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Author Topic: Evil Dead, (Apocalypse, action, horror themed rp. )  (Read 255 times)

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Offline ProsakTopic starter

Evil Dead, (Apocalypse, action, horror themed rp. )
« on: April 20, 2013, 06:32:42 PM »
(Note: One does not need to know the series, or any canon property to play. It is very open to jumping in. This is meant to be more of a supernatural apocalypse. And will have little, to no relations to Ashley. Or his exploits. Although, it may very well rely heavily on The Book Of The Dead for it's plot.

(Disclaimer: Outside of romance, plot, sex, etc. Evil dead, if you have watched the first and second film, the 2013 remake. Or own any of the comics. Is a crazy, out of this world, supernatural horror. With lot's of violence, gore, and over all madness. Anyone joining should know and understand that this is NOT for one whom is squeamish. )

This is an original idea, using the creatures, monsters, and Deadites from Evil Dead. Including Babylonian demons, and corruption. This is a story about a group of survivor's. Not in a post apocalypse. They are living the apocalypse. The world is under attack, and under risk of total corruption. The time has now come, that the Deadites take over the world. We are survivor's. Strong willed people whom fight, kill, and do whatever it takes to survive the Deadite hordes. Or the corruption of demons. But this is unimportant. All you (the players.) or the characters need to know is the world is doomed. Can we survive this inevitable end? Can we even... Stop it?

Information on Deadites: They are corpses, or people possessed by demons. They have incredible supernatural strength, can run, and talk. They know all there is to know in the universe. Including your specific past. They would use anything they can to not only kill you, but attack your will and make you an easy target for possession. They are foul mouthed, evil, and incapable of reasoning. The only way to kill one. Is death by fire, the purest way to die from many theology's. Live Burial. Mutilation, as in dismemberment or crushing. Last, by shooting, stabbing, or gouging out their eyes. (The eyes in many theology's, is the vessel of the soul. Destroying them is one of the trickiest ways of killing them. But would in turn kill the demon as well as the body it controls. There for beneficial in the long run.) They are already dead and can not feel. (And no, NO NO NO, hell NO to reviving someone already taken and possessed. I know it seems like a harsh way to put it. But, I think fans whom have watched all the movies know what I am getting at. It is possible, but by a small little unnoticeable percent.)

Note: It is not possible for your characters to know anything concrete on them. At least at the beginning.

Plot possibility's: Include time travel, inter-dimensional  travel. As well as the base apocalyptic theme.

Premise, of plot? Basically, it is a few days after the world started going completely crazy. Each of the characters one way or another end up at a church. Was it to find god before you die? Maybe for spiritual protection? Or to just find a safe possible place to sleep? Regardless of why. Many people are there, and after a bit. The church goes under attack. Our characters survive, and are brought together to try and survive even longer.

I of coarse have some kind of idea for how this can play out. But I don't wish to rail road this for anyone. So I am leaving it open for opinions.

This is meant to be a small group. Consisting of open minded people. I think I will limit player's to maybe 8 if their is that much interest. Most likely 6. Any takers? (Only two rules. Every one is 16 or older. And post length must be one paragraph or more.)

In the wise word's of Ashley. J Williams ~ Hail to the king, baby!  ~

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Offline AndyZ

Re: Evil Dead, (Apocalypse, action, horror themed rp. )
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2013, 08:46:32 PM »
Are you looking for anyone to help with Deadites or going to handle all that?

Offline ProsakTopic starter

Re: Evil Dead, (Apocalypse, action, horror themed rp. )
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2013, 03:34:02 AM »
Well, I can handle all of that, but if your willing to help then that is nice. I was mainly thinking of doing this at a story perspective.

Offline AndyZ

Re: Evil Dead, (Apocalypse, action, horror themed rp. )
« Reply #3 on: April 21, 2013, 02:09:57 PM »
I may help then.  I love the idea but sadly playing a human in it would trigger all sorts of my offs.