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Author Topic: Come right on in  (Read 792 times)

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Come right on in
« on: April 24, 2013, 10:50:07 am »
1. Bad boy/Innocent girl: He was a bad boy didn’t listen to nobody did what he wanted. She was an art student who follows all the rules. This boy has sex with any girl he wants and they love it. He wants her but every time he tries she walks past him. She is sweet and quite don’t have much friends. She does though have a crush on him but is to scared for her dad is hard on her about dating and is just hard on her since her mother died.  At a party she joins he is there and she of course got tipsy. Will he take advantage of her in that state? Can the bad boy of the school get to her heart and save her from her life.

2. She was new to this town.  As her parents worked on moving in Amanda was just standing outside looking at the what seemed nice area she was living in. Her eyes looked over to the people that lived across the street. Seeing him in ripped jeans and a muscle shirt Amanda blushed. It was the summer of her senior year. Of course she was only seventeen.

At night she would end up sitting on the roof watching that house and the stars.  Around town she meet a few girlfriends that ended up great for her. As she told them about him they told her to stay away. He had a dark secret and past.  This nice sweet girl can’t help to be more attractive to him each day. Wanting to know who he was but to scared to talk to him when she did see him.

---His dark past/secret is up to you. This can be a drug/supernatural/bad boy kind of story.

---Amanda is just a nice innocent girl who is falling for this mysterious person.

---I can play any other characters like her friends her parents and what not.

3. An eighteen year old girl worked for a tattoo parlor. She was there to pierce people. At midnight the shop will close down and everyone would head home. On night a young  man maybe in his mid-twenties came rushing it. It was 11:55 five minutes before shop closed down. Asking for a piercing and if it was okay being that he was late. The owner nodded his head and told her to pierce him and then lock up. Taking the keys she sat them at her station and pierced this man. Turning around to grab the keys this man had pinned her up against the wall.
Whatever happens is up to you.

4.  Zatanna was part of the young justice then was able to join the Justice League. Leaving her friends her family behind besides Rocket. Zatanna had decided after being away from a while that she wanted to go back to her family.

Everyone greeted her back.  During one mission Nightwing and Zatanna were watching a few bad guys. An easy mission since things seem to be slowing down for a couple of months. During their watch in Gotham Nightwing and Zatanna began to talk. The past was brought up on how they were once young and in love. That their friendship never had changed. They always watched out for one another.

During this time Ivy had saw this time to actually kidnap Zatanna which drove Nightwing into anger. He fled back to the bat cave with permission from Batman where he stayed for a few days trying to find her.

Once he finally found her Nightwing realized that he never had feel out of love with her. That he was in love with her more than ever.

I’m willing to play any character that is needed. Of course I need Nightwing.

5 Elena and Colleen are sisters. Alana is 17 years old while Colleen was 18. To many  people they were normal girls till they find out who they were. Colleen and Alana belong to a rich family. Her father was a director and their mother was a writer/college professor for English. Being that their parents work late the only person that is there for them is their butler.

He was actually in the middle twenties.  He had a thing for the two sisters. He had actually started to sleep with Alana. Once he found out she actually wanted him. Colleen though never saw him that way. The butler new he would have to force her either blackmail her or something.

Alana has more of wild side then Colleen does. So she loved whatever the butler did to her. Colleen is more quite to herself.

For this rp I will play the sisters. I need someone who can play the butler and is just really kinky dominate and just dirty. Don’t mind pain mix with pleasure like piercing the girls body or do whatever he can to make him horny. 

6. Teacher/Student
She was 17 about to graduate from high school that year. She lived alone since her parents had actually moved to a different state leaving her here. She was failing one of her classes (whatever class you would like) and for a job she worked at a striper bar as a waitress. Since her best friend’s older brother owned it he is able to have her as a server. There was times where she would have to perform.

That teacher she was failing class had seen her do that stuff and also someone had taped it and sold it on the internet which sold it to that teacher. He has blackmail on her and being she needed good grades in his class he had the perfect ideas. 

His name is Mihai, he is tall, skinny, long hair, has tattoos and has his ear pierced oh and he is a smoker. Also he is Romanian who is smart in all subjects. He is also the president of honor history club. I'm goin to inducted this year. I had a thing for him since I had English with him. Ever since that we talked and just stayed friends.

Vampire stories were created as a story but what people didn't know is that they are real. Just the vampires people know aren't. They are demons who look human who need blood to live but they can walk in daylight.

Mihai's dad is in Romania waiting for his son to pick his bride his blood bride who will also be what normal humans see as a normal wedding. Just the human end up aging like the demons.

Mihai had found her. That person was me.

What people don't know about him is that he is a dominate person. So he has to be careful on how he approaches her and takes her

8. They only knew each other for four years. They meet in a college history class and ever since then they had been close. She had a thing for him ever since that day but he was always taken. He was one of those guys who can get any girl with his Romanian accent. Though he is a sweet heart and a really great guy.

It was his last year and he had a party at his apartment. His girlfriend broken up with him right in the middle of the party. She was a little crazy and controlling. At that moment She walked up to him making sure her friend was okay. At that moment he had actually leaned in to kiss her. At this point the party got more wild and people started to get drunk.

Please PM me for I don’t always check my posts. It would just be easy and I won’t seem like a bitch if I don’t reply cause I didn’t see your post.
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Re: Come right on in
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