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Author Topic: Marvel: A New Fate (Still Recruiting and Under New Management)  (Read 586 times)

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     The Apocalypse has come - literally. The infamous super-villain awakened nearly a decade ago and has been silently waiting for his moment to strike, building an army strong enough to take control of the entire earth. Apocalypse has always sought for survival of the fittest in his past 'awakenings' but with all the modern mutants and super-humans the world has finally become ripe for the picking and ready to begin a new era. Earth had previously been primitive, isolated, and weak in comparison to other civilizations in and outside of the galaxy... Now it is ready. It finally has the technology to stand toe to toe with the advanced races and people beyond it's tiny realm - and it has taken a giant step in the evolutionary process with all the new mutants popping up almost faster than one can count.

      Apocalypse hit fast and hard - taking out all of the major human, mutant, and alien strongholds on the planet. Every center of power and communication was hit first and without warning. Major cities around the world lay crumbling and near-demolished. Supposed 'safe-havens' for mutants and other superhuman groups have been completely annihilated. Many leaders have fallen, and the world is scattered, divided, and feels powerless against this unstoppable force. The ancient mutant Apocalypse has developed a potent super-serum that kills any human who does not survive it's injection. Those who do survive it become changed with mutations of their own. Only the strong survive and Apocalypse is merciless. The serum, called "Judgement" is being administered on every single human POW - with the survivors being incorporated into Apocalypse's rapidly multiplying army.

      But there are those who would stand against the violent tyrant; against the oppression of force and fear by using their powers to fight back. They are scattered and in hiding, and seeking a leader to rise up from among them. To unite them against this fearsome foe that the world seems powerless to resist. Apocalypse has been waiting ages for this final hour - and he will not back down. He will not fade back into the shadows as he has done in the past. He will fight tirelessly to his doom or everyone else's - and even in his own death his goal will be complete - survival of the strong. He will lead Earth and it's people into a new realm of existence - or his death and defeat will push them above him to even greater glory.

     Who will determine the fate of the Earth? Apocalypse? Or those that defend it against him? After his first brutal assault that has left the world nearly in ashes, who is left standing to resist him? Who has survived with the power and ability to stand against this primitive monster of future legend and his famed Four Horsemen?

          - MaiMizzu as Iron Man, Colossus and Invisible Woman (GM - Narration for New York and East Coast Thread)
          - Neysha as Abigail Brand and Crimson Dynamo (GM - Narration for Moscow and Europe Thread)
          - LunarSage as Dr. Doom, Thor, and Streak (GM - Narration for LA and West Coast Thread)
          - Madmartigan as Loki and Carnage - (Death)
          - Demi as She-Hulk
          - loislanekent as Black Widow and Emma Frost
          - TheVillain as Nightcrawler and Nobody
          - Apygoos as Spider Man and Mid-Knight
          - Phaia as Domino and Raven Queen
          - Sasquatch421 as Myth and Darkbird
          - Bludmagnus as Wolverine
          - Imogen as Rogue and Gambit
          - Ramael as Spring-Heeled Jack
          - Cal1496 as Cyclops
          - SweetSerenade as Retribution
          - Lord Ming as Captain America
          - Vaulera as Blade (GM-approved absence)
          - Kokaine as Elsa Bloodstone (GM-approved absence)
          - LiliPep as Jane Foster (GM-approved absence)
          - Teranis as Blink
          - Photo as Mirage
          - RedPhoenix as Xavin
          - RedEve as Black Cat
          - kckolbe as Banshee
          - Caitlin as Snow Angel
          - Vergil1989 as Teletrix
          - Jean Grey/Phoenix, Professor Xavier, War Machine, Nick Fury, Namor

          - Please see the Recruitment Thread if you are interested in joining!

          Key: GM/Co-GM, Male, Female, Transgender Main Villain, Sub Villain, KIA/Deactivated/Non-Playable, (Status Update)

     This will be a free-form RP where combat is discussed between players and GMs via PM with the standard restrictions of no god-moding, killing off other player's characters, or significantly affecting another player's character without their consent, etc. Story and plot is the main goal here and everything will revolve around it. (The best RPs have a good story and characters with depth to drive it, the combat and interaction is a by-product of those two main focuses.)

     That is the general gist of it, and the details of the plot will be built as players choose characters to play. Original characters WILL be accepted so long as they are not a close copycat of some pre-created hero/villain and with the requirement that they are tied to Apocalypse's new super-serum program he is using to both evolve and conquer the world. Original characters will be survivors of "Judgment" but have managed to escape and join the Resistance against Apocalypse.

     Canon character's that have multiple versions will need to be discussed with the GM's as to which version will be used and their power's/limitations. An important thing to note is that since players may and may OFTEN be engaging each other in combat - try to avoid the high-tier combat characters with ridiculous power (like Galactus and others of that nature). Jean Grey/Phoenix is not an available character; neither is Professor Xavier (or pretty much any telepath). As of now all players will be neutral with an eventual movement towards being a part of the resistance against Apocalypse.

     So for now there can be plenty of in-fighting as characters battle with each other for influence and over why they should or shouldn't stand up against Apocalypse - as he welcomes in all current mutants that survive "The Trial". 'The Trial' is a battle to the death with one of his current or newly acquired superhumans - which will more than likely be some famous Marvel Villain. Characters may only permanently join Apocalypse side with GM approval - as such a thing would have a huge impact on the plot.

     - This is a freeform based group game, and a collaborative story.
     - This game is a "Light" category game, so BDSM and NC posters should look elsewhere.
     - Minimum limit of one post per week, anything less requires GM approval.
     - Maximum limit does not exist on posts - so long as you aren't pushing the story past fellow players (GM discretion)
     - Communication with other players concerning IC interactions, and posts that effect others.
     - Communication with GMs on plot-changing events, or anything that breaks/alters the current theme/state of game.
     - Choosing characters is a first-come first-serve basis.
     - Players can play both Canon and Original Characters.
     - Players can play as protagonists regardless of traditional hero/villain choice.
     - Unless GM approved, all characters are part of the Resistance (PM LunarSage, Neysha and MaiMizzu if interested in playing antagonists)
     - Maximum characters per person is currently set at three - one of which MUST be an OC (Judgement Survivor)
     - Your character's starting thread location will be chosen for you (PM LunarSage, Neysha and MaiMizzu to find out what location to plan for)
     - You are not required to read every post in every thread, but it is advised to try to keep up with the larger plot.
     - At the minimum you must at least bookmark the other threads and check post tags for your character.
     - If you are tagging someone from another thread for interaction, PM them first as courtesy.
     - This is a Marvel Universe game, and elements of the story will draw from that universe alone.
     - This is also an 'Alternative Universe' game, meaning canon character's background and history is subject to change.
     - Some of the extremely powerful Canon Characters might also be subject to power/training/equipment modifications.
     - The world is in a state of post-apocalyptic destruction, so keep that in mind when posting.
     - Unless approved by a GM, all long-distance communication (not related to special powers) is prohibited.
     - Unless approved by a GM, all major resources and power/communication/military facilities are villain controlled.
     - Being a part of this game does NOT require an in-depth knowledge of the comic universe.
     - Post length is flexible, but try to maintain the flow of the story and give your fellow players enough meat to work with.
     - If your character is part of an interaction, other players must have a chance to respond (7 days from their last post).
     - All standard courtesies apply.
     - If you know you're going to be away or posting less than normal for whatever reason, communicate it with the GMs.
     - Also PM LunarSage, Neysha and MaiMizzu if you have ANY questions about enemy NPC's, Judgement, Trial, The Vision, or The Resistance.
     - Many of these questions have already been addressed via GM Updates - which can be found within the Main Directory
     - Bookmarking all IC Threads and the Main Directory is MANDATORY.

Here's the Character bio template code! PM to LunarSage, Neysha and MaiMizzu!
Code: [Select]

[floatleft][img height=212 padding=5]  -SQUARE AVATAR URL GOES HERE (approx 200x200)-  [/img][/floatleft]

[font=georgia][size=20pt][color=orange]     [b]Character's primary codename here (like IRON MAN)[/b][/color][/size][/font]

       [font=andale mono][size=14pt][b]Real Name:[/b] Your character's real name here.
       [b]Known Aliases:[/b] This is where your character's additional codenames are listed.
       [b]Role:[/b] Scout, Leader, Brawler, etc whatever word or phrase you think describes your combat or group role.[/size][/font]


[justify][font=andale mono][size=12pt][b]Powers and Abilities:[/b]
     This is part where you describe specific superhuman powers or skills that your character has been gifted with. Try not to include anything that can be put into the training or equipment category below.

[b]Training and Equipment:[/b]
     This is where you will include anything your character has learned or utilized that is not related to superhuman powers or abilities. It could be schooling, professional training in combat, weapons, etc. Also any equipment your character utilizes that sets you apart from a regular person or enables you to perform superhuman feats.

[b]Background and History:[/b]
      We don't need your full character's history as some of these canon characters have quite a lengthy bio. Just include information that you believe is important to this current plot and theme. Include any events to feel my affect the way your character is acting and behaving in this story, and the most crucial events from their distant past that really makes them who they are. Brief origin backgrounds are welcome here as well.

[floatright][img height=350 padding=10]  -SPLASH ART URL GOES HERE-   [/img][/floatright][font=andale mono][size=12pt][b]Faults and Weaknesses:[/b]
     Here you can list what mental, physical, and emotional flaws your character has, as well as any weaknesses related to their powers.

[b]Current Relations and Activity:[/b]
      Type about who your character has interacted with prior to Apocalypse awakening and what individuals, groups, and organizations they were or are currently associated with. Also discuss any recent activity that has gone on with them since Apocalypse first assault a few days ago.[/size][/font][/justify]
Be sure to complete all areas and include both your main picture and splash art!


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Re: Marvel: A New Fate (Still Recruiting and Under New Management)
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2013, 02:48:58 PM »


       Real Name: Dagon
       Known Aliases: Dracula, Drake, Patriarch of Homonus Nocturna
       Role: Leader

Powers and Abilities:
     Immunity to sunlight, extraordinary strength, speed, endurance, stamina, and senses, Drake is the first and the pinnacle example of the vampire race.  He is able to shapeshift at will, matching everything he has seen or came into contact with from another person save for any latent abilities they might possess or their memories.  Like all vampires, Drake is able to heal and regenerate far faster than a normal human, and a recent feeding only increases his healing factor.  His transformed state is stronger than even his human form, making Drake an enemy of lethal proportions.  While he isn't bullet proof, (or arrow proof,) he has been known to dodge bullets with relative ease and has caught arrows out of the air as well.  Whether in his full monstrous form or in his human disguise, Drake can make other people into vampires, provided he doesn't drain them dry first and provided the virus he carries is able to change his intended victim.  Because he is the source of all other vampire strains, any vampires made by him would share many of his strengths and potential weaknesses.

Training and Equipment:
     He was a Sumerian warrior King before he disappeared into obscurity.  Disappointed with the world he had left behind, Drake returned to find the world had changed far beyond anything he could have ever imagined, and he was not happy.  Despite the changes, he possesses a high intelligence level and devours any form of knowledge he can get his hands on in an attempt to better understand this brave new world full of fools.  Beyond this, his warrior training from eons ago has stayed with him, and Drake still carries the sword he used to terrorize the world in his time as well as the heavy armor he forged specifically for himself while he is in his demon like form.  Besides being deadly with a sword, Drake is well versed in hand to hand combat as well, and while the martial arts he knows is centuries old, he is more than capable of holding his own.

Background and History:
      The vampire plague codenamed Daystar didn't kill him, it simply put him down for a few weeks.  If not for the fact he had given Blade a chance to clear his name and thus transformed himself into an exact copy of the Daywalker, the doctors that had been prepared to cut him open before he changed back might have killed him inadvertently during their autopsy.  Instead, he wound up going back and forth between the different vampire covens across the world until he was left in cold storage in Cairo, which ironically wasn't that far from his ancient homeland.  When he awoke after purging Daystar from his system, Drake found himself directly underneath one of the dozens of Serum Camps that the new would be ruler of the world, Apocalypse, had set up.  He bowed to no man, mutant, god, or otherwise, and Drake wasn't about to let someone else make off with his source of food by converting them into mutant slaves.  Humanity had far better uses than that.

He wasn't always the dictator and merciless warlord who believed one should live and die by the sword.  He had a family, once.  Betrayal and subterfuge orchestrated by people he once trusted when he was still a Prince in ancient Sumeria had changed that however.  Drake watched in horror as his betrothed and brothers and sisters were slain and his betrayer forced him into exile.  Instead of dying, Drake returned with an army and took his kingdom back by force.  His thirst for blood and carnage having been woken up long ago, he still holds to his ancient beliefs that one should live and die by the blade and fight with honor rather than using shadow tactics to gain the day because of what he had lost so long ago.  To that end, Apocalypse is everything that Drake would see destroyed, all he needs is an army.

((I had to get creative with his history a bit.  I don't know anything about Dracula from Marvel and I was trying to stick to 'Drake' from the movies more, and they don't reveal a great deal anyway.))
Faults and Weaknesses:
     While he does not like to use stealth and shadow tactics, Drake knows that gathering information behind enemy lines is still a key to victory.  Even so, it always leaves a bad taste in his mouth to ever resort to such methods and he rarely does.  He'll never attack from the dark, preferring to face his enemies head on and when the moment that its time for worthy foes to die, Drake takes his time in removing their heads so that the final stroke is quick and clean, allowing his opponent time to recover.  Daystar, the plague engineered to slay vampires with his DNA as its catalyst, still lingers in Drake's veins, and while he was able to purge it from his system, it still lingers just enough to make him feel bouts of weakness and lethargy, especially if he hasn't fed for a time.  Each successive feeding pushes the effects back a little more, but it'll be a long time before Daystar is completely gone from his body.

Like all vampires, Drake has to feed regularly to maintain his strength. otherwise he can lose control and go into a frenzy.  Massive blood loss, a silver stake through the heart, beheading, or total bodily destruction will and can kill him for good.  Extreme environmental conditions can also put Drake down, but most he can regenerate from if given enough time to do so.

Current Relations and Activity:
      Blade is still considered a worthy adversary and he would gladly try to defeat the legendary hunter again, if not for the fact they have far bigger concerns to worry about.  Beyond Blade and the Nightstalkers, Drake has not been in the world long enough to have made any friends or enemies, and the former he believes he doesn't need anyway.
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Offline Vaulera

Re: Marvel: A New Fate (Still Recruiting and Under New Management)
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2013, 03:07:11 PM »
Hello! After some rather traumatic experiences, busy exam schedules and a whole lot of work, resulting in a huge break from Elliquiy, or more specifically group roleplays, I was wondering if I could pick up my character Blade again, albeit with some huge catching up to do!

Offline LunarSageTopic starter

Re: Marvel: A New Fate (Still Recruiting and Under New Management)
« Reply #3 on: May 08, 2013, 03:08:09 PM »
Heya Vaulera!

Where was Blade, location-wise?

Offline Vaulera

Re: Marvel: A New Fate (Still Recruiting and Under New Management)
« Reply #4 on: May 08, 2013, 03:09:16 PM »
I do believe he was in Tokyo! And why is it under new management, if I may ask, the previous GM was very understanding and good to me. Not that I object, just curious.

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Re: Marvel: A New Fate (Still Recruiting and Under New Management)
« Reply #5 on: May 08, 2013, 03:12:05 PM »
From what I remember V, that is where he was as far as I can recall anyway.  :D  And Lunar, Drake is ready for your approval or dismissal.

Offline Phaia

Re: Marvel: A New Fate (Still Recruiting and Under New Management)
« Reply #6 on: May 08, 2013, 03:20:58 PM »
yes blade was in Tokyo with diamond back and doing something for stark last I heard...

Might be tough to get him with the groups since we have kinda merged a bit

but hey we can work sumthing out

Phaia aka Domino, Raven Queen, Lady Deathstryke

Offline Vaulera

Re: Marvel: A New Fate (Still Recruiting and Under New Management)
« Reply #7 on: May 08, 2013, 03:37:24 PM »
I can try and think something up. Merging was good, if the number of people decreased, just have to be creative in how I get back, I suppose!

Offline Phaia

Re: Marvel: A New Fate (Still Recruiting and Under New Management)
« Reply #8 on: May 08, 2013, 03:39:47 PM »
Tony is still in Tokyo work with MaiM...a lot has happened in tokyo since blade went off on his mission ...he missed domino and wolverine and husk