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December 09, 2018, 01:57:52 PM

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Author Topic: Denivar the GM looks for players (M for F, variety of settings)  (Read 399 times)

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Offline DenivarTopic starter

I'm interested in GMing a (female) player in a variety of possible settings. By this, I mean that I create the world, the setting, and control all the characters -- except for one: the protagonist, your player, who will be the focus of the story.

I have some example settings below, but give me any setting/basic premise/craving and I'll consider it. The main requirements are that I get to create a world to put your character in, and it'll be open-ended.

I have a tendency to enjoy worlds where slavery or deep submission is possible and likely, but that is by no means a requirement. Please message me if interested.

Another World -- intense, harsh & brutal

You have been transported to another world, a harsh world, cruel, barbaric. There will be deadly creatures, a variety of barbaric cultures with harsh and cruel laws and practices.

How will you survive? Will you survive? Expect this setting to be especially savage and gruesome!

Indentured Servant -- submission/slavery

Set in an alternate reality that is similar to our own, but with one big difference -- if you are unable to pay your debts, bankruptcy is not an option. Instead, you can sell yourself into indentured servitude for a number of years, depending on the size of your debt. The economy is driven by people being able to spend money, fueled by credit cards that are spammed to people like crazy -- after all, in this society, credit cards are considered nicely secured debts. All is well until you can't pay your credit card -- the company is obliged to give you a certain amount of time to repay, but once you miss too many payments and/or your debt is too large, you might be taken to court, your assets sold, and if there is still debt obligation remaining, you  become an indentured servant for a number of years.

Of course, there are some laws to protect indentured servants, but they are not well enforced, and much of the citizenry is of the perspective that people who don't pay their debts and cover their financial obligations don't deserve much legal protection anyhow. Until they lose their job unexpectedly, of course. :)

You would be a young woman who has racked up a mass of debt. On clothes, shoes, parties, that kind of thing -- you have no idea how it happened! (Or choose a different background/reason for indebtedness, maybe something more sympathetic -- your choice!)

Using an indentured servant for any kind of sex-work is illegal, but having them serve as a household domestic -- nannying, house keeping, cooking, etc is very common. It is a fashionable thing for a middle class family to have an "indent" as a live-in maid, making their lives much more convenient.

Slave to the Asrai -- hash slavery, xenophobia

War between the Hartha and the Asrai has continued for more than a century. Two very different peoples from different continents. Your father, Luther the Great led the Hartha, amassing a huge army, invading the Asrai homelands. He raided and plundered and pillaged for years, demanding Asrai surrender. But the Asrai resolve was strong, and they resisted and resisted, finally overcoming the Hartha. Your father was slain and his armies destroyed.

Finally, the Asrai invade, attacking the city of Harth, razing it to the ground, sowing it with salt. Never will this great enemy which they have fought rise again. Those amongst the Hartha who have value are carried off as slaves.

You are among them, carried off as a slave, taken back to Asrai. A young, beautiful woman. The Asrai do not realize that you are the daughter of Luther the great -- a figure still spoken of with much hatred amongst the Asrai. How will you survive in this foreign land, a slave of a hated people?

Savage Virtual Reality -- sci-fi/harsh/slavery

A young woman is looking to get into a career as a video game developer. She lands a job at a company that is developing next-generation virtual reality games using new hardware that can make an experience completely immersive -- full vision, sound, smell, touch, even pain, while in the virtual world.

The company plans a number of products, including a game aimed at people who have darker fantasies. A savage world with warriors and slaves aimed at adults who want to combine sexual experiences with their gameplay. However, she doesn't quite understand just how real this can all become until the founder of the company takes her into a game and she finds herself trapped inside it...

Off to College -- College life/mystery/horror

A young woman, off to college, far from home. Prepare for a role play with kinky room mates, boyfriend/girlfriend drama, jealously, stalkers, and the potential for things to get more and more creepy. Maybe there are murders on campus. Perhaps she acquires a very serious stalker. Many possibilities in a college role play.