Revamping my Requests....this'll do for now. Fandoms and Ideas

Started by Remington, April 07, 2013, 12:42:52 PM

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Hey there!
I'm Remington, but if we end up roleplaying you might get to learn my real name.

I'm a 24 year old female from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area and I've been roleplaying since I was about 12 (Non-sexually mind you.) I've decided to re-vamp my request/interest thread because I took a temporary hiatus and now that I'm back the clutter of my old thread is driving me insane. Just a bit about me so you know who your talking to. I work several jobs and I get super busy. I have ADD extremely bad so just give me a gentle nudge every once in a while if I seem to trail off. I'm going back to school for my masters degree at the moment so that also takes up a bit of my time. My responses vary. Sometimes I will bang out several a day, other times once a week. It just depends on how I'm feeling, if I'm inspired to write or not. If nothing here strikes your fancy but you'd still like to roleplay, shoot something at me and lets plot!

In this thread you will find my rules, interests, and any plot ideas that may cross my mind.

Please do not reply on this thread.
If you are interested in roleplaying with me I request that you send me a private message. Nothing aggravates me more than having a messy thread filled with responses from people. My OCD kicks in and drives me insane. Here we go!

The Rules
-Please do not speak in first person.
-No one liners. I understand at times there will be a lack of things to write about or we are in a part of the plot where its mostly dialogue but please at least a paragraph?
-If I ever make you feel uncomfortable, Just tell me and I'll do the same.
-If you ever have any ideas for something please do not hesitate to ask. I am not a judgmental person, and if you have something you really enjoy and I don't care for, we can work something out.
-If I don't respond for a few days, chances are I just got busy. Do not harass me or come at me in an attacking way if this happens (Yes, I've had this happen to me...) Again, just give me a gentle nudge and I'll let you know whats up.
-Please enjoy talking a bit OOC. I love to get to know my Role Playing partners.

I enjoy M/F plots and F/F plots. I have nothing against M/M plots, I just feel that I can't do them justice and if I were to attempt one, I would need someone to have patience with me.

I love violence, and dark gritty characters. Tormented and broken characters have much more depth and offer me more to write about so I enjoy them.

I will not roleplay Twilight, or anime. I can't stand Twilight and I don't follow any anime fandoms,

If there is something you'd like to do, let me know. I will seriously just watch a series or movie or read a book if it's something your craving.


The Boondock Saints
Gangs of New York
Harry Potter
Hell on Wheels
Boardwalk Empire*

-Moonshiners kind of goes along with this. Could be current or old. I dont mean the characters from the show but the general idea
The Walking Dead
Any Amanda Hocking book
Public Enemies
-Honestly, anything with old time gangsters. Dillinger, Floyd, Capone, ANYTHING.
Jenny Pox, Tommy nightmare
Being Human
Hatfield and Mccoys
   - I think this would be so interesting to do. I loved the history channel putting out the three part movie. It was amazing.
Dead like me
I think it would be interesting to do a version of Wilfred if you've ever seen the show...
Bates Motel

Interest and ideas
This bit is scattered and ideas will just be added as I get them.

Psychiatrist and a mental patient
- so with American horror story being based in an asylum I'm loving the idea of a sex addict being committed and the psychiatrist taking advantage of that. Maybe sex being the treatment?
Any Fairytale turned into a twist
And Alice and Wonderland type theme
- drugs? I don't know. Just something.
Any historical era or event/ historical fiction
Beauty and the beast twistSleeping beauty (the movie with Emily browning) something similar/ or even some kind of Disney twist
   - a woman goes into business getting drugged to sleep and then men can do what they please with her.
I'm kind of liking a little red riding hood themed roleplay too...
Kidnapped victim/kidnapper
Police officer/offender
1920's-1930's Gangsters/Politicians/Flappers...whatever
Serial killers

I am really interested in Human Sex Trafficking. The subject just amazes me and I'm thinking I would like to do a roleplay based around it?

How about an exorcism? I always thought it would be interesting to do a roleplay where a character was possessed by a sex crazed demon or maybe a ghost? I think this could tie into supernatural really well, but I'm completely open to other ideas. If it were to go the supernatural route, I can just see Dean getting sucked into this really easily.

So I'm not really into incest (no judgement if you are! Just not my thing) but I'm intrigued by the idea of a brother and sister type. Not blood related, perhaps two people got married and one had a daughter and the other had a son and they grew up together. I just think it would interesting to have a scene play out where maybe the brother keeps fantasizing about the sister and she catches him pleasuring himself? Could completely do this as two sisters too, or even best friends or room mates. Don't really care. Just think it might be fun?
- so now I'm craving this. I just read a story on literotica and it was awesome... So I have some ideas now.

So if you've ever seen the original or the new "I spit on your grave" I'm really craving a roleplay like this. A woman gets brutally raped and tortured but escapes and then exacts revenge out on each of the men.

If you've ever read " Snow, glass, apples" I would love to somehow do a roleplay based on this! If you haven't read it, I suggest you do. It's lovely. Just google it.

Okay, so I have the most screwed up dreams ever but this one made me think it would be an interesting roleplay. It's not fully developed obviously because I just woke up and I'm trying to remember everything. The idea is that there is a group of vampires that are all female. (Real vampires not fucking twilight ones) They frequent night clubs and parties together and feed. They have a rule that sex must only be had within members of their clan. One of them strays and is attracted to a human male but it is against the rules to create a male vampire in their clan. Ummmmmm the dream was like super amazing and as I'm writing this is doesn't sound as cool... Haha

Just wanted to add that I think a dark Peter Pan would be amazing!!! Of you have ever seen the play 'Hooked' something similar to that. (No not hook with Robin Williams) It takes place in old London, everyone's addicted to a drug called fairy dust. It's brilliantly done, and we could just do our own dark twist. Doesn't have to be like that.*** REALLY CRAVING THIS! The more I think about it, The more I want it!

How about a Bonnie and Clyde type roleplay?

Just watched savages and now I'm craving something with that storyline... Honestly I guess I'm craving A woman who lives with two men and is in a relationship with both of them. They are all aware of it, and live together happily. The men are complete opposites, one hardened and tough, the other a lover and kind so she gets what she needs out of each of for whatever plot you want here.

Okay so this last bit is kind of cheesy. If you don't like it oh well. When I'm listening to music certain songs inspire me to write... My imagination runs wild and before I know it I'm playing out an entire story in my head. Here are some songs that I think would be interesting to inspire a role play. Most of them are sad and depressing... But whatever. It's my damn request/idea thread and too bad if you don't like it! :-P

Just a dream- Carrie Underwood
I Drive your truck- Lee Brice
Ho hey- the Lumineers
Copperhead road- Steve Earle
Save me- shinedown


I know how completely fucking nerdy this is.... But oh well. I want a roleplay like rock of ages.