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Started by LittleMissWhore, April 06, 2013, 12:28:54 AM

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I have unfortunately been absent for a while in terms of writing. However I am back and am open for business!

As always I have a few ideas floating around my head, but would love to hear any suggestions or ideas that you other lovely people may have. I am open to pretty much anything, so let me have it. There are of course a few definite no no's that I will have to stamp out if they are brought up.

I am looking for a male partner, or two (or a female playing a male role). Someone who is not opposed to taking control, someone dominant.

I am in love with sci-fi and fantasy and at the moment completely obsessed with zombies. I would absolutely love to indulge in my obsession and do a zombie apocalypse-end of the world scenario with either a group or partner.

If you are interested, feel free to reply to this, or send me a message. Either way lovelies I will respond with great enthusiasm.

Little Miss Whore
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