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Author Topic: Wolves of the Sea - Viking Era Vampire: The Dark Ages  (Read 4152 times)

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I'll try and get my character completed and up tomorrow.

Offline OneirosTopic starter

Take your time, bubby. There's no rush. An OOC thread will be going up soon, but IC probably won't start for a bit yet, so you have time ;)

Offline OneirosTopic starter

I upgraded the status of Seties from very unlikely to a bit more likely.

Also here is an OOC thread:

I'm putting the game in the 'extreme' board simply beacause I don't like being restricted >.> Plus apparently bloodplay counts as 'extreme', and these are vampire vikings we're talking about. There's definitely going to be blood involved.

I'm also going to make a character sheet thread later today (or mayabe tomorrow) and start moving peoples' sheets over, so if your sheet is already up and you have any last-minute corrections or changes, now's the time to do it.

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Re: Wolves of the Sea - Viking Era Vampire: The Dark Ages
« Reply #78 on: June 17, 2013, 03:58:16 PM »
I updated Bjarg's character sheet a little to reflect that he's supposed to have a stupid-high Courage Stat to choose to work next to a source of fire (the forge) for a living.

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Re: Wolves of the Sea - Viking Era Vampire: The Dark Ages
« Reply #79 on: June 21, 2013, 04:05:21 PM »
Name: Glamr Tree-Foot
Player: Madmartigan
Clan: Nosferatu
Generation: 10

Appearance:  (minimal polite obfuscate) Human-shaped, with a curved spine that makes him appear shorter than the average man or woman. His limbs are bowed, his gait uneven. His facial features are sharp and feral; his cheeks are striped with scars from either pointed ear to the corners of his mouth; his eyes wide set, perfectly round and black. He has no beard. His tangled hair falls below his waist, knotted with bits of bone and mottled wolf-grey in color. He only speaks in tight-lipped whispers that show no teeth. Both mouth and eyes are ringed with black stains. A sickly sweet stench clings to him at all times, reminiscent of little dead things mixed with leaf mold.

Further Details
Physical Traits:  (natural) His skin is purplish-blue, darkening to a rotted indigo hue on his extremities. Almost every inch of his body is covered with fine, hairlike, poisonous spines that cause extreme pain to anything living or undead that might accidentally touch his bare skin. His fingers and the toes on his left foot are capped with jagged claws that splinter and break when they touch living flesh, leaving shards that fester rapidly and inevitably result in death. His right leg terminates in a twisted mass of root-like tendrils from the knee down. There is a similar mass at his groin that no one living has clearly seen. To properly feed, he must crack his jaw open; his maw, when opened ear to ear, is packed with needle fangs and a swollen black tongue that can wrap around his head. He is unable to voluntarily close his mouth once opened; in order to be able to speak again he must first stitch the edges back together.

Merits: Gaping Maw (2pt), Sleep Unseen (2pt)

Flaws: Necrophile (3pt)

Personality: Pragmatic, mischievous, obscene.

Mental Traits: Due to the discomfort and extreme messiness of attempting to feed with his deformity, Glamr prefers small animals that can be crushed and swallowed whole as his basic sustenance (spitting out bones and fur sometime afterward). For more substantial meals he hangs and drains large prey - animal or human - to drink the blood at his leisure.

History: Glamr was a shepherd's son by birth. His family was part of a prosperous community with a medium-sized village near the coast as its center. He was an unremarkable boy by all accounts; most of his days were spent grazing his flocks, tanning hides, gathering herbs for his mother - a wise woman - and killing wolves. He did not raid in other lands but he learned, as all men did, how to defend his property. Foreign warriors attacked the village every few seasons; in his first skirmish he killed two but lost half of his right leg to an ax blow. He crafted himself a wooden brace to replace the missing limb and gained the name "tree-foot".

He was married late, by his seventeenth year, to a woman he liked well enough but who proved barren. As he lost interest in his own bed his lust grew for his elder brother's wife, a very beautiful woman who had already produced two strong boys. The attraction was not mutual and his brother warned him to turn his eyes elsewhere.

Soon after this the village was visited by a traveling sorceress. She consulted with Glamr's mother on matters of plants and medicines, staying in the family's hall over the winter. Though hideous, she was wise and clever with words. She saw Glamr's desires and asked for a boon to bring his lustful dreams to fruition. Every night for many weeks, Glamr drained his wife of a little blood which he then gave to the volur. Inevitably his wife grew weak and died just before the equinox. She was not much mourned by Glamr himself.

Spring brought raiders once more and the opportunity Glamr had been promised. While battling the bestial warriors, he saw a chance to strike his brother from behind as they caught their breath behind a half-burnt cow shed. His brother's death was blamed on the raider that Glamr brought down in full sight of the village, and so Glamr gained prestige. He made his desire plain to take his brother's wife as his own, not realizing that she had seen him kill his own kin. She tried to shame him in front of the jarl and council but could not prove her case. She was destined to belong to Glamr.

The night he went to claim his right, she lay still in his brother's bed. Her eyes were full of hate but she didn't push him away, didn't cry out, didn't lift a finger against him as he sated his lust. He dozed next to her but awoke soon for more. Still she didn't resist, though neither did she respond. All through the night he took her until her womb overflowed with his seed and her eyes grew softer towards him - or so it seemed by moonlight.

At dawn he touched her cool skin, spoke loving words, mounted her once more... and realized she was dead. Had been dead for some hours. Her lips - and now his - were stained with the blackest poison she'd taken at dusk the day before. Not only had he murdered his wife and his brother - he'd violated the corpse of his sister-in-law.

Glamr fled into the forest, guilt and madness finally breaking his mind. He found the sorceress in a cave, gathering deadly mushrooms. He attacked her for her deception and she responded by tearing out his throat with her rotten teeth before feeding him a noxious stew made with her own vitae. She was not only a practitioner of seiðr, she was a draugr and his Sire. He suffered for many nights through the transition while she explained his new existence. Too monstrous to remain human, he was now a true monster, a Childe of Loki, burdened with the duty to constantly test the children of Odin and sometimes give them what they wanted... though never in the way they wanted it.

They traveled together but a short while, until Glamr gained the ability to call animals for blood. The Nosferatu clan was very small, its members spread far across the northern lands. Glamr learned the rhythms of travel, of how to make himself welcome at the periphery of villages for a few seasons at a time until he had learned all he could of the local flora and fauna, the peoples' sagas and songs. Then he moved on. Some years passed without human contact. Others were full of births and wounds and death and blood offerings. The variety was important, as was learning more about the other breeds of draugr who walked the earth and fancied themselves einherjar.

Disciplines: Animalism 3, Obfuscate 3, Potence 1

Weapons: Poisons, pointed sticks, swarms of charmed beasts, and his own body are his weapons of choice. He learned, in his travels, how to craft blowguns, weave nets, and construct deadly traps to protect his hiding places from sentient things.

Skills: Seiðr (sorcery), herbcraft, medicines, poisons, surgery, butchery, wound-tending, skinning, tanning, leatherwork, snares. He has rudimentary reading skills (Old Norse) and is fluent in Nosferatu symbology.

Resources: Glamr carries two bone knives: one curved in (sickle), and one curved out (skinning knife). Everything he wears (gloves, tunic, leggings, kilt, cloak, hood) is made of leather, fur, and bone. He is privy to small, hidden caches of gold shared and maintained by other Nosferatu who travel the north lands. His expertise with skins, herbs, and sorcery make him welcome in most villages, at least initially. He keeps no human ghouls, only animals.

Sexuality: Not gender-specific
Associated Kinks: Necrophilia (dead things can't say no), masochism (bad touch is better than no touch at all)
Ons: Skin, blood, bones, knowledge
Offs: Metal, fire, arrogance, vampires with perfect teeth
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