Dabria's Extreme Idea

Started by Bruja, June 16, 2008, 09:25:45 PM

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[EX] Assassin's Mark

Raising her hand to her eyes, Erin squinted into the sun. The Land Rover drove at a high speed towards her position. She shifted her stance and then brought the binoculars up to her eyes. The driver was a fed, as it was easily distinguishable by the bad suit and stock mirror sunglasses. Why can't any of these guys dress to die, she thought to herself as she brought the high powered rifle up and balanced it on the stand. Now her job was simple, kill the target and move on. Leave the driver and any other federals that might be present. It was not a difficult job, but she hated to leave witnesses, it would take them forever to even figure out where the shot came from. The one thing about this particular spot was that she could easily disappear into the woods.

The idea is simple, its essentially an assasin's tale. I am looking for a person to play the retired professional hired to track down and take out the new lethal assasin in existance. Yes I know there are like 4 or 5 movies that are based off of this premise, but I want to take it to a different level. Not only do they fall in love, but it would be a rocky total explosion of a relationship. There is no happily ever after ending, because nothing ever ends.......

This is an extreme game, it is not for the faint of heart. Please keep that under consideration. Thanks.


The idea sounds really fun and interesting.    I would like to take part in it, if someone hasn't already claimed the spot.  :-)