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Author Topic: Labyrinth (GM seeking f submissives; choose your own demise)  (Read 610 times)

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Offline Cerulean DreamsTopic starter

Hope is all you have

Synopsis: I am seeking female characters to inhabit the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth is a seemingly endless array of rooms, corridors, tunnels and vents whose structure is mutable and unfixed, warping itself with no apparent pattern or logic. Within the Labyrinth exist creatures, gross parodies of the human form. They are the only fixed aspect of the twisting, turning structure none escape from.

Your character awakens in a small room, with no memory of how they arrived from their everyday life. They will try to escape, their desperation growing hour by hour, sustained by the Labyrinth, and spoken to by an omnipotent, omniscient voice that reverberates in their head, alternately taunting and guiding them.

But there will be no escape. One way or the other each girl will succumb to the Labyrinth. Some will die, lost and alone. Others will be kept alive, doomed to remain forever alive and conscious, succumbing to a fate worse than death. The last.. They will melt away into the darkness, eventually becoming the creatures that stalk the future victims...


Greetings. A disclaimer: This is my first request on Elliquiy, so please do excuse me if this is either out of place, or does not otherwise fit the rules.

I am perhaps being a little ambitious, but I wish to create a game with a continuous cycling of players and player characters in which I am the GM.

The synopsis offers the basic premise - your character awakens in the Labyrinth, a place that exists outside the restraints of normal physics. It is a dark, eerie and threatening place, and obviously your character wishes to escape. They will attempt to do so, of course.

Very soon they hear a voice within their heads. The voice alternately taunts them and praises them, laughing as the suffer one moment whilst offering reassurance the next. This voice is my character, the God-like voice that sees and knows all. It is up to your character how they respond to the voice.

However your character responds will not lead them to escape - no one escapes the Labyrinth. This is where you get to choose your own demise. Perhaps you wish to simply be led around in circles until you pass out from exhaustion? Mummified alive and strung up on one of the walls, a living, screaming decoration to terrify future wanderers? Or maybe the voice infiltrates your head to the extent that you slowly become one of the shambling human-like creatures that wander the Labyrinth eternally, the shells of former girls who succumbed to the darkness? I will seek to sculpt out your fate as quickly - or slowly - as you wish, provided, of course, it falls within my limits (of which there are but one or two).

From your point of view the game will primarily be reactionary - I write what happens, you write how you respond to said actions. At some point a choice will be presented, in the form of say continue through vent or move down into corridor. You make the choice, I lead on from there.

Right now I am looking only for one participant. However, if everything works out smoothly I will work to include two players at any one time, interacting in the same Labyrinth, possibly hearing - and maybe meeting - one another. This will depend on the success of the single-player version however.

My ons and offs, and partner expectations
: Right now my ons and offs page is under construction (seriously, it's not even basic framework yet) , but I am happy to expand upon them via private message. In general I am amiable to most kinks and perversions, with a few notable exceptions - bestiality, mythical creatures and impregnation. I may um and err, and these will be expanded upon in my ons and offs, but for now, as I say, feel free to PM me any queries, however perverse.

Beyond a basic level of courtesy from my partners I expect to be told if you lose interest in the story, so that I can address why. There is nothing worse than a partner not enjoying themselves.

Salient points:

* Horror-based roleplay.
* I act as GM, you as a female character trapped in the Labyrinth.
* The story's ending depends upon the fate you express an interest in.
* If interested please send me a private message with either your questions, and/or a character profile, ideally with a potential avatar.
* Provided the game gets off the ground the characters and stories will be linked to in the below post.

I have no doubt missed something out, but any questions I address in private message will be reflected in this post, provided it's not a personal issue.

I hope to hear from you soon...

The Labyrinth awaits.

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Re: Labyrinth (GM seeking f submissives; choose your own demise)
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The first player has entered the Labyrinth.

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