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April 11, 2021, 04:39:59 pm

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Author Topic: Kizu's Interest's (Prefer Female partners)  (Read 539 times)

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Offline KizuTopic starter

Kizu's Interest's (Prefer Female partners)
« on: April 26, 2013, 01:54:10 pm »
What to expect from me:
- Been role-playing over two years
- I am usually on every week so you can expect a post a week from me.
- 21 years old so don't worry about being mature. For certain role-plays I prefer it in truth. To clarify when I say mature I mean a manner of things e.g. gore, plots, drugs, sex and so on. But if you feel uncomfortable doing a certain situation, e.g Rape, sex etc then I don't care if it is skipped, though gore is something I am firm on.
- Post length is usually 1-4 paragraphs on average with 6+ on good days.
- Decent grammar and spelling.
- Novel style of writing.
- I like to talk ooc to know how the other person is feeling with the role-play, but if you prefer to keep it to a minimum I understand just tell me that you prefer me not talking ^_^
- I do prefer pm's to any other form such as email, IM and threads but that doesn't mean I won't do them, just work out a plot etc with me and I might just do it.
- I will tell you if I can't post unless it is an emergency. I will tell you if I can no longer continue the role-play.
- Romance is a possibility with me in most role-plays but not all, sometimes it is more lustful than romantic.
- I use no dice or typcial DM system when roleplaying, solely text based as if a story.
- I never use the term Game, I only refer to this as roleplaying or rping. It doesn't bug/disturb me if someone else refers to it this way, it's just something I've never done or will do.

What I would like from you...
- Roughly the same post length as me. I don't like if I wrote you a 10 paragraph reply and you give me 3 lines or something similar, I am not asking you to match exactly or really even that close, if I can see you tried with your post then I do not mind at all. 
- Being active at least once every week as I understand people have families, real life issues and so on, I would be ignorant to ignore those problems/situations.
- Please don't just disappear for weeks and expect me not to drop the role-play I would not do that to you I can assure you.
- Novel style is just what I prefer ^^

Some ideas, I never got to roleplay.

Bold is what I'd like to play.

Rich Merchant x Amazonian Gladiator ----- I decided to take a twist onto a otherwise common role-play idea. Just swapping the roles around for interest. It is a role-play where your Amazon warrior is swapped over like a piece of currency until a rich merchant sees her and instantly wishes to own the rights to fighting her. Of course there can be deceit, trickery, bribery, lust, gore (especially) in this.

Guyver the anime---- I wanted something based on this so it would be original characters. The plot etc would be discussed by each of us. I doubt many people even know what this is, but I swear if a woman (or man) knows of this I want to add you as a friend haha.

Heroic Villain x Heroine ---- To clarify what I class as a heroic villain, a hero like out of watchman. Someone who is just as likely to follow their desires as the rest of us. I already have a character in mind for mine, I'd like to discuss a plot etc with my partner before committing to the roleplay.

Hopefully this thread has sparked some interest ^_^ PM me as I may forget to check this thread (my mind has been a bit befuddled lately =3)

P.S This is so short because I am recently trying to get back from a motivational drought I've been having. But if you have an idea you think I might like please feel free to share :)
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