RP on forums, communicate in messengers! Sound ideal to anyone else?

Started by TheKnifeWon, April 13, 2013, 12:00:15 AM

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OK. . .before I start, the thread title tells you the arrangement I need for RPs. As much as I try, I find it next to impossible to remain enthused for RPs, even good RPs, when I don't have friendly communication with my partner. By "friendly communication", I mostly mean that we chat about our RPs and our characters, we're both available to answer questions about our posts, and (maybe, not completely required) we get along in a friendly, chatty way OOC. I'm not looking for OOC intimacy in any form, but I've discovered I absolutely require regular communication. Most of the RPs I've done that have died, have died for want of communication with my partner.

I require in-depth RP from my partners. This means that your posts should contain not just your character's actions, words and physical description, but 'commentary' on the goings on, as well. Lately I've found myself content to write shorter posts, for example. . .

Quote"Bullshit. Customers come when the store's open. I know I didn't flip that sign," Evvie protested immediately, her eyes swinging indicatively toward the door. She was sweet as pie when the shop was open, at least to people she didn't know. A stranger who strolled in like she'd gotten her fashion cues from the Crow hours before the store was meant to open wasn't afforded that same respect. She didn't belong here and, in spite of her claim, was not walking toward the telephone. "Message? I thought you were using the phone," Evvie replied flatly, glancing down to her work surface and snapping her wrists down toward the marble to fling bits of butter free before they became too warm. This woman might have some nonsense planned, but fuck if she was going to ruin an entire stick of butter on her account.

. . .is entirely acceptable to me. It's not super long, but there's enough written aside from her immediate actions to get a feel for her personality, and that's important to me. This doesn't mean I don't embrace longer posts! A look at my posting history will tell you they can go on for quite a while, haha.

I have three characters I'm willing to use.

The main one is Maxwell Garrington, who exists in a kind of customized True Blood/Supernatural crossover universe. He's my best-loved and best-formed character. Friendly, outgoing, playfully seductive and confident, he loves (positive) attention and hopes to reclaim a teaching job he lost when Russel Edgington went crazy on TV. You can find his profile on my Ons/Offs page. Here are some ideas for him:

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The Unexpected Phone Call

Basic concept: Your character is desperately fleeing some kind of awful situation. Maybe she's aware of exactly what she's fleeing, maybe she's not entirely cognizant but knows she needs out, maybe she even has some sort of memory lapse about what, exactly, she's fleeing. She gets hold of a phone, though, maybe a phone book and, not knowing anyone in the area, either dials a random number, or opens up the phone book and chooses a random name. Whatever the case, Maxwell answers. They wind up meeting somewhere, and he winds up sheltering her and helping her recover. Or feel safe. Again--it depends on what this situation is for her.

What I can tell you about this, so far. . .

The character can be anywhere from 19-32 or so, depending on what makes the most sense with her story.

The main idea I have here involves leaving a cult (watching a movie about this is what, in part, inspired this idea). If you choose this option, there are a number of elements that may be included in this. Probably forms of abuse. I would prefer if you steered clear of sexual abuse that's too egregious, though I understand that it is, often, an element with cults. Basically, I think it's something that needs to be handled very carefully, particularly if you want the characters to have a sexual relationship. I try to keep character psychology as realistic as possible, under these circumstances.

Also, I'd err toward conditioning and rule-abiding ahead of having the Christ beaten out of her whenever she stepped out of line. As this is concerned, I see it involving a process of breaking her of restrictive ideas about how she ought to behave. Whether these are traditional belief sets as you might find in mainstream religions, or alternative belief sets that are still a bit twisted, is up for discussion.

Another interesting question is whether she knows about vampires or not. If she was raised into this cult, or kept in it for long enough (six years ought to do it), it's possible that she would have no means to learn about the Great Revelation at all. Alternatively, maybe the cultists taught her strange things about vampires. I'm going back and forth on whether I'd be interested in vampires, or other supernaturals, being involved in this cult business. It's one of those things that, if properly executed, could be intriguing, but that is very easy to mess up.

Really should get new boarders. . .

Maxwell has placed flyers around town offering a room in his home for a nice, vague, 'affordable' rate. Considering his name and address are on the flyer, that this space belongs to a vampire is no secret. The cost? Just the occasional blood donation. That's affordable, right?

Ideal candidates would be between the ages of 21-23, weigh 130 pounds or more, and able to become comfortable with a vampire biting 'em. It's an erotic experience even on its own, so being comfortable having sex would probably be best, too. I mean, why not?

The Drama Student

You play a drama student (probably female) who complains to her friend about what a useless flake her acting partner is. This friend perks up and offers to email Maxwell on her behalf, claiming he'd be the perfect candidate, if your character can get past the vampire thing. Ultimately a meeting is set up, and, well, Max becomes her acting partner because he's just so darn charming and competent. We'd do a lot of interesting RP-within-RP scenes! I also think it'd be cute if this wound up in romance. Possibly playful sex could be worked into the 'acting practice', too, but that isn't necessary if you'd rather do a more conventional "they fall in love, THEN they fuck" RP.

I'm also perfectly willing to dream up RP ideas with Max that might better suit your existing character(s) or interests.

Another character I have is Evvie Daniels. Here's her info so far:

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Name: Eve "Evvie" Daniels
AKA: Penny Pandemonium
Date of Birth: January 14, 1989
Current Residence: Crystal Springs, California
Build: Short, thick; her affection for baked goods pads her pretty thoroughly, but her passion for derby and arm wrestling supremacy keeps her strong.
Major: Percussion
Hobbies: Roller derby, arm wrestling, drumming for friends' musical efforts, baking's something she enjoys and has made space for at her job
Derby Position: Blocker
Fashion: Varies; she'll wear lazy jeans and t-shirts at times, cute pinup dresses others. Favors punk rock style on the track.
Appearance: Keeps her hair bleached a pale blonde and cut into a short style which she'll sometimes keep out of her eyes with a headband. Round face, button nose with a spread of freckles across the bridge, heart-shaped mouth.
Piercings/Tattoos Stud in lower lip, left side. Tattoos to be decided, but likely to be individual pieces (no sleeves or anything).

Things To Know About Evvie

Moved to Crystal Springs from further south. In her second year of school; worked for a few years to save up money first. Can be friendly enough with vampires, but the thought of being touched by their cold fucking hands dries her cunt right out. Suspects things might be weirder than they appear, but has yet to see anything to make her sure. Makes most of the amazing baked goods in the Robin St. Cafe, and is pretty good with hot cocoa, too. Tends to respond to disrespect with physical violence, and packs more of a punch than most (particularly men) initially expect of her.

Please note that, although I'm female OOC, Evvie is my first female character since I was 14 (AKA "before I wrote sexual content"). As such, I am not confident writing her in highly sexualized situations. This doesn't mean sexual content is completely off the table, but that it must be introduced gradually and tastefully, rather than being an obvious theme from the outset. With regard to sexuality, though, Evvie is presented as being straight and not participating in dom/sub stuff; she's sexually confident, though, which is worth noting. Seeing as she's a new character, I can't say she's straight with 100% certainty, because it's not really been a major thought in her development. So feel free to approach me with any gender character you might like for her and we'll give it a shot, see how it goes.

It's worth noting that she exists in the same universe as Max and is one of his best friends. This may or may not be relevant to our RP--it's just worth knowing. Although, this does inform an interest I have in her reflexively killing a vampire who's hassling her, and freaking out because it happened so fast and so easily. "WOULD HE REALLY JUST CRUMBLE INTO ASH LIKE THAT!?!", etc..

I don't have any specific ideas for her for the moment, as I've had very little opportunity to get to know her through play! An interesting set up, though, is writing her coming to the cafe in the pre-dawn hours to bake for the morning customers. Your character can be someone (or something?) who intrudes on her at this very strange hour. Why? Who knows! We'll figure it out.

My final character to consider is Cassiel zal'Berei. Here's his info:

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Full Name: Cassiel Serin zal'Berei
Age: 23
Date of Birth: August 23 (by Earth reckoning)
Birthplace: Rensail, Muserae

Background Info

There are two races of humans on Cassiel's home planet of Muserae, the dal'Berei and the zal'Berei; the latter have been gifted with great magical powers, and were chosen as universal ambassadors of good will. They are prepared, from a young age, for the morning on which they will awake in a strange world, which may or may not be hospitable to their kind. They must know all manner of magicks which might protect them from harm, with emphasis on defense rather than offense. Knowing that, by blood, they have great capacity for terrible deeds, their society encourages them to use a gentle hand instead, and approach all conflict with a compassionate heart. They are instructed to introduce themselves as their forename followed by "zal'Berei", in the interest of unity; that name should be associated, around the universe, with persons who have helped to resolve conflict, bolster charity, and otherwise improved the lives of those they meet.

Cassiel, personally, is considered a late bloomer. Though he always performed well in his studies (excepting transformative and combative magicks), regardless of their nature, his teenage years came and went without the rite of passage the majority of zal'Berei underwent by the age of nineteen. Having embarked upon his first trip only months ago, he has yet to establish control of this aspect of his powers; most of his travels, therefore, remain entirely random and, more than that, unexpected, though he likes to think he would know how to return to a particular place once he's been there already.

zal'Berei must return home periodically to replenish their strength and, in those times, Cassiel makes his money through poetry and the public recital thereof. This will often inform the things that he does on new worlds, though the opportunity does not always present itself.

Appearance, Gender Presentation, etc.

The appearance of the zal'Berei is constant only on their home planet. Off-world, they change in every new place and time, often dramatically. This includes differences in physical sex. Photography works strangely on them; their features are blurred and indistinct. Similarly, it would be difficult for a person to explain precisely what they looked like to someone else. It would have to do more with their opinion on them--eg, "he had a nice mouth", "she had really messy hair"--than any really meaningful details. However, when they see them again, it'll seem like nothing's strange; they always looked like that.

I've decided that his true appearance is this guy, by the way. Just so you know! If you happen to want to play with him on his home planet, that's what he'll look like! Or if he ever manages to learn transformative magic properly and changes during an RP, for some reason (perhaps resembling someone inconvenient).

Basically, he's a benevolent, highly magical alien. Yeah, it's corny as fuck. I needed a character who, unlike my others, was not setting-locked. While his appearance--including his gender and species--varies depending on the world, his personality - gentle, curious, benevolent, creative - remains intact. I consistently use male pronouns when talking about him because he is male on his home planet and, as such, thinks of himself as male overall. If I'm playing him in a female-identified form, I'm likely to use female pronouns to refer to him in the posts. Gender identity is fairly fluid to the zal'Berei because of the changes they undergo, so I don't think there should be any big deal about it. That is, while in a female form, he'll accept himself as female and won't have any crises about it. It's not going to be some fetishistic sticking point, like a "man in a woman's body" thing. On Muserae, he's a dude. On the next planet, maybe not. Whatever. It's fine.

What can be done with him? Well, you're gonna help me out with that! The RP would be one centered around what your character could get out of him. He's very sweet-tempered and kind, as I've said, so it could be fun to have him meet some less than savory characters. Being rather new to world-traveling, his travels tend to happen accidentally and unexpectedly. He's also rather naive, though intelligent, and impressionable because of that. You don't have to corrupt him, though. Maybe he uses his magic to help your character out of a bad situation? Whether it's in an immediate way, or on a grander scale (as in warring tribes, whatever).

I'd be excited to be contacted about any of these characters, so please message me if you're interested!