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January 17, 2019, 09:16:45 PM

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Author Topic: Kalston Kamps - Superhero Gang War! [Now considering villains as well as heroes]  (Read 2677 times)

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Offline Batman4560

So its ok to just jump right in right?

Offline RamaelTopic starter

Yup, Mvo pointed you at the steel house, so go ahead and make your intro post there to the rest of your team!

Offline AribethAmkiir

Are you still looking for players Rameal?

Offline RamaelTopic starter

Yes. Consider this, casually, always open. I'm not going to turn away new players...ever, I don't think, it just may be a case of where to slot you, and if you want to play a sidekick/young hero or a villain.

Offline AribethAmkiir

Super alias: Bantam (formerly “Small-Fry”)

Real name: Cassandra (Cassie) Finnegan

Age: 18

Image/detailed description
Cassie is naturally 5’5’ and 120 lbs.  She sports a young, lean, and athletic look with an obvious Irish heritage.  Her red hair is wavy and long, usually falling past the shoulder, and helps accentuate her pale complexion and honey brown eyes.  She has a soft, genuine, and easy smile that just touches the corners of her honey brown orbs.  She typically wears blouses, shirts or dresses that leave her upper back bare.  This reveals her wings, which when folded flush to her back appear to be a multicolored, beautiful, yet random tattoo which never quite seems to line up the same way twice.

Her costume is a backless and sleeveless body suit in the light blue and pink trim, which has a collar that secures the suit around her neck.  She wears gloves that approach her elbow and quarter length pants tucked into thigh high boots all of which complement the suit's colors.
Sidekick to a superhero/ine, or potential recruit to a superteam, or young wannabe?
Cassie has spent the last 4 years as the sidekick to her father, the superhero known as Tower.  When Cassie discovered that her father had experimented on her while she was in her mother’s womb, she broke the partnership off and hasn’t talked to her father since.  She continued to fight crime by herself, but was limited to small time crooks without her father’s assistance.

Powers and abilities:
-Size Manipulation: Cassandra can decrease her body’s size stopping anywhere from a foot shorter than her normal height to shrinking to an inch in height.

-Vibration Emission: Cassie has the ability to generate dense and highly destructive energy busts that travel through air from her hands.  She is currently capable of breaking solid concrete with her blasts.  The emission can only travel through air, and is generated from her wings, which do not need to be fully unfolded to generate the blast.

-Wing Manifestation:  Cassandra has a pair of iridescent wings that are a part of her normal skeleton.  The wings seem to grow and attach to her clavicle, scapula, and first and second ribs.  The wings naturally fold flush against her back and have the appearance of a multicolored, chaotic and random looking tattoo when folded flush against her body.  Her wings allow her to fly at speeds up to 40mph and are capable of carrying additional 200 lbs. of weight while keeping Cassandra aloft.

-Enhanced Agility, and Reflexes: Her wings and size manipulation allow for increased body coordination.  This is most notably seen in an enhancement of her agility and reflexes.  The enhancement to agility and reflexes only occurs when flying.

-Intelligence: Cassie is a genius like her father and has been exposed to upper level math and science for most of her life.

Why did you come to Kalston?
After turning 18, Cassie felt the need to start her own career as a crime fighter, outside of her father’s giant shadow.  She found this extremely difficult as no team would take her since her father had been proven to be unstable, and they really didn't want to deal with the "family drama".  Eventually, Cassie decided join the Kalston Kamps.  It was either that or go to college, and while she was more than happy to face down mad scientists and rogue robots, the idea of standardized testing scared the “beejezus” out of her. 

Brief Biog:
Born in a small little town located in western Michigan, just off Lake Michigan to Christy and Sean Finnegan, a.k.a. “Tower”, a brilliant, yet, egocentric geneticist, Cassie had a fairly normal childhood.  At the age of 13, Cassie began experiencing nightmares accompanied by migraine headaches and spastic full-body convulsions.  Eager to discover what was happening to her daughter, Cassie’s mother admitted her to the local hospital where she was monitored.  On the second day of her hospital stay, Cassie’s powers manifested slowly shrinking her before doctors and nurses in her hospital bed and instantly becoming known nation-wide as “the suddenly shrinking girl”.  When her father discovered what had happened to Cassie, he immediately retired from his superhero team “The Big Ten” and removed Cassie and Christy from the media spotlight.  In later years, a former teammate, “The Why” of Tower’s would discover that Sean had experimented upon Cassie’s DNA while she was still a developing embryo and that her natural phase of puberty had awakened the dormant mutation.  “The Why” shared this information with Cassie and Christy before Tower could stop him resulting in Tower’s permanent ban from the Big 10, Christy’s divorce of Sean, and Cassie breaking apart the father-daughter crime-fighting team. 

Favourite food: Cream cheese frosting

Offline RamaelTopic starter

I love Bantam! There's a Wasp/Ant-Man feel to her and her Dad. I also love The Why. You're in...we could replace Wolf, my NPC in team F with Bantam. He has just recently taken a beating from a massive rubber golem.

You'll want to say hi in the OOC, and put your char sheet up in the appropriate page. One thing...can I recommend her Vibration Emission ability is downgraded just a tad from "breaking concrete" to "cracking concrete" ? Just so it's more a more appropriate power level for a sidekick.

Offline AribethAmkiir

Sure, that works for me