress that way.

The Authority
Okay so I'm seeing this as more of a Dom/sub relationship. I was thinking my oc is a newer diva who is on the side of the Authority. Obviously there are those who oppose the Authority like Bryan, Reigns, and Ambrose along with many others, with the only difference being the Lunatic Fringe is more eccentric and out there compared to the others. Perhaps my oc, like the 'security' J and J escorts Seth to the ring but for show and to help him win. Dean thinking otherwise decides to kidnap her and while keeping her hostage plans to systematically take out other members who are with Triple H, Stephanie, and The back stabber Seth Rollins. He wants to show he can take what belongs to them just like how Seth took away the shield (even though the oc technically never was anyones.)

Unlike a lot of Dom/sub rps though I'm thinking maybe she isn't fighting tooth and nail against (except perhaps at the beginning) and ends up liking being more submissive to her man.
So by the time she shows back up in WWE she wouldn't be with the authority anymore.

Safe Haven
This idea would be Daryl x oc but I might be interested in Merle x oc.

I don't have any particular ideas for this. Just a kinda vague one. Basically my thought was that my oc would do something similar to what Morgan had done. You know, how he cleared out that one town and had traps everywhere. The difference would be that my oc did this to one specific building, though she does try to keep the streets somewhat clear. She would make the building look like a dump on the outside but really if one went in then they'd find food, supplies, water, all that type of stuff one needs for survival.

The group (or maybe we have Daryl get separated from the others and it's just him) stumbles across the place. Maybe they/he wants to take the stuff but my oc comes back and they kinda get into a confrontation. We can discuss this more in detail if you'd be interested in this.

Original Plots

Master/slave Dom/sub

The Art of War
(This could be a king or prince x slave.)

Two kingdoms have been at war with each other for over a year now. My character, princess of one of the kingdoms, would be captured when the enemy army does a surprise attack while she was being transported to safety in her uncles kingdom that was farther north from her home and the fighting. Taken before the general they send her back to their kingdom as prisoner. This could go one of two ways.

The king could decide to keep her and force her to do his biding and whatever he says.


The king could give her as a 'gift' to his eldest son to do with as he pleased.

Dark themes for this please. Bondage, non con, forced into submission. Being a princess, I would like to have her be a feisty sort of character and back sass, fight them, disobey, the works and perhaps they want to 'break her'. Maybe it could eventually turn into romance, we could discuss more in pms.

The werewolf pack my characters in has been growing weaker throughout the years. They know the only way to survive is to combine with another. To do this they use my character, giving her to the alpha of another pack to mate with.

--I'm thinking there would be a lot of non con. at first. Perhaps the alpha is a crueler sort of person and wants to break her; leaving her more submissive. Being a smaller pack she would have had more free will then women usually have.

The Perfect Wife
(Seeing as I love the medieval times I would love to do this based in back then.)

No one had any clue of the secret workings in the world. There was an underground sort of organization that one could use; primarily royalty and those that were rich enough to pay for it. The group would take beautiful young women and train them to be the perfect, obedient wife. It was everything from how to pleasure a man down to the fact that their clothes were chosen for them and what kind of food/how much they could eat.

Now I could see this going many different ways. This could be fantasy or anything. I'm thinking my character would be of noblebirth, even if not royalty, and taken to be made into the perfect wife for your character. Perhaps  your characters to impatient to wait and would rather train her yourself?

Demon x human
Messing with things you don't understand is never a good thing. One girl certainly didn't think twice about trying silly little spells from a book she saw at the store, bought, and for some reason had just been drawn to it. One spell in particular was a summoning spell of sorts that brought about a powerful demon. Now she has become the unwilling slave of this powerful being.

Payments Due
This could be in any setting but I'm thinking Modern or Fantasy or Modern Fantasy.

My characters brother owes the mafia boss of the area a lot of money. He's been avoiding them for some time so they decided it was time to collect. Having his sister taken she's kept locked up in a privately hidden location. The leader takes an interest in her and is intent on keeping her, and making her his, even despite her brother paying what he owes.

Pacts Made
What if imaginary friends were more than that? What if they were really demons, or guardians? One girl who has no cue about her family heritage had one when she was little but when she reached that age of not believing on them anymore the imaginary friend just disappears. At least that's what is thought. What my oc doesn't know is that she comes from a long line of witches (or whatever supernatural thing we decide.) And a couple generations back her grandmother had to make a deal with a demon to ensure her family lines survival. The deal was for the next female descendant to be given to the demon as his own personal slave for the rest of eternity. On her eighteenth birthday her powers (if we go with a witch) kicked in and things slowly got weird after this happened. Not long before her nineteenth birthday she started having weird strange dreams of a seemingly familiar person as if they were stalking and haunting her, keeping her in that dream world longer and longer each time she would sleep. One thing that freaks her out more is at one point a bracelet (necklace, ring, or whatever we decide) is placed in her in the dream world and unexplainably she wakes up with it on. Aside from the fact she can't get it off, it's unknown to her that this jewelry binds her to the demon. Infused with magic it can bring her harm when she disobeys, make her feel lust and it harder for her to resist, and keeps her magic at bay and can only use it when he allows, making her unable to harm him.

A Deadly Capture
This idea is kind of mixed with my Art of War idea. Basically set in a medieval or fantasy setting, two kingdoms are at war and the princess, my character, is captured by the enemy and taken to the rivaling family where the king gives her as a gift to his son. From there she is tormented, broken, and used for the prince' pleasure. The idea had been to break her and make her a good obedient wife to marry. But, that plan was ruined when a rescue is made on the princess. Her brother (could be her twin, if we go that route, the eldest brother, middle one) manages with a group of soldiers, to get her back. With everything they did to her how exactly will she respond to being away back? Maybe feelings of gratitude for her brother grow into something more.

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Re: Forevv Searching (Sub seeking Dom.)
« Reply #4 on: April 27, 2013, 11:10:10 PM »
My muses. And songs to possibly incorporate/get ideas from for an rp.

  • Savin me
  • lullaby
  • How you remind me
  • Hero

30 Seconds to Mars
  • Hurricane (Kanye west ft or original)

  • One day to late
  • Sometimes
  • Comatose
  • Never Surrender
  • Monster
  • Would it matter
  • Yours to hold
  • Will you be there

Three Days Grace
  • World so cold
  • Life starts now
  • Time of dying
  • Never to late
  • Get out alive
  • I hate everything about you
  • The High Road

  • Set fire to the rain
  • Someone like you

  • All I need to be

Five Finger Death Punch
  • Remember everything

Breaking Benjamin
  • I will not bow
  • Fade away
  • Blow me away
  • Breath
  • Until the end
  • Anthem of angels
  • Give me a sign
  • Crawl
  • Dear Agony
  • Without you
  • Hopeless
  • You Fight me

  • Hemorrage (In my hands)

  • Taking over me
  • Bring me back to life
  • My immortal
  • Understanding

Goo Goo Dolls
  • Iris

The Fray
  • How to save a live

  • Far from home
  • Lips of an angel

Burn Season
  • Closer

  • Cold

Haste the Day
  • White as snow

David Cook
  • Permanent

John Crosby
  • Winter in my heart

Linkin Park
  • Leave out all the rest
  • Numb
  • Somwehere I belong
  • Breaking the habit

Killswitch Engage
  • This Fire Burns

  • Fight Inside
  • Break Me Down
  • Pieces
  • Already Over

Lana Del Rey
  • Dark Paradise
  • Gods and Monsters

Angela Taylor - Not even human
Oomph - On course
Shiny Toy Guns- Stripped
Coldplay- The Scientist
Carrie Underwood- So small
Dainty Kane - Stay with me
Shinedown - Breaking Inside
Shinedown- Second Chance
Shinedown- Call me
Three Doors Down- Here without you
Beyonce - Poison
B.O.B and Taylor Swift - Both of Us
Florence and the Machine- Seven Devils
Ludacris - Sex Room
Melanie Fiona - 4am
Kelly Rowland - Motivation
Blood - In this moment
Trey Songz - Love Faces
Adelitas Way - Criticize
Jeff Hardy theme - Similar Creatures (It reminds me so much of Vampire Diaries.)
Jim Johnston - End of Days
Seether- No Resolution
Bobaflex- Bad Man
Shinedown- Bully
Shinedown- Enemies
Korn- Hater
Stone Sour- Tired
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Re: Forevv Searching F seeking m or f
« Reply #5 on: November 30, 2014, 06:31:23 PM »
Thought I'd nudge this so my original pairings/ideas get some notice

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Re: Forevv Searching F seeking m or f
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Re: Forevv Searching F seeking m or f
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Re: Forevv Searching F seeking m or f
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Re: Forevv Searching F seeking m characters or f who double
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Re: Forevv Searching F seeking m characters or f who double
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Re: Forevv Searching F seeking m characters or f who double
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Re: Forevv Searching F seeking m characters or f who double
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Re: Forevv Searching F seeking m characters or f who double
« Reply #13 on: July 17, 2015, 05:40:39 PM »
Craving a Klaus x oc!

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Re: Forevv Searching F seeking m characters or f who double
« Reply #14 on: January 02, 2016, 08:46:48 AM »