Free Puppies (no sandusky, cosplay/bi-lesbian/incest/gangbang)

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" An Inspirational Story of Sexy Triumph"

                                                                                                                 "Hello Miss O'Hara"


Plot Breakdown: A 20-something year old underemployed college grad returns to her old hometown of Charlestown, Massachusetts after receiving word that her father has been recently hospitalized with liver cancer. Once known as the finest football coach to ever instruct at Ronald Reagan High and an admired pillar to the community, is now just a broken shell of a man, a perpetual loser who couldn't win a single season game if he tried-- Murdock O'Hara has managed to earn the  title of being the towns #1 washout drunk - a remarkable feat. Having left for college only 6 years ago. Scarlett is shocked to see her hometown in the state that it is.  Her hometown like her father has seen better days since the recession hit and has become synonymous with failure as of late.  Her old neighborhood is rife with crime, gangs , drugs and other blight you might expect in an urban crime drama, Scarlett's old high school Ronald Regan High is on a list of schools set to get the axe in 2015 if no progress is made.

Seeing all this, Scarlett makes a decision to stay in her hometown and look after her father and sister, at least until things stabilize with her career that hasn't quite gone the way she hoped. In college she studied athletics extensively and obtained her masters, hoping she would find work as an assistant coach for a second or third tier college, Scarlett has always taken an interest in football, though she realizes football is still very much a "mans" sport in the hearts of some, women are best kept on the sidelines as cheerers ,  her dream has always been to instruct a team like her father before her,  not just because she's a woman but more-so because she appreciates the sport. Scarlett is offered the position to head her former high school's football team, the Red Devil's. She soon learns that she has her work cut out for her.

Around the same time, Scarlett learns that a niece she's never met from some part of the country is coming to stay with her to finish a year of high school before attending college somewhere upstate in Boston. The introduction of her country niece adds more complexity to her life that she had originally hoped for but soon realizes that they share a mutual interest for football, back in her home town, she had played quarterback up until varsity year where she received threats discouraging her from doing so. Hence why she relocated up north. Scarlett soon discovers that her niece possesses an uncanny throwing talent, making her a good choice for quarterback.

One of the first thing's Scarlett does as head coach is boldly proclaims at a pep rally that this years team will be state champions, staking her career on it. Just how will she go about that? Scarlett proposes a tempting though controversial coaching strategy. Fantasy fulfillment...It may start innocently enough like a simple kiss on the cheek or cosplaying, though with each win, the fantasies become increasingly explicit in nature. Scarlet realizes the inappropriateness of these requests , though a part of her enjoys taking one for the team. She understands the proper method to motivate her team. Just how far will she go? Will she include others in her activities?

Will the team accept it's new coach and quarterback?

Well, if more than anything, the sight of the attractive female coach and quarterback duo will draw people to the games, much needed money and interest to keep the school afloat. So it can't be such a bad thing? Just how will this story unfold?

New Coach. New Season. New Attitude.
You In?


Coach O' Hara:

Quarterback Neice:

Runningback: Reserved

Wide Receiver:

Tight End:

Line backer:





School Nurse:

Cheer Team:

Character Sheet





Desired Position(s):

Jersey Number:






this seems like it could be fun. I'd like the kicker position, though I'd like to be a new member on the team. Maybe the old kicker graduated the previous year and coach O'Hara saw my kid playing around with a soccer ball?


Gone With the Wind, much? Hehe.

Going to throw out my interest. I'll keep an eye on this.


Would love to play this ...I'm up for Wide Receiver...have a character in mind as well.....extremely talented but very much lacking in confidence and socially awkward ...he's my nerd in a jocks body
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Quote from: Visna on April 19, 2013, 09:22:07 PM
Gone With the Wind, much? Hehe.

Going to throw out my interest. I'll keep an eye on this.

I <3 you for getting  the reference. Iconic American novel, great name.


Resurrected, I don't even know why this game flopped to be honest. It was actually pretty unique and fun. I guess there wasn't enough mutants.