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Author Topic: Unlikely Hero .. Male Looking for Female ..... Rescues go both ways...  (Read 425 times)

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Offline Rog the RakeTopic starter

He is... Former High School Quarterback that blew his knee out his senior year, became stuck in his home town working at a factory in a 8-4 job while supporting his mother and his little sister who WAS going to go to college no matter what she said. Even though his knee kills him he still pushes himself and swims, hikes, and runs on the weekend.. which is his time.

She is... 'A piece of work' , a 'Bitch in Heels' and 'The Bosses' daughter, however she does NOT live off daddy instead she earned her degree and worked her way up the company into a corner office and then on the Board of directors.. now she is days away from taking over from Daddy and also worth a tidy sum of money in the intellectual properties she has control of for the fortune five hundred company.

His Stats .. 6'6" 242# well endowed and healthy 20 something .. Brownish Blond Hair and Baby Blue Eyes

Her Stats.. 5'1"  105# 32-28-34 inches, Bra Size -32B  20 something Reddish Gold Hair and Green Eyes

** They are going to meet ... and One big jock hero wins the gratitude and respect and gratitude of Daddy.. but it his little girl that is thrown for a loop by the 'Hero' and causes her to rethink men in general or one man.. **

BEFORE I go into the 'Back Story' what I am seeking is someone to play the female lead in this story.. I want this is forum only please.. and I see this as a romance with no clear rules EXCEPT she is not a smoker, she is not into 'Bathroom' play or extreme pain.. and everything else we can talk about in PM before we start the 'game' (the story in earnest)..

The BackStory or How they meet...

((His View))
The alarm was about to go off and he rolled over and turned if off before it did, he smiled ever since he was ten he would always wake before the alarm went off, why he set it he did not know.. rolling from his bed he stood and stretched walking to his bath he slipped his boxers off and hit the shower control.

The only good thing about living in the 'basement' was privacy and he always had the first hot water, something his little sister hated. He knew his mom and her would not be up for a few hours so this was his time.. done in the shower he threw on a pair of shorts , shirt socks and his running sneaks.. grabbing his keys he was out the door.. climbing in his OLD but sweet car he chuckled .. maybe this was the year he would finish the paint job and get the seats complete and... and... BUT still the 72 Cutlass was his baby and he loved her .... more then his sister some times.

((Her View))
The alarm blared and she growled.. she tried to find it but could not she almost rolled out of the hotel bed, that was when she realized she was NOT at home but rather in a hotel room... the phone rang and she ignored it... her eyes closed her body refusing to wake why the hell was she getting up so early? A knock at the door had her calling out 'what' and one of the two 'escorts' her father had hired speaking about breakfeast and how she wanted to be woken for a run... had insisted they insist no matter what she said.. and had told them she would have her father fire them if they did not do as she said no matter what she said..

*She smiled as she sighed* and told the voice at the door she would be right out as she slid from under the cotton sheets her silk boxers and camisole top rubbing her body in all the right place.. .o0(maybe its time to find a new lover) she thought but then dismissed it.. soon Daddy would be stepping down and she would be stepping up and she did NOT have time for the energy a man would take up.

Twenty minutes later she was with the two men who would 'escort' her on the run.. she grabbed a juice drank it down and headed for the door as the two bodyguards hurried to catch up to her.

(( His View 2 ))
He slid into McDonald's drive through got a juice and MC griddle and ate while he drove.. he slipped in a RAT cassette and watched his radio eat it and spit it out in pieces and he *sighed* pulling up to the park he noticed a few cars and trucks one van... he parked away from them.. and slipped out of the car locking it he tossed his trash and stretched.. soon he was ready and hit the trail...

(( Her View 2 ))
The driver headed to the park this was the same place she ran every time she was in town and he pulled into his usual place and watched his 'client' and her two men exit. When they were gone he pulled a cell and sent a text.. he was sweating but then again the money was too good to pass up... he saw that his client was in good shape and so were the men but he knew she always did her best to 'loose them' and beat them back to the car.. today he hoped would be the same.. he did not want to see anyone hurt or killed..

((( The Van )))
Three men were in the Van one driver and two with weapons, this was going to be clean... they had parked the Van close but not to close and all they needed now was time.. they waited slipping on masks and when they saw the 'target' running full out towards her car.. her 'guards' no where in site they timed it.. the van started and as she hit the car her back to them laughing looking from where she had come running two of them slid the door open and moved in on her .. a rag was placed over her moth and nose as she was grabbed... the mans partner looked at the driver in the car and did not hesitate.. he shot the man..

((( Reaction and action .... how stupid can any one man be? )))
He had completed his run and was now sitting in his car... his leg was aching and he popped to alleve as he drank one bottle of water... and felt the need to pee.. the shots caused him to jump and he looked up his eyes going wide even as his hand moved to the ignition and he stared his car.. he saw two men werewolf masks.. one had a smoking gun... he had fired it at a car.. they were dragging a woman into a van... one tossed her in...

Roger did not think.. he acted.. his mind was focused on the girl... she was small like his sister.. she was not moving... one guy was in the van with her.. the other stood there a weapon out.. he slipped his 72 Cutlass into gear... it was a street car.. had a 350 rocket under the hood and he did sprints with it when he was foolish and younger.. he POINTED the car at the side of the Van and before the guy with the gun could get in his foot hit the gas and he was moving forward... 0-70 four seconds..

The kindapper had time to hear and see the car.. he rotated his arm and tried to pull the trigger but the front end of the car hit him causing him to fly back into the open door of the Van his gun did go off bullets puncturing the front window and engine of the car that hit him.. his arm coming back also caught his partner as he hit the other side of the Van wall his neck broken..

The 72 Cutlass plowed into Van.. Roger now had his foot on the brakes but it still almost caused the Van to flip.. it set the air bag off and pinned the driver as running towards the Van the two body guards now with guns drawn... pointed them at both The Cutlass and the Airbag... one saw a hand with a gun and fired at the Van driver still pinned by the air bag..

Rog threw his car into park... his knee was killing him now.. he did not have airbags.. he had a seat belt.. he also .. could not move.. his left arm... he turned his head as a man with a gun pointed it at him and he smiled.. ..oO(oh well stupid you tried) and he passed out.

(( Hospital ))

Veronica woke up screaming she flailed her arms and nurses and orderlies came in and calmed her... then a man jumped up and she saw her father.. "Daddy?" she said confused, upset, scarred and pissed...

Roger woke up in pain.. he had been shot three times.. his bad knee had been shattered again by hitting the under side of his steering wheel and he had almost died..

BUT - What both would learn is he had stopped an attempt to Kidnap the daughter of a wealthy Industrialist three men were dead one was in custody also a woman was in custody having been given up as also involved and worse the plan was not just to receive a ransom but to use her to gain access to the Intellectual keys she had access to and sell them to competitors then kill her.

and one little Hero and his 72 Cutlass had ruined it...

How does someone payback a person who saves there life? When he asks for nothing save help in paying the medical bills he knows he can not afford?

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Offline Meri

Hello, Rog -

Haven't been on E for a long time, and we had started a RP called The Younger Sister. I read your post about this story and was intrigued. PM me if you are interested in discussing a collaboration.

Meri  :-)