Looking for Male(s) for a Friend's with benefits plot.

Started by Ravensahnk, April 26, 2013, 05:03:02 PM

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They all had been friends for so long.  Even when they hit puberty, they were so close that their parents didn't even mind them staying the night at one another's houses.  Nothing would happen.  But now that they were eighteen and seventeen and she almost seventeen they were seeing her as something other than just their tomboyish friend.  She had grown into her feminine shell and had recently started to dress like a girl and wear makeup.  Now that they were all alone at one of their houses, they wanted to see just how far they could go with her.

This could be Non Con to con.  I'm looking for the two other friends for this plot.  I want them to be male.



Very interested in your FWB plot idea. I like the idea of it being con. Would prefer just one on one if that is ok though...

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Tieshaunn Tanner

I'm in if you'll have me.

What age? From the description, I'm guessing minimal (16 years) age?
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