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Author Topic: Getting back into the hang of things - Medieval idea  (Read 641 times)

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Offline mymisticaTopic starter

Getting back into the hang of things - Medieval idea
« on: April 17, 2013, 02:00:18 PM »
Hello, everyone!
So, it's bean years since I've role-played so I'm really nervous to begin again and would greatly appreciate a few short role-plays to help get back into the swings of things.
Here's a new plot idea I recently wrote but if you have other ideas, I welcome you to suggest them.

Plot: Illyana is young woman in ancient Celtic Ireland. She was raised in a highly secretive Pagan clan (Fiagai Clan) that closed itself off from other communities. Her mother had great power in the clan and had raised Illyana with high hopes that she would someday take her place as High Priestess. However, civil war has broken out across the lands and despite the clan's desperate attempts remain outside of society, their hands have been forced. Enemy clans have begun intruding upon Fiagai territory, setting fire to their fields and massacring their livestock. The men of the clan are forced to enter battle while the women are commanded to flee until they receive word that it is safe to return. Illyana's world has been torn apart but instead of feeling sadness she feels great rage. These lands - so sacred to her family and her clan - have been desecrated by barbarians. She is torn apart from her mother when a vigilante group jumps them in the forest. The group is defeated but Illyana takes advantage of the situation to escape. She knows her mother feels the next High Priestess should hide and be protected but Illyana believes quite the contrary. She feels it is her duty to protect her clan, so she runs through the forest before her mother has a chance to realize she's truly missing. This land is dangerous place for a lone woman, let alone deep in the forest where deadly creatures dwell. Not far off are the great mountains, where rumors say dragons still slumber. Will Illyana find help on her journey, or will she find her fate?

In Character Thread

Age: 18
Appearance: Bright green eyes, soft red hair, light freckles, slim figure.
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Offline Funks

Re: Getting back into the hang of things - Medieval idea
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2013, 02:07:24 PM »
Hi there, I'm just getting started. I love the idea of your roleplay and would like to get involved. I'm unapproved so I can't pm yet and I'm not 100% sure how the site works yet.

Do you have any rules or specifications about characters? Would you like me to post an introduction?


Offline mymisticaTopic starter

Re: Getting back into the hang of things - Medieval idea
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2013, 02:13:04 PM »
I could add a character application sheet to make it easier. :)

Typical rules: No power-playing, nothing past PG-13 (at least not at this point), try to keep proper grammar and punctuation.

Character sheet:

Character Name:



Background: Add at least a short (though long is fine, if you prefer) background for your character to tie them into the story. Even if they are not part of the main plot, explain where they are in the land and what their job is/what kind of family their from/what skills they have/etc.

Offline Funks

Re: Getting back into the hang of things - Medieval idea
« Reply #3 on: April 17, 2013, 03:00:58 PM »
Character sheet:

Character Name: Fiona

Age: 48

Appearance: She inherited the raven black hair from her Celtic bloodline, along with strong eyebrows and a clear heavy jawline. At 48 her hair is starting to show grey around her temples and her face is slowly wrinkling. As she turns to you her height becomes apparent. She's tall for a woman, especially an ancient one. She'd be about 6ft by today's standards. There's not much meat to her but she isn't as fit as she used to be. Her body aches during the winter.

Background: This character is primarily a hermit. She lives in a forest, "Grandma from Little Red Riding Hood" style. The house is a two up two down made of flint. The walls are strong but hidden under a thick layer of moss and ivy. The fairy tale tale house has a small garden area where a few vegetables grow. Often you'll see her tending the garden, fiddling with herbs and the like.

She is not a sociable creature by nature but often feeds travellers that come her way. No one seems able to find her house unless she shows them the way through the scrub and holly trees. For that she is thankful. Wild beasts, wolves in particular, frequent the woods around the house. She's found scratches on the door once or twice but they've never found a way in. The windows are tiny and have thick glass, almost like a fortress.

Fiona used to have a family. She had a son who fell in love with a woman from a nearby clan and left. Ever since she heard news of the fighting she worries about him, and suspects that he is dead. The boy's father didn't stay around for very long and is out of the picture. As a result, she felt disgraced by the clan and moved away, exiling herself, and never thought to come back.

Offline mymisticaTopic starter

Re: Getting back into the hang of things - Medieval idea
« Reply #4 on: April 17, 2013, 03:18:32 PM »
That's excellent :D
I'll give this one more day (possibly two, as I'm taking a long trip home tomorrow) to allow others to join in.
I'll begin within a couple of days, whether or not anyone else joins by then, and allow others to join as they please.
Is that alright with you? :)

Offline Funks

Re: Getting back into the hang of things - Medieval idea
« Reply #5 on: April 17, 2013, 03:50:26 PM »
All good to me.

Have a nice trip, safe travelling n that.


Offline Coyote

Re: Getting back into the hang of things - Medieval idea
« Reply #6 on: April 19, 2013, 02:16:34 AM »
Hey I am still unapproved but I really like this plot and I would love to join in if you still want more people! I am new to play by post roleplaying but I would love to practice and your plot intrigues me. I hope this character sheet is OK!

Character sheet:

Character Name: Unferth

Age: 19

Appearance: A tall, lanky youth, his face is thin and narrow and his nose is slightly crooked and disfigured, making his face look asymmetrical and unsettling. His eyes are blue and they tend to stare with a sullen intensity. His head is topped with short and scruffy black hair which he rarely bothers do deal with. He is thin, fairly muscular and fit except for his crooked left leg which causes him to move with an awkward limping gait.

Background: Unferth was born to a proud warrior family and was trained from an early age with the expectation that he would bring glory to his clan. As a child he was a cocky bully, a loud, proud, warrior to be. But his dreams were shattered at the age of 12 when he was thrown from a horse during riding practice and was badly injured. His injury damaged his left leg causing him to develop a limp, and it damaged his face, creating his unsettling appearance.

Unferth's father slowly grew disgusted with him and decided to focus on training his younger brothers. Unferth was now the target of the bullying, his pride had been stripped away and he was treated with a mixture of disgust and pity by the clan. He was made to work with the women of the clan as he was deemed unsuitable for men's work, and he was often given menial and degrading tasks such as protecting the crops from crows. This, along with his unfortunate appearance, earned him the nickname "Scarecrow"

Unferth lost his brashness and became sullen and withdrawn, learning a long and sad lesson in humility. He practiced whenever he could with a bow, becoming skilled with what his father deemed a cowards weapon, hoping that he could still join the men in battle on day. But when the men were called to war, Unferth was left behind, deemed to unlucky and useless to be taken along.

Angry and disgusted by his fate and with himself, Unferth gathered some supplies and his bow and ran away from his home one night. He enters the wide world, hoping for a chance to prove himself and perhaps show that he can still bring honor to his family's name.

Offline mymisticaTopic starter

Re: Getting back into the hang of things - Medieval idea
« Reply #7 on: April 21, 2013, 11:53:33 PM »
That's wonderful - accepted!
I'll get to work on creating our thread. :)

Applications are still open for others who would like to join.

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In Character thread created...
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Offline selfexiled

Re: Getting back into the hang of things - Medieval idea
« Reply #8 on: May 15, 2013, 07:57:36 AM »
Surely do I be interested in your forey into ancient times.

Name: Fenrick 'Fen'

Age: 29

Just shy of six feet with shoulder length reddish brown hair, with blue eyes. His eyes are unique as they have a ring of gold around the pupil. His muscles are well defined given his jobs, one being a warrior the other a smith. Years before the forge have also tanned him a bit. The healed over scars he has are a lighter shade than the rest of himi making them more apparent. With wrapped leather boots and a kilt of Fiagai's colors, he wears little else but belts for his sword and hammer. Of course a dagger as well, generally stuck in his boot.

Fen is a warrior like all men of this era and a decent one too given that he's not dead yet. However, he also has an aptitude for smithing though he still only works below the forge master. When the fighting began he went with the rest of Fiagai's warrior to secure their lands. After a battle they broke up into smaller groups to hunt down the fleeing enemy Fen's group was ambushed in the forests many were slain on both sides, the man Fen was fighting broke and ran into the forest and Fen gave chase. Much to his dismay though he lost his quarry and himself. Eventually, since he couldn't find his brothren he chose to head home so he could regain his bearings and travel back to his fellow warriors.
His arrival is opportune because the High priestess' daughter is missing after her party was attacked while travelling to safe zone. Fen volunteered to find her, making first for the place of the attack to look for clues.

Offline sinfultictac

Re: Getting back into the hang of things - Medieval idea
« Reply #9 on: May 15, 2013, 07:57:54 PM »
Character Name: Brennus "birch"


Appearance: Brennus is blond, his father laying with a Nordic slave woman, though some say he was Fey-touched. He has fair skinned and blue eyes which seem to shift colors with his mood. He is tall but lean and lanky, often called "Birch". He often wears a bright colored cloak over his body, and plain tunic often tucking his gold necklace in to it. He foregoes a kilt often times for breeches. Despite his age Brennus often looks much younger, though his walking stick shows his age, as his walking and work has been hard on his knees. He keeps a verity of herbs and other gear in a small bag he shoulders.

Background: Brennus was born in to a high ranked family of the Fiagai clan, of  his father laying with a Nordic slave girl. Though his father and his "mother" claimed he was Fey-touched, or sometimes a fey-child. Many stories in his village sprung up and many stories spread to to other villages in the Clan's land. The wind carried the words "witch child" or "Fey-child". These rumors brought the Druids, who tested Brennus, and in the middle of the night on Samhain, took him away from his Father, Mother and village. Brennus had known for years who really gave birth to him, and thought the druids were stupid for believing the lie. It was later explained to him that the Druids knew who his real mother was, that his place was still with the druids, as a good lie often gives power to people. He trained as a Druid learning the different magiks,ritual,law and healing. He would travel across Clan lands in his teens and twenties, often walking miles, to learn or to settle minor land disputes, do rituals or clean people of their taboo violations. He had been wandering in the forests as to cut through them to find a the enemy clan to meet with their Druids to settle land agreements, though he was beginning to believe he was lost.
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Offline Zelric Miras

Re: Getting back into the hang of things - Medieval idea
« Reply #10 on: May 23, 2013, 06:53:23 PM »
Are you still open for applications?

Character Name: LeĆ²ghann "Leo"

Age: 24

Appearance: Medium build, he is toned from exercise but not bulky. 5'10'' in height. He has hazel eyes and red hair, set on a face with soft features. His face has been described as good looking but a tad feminine. He wears a green reversible cloak with white on the inside. His clothes are forest green, similar to his cloak, and he usually has a bow around his shoulder and a wooden flute hanging from his neck. His bow has a small blade on the outside edge so it can be used to fend of an attacker but it is impractical for sustained close range combat and his quiver is tied to his hip.

Background: Leo was training to be a bard but his heart was more akin to hunting and fighting. He had skipped a lesson and was returning from the forest with game when the clan was attacked. His blood isn't really Fiagai but his step father and mentor had taken him in when he was a child. He was told that he was found wandering alone in the forest with an arrow on his shoulder. While he has no memories before waking up in his mentor's house, he isn't interested in his past. He feels as a true Figai and blames himself or not being there with his mentor to protect him when he was attacked by barbarians, in the clearing where they were supposed to meet for his lesson. He was trained in using the bow and hand to hand combat when the problems with other clans started, but his mentor felt it important that he continued to learn the old songs.