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Author Topic: In need of adventure.. **Updated on 4/20  (Read 762 times)

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In need of adventure.. **Updated on 4/20
« on: April 20, 2013, 12:14:36 AM »
I would suggest that before you offer to RP with me, please read my RP preferences as well as my O/Os Thread: Here

I also RP via IMs

Quick facts:

+ I like to leave my scenarios/world descriptions relatively open-ended. RPing, for me, is about collectively creating a world together, not about one person dictating who plays who and what the character must looks like or what kind of world they live in down to the type of bricks the building is built out of. I'm very open minded to your ideas, even for the scenarios that I already have written out.

+ If you come to me going "Do you have any ideas? I have none", I will likely ignore you. I'm not going to think everything up for you... Now, if you were to say "What ideas did you have in mind for (insert pairing here) I will absolutely tell you what I was thinking, and we can brainstorm from there.



* Dragon Age Origins/Dragon Age 2

* Star Trek

* James Bond

• Bioshock

* Ghost in the Shell

* Cowboy Bebop

• Assassin's Creed 1, 2, & Brotherhood (I have not played Revelations or 3 yet.)

• Left 4 Dead

• Zelda

* Game of Thrones (Though I need to watch the new season still... I don't own the books :( )

• Fallout

* Skyrim

• Walking Dead

* Sherlock (Sherlock BBC (the newest one), Movies with RDJ, and Original Books)

Time Periods & Genres that I'm fond of

~1800s, Europe

~World War 2

~Modern Day

~Sci-Fi, Futuristic Earth

~Fantasy (high)




~Steam Punk

~1950s, America

~Renaissance Era

~Ancient Rome // Ancient Egypt

~Post-Apocalyptic settings (regardless of time period, be it tomorrow or 300 years from now)

More Generic Pairing types

**ANY of these roles can be flipped whatever way you want, and most can be applied to any time period.

- Detective x Lawyer

- Law Man x Outlaw

- Law Man x Saloon Girl

- Straight-edge student x small-time drug dealer

- Master x Protégé (martial arts/fighting-style/magick mastery type of relationship)

- Pirate Captain x Lady of Society

- Writer x Fan

- Band Member x Band Member

- Fan x Band Member

- Body Guard x High-ranked executive (lots of power play in this one)

- Teacher x Student (More modern than the master/protégé pairing)

- Boss x Secretary

- Rich Man x Destitute woman

- Step-Brother x Sister

- Master x Slave

- Mobster x escort

- Werewolf x Human

- Vampire x Human

- Warrior x Mage

- Wounded Soldier x Nurse/Doctor (Would really like to do this in a WW2 setting)

- Spy x Spy (Kind of James Bond-ish)

- Bounty Hunter x Bounty

Some of my recurring RP characters- SOME PICTURES WILL BE AT LEAST SLIGHTLY NSFW

(Full colored pictures available upon request Art © Me, you do NOT have permission to use this picture for yourself!)

Vitalia Maria Adolfo
Preference: Bisexual
Age: 25
Height: 5'7''

Hair: Dark Chestnut brown
Eyes: Emerald Green
Skin: Caramel/Tan

Family: Parents both died in a drive-by shooting

Talents: Talented opera singer & Pianist, is a great shot with most gun types

Personality: (Generally unstable), Narcissistic, Promiscuous, Fearless, Uncompromising, Stubborn, Creative

Main Scenario Type:
**Can be adapted to suit other types
"La Donna" (Mafia underboss or grunt/Mafia Boss(female))
Set in a semi-modern alternate universe with steam-punk type technology

'La Donna', Vitalia Maria Adolfo is a ruthless Italian mob boss, who rose to power by murdering her husband for cheating on her with the maid; she rules over the Adolfo family with an iron fist. Based in NYC originally, upon murdering her husband, Vitalia uproots the entire operation to conquer new territory in Montreal, Canada. This lady, with her disturbing taste for bloodshed, also has a taste for being very promiscuous. Deep down under her borderline psychotic tendencies, she's just a lonely woman who desires the counsel of another, just like anyone else would...The question is, are you good enough for her?


Bianca (Chevalier)
Preference: Straight
Age: Early to Mid 20s
Height: 5'6''

Nationality: French/English
Storyline types: Sci-Fi, Future Modern, Modern

Family: Mother is a painter, Father was a cop (deceased)

Talents: Gifted Hacker & Has an extensive knowledge of explosives

Personality: Playful, Calculating, Manipulative, Arrogant, Adrenaline Junkie


(Imagine this girl, but with freckles!)

Caitlyn Onóra Hughes

Preference: Straight
Age: 22
Birthday: March 23rd
Sign: Aries
Height: 5'6''

Nationality: Irish
Lives: Manhattan, New York, USA
Born: Carlingford, County Louth, Ireland

Personality: Charismatic, Creative, Modest, Inquisitive

-Role in band-
Lead singer, Guitarist.

Mother: Breana Hughes
Father: Thomas Hughes
Older brother: Keegan "Key" Hughes

Tattoos: (Right arm only) Sleeve of irish knots and symbols and the word "Siórgra" wrapped around her upper arm which means Eternal Love in Irish-Gaelic.

Some Scenarios I've been craving--WILL ADD MORE SOON!

"The Gilded Cage" (Master/Slave)
Set starting in the desert of Turkey, Early 1800s, then in Italy.

Farida El-Amin is a member of a traveling caravan of dancers & musicians, as well as a skilled thief. One day, she is caught in the act stealing a valuable set of rare emeralds, and despite her best efforts (and killing several men in her escape attempt) she is caught by the authorities and sold into slavery. She is taken on a smuggler's boat across the Mediterranean to an underground Slave market in Italy, where she is purchased by a rich gentleman who is equally skilled in thievery.

"Ashes of the Wake" (Rebel Leader/Demon)
Set on a post-apocalyptic Earth where Demons have taken over humanity, enslaving them to work in harsh conditions and ruling the world

You play a leader of a group of rebels trying to free humanity from enslavement and kill as many demons as possible, while trying to find a way to close the Gates of Hell, Located in Russia. The world is blanketed with Ash, more falling like snow almost every day. The sun no longer shines upon Earth, and as a result of the poor air conditions, you suspect that the cough you have that's constantly getting worse might be more than a cold. Your health failing, and you plan to make yourself a martyr for your people. All of that changes when your caravan discovers a member of the race that you despise the most, a female demon with ashen gray skin and yellow eyes, and she is severely wounded. What you decide to do with her is your choice, but things become difficult when she offers up information on how to close the Gates of Hell for all of Eternity.

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Re: In need of adventure.. **Updated on 4/20
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2013, 11:41:10 AM »
**Updated with more fandoms, more pairings & Will update later today with more scenarios!