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Author Topic: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi) FULL!  (Read 2209 times)

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Offline ChrystalTopic starter


Ever wanted to be part of the Mission: Impossible team, but wanted to be on the side of the bad guys?

Now's your chance!

Major Anne Laughton was an officer in the British Special Air Service. However, when the British government announced that the SAS could no longer be maintained and the regiment was to be disbanded, Maj Laughton was, like many of the other soldiers, seriously pissed off. Maj Laughton, however, chose to take matters into her own hands. Rather than wait for her redundancy notice, she went AWOL, taking with her a considerable amount of top secret military hardware, not least of which being the chip in her head.

She set herself up as a mercenary, and quickly found employment working for a warlord who wished to establish his own little empire. It was here she met Nikkita Stack, with whom she soon established a complex working relationship.

Anne used the money she was paid by the warlord to create her own company, purchasing a top-line AI and having it programmed for her needs. She set up a unique mercenary organisation with her self and Stack at the core, and other members either employed or subcontracted at need.

The company was IRON FIST INC.

Main Outline (Story, Character, General, & Mechanics etc..):
  • Section the Game will be placed in and whether it is a system game or not.
    This is a free-form game, and will be placed in the Extreme Small Groups (initially - I doubt it will reach large group status, but I live in hope).
  • Who is the RP open to?
    The game is open to all players. Characters must be human to a certain extent, however physical cyborg modifications are allowed.
    HOWEVER, I will not permit characters to be invulnerable. Players must have a love of gratuitous violence! 
  • Short Summary of Player Roles and General Story/Plot.
    The story is set in a "pre-apocalyptic dystopia". Not quite cyberpunk, but getting there. It focuses on a group of mercenaries, Iron Fist Inc, who take on dirty jobs that the bad guys want done but don't want to do themselves. Characters should all be criminals or deserters from various military units.

  • Setting.
    The world of Iron Fist is the end of the 21st century or the beginning of the 22nd.

    What has happened to the world?
    Between today and the world of Iron Fist, much has changed. There have been a number of wars, for starters, and although none of them destroyed the world, at least two were ended by the use of nuclear weapons. Many of the larger countries, such as the Russian Federation, The USA, Australia, India, Brazil, have "balkanised" - that is they have split into smaller nations, often as a result of civil wars, constitutional crises, financial collapse, etc. New nations have sprung up as old ones disintegrate.

    In this world on the verge of collapse, the rule of law is rare. Many nations are now democracies in name only, most having steadily eroded civil liberties in the name of keeping their populations safe. In place of the nation states, corporate states have arisen - Microsoft, Virgin, Toyota, Sony, Amstrad, Citibank, to name a few. These new states have no physical boundaries, instead they own offices and assets scattered around the world. Their citizens are their employees, their CEOs are heads of state. They have their own armies and weapons, but a traditional style war will not works against them - instead, assassination, cyber-attack, terrorist bombings, these are the weapons they use against each other and that the nation states are forced to use against them.

    A pre-apocalyptic dystopia in which the rich are richer and the poor are enslaved.

    The technology level has advanced considerably.

    NO LASER GUNS! A laser powerful enough to do any damage needs to be plugged into the mains. Lasers are used extensively as targeting devices, however.

    What we do have is a generation of smart guns. Basically the gun will select a target and fire itself. Many weapons have an interface chip set into the hand grip (see "Modifications" below).

    Larger weapons such as tanks, artillery, aircraft, etc, are pretty much out of the scope of the game. If we encounter them, things have gone badly up shit creak.

    Defences: Stopping a bullet still requires a thick layer of Kevlar. (Mote: to stop a laser you need a mirror!) As the idea is that the Iron Fist Team do not get into a fire fight with the "good guys", it is not really something your character will need.

    The most important modification is that nearly everyone now has a microchip implanted in their head. This chip effectively replaces the mobile phone, tablet, iPod, smart phone, camera, lap-top computer, etc. It does not replace the internet server, nor the wi-fi base station. However, as wi-fi technology has advanced, effectively everyone now has access to low-cost and reliable wireless internet access wherever they are in the world. The unencrypted internet hotspot has replaced the mobile telephone cell. Because of this, it is now virtually impossible to trace someone's location by using their IP address.

    Civilian grade cranial implants are capable of doing everything a present day computer, smart-phone, tablet, mp3 player and TV remote can do, all rolled into one, and all just by thinking about it.

    In addition, a military grade implant is capable of encrypted communications, interfacing with various military hardware via either wireless link or more commonly a hard-wire that plugs into a socket either behind one ear or at the nape of the neck. Military implants are capable of interfacing with other modifications such as cybernetics. Another almost exclusively military modification is the palm implant. This interfaces directly with the chips in a smart weapon and allows the wielder to see exactly where their shots will go without needing to aim, and to fire the weapon simply by thinking about it.

    Other enhancements and modifications can be cybernetic limb and organ replacements, such as eyes that can see using radar or infra-red, mechanical hands with exchangeable finger attachments, anything along those lines really.

    Oil is in very short supply. As such, most civilian aircraft are now lighter-than-air. The airship has made a stunning comeback, filled with the much safer helium gas instead of the cheaper but extremely volatile hydrogen. Flying high, they are principally solar powered, the main gas bag being covered with light weight solar panels.

    Sea transport is either nuclear or solar, with a growing resurgence in sail.

    Ground vehicles are almost exclusively electric, and will normally take their power - and traffic directions - from an induction cable laid in the road surface.

    The obvious exceptions being military vehicles, which are still oil burners.

    The Internet / Cyberspace
    The fully self aware Artificial Intelligence (or AI) has revolutionised the internet. AIs tend to behave rather like gods within their own personal world. They have constructed cyberspace to be a vast virtual city, within which they operate and communicate with each other and with humans.

    Humans enter cyberspace via a wi-fi node, using their personal cranial implant chip. They will create an avatar for themselves within cyberspace which can interact with other avatars in much the same way as in the real world. Because the sensory feedback is directly into the brain, the user will experience everything that their avatar experiences. There are, of course, fail-safes. If the avatar dies or experiences excessive pain, the user's link is automatically severed.

    ... Usually...!

    AIs tend to reside in massive castles, but may choose not to. Access to another human's chip, from cyberspace, is quite often similar to knocking on the door of a virtual house.

    The game is going to be dark and gritty, obviously. Expect at least one NPC to be murdered out of hand within the first post! 

  • Plot Outline.
    This is a meta-plot oriented game - There will be a mission (one initially, more if the game and the player characters survive) that the Iron Fist team must accomplish. The basic goal of each player is to survive to the end, complete the mission and get paid! Player characters MUST work as a team, or they will not succeed.

    The mission itself will be detailed later, either as a post in the OOC thread, or IC in a mission briefing, depending on how the players wish to do it.
  • Character creation info/guidelines if any.
    Each player may have one character only, initially.  I will add the character creation sheet to this post at a later stage.

    As mentioned previously, I will not permit invulnerable characters. Even if your character is a human brain embedded in an android body, he or she will still be vulnerable - most likely to electronic attack. Please be reasonable with enhancements. The leader of I.F. (my character) is not going to have someone on her team that she cannot control.
  • Game Pacing.
    The game is likely to move slowly at first, especially if we choose to have the mission brief done IC. I am actually tempted to do the mission brief OOC and jump straight into the action, for reasons detailed below.

    Posting rates are likely to be low for myself and at least one other player.
  • How much sexual activity is likely to occur or expected, if any?
    While there will be the occasional opportunity for smut/sex, such as the possible rape of a victim, or a brief interlude in the action to let people relax, this is principally an action adventure type game.

    If you are wanting smut, please look elsewhere!
  • Whether tagging will be used or not.
    Post tagging will be in use. An example will be put in the OOC thread
  • Cross-gender players/characters:
    Yes. Players may play a character of the opposite gender, or even of no gender. I willalso accept characters that are trans-gender provided a good enough reason for their state is provided in the character sheet. Please note the above entry regarding sexual content.

Game Master Info / GM(s) Participation Level (If/where applicable)
  • Will there be a Co-GM? No. I have a second in command IC for the game (see below), but it is not likely to be large enough to require a co-GM
  • How guided will the play be(sandbox, directed etc)? There will be a mission profile. My character will issue orders to other characters with the idea of completing the mission. Players may decide how their characters interpret those orders.

    However, there will be consequences for getting things wrong! If you post that your character shoots someone, for example, then the gunshot may be heard and attract guards, or the body may be found later. Please be aware that Major Anne Laughton (Ex-SAS), who runs Iron Fist, is a selfish, ruthless bitch and will not hesitate to leave someone behind or kill them if it looks like they are a liabi;lity, or if she needs to do so to escape with her own life!
  • How NPC's will be handled?NPCs will mostly be handled by myself, however players may create them "on-the-fly", provided they do not contradict the mission profile by doing so. Most NPCs will be distinctly short-lived!
  • How active will the GM be? I have my own chjaracter who is the owner and CEO of Iron Fist Inc. I will also be controling most of the NPCs
  • Will there be an OOC thread? Yes. Players may use the OOC thread for discussing game mechanics, discussing the mission, discussing each other's characters, discussing their holidays, the weather, telling jokes, sharing recipes, basically anything you like, however I expect non-game-related discussions to take second place to game-related ones.
  • How to contact/approach GM with questions? If it is something you think everyone should hear, please use the OOC thread. If yiou wish to raise something privately, then send me a PM.
  • How will decisions be resolved?  I like to think I'm a fair GM. If there is a dispute between two players, I will listen to both sides and "cut the baby in half" (Biblical reference to the Wisdom of Solomon). If there is a question regarding the game, I am always willing to listen to other people's ideas and points of view. I'm not infallible. However I ask players to clear things with me first before going ahead and posting stuff that may alter the direction of the game. As mentioned above, if you or your character make an IC mistake, I will mercilessly exploit it!
  • Will PvP be allowed (if applicable)? Yes, but please clear it with me first.

Additional Notes/Reminders Etc, :
  • "The Oath of the Drake" (click me)
  • A note to Respect other players' Offs.
    Any Non-consensual scenes must be negotiated with another player before hand. Respect their wishes if they don't want to be a part of the scene. 
  • Player Participation Expectations.
    Methods for reporting a possible absence: Please post in the OOC thread if you plan to be away and unable to post for a week or more, or if you are involved in a fast-moving scene and are planning to be away for a few days. I will then take over your character for the duration of your absence. If you wish to drop out, please let me know so we are not left waiting on you.
    Amount/Number of posts per week expected: Please try and post at least once per week. The minimum I will accept is once per two weeks. If I don't post for two weeks, nudge me!
    The method used to remove drop-outs from the game (write out, kill off, or ignored) and under what circumstances a player will be removed? Player characters that have dropped out will normally be killed off, usually in as violent a manner as possible. I will only do this after a month or two. If you have not posted in two weeks, and have not indicated that you will be abscent for a given length of time, I will take over your character, and will quite likely manoeuvre them into a position where they can be safely eliminated without jeopardising the mission. If you return during this time, you may of course take your character back and gety them to safety/rejoin the team.
  • Possibly discuss how new players will be brought into the game? 
    New players joining can be assumed to have been with the group all along, but not have taken an active part up to that point.
  • What Writing style/POV.
    I do not dictate this. Players are free to post in first or third person, past or present tense. Please do not use second person to refer to another character except where your character is speaking to them, and please always indicate to which character yours is speaking.

    I do insist on players being consistent within a post and preferably across the game, but if you change from first to third after a few posts, I won't object.

    Please post a minimum of 150 words per post. I would prefer posts of at least 200 words, but I realise that this is not always realistic. For reference, there are 257 words in the "spoiler" entitled "Modifications".

Nikkita Stack, Anne Laughton's lover and second in command, is played by Amazon.

I have tried to run this group game twice previously. On both occasions I started with a mission briefing IC, and on both occasions, the moment the action was about to start, EVERYONE STOPPED POSTING!

If you are not interested in the action, please do not ask to join the game. There will be little or no sex in this game for most player characters!

OOC Thread is open
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Offline ChrystalTopic starter

Re: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi)
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2013, 02:56:19 PM »

Following the failure of my first two attempts to run this as a group RP, Amazon and I chose to do a one-on-one story, detailing how Anne and Nikki met.

We held off starting a new group game until the one-on-one had reached a point at which we felt the story was now complete.

Please read this thread, as it will give you insight into how Anne and Nikki work together, although the actual plot is going to be radically different.



Player: Your screen name.
Name: Your character's name, and any aliases.
Actual Age: All characters to be between 21 and 75.
Apparent Age: All characters to appear to be between 16 and 40.
Gender: Male or Female. I will also accept trans-genders if you can justify it.
Sexuality: So I know whether to ask you to rape a particular prisoner!
Appearance: A brief text description. Please find your picture first!
Nationality: Feel free to make up new countries - I will let you know if I think they are acceptable.
Languages spoken: While you can use Google Translate, it probably helps to actually speak it!
Modifications: Everyone is to have a cranial implant. Other mods are subject to approval by me.
Specific skills and abilities: What makes your character suitable for the role? MUST include at least one weapons skill.
Weapons and/or equipment: What does your character have with him/her to help accomplish the mission?
Weakness: EVERY character is to have at least ONE weakness
Personality: A short paragraph to describe what makes her or him tick.
Bio: A brief (two-four paragraph) potted history of your character.

Please think of this as being like an application form for a job. If you are applying for the role of Sys-op, for example, you need to convince me that your character is suitable for the role, by giving him/her appropriate skills in hacking, appropriate modifications, and appropriate experience.

Equally, you need to prove that your character is ruthless enough!

Code: [Select]
[floatright][img height=300][/img][/floatright]
[b]Player:[/b] Your screen name.
[b]Name:[/b] Your character's name, and any aliases.
[b]Actual Age:[/b] All characters to be between 21 and 75.
[b]Apparent Age:[/b] All characters to appear to be between 16 and 40.
[b]Gender:[/b] Male or Female. I will also accept trans-genders if you can justify it.
[b]Sexuality:[/b] So I know whether to ask you to rape a particular prisoner!
[b]Appearance:[/b] A brief text description. Please find your picture first!
[b]Nationality:[/b] Feel free to make up new countries - I will let you know if I think they are acceptable.
[b]Languages spoken:[/b] While you can use Google Translate, it probably helps to actually speak it!
[b]Modifications:[/b] Everyone is to have a cranial implant. Other mods are subject to approval by me.
[b]Specific skills and abilities:[/b] What makes your character suitable for the role? MUST include at least one weapons skill.
[b]Weapons and/or equipment:[/b] What does your character have with him/her to help accomplish the mission?
[b]Weakness:[/b] EVERY character is to have at least ONE weakness
[b]Personality:[/b] A short paragraph to describe what makes her or him tick.
[b]Bio:[/b] A brief (two-four paragraph) potted history of your character.

Select the above, copy (<ctrl>+c), paste into a PM or post (<ctrl>+v), replace the italic bits with your info, replace the URL for the picture with the URL for your picture, and either PM it to me or post it in this thread for approval.

Please note: I will not accept characters that do not use the character sheet as I have posted it. I created the character sheet the way it is for a reason, and if you change it or do not use it, then that reason goes out the window!

In the mean time, here is a list of characters so far....
PlayerCharacter NameCharacter RoleNotes
ChrystalMajor Anne LaughtonTeam Leader.CEO of Iron Fist Inc.
Chrystal (NPC)"IFFY""Iron Fist Artificial Intelligence" or I.F.A.I.The AI Maj. Laughton uses to help plan and co-ordinate operations.
Chrystal (NPC)Francine LittlejohnAdministratorAnne's PA and secretary, also IFFY's programmer
AmazonNikita StackInside ManSecond In Command. She is also Anne's lover.
AurelieCatenaMaria Von TrappThe VictimAurelie will have one main player character and a number of NPC characters under her control as she enjoys getting killed! (And yes we know that's the name of the character from The Sound Of Music)
WargtassSaul DayanPoint ManThis character is the one that goes in first, usually through an unusual entrance, and opens the door for the rest of the team. Needs to be good with mechanical locks.
EbbEric CavendishSys-OpThe Sys-Op or Hacker will be disabling the target's security systems. He or she needs to work with IFFY.
RoenSubject Eve203948.01 - Eve DeWittOverwatchThis character is basically a sniper. He or she will not take too much part in the actual mission, but will help with the get-away!
AutumnRainzhùhǎoExplosives ExpertSomeone who likes blowing things up!
Kingmaster1Adam DeWittThe HeavyBasically someone with muscle and guns to provide close in, on-the-ground security for the team should things go tits-up!
TheHangedManYuriy " Tin' "Rudvitch - Subject to player being able to play...Back-up OverwatchThis character is the reserve overwatch in case anything happens to the main overwatch character.

And a completed example...

Player: Chrystal
Name: Major Anne Laughton
Actual Age: 45
Apparent Age: 27
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Gay
Appearance: 5'5" tall, 34B,25,34. Weight 122 Lbs. Long dark hair, slightly olive coloured skin revealing a Latin bloodline. No piercings. Has a tattoo on her upper left arm of the 22 SAS Regiment's coat of arms.
Nationality: British
Languages spoken: English, some French
Modifications: British Special Ops military grade cranial implant, with full command and control functions, stealthy IFF, a full terabyte of RAM. Her implant has remote targeting software for artillery or air strikes, full stealthy GPS, small-arms targeting. Cranial Interface USB Socket. Military grade palm interface pad on her right palm. This enables weapons with the correct hand grip to interface directly to her implant without the need for a vulnerable cable or jam-able blue-tooth link. The technology is experimental though and is not as accurate as the more tried methods of interfacing. Eyes modified to see radar or infra-red. Cannot see both at once. Also, cannot see visible light while in either mode.

Because her implant is a special-ops one, it is untraceable even by the people who made it. This is a security feature because should her superiors be compromised, the ability to track her would compromise her also. Of course this means that, having left the fold, her implant is untraceable by those she left.
Specific skills and abilities: Field commander of elites Special Ops commando unit. Excellent tactician. Crack shot with pretty much any weapon. Skilled in all forms of unarmed combat.
Weapons and/or equipment: Anne carries a Glock 21 9mm Smart Pistol with integrated camera sights. She also carries a large hunting knife and an SAS issue Swiss Army Knife with the "Who Dares Wins" logo on it. She also carries a Kalashnikov AK-252 Smart Assault Rifle, with built in laser range finder and target illumination, capable of firing normal (conical hollow point), explosive and fletchette rounds.
Weakness: Can be over-confident at times, is far too sure of her own abilities. Has a temper.
Personality: A normally very competent commanding officer. Can be impatient with those around her. Has been known to loose her temper on occasions. Ruthless and highly motivated. Will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Callous and uncaring of others. Can at times be over-confident. Expects nothing less than 150% from herself and from those under her command.
Bio: Major Laughton joined the British Army at 18, going to Sandhurst Military Academy and passing out with top marks in everything. She applied for and was accepted into the Parachute Regiment. The war in South Africa saw her distinguish herself in combat, and even though the Southern African Union won and British forces were pulled out, she remained behind with her company to harass the enemy for several weeks before making her way to the coast for pick-up.

This brought her to the attention of the SAS, who transferred her from the Paras, upgraded her implant and promoted her to Captain, and finally to Major.

However a change in government in the UK as the world situation deteriorated into anarchy suddenly meant that the British army, and in particular the elite units, were to be cut back. Sensing that she was about to be betrayed by the country she had fought for, Anne Laughton went AWOL, taking a good deal of hardware with her, not least being what was in her head.

She had her appearance altered, reducing her apparent age and lightening her skin slightly, giving her a more innocent look. She remains on Britain's most wanted list, but is careful to stay under the radar. The lack of any real law enforcement and the virtual disbanding of military forces into private armies funded by rich individuals meant that she has so far escaped capture.

Anne is 45. She joined the army at 18. Graduated and joined the Paras. After the war in South Africa she was promoted Captain and transferred to the SAS.

When the war between Nepal and China broke out and the SAS were committed in secret to aid the Nepalese, operating behind Chinese lines high in the Himalayas. This one, we won, mostly due to terrain. The war lasted three months. Anne was promoted to Major.

The Malay government asked for help from the British and Australian governments to assist in putting down an anarchist revolt. Drawing on their experience in the 1960s, both failing powers committed their special forces to the war, which dragged on for nearly four years. When the British government changed, the Anarchist party achieving second place and forming a coalition with the Democratic Socialists. The troops were pulled out of Malaysia and the SAS was disbanded, and Laughton went AWOL.
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Re: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi)
« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2013, 05:21:37 PM »
I am greatly interested in this.

Offline Ebb

Re: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi)
« Reply #3 on: April 07, 2013, 06:10:12 PM »
I'm interested as well.

How open are you to players establishing world details as we go? For instance, if I suddenly decide that my character comes from the Free City of New Orleans or used to work as a hitman for Monsanto, is that something I can just throw in, or would you want to vet things a priori?

Offline AurelieCatena

Re: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi)
« Reply #4 on: April 08, 2013, 03:55:21 AM »
Count me in to play the victims, as usual!

May I have a pink electric car, this time?

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

Re: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi)
« Reply #5 on: April 08, 2013, 04:06:40 AM »
Hi guys.

There will be a character sheet for you to fill in which will give such details as country of origin, so in that respect, I will have a prior veto.

However, that isn't really what you meant, is it? It was just the best example you could think of. I know this because I'm struggling to think of a better one!

My rule regarding world building on-the fly is that if, to change your example slightly, your character arrives in the Free City of New Orleans in an IC post, that then becomes Canon. If at some point someone else mentions that The Republic of Texas owns New Orleans, we have a continuity error and I will usually ask the person who posted second to change what they posted.

So, basically, the important thing if you are intending to do something like that, on whatever scale, is to read everything that has gone before.

Probably a better example, in context, would be the creation on-the-fly, of NPC guards.

If I have specifically stated in a GM post that there are (say) three guards on a rooftop, I do not suddenly expect there to be a whole battalion of them up there! Just as an example? On the other hand, you are quite welcome to have a door open suddenly and a guard come through it!

Does that answer the question? If not, please feel free to PM me.

Count me in to play the victims, as usual!

May I have a pink electric car, this time?

Yay. Uh, don't see why not... lol

Offline Ebb

Re: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi)
« Reply #6 on: April 08, 2013, 08:00:34 AM »
That's very clear, Chrystal (hmm... there's a pun lurking in there somewhere that you've probably heard a hundred times). I think your example is better than mine, as I was primarily concerned with things that come up during play rather than during character creation. I like the idea of not having to absorb a dozen published sourcebooks to learn the world, but it helps then to have the ability to craft little bits of it as we go along without having to 'check the ball' with the GM on every fact. The trickiest bits with this that I've seen in sci-fi games have to do with the common understanding of technology, but I think your examples so far give a good feel of the tech level.

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

Re: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi)
« Reply #7 on: April 08, 2013, 08:20:22 AM »
Things regarding technology, I am pretty free and easy with, just so long as they don't result in an "over-powered" character... So for example, if you suddenly discover the ability to teleport at will, that would be a definite NO! But finding a device that enables you to take control of any vehicle within range, would be allowable if it can be justified within the scenario, for example!

Body modifications come under the category of character creation, and thus are not really relevant.

Weapons each character has... AH! Darn. I knew I'd forgotten something.... *goes to edit the character sheet again!*

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Re: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi)
« Reply #8 on: April 08, 2013, 09:53:30 AM »
Player: TheHangedMan
Name: Yuriy " Tin' "Rudvitch (Alias is the Ukrainian word for "shadow")
Actual Age: 32
Apparent Age: Mid twenties to early thirties.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Naturally born with brown eyes  and hair, he has a tendency to change both. He is lean, and possessed of a wiry strength.
Nationality: Ukraine
Languages spoken: Russian (speaks with the Ukrainian dialect), English, Chinese, Japanese.
Modifications: Spetsnaz cranial implant, Full-spectrum optical enhancement (can mentally change his vision through the varying 'channels' of the EM spectrum; his vision is also telescopic in nature, capable of zooming in up to 6x, much like a scope), Jumper augmentation (capable of jumping six feet off the ground standing still, up to twelve feet with a running start; can land on his feet from heights of 50 feet or less without risking injury, but only if he actually lands on his feet).
Specific skills and abilities: Sambo, sniper rifle expertise, weapons maintenance, stealth, knife-fighting, cooking
Weapons and/or equipment: Bio-locked VSS Vintorez Mk.III (Based off the VSS Vintorez, this model is the latest iteration of it, which has finally achieved true noiseless and flash-less fire; produced in very limited numbers; can hit targets accurately up to 900 meters away; this particular gun can only be fired by Yuriy), chameleon clothing (aptly named, this pair of long-sleeved shirt and pants adapt their colors and markings to blend into their surroundings), laser-sharpened ceramic combat knife (thirteen inches, double-bladed)
Weakness: Side-effect of the optical upgrade is that he is sensitive to bright lights(typically this can be corrected with heavily tinted lenses, but these have to come off to look at different light spectrums, since the tinting would throw off his ability to properly interpret the other spectrums). Wanted man (In Ukraine, at least; can not operate in any area under the control of the Ukrainian government, as he is wanted for treason).
Personality: Yuriy, at his core, is a bitter and cynical man who takes little joy in life. He favors grim humor and cynicism. Very serious-minded; has the patience one would expect of a sniper.
Bio: A brief (two-four paragraph) potted history of your character.

Well, this is what I have so far. I still need to fill out his bio, but I need to do a bit of researching to make sure I get things right, first.

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Re: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi)
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looking good so far, THM. *grins*

I'm interested to see what you come up with for a history.

By the way,please don't put years in the history, as it just complicates things.... Also, please see my replies to Ebb, regarding building the world. If you are first with something in your profile then it becomes canon, subject to my approval.

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Re: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi)
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looking good so far, THM. *grins*

I'm interested to see what you come up with for a history.

By the way,please don't put years in the history, as it just complicates things.... Also, please see my replies to Ebb, regarding building the world. If you are first with something in your profile then it becomes canon, subject to my approval.
Duly noted. Glad you like it.  :-)

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Re: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi)
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Ultraviolence and cybernetics? I must have done something good today...

Give me an hour or two to get together a character.

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Re: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi)
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Player: Amazon
Name: Nikita Stack
Actual Age: 47
Apparent Age: 31
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: 5'10", 140 lbs. White skin, a small rose and dragon tattoo on her left bicep.
Nationality: Canadian
Languages spoken: English, Some French and German
Modifications: Cranial implant, Extra large memory chip implanted below her neck, which allows her to carry more data than the most, X-Ray and night vision implant in her eyes. Beneath her hands, an illegal hologram implant has been fixed an experimental technology considered to put quite the strain on the user's nervous system, allowing her to fire images which often confuse others, usually used in times of trouble.
Specific skills and abilities: Wizard at disguising herself, she can swiftly move in and out of any roles which her job demands. Man, woman, doesn't matter to her. Is also a crack shot with a pistol or automatic rifle.
Weapons and/or equipment: Make-up kit helping her in her disguises, Beretta 402, Knife hidden in her boots.
Weakness: The confidence she has in her abilities can land her in trouble at times. Has a soft spot for the Major.
Personality: Cool as cucumber, extremely sarcastic she has a careless demeanour..she knows she can get the job done. She doesn't really feel any emotions for anybody, absolutely cold bitch. She doesn't care about others, and is all about finishing the work, however this approach also can make her target for disdain from those around her as often they perceive her as a threat as well due to the sheer element of unpredictability which she is known to bring through her liking for pushing the envelope and literally going to nastiest possible lengths to achieve the ends.
Bio: Not much is known about Nikita's past, considering she herself has erased, re-erased and changed what she wants others to know about her multiple times. The widely accepted information is, she led a rich life, her parents making incredible amounts of money as virtual reality stars, eventually she embarked in the same at young age of 12 under the name Nora Grace. The life she led, making her engage with the dark side of the life and indulge in it..because with money, came power..and with power you can get away with anything. That's what she liked most. Tired of her controlling parents who had laid out rest of the life for her in advance and not really wanting to live the life of a VR star who would have to live the image depicted of hers in the VR, she embraced the darkness for good as she participated in her first data theft at age of 15, her prodigious acting and disguising talents used in the incident, it was the notorious Datasmoke Incident. Propelling her to the forefront amongst those who were wanted, she fled for good..eventually becoming an expert in weapons over the years due to one difficult job after another. She's usually considered an unlucky member to have in team as often only she has survived out of all those who went in, several of those times she herself cleaned out others.

She had had her apperance altered several times over the years, often drastically changing how she looked, sometimes because it was a necessity..sometimes because it simply seemed fun. But her current look is something which has been there for the longest, the beautiful face prominently displayed on Most Wanted lists all over the world.

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Re: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi)
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As much as I could manage before I have to go do some business. I was surprised in the end how much this reminded me of Deus Ex, but then again there is only so many ways you can make a cyborg-spy, so I said fuck it, put those cool spinny-hands on him as well! The general idea is that Israel of this future have pretty much stayed the same size as always, but are now selling off old cybernetically enhanced Mossad Agents past the prime age to corporations for a hefty sum which boosts their economy. Of course the make sure to pretty much mind-wipe the agents of everything but their personalities, skills and early memories, leaving them with a 20 year or so gap but with all these nifty gadgets and skills that the corporations pays dearly for. In that spirit, I have included in spoilers a sort of sales pitch to further give some explanation of his skills, an example of gruesome neck-twisting and some color to what the Mossad's Sales Department might sound like. Not sure if my weaknesses covers up enough of the strengths though, so will probably play around with and revise it. I'll finish it up later tonight unless I return home a wreck.

Player: Wargtass
Name: Saul Dayan
Actual Age: 42
Apparent Age: Mid 30's.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: 6'2", 240lbs, pale skin, blue eyes, black hair. On the surface Saul seems like any ordinary man. In any everyday situation he covers himself up in expensive suits, shiny shoes and even a pair of leather gloves. One might notice the slight glow from underneath the skin of his neck, betraying that he is in fact modified. But as soon as you remove these outer layers, you realize the extension of the man's physical modifications. The rest of his spine, his arms and shoulders and most of his legs are not covered in tissue, seeing as their special functions would only result in tears of the same.
Nationality: State of Israel
Languages spoken: Hebrew, Yiddish, Arabic, English.
Modifications: IMI-Works Mossad cranial implants, optical replacements, limb enhancements, minor lung and circulatory enhancements, larynx cybernetics, oral glands.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Thank you for reviewing the YI:630 Espionage and Assassination unit for use in your company/country's services. The following is a manifesto of the basic features of our espionage units. Besides the mandatory cranial implants, we at IMI-Works have outfitted our cybernetically enhanced agents with additional cybernetic enhancements to assure that you get the best product available. As always, our units come with the standard IMI-Works cybernetic package, including:

-Optical replacements. Capable of a broad range of vision although ultimately infrared, ultraviolet, night and normal vision are the only ones with any direct use in a combat or espionage role. However, consider the possibility of using the range for leaving secret signs, messages and warnings with various chemical compounds for a veritable million of different vision ranges, which can easily be scanned and picked up by the unit in a few seconds.
-Limb enhancement and replacements. Greatly improving the strength and endurance of the unit through replacing comparatively brittle bones with flexible osteo-steel compound and muscle tissue with glass fiber- and microscale steel weave-enhanced muscles and tendons. This enhances performance of the unit's physical abilities to scales well over the peaks of ordinary human range, meaning stronger punches, higher jumps and longer endurance on the run.
-Lung and cardio enhancements. The subtle mix of hormone manipulation and cybernetic enhancements mean greater endurance and performance. The heart handles stress and exhaustion much better and faster, while the lungs filter away chemical impurities better and maintains a steadier oxygen circulation through the blood stream. This means better long range performance and a slight resistance to airborne toxins and chemicals.

The Espionage and Assassination model also comes with:

-Encryption modules. An upgrade to the cranial implant which allows deciphering and reliable translations within minutes.
-RAZ-systems. Sacrificing some of the strength and endurance of the standard unit for smoother and more nimble movement, allowing for acrobatic feats and near silent movement.
-HED-system. Giving the unit the ability to mimic sounds and voices through advanced manipulation and enhancement of their larynx and vocal folds.

The specific unit you have expressed interest in, YI:630-4022 Dayan, Saul has further personalized modifications listed below:

-Actuator-enhanced hands and arms. Allowing for otherwise impossible angles and torsions in the joints. Coupled with the standard enhancements and RAZ the unit have been able to accomplish specialized tasks and especially unique stealth eliminations.
-Cybernetic oral glands. Basically a venomsack and subtle sublingual distribution mechanism, with two separate glands for different chemicals. Have been documented to work effectively in different circumstances ranging from close encounter spitting and kisses. The system incorporates a vascular distribution system which through extremely small doses over longer periods of time will render the unit immune to poisons and venoms in the glands.

We thank you for showing interest in a IMI-Works YI:630 Unit and hope to hear from you soon.

Specific skills and abilities: Acrobatics, climbing and close combat is where Saul truly excels. His very strange physique and fast reflexes make for a deadly combination, often in a particularly gruesome way which he feels enhance the shock and awe of his performance. He is also very skilled in lockpicking and decryption, as well as a good wit and suave when he needs information from particularly social targets. He is a very skilled interrogator as well, making him a good mix for espionage work.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The IMI-Works can proudly showcase a very capable stealth, espionage and assassination specialist in its YI:630 units, not the least in Unit 4022 Dayan, Saul. Through personal skill and the use of IMI-Works enhancements, 4022 makes for an impressive acrobat, nimble climber and deadly adversary. In the following clip saved from an earlier mission, you can clearly see the speed and efficiency as he dispose of four armed guards on patrol atop a 30 feet wall. Notice that it takes only 3.97 seconds for him to scale the wall by using natural indentures, skill and enhanced physical performance and only slightly longer to dispose of all four guards. Notice especially how he uses shock, awe and especially grissly methods to disable and neutralize the enemy before they can react with even a single noise. Note especially his use of his unorthodox actuator-enhanced limbs in breaking the third guards neck by simply rotating his head 376 degrees in proportion to his body, even tearing the skin at the neck in the process, but without leaving a noticable spray pattern. Unfortunately for the fourth guard, they were patrolling with silenced weapons this night, a fact that the unit used extensively during this mission.

In the upcoming examples we will show you the high performance which the unit shows in a variety of situations which is bound to occure in an espionage mission. Picking a mechanical lock: 5.14 seconds. DFecyphering a digital lock: 6.37 seconds. Computer hacking a Class Gamma device: 9.98 seconds. The unit clears the GORDON Stealth Test in well under a minute, far faster than any GRU or CIA agent is capable of, and well within the limits of the Mossad's elite branch. The CALVIN Social Test also scored high, showing the charm and guile which the unit can achieve during social events and stressful situations.

Overall 4022 scores high on all weapon groups, but only excels in his close combat prowess, in which he is gruesome and efficient, showing a certain pride in his martial violence. Consider this sequence where he successfully divulge information from a subject through a mix of mental and physical torture on both him and his wife. His especially slow and gruesome methods prove efficient interrogation techniques that always delivers results and intel for his ongoing mission.

Weapons and/or equipment: Saul mostly goes into any situation with as little equipment as possible. He is well versed in improvising and scrounging for things that he can have use of and mostly depend on his own wits to stay alive. So while he might use conventional weaponry, he prefers to use an enemy's own arsenal against him, since such details as ammunition and further supplies are easier to come by that way. That said, he always brings an assortment of vials containing poisons, natural venoms and acidic chemicals for use.
Weakness: While he knows how to use ranged weapons, he's not very good at ranged combat. He often use ballistic weapons as a means of pinning enemies down so that he can get closer. This obviously puts him in a dangerous spot, but a more comfortable one for his own skill-set. He also becomes slowed down and sluggish when exposed to especially high currents and EMP because of his extensive cybernetic enhancements.
Personality: Everything Saul does as a person seems either fake or disjointed. When on a mission and using his wits and charm, he's very successful in masking this almost eerie trait, but when among allies he just don't seem natural. He tries as hard as he can to be social outside his work, but more often than not he's abandoned. Could be that he should try less, but as is now, he's just too damned strange, though few can put a finger on exactly what that is.
Bio: Saul Dayan was recruited from the Israeli Army into the Mossad after a brief career that ended in him leaving a substantial amount of himself behind in a Merkava Mk.VII during the Second Golan Assault. Following the classic formula of "we have the technology, we can rebuild him" the Mossad created their first cybernetic agent from the broken and near dead Saul. The project was a great success, showcasing the superior cybernetic products of the newly revisioned IMI-Works.
What followed was a considerably longer career of espionage, reconnaissance and assassination, in which he drew particular attention from the Prime Minister and his cabinet. He were sent on more high risk missions, no longer constrained to assassinating terrorist warlords and Neo-Nazi ministers, but widening the scope to include company CEOs that rivaled IMI-Works and political heads of democracies that criticized the rapid expansion of Israel. No matter what mission was thrown his way, Saul completed them without moral restraint and ruthless efficiency.
In the end his luck ran out. Captured by the GRU of a Russian federation, he was imprisoned for over half a decade. He escaped hundreds of times, but was never picked up by the Mossad who presumed they were better off without the security risk that was a compromised agent. In the end the prison that held him actually accepted help from a rogue Mossad director to wipe his memory and sell him off to the black market. After being circulated around several mercenary companies he finally ended up in the service of the Iron Fist and quickly became a favored tool of Major Laughton.
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Re: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi)
« Reply #14 on: April 08, 2013, 03:27:18 PM »
*giggles* I'm seriously considering declining Amz' application but only as a joke...

I could hardly turn down the only character to survive from the two previous attempts to run this AND a successful one-on-one, now could I?

Well, actually, yes I could, but I'm not going to. Nikki is, of course, pre-approved as a character.

@ Wargtass:

So far so good. You're obviously after the point-man position. If you need a suitable image, you could try Tom Cruz from Mission: Impossible, unless you already have something in mind.

I don't think the enhancements are too over the top, considering the role, however an additional weakness might be that all that extra technology makes him stand out like a sore thumb on a radar scan, and might leave him vulnerable to an EMP or electron beam weapon.

EMP weapons basically use the same sort of pulse that is produced by a solar flare or nuclear detonation and will scramble all active and unshielded electronics within the pulse radius. Directional EMPs have been used on the battlefield to disable sophisticated electronic war machines like fighter jets and war androids. They are also great for use against AIs if you can find the AI's home server.

Electron Beam weapons are short range weapons that fire a beam of negatively charged particles (not necessarily electrons) at the target, having a similar effect to a taser. Come to that, a cyborg like Saul would be rather vulnerable to being tased! (lol)

Looking forward to seeing how he ends up working for IF - Please bear in mind that Maj. Laughton is unlikely to be able to afford to buy him!

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Re: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi)
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Interesting game and fantastic original post. ;D Best of luck to you all! It looks like fun.
(I wish I had more time to join and play. Give me a call if you maybe need a victim for a short scene.)

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Re: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi)
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Interesting game and fantastic original post. ;D Best of luck to you all! It looks like fun.
(I wish I had more time to join and play. Give me a call if you maybe need a victim for a short scene.)

Thanks Moraline. And double thanks, because, as you can probably tell, I used your template!

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Re: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi)
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A game for villains?


Can I be overly violently graphic with npcs?

Then this may be a definitely.

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Re: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi)
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Mostly Final Draft:

Player: AutumnRain
Name: 祝好 (zhùhǎo (pronounced "Jew How", Chinese for 'Best Wishes')
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Whimsical
Appearance: Zhuhao stands only five feet tall, with a slight figure and delicate features. Her large brown eyes accentuate her omnipresent smile. When in its default state, her hair is shoulder length, lustrous black, although it might not stay that way for long. Her legs are somewhat longer than average for her height, with small feet. Her hands are likewise tiny, with long, dainty fingers.
Nationality: Hong Kong International Holdings
Languages spoken: Chinese, English,
Modifications: Cranial implant with Optical/Cochlear override for remote surveillance and robotic control. Optical upgrades including magnification and broad spectrum (infrared, ultraviolet). Dexterity, precision, and stabilization upgrades to both hands, with remote signal output. Medusa Implant allowing color and shape control of her hair.
Talents: Explosions. Pretty Pretty Explosions. Big ones. Small ones. Some as big as your head. Grenades. Chemistry. 'Gifted Amateur' level of computer hacking. High Class social graces. Violin.
Toys!: Grenades: packet of tiny pressure-sensitive Griswold grenades; a couple modified variable-yield grenades; a couple suppression grenades barf-and-run and/or flashbang (or whatever else she's concocted) and one home-made tiny Demo-bang (short for Demolitions Grade Bang, a nearly 8GJ grenade for clearing away the odd building, for emergencies only. She doesn't like to talk about it) any others she may be working on. Other Explosives: Spray-on Boomex; Remote mines; Plastic Explosives. Spider: A neural-remote controlled high precision durable work-bot for work in hard to reach or sensitive locations (or for volatile work)
Weakness: Very poor impulse control. Poor judgment. No understanding of concept of 'overkill'. Possibility of exploding if jostled. Also can be a little shy.
Personality: Zhuhao is a cheerful but quiet young lady. She very rarely speaks, and while she's often smiling (sometimes a red flag) she rarely laughs. She loves to tinker, and can't resist taking something apart or building something new. Sometimes it works when she's done. She has little to no impulse control, and no sense of prudence, making her work product often overzealous and her pranks occasionally more dangerous than nuisance.
Bio: Zhuhao was born Jiang Meihua. Her father was a Vice-President for Hong Kong International Holdings, or HIKH (pronounced 'hickey' for short). From the time of her birth, Zhuhao has been well maintained, from the best genetic consultants to doctors, tutors, and the promise of a comfortable sinecure within HIKH. Zhuhao was a species of doll, brought to all of the high functions as another symbol of her father's skill and prestige; He's a financial genius and a wonderful father, what more could you want. The rest of the time, she was left to her own devices while her father and mother worked and raised her brother. This left her plenty of time to herself to tinker and learn all about explosions.

When she was 17 her parents and their insurance agents suggested she take a vacation, travel anywhere she wanted so long as it was international. She lost her body guards in South America when their car somehow disassembled herself and she left the country before they could find alternative transport to follow her. She took the name Zhuhao and ever since then she's been on her own, although she still writes to her parents.

She would set up in an apartment somewhere and stay a while while mostly keeping to herself, funded by money from her parents, the occasional consulting job, and what she could earn selling her little toys to those brave enough to buy them, only to leave when the pressure to move from neighbors, insurance companies, police, or occasionally military became bothersome. While she never intentionally tries to hurt someone with her pranks, sometimes her zeal overwhelms her judgment, and her sense of what is 'easily reparable'.

Working with Iron Fist gave her a bit more stability, her work gives her a greater outlet for her desire for pretty explosions, and allows her greater ability to prank away from home where she can avoid some of the negative repercussions. This makes putting up with repeatedly being forced to deal with the bother of other people probably worth it.
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Re: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi)
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Can I be overly violently graphic with npcs?

Oh yesss! You can!

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Re: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi)
« Reply #20 on: April 09, 2013, 08:46:54 AM »
I'm working on a Sys-Op character now. I know it's not first come, first served, but wanted to get that out there in case someone else was considering joining and didn't have a preference between the Sys-Op and the Heavy.

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Re: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi)
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Interested and hoping to get a Heavy CS up, soon.

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Re: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi)
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Player: Ebb
Name: Eric Cavendish
Actual Age: 24
Apparent Age: 24
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Appearance: Thin and angular, with a shock of dark hair and somewhat androgynous features. Pale blue eyes, long pianist's fingers, very little body hair.
Nationality: New English birth, then became a citizen of The Institute when it seceded. Technically now a citizen / possession of the US Federal Core.
Languages spoken: Inherent: English, Korean, Mandarin, Latin, Spanish. With augmentation: approximately 30 others.
Modifications: Military grade-equivalent* cranial implant with extended memory tank, hardwired socket behind left ear. Psychological personality graft, with physical override switch located on left temple. Left eye is artificial, includes camera, EM sensors and short range (0.5m) holographic projector. (Primarily useful for "Let me show you what I'm talking about" display -- projections are obvious holograms).
Specific skills and abilities: Expert hacker; if he can connect to it, then given enough time he can own it. Adept at cyberspace navigation and modification. Superior piloting / driving skills. Heavy weapons control (turrets and other security systems). Decent shot with a pistol. Workable knowledge of several branches of engineering and hard sciences. Classical pianist, with near eidetic memory for music.
Weapons and/or equipment: Sirius Augmented Processing Pack (SAPP), a backpack sized electronics unit that plugs into a cranial hardwired socket to provide additional processing capability and storage, and can be configured with an external deployable dish to provide a narrowband satellite internet link, given an available line of sight to the sky. Collapsible quadcopter drone with camera link. Surveillance camera 'sticky' grenades. Contact supercapacitor taser.  Smith & Wesson Bodyguard III 380 pocket pistol w/laser sight (concealed). May carry a heavier gun and/or body armor, depending on mission. Electronics toolkit.
Weakness: Relatively unskilled in close combat. Difficulty understanding normal human emotions makes undercover assignments difficult. May experience withdrawal symptoms (tics, nervousness, irritability, paranoia) when disconnected from a constant data feed. Sociopathic tendencies.
Personality: With his personality graft turned off, Eric is cold and sociopathic. The world is one very detailed single-player game, and he is the only 'real' person in it. With the graft active he becomes a bit more 'human', but can be prone to inappropriate humor and the sort of occasional lack of self control associated with teenage boys. In either mode he comes across as extremely intelligent.
Until the age of sixteen Eric exhibited debilitating symptoms on the autism spectrum, coupled with extraordinary intelligence. He was selected for a research project at The Institute** in an attempt to control the worst of his illness without depressing his natural abilities. After extensive gene therapy and retraining, Eric was fitted with a prototype "personality graft", a psychological overlay sampled from his own consciousness but grown "in vitro" within a computer simulation. Essentially the alternate personality represented what Eric might have become had he been born "normal" and grown to the age of 18. Eric has had this enhancement for six years now and has become very comfortable in its use, though the graft itself has not developed past the age it was when implanted.

In return for the benefits from the program Eric entered into a ten year period of indenture with the Institute. He became a valued member of one of the Institute's datastrike teams, raiding rival research institutions (academic and corporate) around the world and recovering valuable data in what became known colloquially as "The Geek Wars". Two years ago, however, the Institute was attacked and acquired by the National Security Agency, part of the diminished but still powerful United States Federal Core. At that time Eric technically became the property of the USFC, but a last-ditch defense effort by the Institute AI resulted in their personnel and inventory records being hopelessly mangled before the NSA could take possession. As a result Eric, who was on field assignment at the time, is now de facto a free man until such time as the NSA catches up with him.

To survive he has taken freelance assignments with various mercenary groups, though finding work and forming connections does not come easily to him. He has no reservations about signing on with IRON FIST for as long as they will have him; it means someone else has to deal with finding assignments and filling out paperwork. He has developed a close attachment (for him) to IFFY, the IRON FIST AI, and a somewhat stickier and more troublesome relationship with Francine Littlejohn, IFFY's programmer.

* Under DARPA contract, engineers at The Institute were responsible for the development of many of the technologies used in the standard military-grade cranial implants. Eric's implant is not military, but was designed by many of the same men and women, with an emphasis on covert intelligence. There are no gun-link capabilities, for example, but the data encryption is equal to what one would find on a military model.

**Previously known as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this independent city state leveraged its deep research laboratories and base of computer skills to break away from the Republic of New England, though it maintained friendly relations. The Institute was at the time ruled by an AI known as "Sharkey".
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Re: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi)
« Reply #23 on: April 09, 2013, 12:36:00 PM »
A game for villains?


Can I be overly violently graphic with npcs?

Then this may be a definitely.

Of course. That is the entire idea of the game.

Regretably we may have lost TheHangedMan, which is a pitty because he had a great character there.

I'm going to re-open the overwatch slot, but create a "back-up" slot, for THM to take if he can manage it. Of course if I don't get another aplicant for the slot, then THM remains in it.

Will review the characters in a bit...

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Re: IRON FIST - Interest/Recruitment thread. (Extreme Human Sci-fi)
« Reply #24 on: April 09, 2013, 01:10:16 PM »

I have a few issues with your character:

1) Anne Laughton is an internationally wanted criminal, not the CEO of  a multinational corporation. Iron Fist operate outside the law and under the radar It is highly unlikely that Anne would take on someone at the request of a national government when said government would be more than likely to want her locked up too!

2) I love the character in general, but equally, Anne has enough trouble with one loose cannon on her team - Nikita Stack is a volatile liability who refuses to follow orders, and Anne controls her by ... ehem... other means...! If you could tone her down a little bit, maybe make her grow up a bit, that would be great.

3) Please could you use the pinyin for her name, rather than the characters? 祝好 is impossible to type on a qwerty keyboard and is also not something one can put in quotes when addressing her. I'm not going to make everyone copy and paste every time.

I'm going to let you get away with changing "Weapons and/or equipment" to "Toys!" because it actually fits the character, and because i love the line "Possibility of exploding if jostled." I'm going to assume that was tongue-in-cheek? If not, then she's going to have a lot of fun getting on a train! Seriously, though, I know that Nitroglycerine is likely to explode if jostled, I just hope she doesn't carry it around with her all the time...

If you could fix those three things, then I will gladly approve the character. PM me if you need advice?