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Author Topic: Keeper's Point (Sci-Fi)  (Read 344 times)

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Offline LtFoxTopic starter

Keeper's Point (Sci-Fi)
« on: April 19, 2013, 05:19:35 PM »
The time is 2217, and mankind is finally pushing into a new frontier, the great unknown.  It is time to leave the solar system for the first time.  A quantum fluctuation was discovered near Uranus, and further experimentation revealed it to be a quantum variant of an Einstein-Rosen bridge, essentially linking our solar system to some distant unknown.  It took a while to construct a ship capable of crossing the quantum fluctuation, but eventually it was managed.  What was found on the other side was a hitherto unknown binary star 30 light years from Sol, with two gas giants orbiting the suns.  Mostly the system was curiously empty, but the outermost gas giant had a barren moon, which could not sustain life, but was abundant in raw resources.  Also, the star system was awash in quantum fluctuations, but they were mostly of a much more unstable kind than the one connecting to Sol.  Regardless, this system represented more resources and potential routes to the wider universe to the peoples of Sol, who were already suffering from overpopulation and resource scarcity problems.  Earth, as well as the Moon and Mars colonies were all full to the bursting, and even the resources of the asteroid field were starting to wear thin after two centuries of pillaging to further space expansion.

Thus the decision was made to establish a new colony at Keeper's Point, as the new system was dubbed due to it acting as a gatekeeper to the galaxy.  Over the next decades, a great space colony was constructed as more and more people from Sol flocked to this new opportunity to leave the overcrowded home system behind.  Some delays were caused by the ever-growing numbers of anti-expansion terrorists and the occasional pirates who harassed the ships heading out to Keeper's Point from Sol.  United Nations Aerospace force, which had been diminishing in the centuries before, gained new vigor in it's mission to put down terrorists and pirates, as well as provide security to humanity's newest frontier.  It took longer than expected, but eventually Keeper's Point was completed.

It is now 2267, fifty years from the first discovery of Keeper's Point, and the colony now numbers near 30 million people, with more arriving from Sol every year.  UN is hoping to start a new push through some of the other quantum fluctuations present in the system to expand human space even further in the next year or so.  Aker Squadron, the premiere aerospace fighter squad of Keeper's Point is widely regarded as a cushy PR posting, as terrorists rarely make it out beyond Sol, and pirates even more rarely.  Regardless, the squad only takes the very best Earth has to offer, as it is THE most high-profile post in the current UN Aerospace forces.  The relief rotations are fairly swift at Keeper's Point, typically a year or less, and after their tour is served most opt to take the offer of citizenship at the colony and settle there, very few ever report back to Earth.  And Earth is only too happy to not need to welcome people back.  And the newest batch of recruits fresh out of training are just now making their way to Keeper's Point.

United Nations Aerospace Forces are recruiting!  Join the adventure of a lifetime and see the galaxy!  Keeper's Point is looking for new aerospace fighter pilots for the next rotation, have you ever dreamed of flying the cutting-edge Seraphim fighters?  Now is your chance!  Join today and see the galaxy!  Aerospace engineers and scientists also wanted!  Scenic work location, good pay and excellent retirement options!  Just fill in the following form!

Code: [Select]
[b]Nationality:[/b] (Earth, Moon or Mars.  Further details optional.)
[b]Desired post:[/b] (Currently recruiting aerospace fighter pilots and squad leaders, as well as science and engineering officers.)
[b]Gender:[/b] (Normal Male or Female preferred, but new variants aren't discriminated.)
[b]Sexuality:[/b] (However you care to explain it.)
[b]Military training:[/b] (Minimum of 3 year course at UNAF academy, or minimum 5 years for leadership positions.  For science and engineering positions, minimum of 1 year basic training.)
[b]Military Rank:[/b] (You start as ensign if you have 3 years of UNAF academy or a civilian degree and 1 year refresher, a 1st lieutenant if you have full 5 years at academy. Previous missions may have raised this.)
[b]Civilian experience:[/b] (Prior job experience for academy graduates, for engineer or scientists, minimum of 5 year higher graduate degree in their chosen field.)

[b]Description:[/b] (Physical likeness and any identifying features, id photo optional.)
[b]Background:[/b] (How and why you applied for this posting.)
[b]Specialty:[/b] (Three of your strongest skills numbered 1-3 from best to worst.)
[b]Weakness:[/b] (Knowledge, physical or psychological weak point.  Most people have one, we need to know it for counseling purposes.)
[b]Personality:[/b] (A short psychological profile is sufficient.)
[b]Miscellaneous:[/b] (Anything else noteworthy you may wish to mention.)
By turning in this signed form, you have agreed to UNAF military regulations, and have pledged yourself to honoring them and your comrades, to keeping military secrets given to you to the best of your ability and to laying down your life in defense of the previous if called for.



Any takers?


Offline Wintercat

Re: Keeper's Point (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2013, 05:53:18 PM »
Definitely interested, going to apply in on this. Considering pilot, adding below.

Name: Nikolai Federow
Nationality: Moon, Lunar Lagrance Alliance (LLA) member.
Desired post: Aerospace Fighter Pilot
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight, with small variance.
Age: 27
Military training: 5 years UNAF academy, 2 years active duty on LLA service.
Military Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Civilian experience: 1 year tour aboard space freighter before academy.

Description: Black hair, brown eyes, 180 cm height, military pose, no scars or tattoos, identifying marks, a single black birthmark on the back of the neck. In fit shape.
Background: After basic service aboard an outdated fighter jet for LLA, applying for a position where more advanced craft are available along with the benefits of higher pay and benefits. Proven abilities should speak in favor of said transfer.
Specialty: 1. Combat Piloting 2. Basic Fighter Maintenance 3. Marksman
Weakness: Taste for Vodka
Personality: Serious, but friendly towards allies. Minor addiction to alcohol, drives to excel, somewhat prone to stating truth even when its uncomfortable.
Miscellaneous: Russian descent, known to reply to some commands in Russian under stress. Known to be able to fix minor issues with his craft after getting used to it.