Problems of a Virtual Nature (F seeking GM;MMO styled adventure idea)

Started by ExisD, April 12, 2013, 01:05:29 PM

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So this idea's been in the back of my mind for weeks and I think I've figured out enough about it to finally describe it.

Scenario: In the near future the videogame and VR industry has boomed, attracting more and more players. With simulated combat, but force feedback that has pain capped at a certain point of course, people who have no physical skills can still engage in swordplay. However, people with the skills irl can bring much more out of their characters.

No where is this aspect more used the the Downtown Demolators. A guild dedicated to abusing the rest of the player base through whatever means they can. Usually this just involves a lot of killing, raping, and pillaging. Since this is an adult game that is programmed to be a realistic as possible, with the inclusion of magic of course, they saw messing with everyone as all in good fun. After all, everyone signed off on a contract after possible player actions were made explicit in what they can do when they joined the game. Besides you can always log out to avoid something if you really want to.

Being a member meant that you simultaneously had power and were also that much more vulnerable. They usually didn't do anything that would really hurt other members, but harassment was very common. Sophia Thompson was one of the members who was good enough at the game and had enough skill that she was above most of it. She'd never gotten into one of the leadership roles within the guild and was pretty well known as a vicious PKer to the surrounding area.

Sophia played games primarily to win and humiliate her opponents. In the end a lack of foresight on her part resulted in her account getting hacked by one of her superiors. If he'd just deleted her character it would've been irritating, but more recoverable. Instead he reincarnated her into the prostitute class. Reincarnating was something that anyone could do to re-level themselves as a new class with passive benefits from previous ones and Sophia's main had been worked on in this system for a few years. As such she really had no choice but to go through the game again as a support class that got most of it's xp by fucking people. To make matters worse most of her gear was for dps specs.

That's the basic idea, but onto more specifics. I'm looking for someone to run a bunch of different NPCs and scenarios, I'm very happy to help come up with plot for the game as well.

For my character: Sophia's planned to be a fairly mean person who is bad at being subtle or seductive. She hates not being in control or better than everyone and is now in a scenario where she's the weakest/most vulnerable.

In terms of kinks here's what I'm looking for: prostitution(obviously here), group sex, public sex, humiliation, NC, a bit of violence. There's a long list of other things that could be added, but those were what I was focusing on for the idea.

Lastly, if it's possible I would want to have this be a system game so there is some sense of progression toward her goal and her character getting stronger. I'd build someone who would have a hard time in a fight and a bunch of support powers that we could re-skin to involve more illicit activities than the default. I don't have any preferences for what sort of system to use if you'd want to use one.

That's pretty much it, I'm going to try to find some pictures for examples.

If you're interested shoot me a PM.