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Author Topic: The Loves of The Lioness (F seeking M)  (Read 6012 times)

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The Loves of The Lioness (F seeking M)
« on: April 20, 2013, 02:21:48 PM »
♥~Hey there...

Although I look for a challenge in all the stories I work on, I really would like someone who is willing to work on a long story. I like detail with a long, drawn-out plot and meaning, rather than stories with ton's of meaningless sex.

So instead of boring you with a long introduction, I hope that my o/o and rough story ideas would give you an idea of what I look for. Please, PM me to get to know me and hash stuff out. I am also up for any other story ideas of your own that you would be interested in starting!

What I am looking for:

Experienced partners/writers! I may not be perfect, but would appreciate an experienced writer who could perhaps offer some tips along the way.
Someone who can handle my spuratic posting rate. Lately, I've been trying to post once a week...but sometimes it does take me a little longer. It all depends on how my muse has been feeling.
I would love it if my partner would like plot-rich stories, and isn't afraid of them taking a while to progress. Depending on the plot, there are times where plots with sex in it are favored over sex with some plot in it. It allows for great character growth!
Grammar skills! I may not be the best, but the more I write with others, the more scrutinizing I can get with grammar. I'm no grammar Nazi, but basic punctuation is a must!
Communication! I am almost always online, whether by email or PM. I don't expect you to be online all the time, but I require communication on plot as things progress in the story.
Quality over quantity! I request things with substance. I don't mind the occasional short post--sometimes, depending on the scene, it can't be helped. I just don't want to be the only one moving the story along.

Things I hate:

Partners who drop off the face of the earth! I don't like it when people leave without notification of hiatuses. I know real life comes first, but a heads-up goes a long way!
Partners who write in first person...It just isn't my writing style.
Partners who can't be consistent in a story.

Availability: Might be able to squeeze one or two stories in, depending on how my muse reacts
Current Celeb Craving(s):
Colton Haynes
Justin Timberlake
Wentworth Miller

Inspirations and Muse Cravings

I've had many story ideas since coming to E, and lately those just haven't hit the spot. Instead, I figured I'd add photo inspirations that speak to what I'm feeling. Some of them may be simple but they point towards a particular scene or little feeling that I desire to feel. I've simplified the layout of this page so that it isn't so picture heavy.

I'll update a bit more frequently when those needs, cravings, and desires change.



Misc: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, etc


Misc: Thoughts, Random blip, etc

Some of these Ideas are simply little thoughts, cravings, etc, with no particular setting/storyline involved. Some might have some short blip, some might just be a feeling.

Love Potion No. 9
Ever see the movie? Hear the song? That's the thing that has been getting me craving a little bit of unsuspecting romance. I'll admit that if it's also a period piece, you'd have my heart go a'pitter-patter.
DNA Society
In a futuristic society, there is no need for copulation. In fact, women can't conceive unless they are inseminated with their own (or their partner's) DNA. This results in clones of themselves and not a new genetic makeup.

It isn't common for men to marry women simply for the fact of procreation at this point. It is usually a business agreement, where he would offer her something in return for her carrying his clone-child. This was to make sure that the woman had a place to live and/or a way to survive the harsh world. Many women stayed with their spouses just because they'd continue to offer them those amenities even after they had procreated...

But what if love was involved?

A woman finds herself newly married to a man who, even before she agrees to procreate with him, lets her do as she pleases and ignores her. But she wants something more than that. She wanted a companion. She wants love and doesn't even know the meaning of the term.

Then enters a man she works with. He's charming and extremely good looking, and isn't afraid to show he likes her despite the fact she is married. When she feels this connection with the man from work, things start changing for her. She realizes that her husband isn't what she wanted after all, and files for divorce so that she could pursue the love of another. While this could easily blow up in her face, the newly divorced woman decides to move forward with the man from work. Love turns into intimacy, and they both find out what it is like to have sex. After all, sex is no longer needed to procreate and love isn't a feeling that can be explained simply from sex anymore.

Their intimacy blossoms into something intense, and when she misses her period a few months later, the doctor says she is with child...but she didn't procreate with her new partner. Instead, they created something completely new--with different risks that their society hasn't had to deal with for millennia. What will the society do or think when they break the norm? Was their a reason why humans couldn't procreate through sex anymore? Have they created a monster?
A Winters Tale
The deep love of a petty burglar and a dying heiress
To Hell and Back
He takes her as bride against her will, but will he be able to persuade Persephone to stay in his domain and fall in love with him?
Fear and Magic
In the age where fear of going to Hell ruled the lives of every community, there were a few who took their faith to the earth and elements around them. But those who believed in Heaven and Hell did not trust those who trusted the elements. They feared them, and in thinking they are ridding the world of an evil, they are signing their own death sentences. It is the Crafters that are the ones that can save the world. In a time where they are being persecuted, she must do what she can in secret to save her family and the elements. Would a new love help persuade her community that she is the only one left that can save them from themselves?
Late in the evening, when everyone seems to be winding down for the night, London always seemed to bustle about with energy, no matter time it was. That time was always a favorite time of Danielle's. It was the best time to get things done. Her friends called her crazy for sleeping all day, and rising at night. Even her mother had called her a vampire once when she was still in high school. It was just second nature to her. It made her comfortable, and it helped to ease the harshness of life around her. Sometimes she wondered if, perhaps, her father could have been the culprit of her sleeplessness during the evenings. He had always seemed a bit odd to her, but then again, he was always looked at as a freak in the public's eye.
Her father was an unusual being. He was tall, even by human standards, standing close to seven feet tall. His long limbs he carried gracefully, but always with much authority. His dark brown hair almost seemed black, even under harsh fluorescent light but if one were to look closely, they would find grey streaks throughout it. His hazel eyes could pierce into anyone's eyes and there, his memory would be permanently etched into their mind. Suffice to say, Danielle's father was rather unusual. His nightly visits to her bedroom when she was younger had her questioning him just why he was always stared at. He was normal to her. She didn't take much after her father in looks, and always wondered as to why she was so different from him than she was with her mother.
Years had gone by since she last had seen her father. He had left to go to Egypt or something, and never came back. She didn't think of him too often, but she missed him all the same. Time had passed too much for her, and even his memory began to fade.
Upon taking up a new job at the New York Museum of Natural History did she run into someone who made her hair stand on edge, the memories of her father coming together again...someone who was just like him in both appearances and habits.
She gets help from a colleague with uncovering the secrets her father had left behind, and what it all means. As things unfold, so do their feelings for one another.
Tensions are raised when she finds out that she could be the key to help save her father, and her history, from total obliteration. It comes to an important decision that only SHE can make. She would need to choose between her new love, or her Father.
This is a place for world building. It is quite flexible, but I do see it going the bit sci-fi route and become an alternate history type of story.
To be HIS Secretary
For those familiar with the manga, Midnight Secretary, this idea is along similar lines. I find that with a writing partner, things can branch off the idea in different ways, so I am hoping to get someone who can do such without taking away from the intensity of it....if that makes sense.
In a nut shell, I'd be playing a secretary to a very mysterious owner/director of a particular marketing (or whatever) company. He is a vampire, and only feeds on women in the heat of passion. It makes their blood that much sweeter. Please keep in mind that this has no blood play, it is just a natural vampiristic thing to do.
Anyway, she is considered to be the "perfect secretary," despite your character's criticisms. The story would most likely start where my character lives her day to day life in normality, while the pressures and need from her boss becomes her life. In the midst of the increased workload, he finds out who, and what, he really is...and then, well, their relationship can begin to blossom. The problem? The family isn't too pleased with what they have gotten themselves into.
She was a good girl. She always got straight As, was in honor's classes, and now accepted to Harvard Law. She was on the way to great success. As a senior in high school, she was unlike many girls her age. She concentrated more on her education than boys and sex.....until one quiet, summer morning, when she had caught her brother's best friend masturbating in the bathroom when she accidentally walked in on him. Now, she couldn't get him, and his cock, out of her mind.
With this, I crave a dominant partner. Not coy or middle-if-the-road. He needs to show this geeky, young, girl what she is missing out on...and maybe geek out with her too.

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Re: The Loves of BustyGermanGirl
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2013, 12:26:05 PM »
Updates 2013
05/19/2013: Updated my availability for more stories.
06/03/2013: Updated my posting frequency (Yay! I got a new job!) and adjusted some stories that came back from the dead. Sorry, still not available for new stories just yet.
07/21/2013: Updated my status on roleplay availability and added new story ideas to the mix. I can only handle a few more storylines at the moment.
07/29/2013: Added craving 3, hoping to get some more bites ;)
07/30/2013: Organized and added a few thoughts and ideas, such as what I am looking for and not looking for.
08/02/2013: Updated my status on availability and what has been taken.
08/04/2013: Another story died, added it to availability. Hoping a second time around would be the charm.
08/29/2013: Another story died, so I added the genre into cravings. I also changed the look and feel of the page and added color.
08/31/2013: Overwhelmed by discussions and story offers. Between those I am discussing and those I just started, I am no longer available for roleplays.
09/28/2013: Master of Puppets (aka Dream Mapping) had died. Hoping someone might be able to ignite those ideas in a different way.
10/17/2013: Updated some stories, availability, and took some old stories out for variety.
10/18/2013: Updated a vision I had for Blackmail.
10/21/2013: Updated due to bbc code changes.
10/23/2013: No longer available as I am currently hashing out details with some potential partners.
10/24/2013: Two stories taken.
11/04/2013: Two stories died. Feeling less confident as a writer at the moment. May open up a couple of story slots when I feel better. PM me if you think you can change my mind....

Updates 2014
01/20/2014: Some of my current stories have slowed, and I am looking for one or two to fill in the gaps.
02/02/2014: Moved one story to taken list. Still have room for one or two more stories if anyone is interested. PM or IM me to discuss.
03/09/2014: I am no longer available for any more stories. I have an increase in my responsibilities both at work and home. Once I have more room, I will update.
04/11/2014: Added stuff...had a few things open up. I'm hoping to trigger my muse once more.
05/03/2014: No more room for stories. I've reached my limit.
07/01/2014: Added To be HIS Secretary to the list of ideas, and opened up my availability to one or two more stories. There are no more open available slots for stories. Will update when something opens up.
07/05/2014: Moved stories to 'taken' to keep everything clean.
11/03/2014: Moved some dropped stories back to ideas. I'm still unsure what my schedule is like...might have an opening. Please message me and wow me.

Updates 2015
01/11/2015: Updated my availability (have one or two more openings...) and adjusted my current cravings.
01/17/2015: Added one story to being taken...I've come to the realization I might have more room in my docket than I first thought...If you don't like my ideas, but have ideas of your own, please don't hesitate to send me a pm!
01/21/2015: I've had so many responses, I'm taken aback with how much I miss the planning process! Alas, I can only handle so many. I can't get too greedy now...
01/31/2015: So full on stories at the moment. I'll have to hoard all of my other plot bunnies for later...
02/05/2015: Had a story drop, so adjusted the list of stories taken and added a new idea to the list.
07/26/2015: Made it all pretty and fixed some ideas in the open/taken sections.

Updates 2016
01/24/2016: Updated availability. Only looking to get my super craving fixed.
02/23/2016: Updated availability. At my limit again, sorry.
03/20/2016: Updated availability. Up for a few more.
06/13/2016: Updated availability and moved some stories around.
06/29/2016: Shifted everything completely around. Instead of story ideas, added inspiration instead.
10/14/2016: Adjusted availability and edited current celeb craving.
10/15/2016: Having to face some sudden and urgent issues regarding my living situation...won't be available for some time.

06/01/2017: Updated availability and ideas. I can't believe I haven't updated this since Fall of 2016!
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Re: The Loves of The Lioness (F seeking M)
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2017, 07:37:07 PM »
Did some idea updating. Thinking of taking on another story. Hoping my muse sparks...