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Author Topic: Kalston Kamps - Superhero Gang War! [Now considering villains as well as heroes]  (Read 2751 times)

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where do you want our characters?  OOC or a different thread


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Re: Kalston Kamps - Superhero Gang War! [Need at least one more!]
« Reply #51 on: May 05, 2013, 06:02:44 PM »
Hotaru, can't really see how healing fits into the telekinesis schtick? Unless there's some super-science I'm missing. Also - knives? She doesn't sound like a murderous person, would she really use an entire bandolier of knives on an enemy? Also - I kinda like that she doesn't have a name yet. It would be cool to have one character who finds their alter ego name actually during the course of the RP.


I edited my profile the details I left out while half asleep.  I explained exactly what she does with the knives and the two powers.  If those details don't work I can edit in other ways maybe using other powers.

Yeah, actually finding out her alter ego name during the game could be quite interesting.   :-)

Offline Dragonslayer

(Half-asleep while writing this, so please excuse my bad writing and whatnot)

Super alias: The White Flame

Real name: Leo Thompson

Age: 20

Image/detailed description: 5'7, average build, brown hair, tends to wear all black clothing, blue eyes, semi-bad teeth.

Sidekick to a superhero/ine, or potential recruit to a superteam, or young wannabe? He is a young wannabe looking for his own glory. As well as his archnemesis so he can kill him (More on that in his Bio)

Powers and abilities:

High=Glucose manipulation: he can manipulate sugar down to the molecular level and shape it into anything, so he makes it look like a burning white flame. As soon as he hits the person with his "flames" their body absorbs it and get violently sick with a condition known as Ketoacidosis which causes the body to violently throw up the sugar (he needs to hit them with his attacks multiple times first)

High=Glucose constructs: He can manipulate sugar into hardened objects like spears,swords etc. (Effectivness of the weapon he makes depends on his blood sugar) (He can only make melee weapons with his glucose constructs)

High= Too high: He needs to get rid of the sugar in his system or he'll run the risk of dying (To get rid of alot of sugar, he'll probably make like a full suit of armor made out of sugar)

Diabetic: his powers greatly differ when he is either has High or low blood sugar.

Low=Glucose Absorbtion: He can absorb huge amounts of sugar just by touching it.

Low= Glucose Vampire: He will absorb the sugar molecules of a single person as long as he is touching skin.
Low= Too low: He won't be able to control his actions, since he is know completely acting on instinct

His powers are on a number system 25-80 is low, 25 being very low. 81-145 is normal=no powers. 146+ is high.

Why did you come to Kalston? :To find his archnemesis and rid the world of his diseased soldiers.

Brief Biog: Leo Thompson was just your average guy with Diabetes, he worked and loved and was basically an average joe, that was until one day he was hand picked by a man known as 'Doctor Cure' who seemed to have a cure for every single disease, including diabetes.So Leo decided he would take it.

The cure didn't sit well for him or the other patients, but unlike 70% percent of the patients, he survived but had a more increased version of his disease, instead of a cure he found his body can manipulate the sugar that's around him. He was deemed a success of his new army of perfect beings, this outraged Leo as he pump nearly 50000 of sugar into a super nova like explosion in the room, which instantly killed two guards that were in the room.

After he escaped the office of Doctor Cure, he tiressly looked for people that shared his hatred for Doctor Cure, as well as fight off some low-level crooks, but his main goal is vengeance against Doctor Cure for turning him into a walking sugar bomb, after months of searching he found that Doctor Cure has fled to his laboratory on Kalston, know he joins up with fellow heroes on the war of justice, towards the gangs, but his real reason is to find his archnemesis for one final showdown.

Favourite food:Apple Pie, Jambalaya, almost all kinds of ice cream, and meaty pizzas.

Personality: He is very laidback and chill, he is not one to care about someones past and will never betray anyone he deems a friend, his personality flips when he is fighting 'Doctor Cure' to a ruthless hellbound megalomaniac, nearly killing everyone who dares stands between him and Doctor Cure.
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Offline RamaelTopic starter

Sorry, Art, just very busy at the moment.

I love that you've made a character around a health complication, I think that's so good. Oddly, I actually think he should have more powers rather than just the "superpuke" attack. Maybe his enhanced metabolism and consumption of sugar actually gives him a kind of super speed as well? Or, he can create other solid objects from his body out of the sugar he's ingested/absorbed, sort of super strong crystal sugar constructs? Let me know, I don't want to mess with your character too much.

Offline RamaelTopic starter

GM UPDATE: Team G has had a recent dropout, putting them down to three superhero sidekicks. We need one more player to fill their ranks, but there is an NPC in Team F also, who can be replaced by a player. ALSO: Considering villainous characters as of now, and even a whole other team if we get another four players interested! See first post and above for further information!

Offline Batman4560

Still looking?

Offline RamaelTopic starter

Yup, hence the update!

Offline Batman4560

Count me in, I will do some research on your game then post a sheet if that is ok?

Offline RamaelTopic starter

Absolutely - I look forward to it.

Basic info you need to know - (it's all in the first post but hey)

Young superhero/sidekick to an established superhero, come to the Kalston Kamps to train, find yourself, cut your hero teeth, etc. Kamps are team-based and your character will undergo some training against other heroes, as well as more dangerous missions against the contained but threatening villain/criminal population of Kalston proper, hemmed in and kept in the town by the government in light of recent prison population issues.

Offline Batman4560

Ironically I made this character two days ago If I need to add anything or take anything out let me know.

Super alias: Ace of Spades

Real name: Eoin Barodoon (John Winchester

Age: 17

Image/detailed description:

Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: blue
Nationality: Irish

He has a real baby face. Pointy nose, thin eyebrows, short goatee that is neatly trimmed, round deep blue eyes. His teeth are a clean white with a slight over bite. His hair is wild and shaggy and drops just past his ears. He has a strong neck that moves into a tone body with little fat on it. He doesn't show off his form and often wears his jacket closed. His legs are the strongest part of his body as he often uses kicks when fighting.

Attire: He took the cowboy theme to heart when he came to America. He wears a red cowboy hat with a white band on the middle of it. His body is covered with a white button up shirt and a brown leather vest. He wears a red duster over the rest of his clothes that hangs just above the floor. Tight Blue jeans and brown cowboy boots with silver spurs completes his attire.

Sidekick to a superhero/ine, or potential recruit to a superteam, or young wannabe?

John simply wants to be a hero, his parents always said he was destined for greatness.

Powers and abilities: He can shift probability and odds to his favor in a small area around him. (fifteen feet radius.) He can use this as a "Buff" to himself witch gives him better aim and a high hit ratio. Or he can use it as a "Debuff" and cause things to glance,graze or out right miss him. Eoin has also learned to increase the odds of things he throws to hit its mark as well, such as playing cards or marbles as well as just things he does simply go his way.

Trained kickboxer

Self taught marksman

Hobbies/Skills: Track running, hockey,chess,video games, reading a good book, card games of any kind including trading cards, dungeons and dragons.

Weaknesses: He can only manipulate that witch he is aware of and only what is within his range. Therefore if he is caught off guard by an attack he cannot change the odds of a critical strike against him. Or in another situation he cannot change the odds of a friend coming short of a jump if they were to attempt leaping from one roof to another. Aside from that he is a normal teen with normal weaknesses.

Why did you come to Kalston? John came to Kalston to test his luck. He also came to learn what it takes to become a hero and sharpen his skills before going out into the real world and fighting the strongest supervillains.

Brief Biog:
Eoin's parents brought him over from Ireland when he was three years old. As he grew up his mother often told him that she was a member of run away gypsies and that she could see the future. He never really believed her but she always seemed to know when he was doing something he shouldn't. His father told him that their family had made the first volcanic repeating revolver and led to the foundation of Winchester Rifles. Again he never took this to heart. At age ten Eoin started to notice that he was becoming extra lucky, for example he would pass tests without studying because his teachers would stand next to him with the key to tests in their hands without realizing it. In fights hits would glance off him or just outright miss. He even found card games to become easy for him and the cards he needed often were just in his opening hand. Eoin thought it was strange but chalked it up to dumb luck. When he was thirteen he learned kickboxing from his father and wrestling from his school. He often found his "dumb luck" came in handy during many competitions. At the age of 14 he was transfer'd to "Sparrowdale" (Made up super school) By his parents who knew about Eoin's ability to manipulate luck, even if he didn't know. Since then he has been honing his skills with his luck control and slowly started to use it in various ways.

Innate Personality: Eoin is horribly paranoid and thinks someone is always trying to probe his mind, therefor he mostly thinks about random numbers to confuse anyone that might attempt such a tactic. If someone were to probe his mind long enough they would that he is considering the odds of success for whatever situation he is in.

Outward Personality: Friendly, carefree,headstrong and brash. Reacts without second thought and often doesn't consider the consequences of his actions.

He has every intention to work with others as he realizes he is only one man and his luck will only take him so far.

Favourite food: Sushi.
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I've been concepting a magical brute, partly off a pic from the game overlord (which never made it in) and the guy who is running an overlord RP... I don't know if he'll get it off the ground.

Offline RamaelTopic starter

Holy character sheet, Batman!

I like Eoin, there's some nice history there, too. You've included marksman as a skill, but he apparantly doesn't carry any guns. I don't mind this as I think realistic guns have no place in a superhero RP apart from in the hands of the mooks, but is this a thing for the Ace of Spades?

Ironwolf: If you can convert that magical brute to the character sheet, I'd love to take a look.

Offline Batman4560

That is because Ace uses whatever he can get his hands on and effect with his luck such as playing cards and marbles, eventually I have plans for him to be able to manifest his luck as an energy attack but thought it best for him to be scaled back for now. I use him in a dnd based game where he also has super speed and can fire the luck blasts.

Offline Angaroo

I am interested if you'll still accept another person.  :-)

Offline RamaelTopic starter

Sure, love to see what you come up with!

Offline Angaroo

Sure, love to see what you come up with!

Awesome! I will work on one tonight!

Offline Angaroo

Hey, sorry to say but I'm a little busier than I previously thought so I'm going to have to drop out for now.

Thanks anyways and I hope you find someone!  :-)

Offline Batman4560

Is there a link to the IC somewhere so I can start posting?

Offline RamaelTopic starter

Sure, just one last thing, I don't really get why he's paranoid. He sounds like a well-rounded individual from your biog, nothing too horrific or disturbing to make him seem like the kind of guy who constantly thinks someone is trying to probe his mind?

Offline Batman4560

Well, the people who seem most sane are often the most paranoid but beyond that he is terrified that his luck wont hold out against those who have mind powers, how do you protect against that witch you can never see coming?

Offline RamaelTopic starter

Exactly. And weaknesses makes for more interesting characters.

Offline Batman4560

And for a man who's power is based on knowing whats coming that is terrifying for him.

Offline RamaelTopic starter

Whack that into some justification in his biog in the appropriate place, then (otherwise it looks like you've just stuck it in metagaming style to be "immune" to mindreaders) and I'll link you the OOC, which has links to all the other boards. You will be in team G, who are currently recuperating from their fight with team F (that would be a good conversation and icebreaker for you) and bonding at their quarters. Let's make it a thing whereby you're replacing a character IC'ly as well as OOC'ly. You were one of the rejects for Kalston, but with someone dropping out so early, you were called to be integrated into the program so team G wouldn't go through the rest of the process a man down.
« Last Edit: June 14, 2013, 01:43:21 PM by Ramael »

Offline Batman4560

Fixed. :D

Offline RamaelTopic starter

Excellent. That's team G filled.

Everyone else consider this an ongoing recruitment. If we ever get another four players interested, we can create another team.

If, of course, someone is interested in playing one of the bad guys (a young villainous sidekick or a hardened street thug released from jail onto the streets of Kalston), then post interest here. Now we have our heroes I can now stretch out to the dark side!