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Author Topic: An Officer of the Law & An Outlaw[Yobo & Luna]  (Read 423 times)

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An Officer of the Law & An Outlaw[Yobo & Luna]
« on: April 03, 2013, 03:25:41 PM »

I was fast asleep in the king sized bed. I was having the most wonderful dream and then I heard something ringing. 'Oh no' I thought as I sighed and slowly opened my eyes to see the time was about five in the morning and the sun was hardly up. I rolled over and looked to my phone. It was my boss. I soo sat up only wearing my bra and panties to bed, I picked up the phone and answered it. "Smith" I said and soon heard the male voice on the other end. "Smith it's Johnson, I need you to come in right away, I got a case for you" He said and soon hung up. I rolled my eyes and slowly got out of bed. I went and did my morning things.

I soon got dressed into some normal cloths like some blue jeans, my Nike sneakers and a t-shirt had had a gun on it saying "Bang, bang". I soon put up my hair in a messy bun as I walked out of my house and into the garage. I took my keys and hit the button on the key set as my Jeep started up. I climbed in and soon stared on the way to the office. Once there I said hi to some of my co-workers and friends as I soon went to the main office of the sheriff "You wanted to see me" I said as I had a cup of coffee from Starbucks in my hand.

I looked to the man who had a uniform on and smiled to me. "Please sit down" He said as I nodded and sat on the other side of his desk. "I have gotten word from a friend that there is a new gang out and they are making a mess" he said as he looked at me. I smiled. "Oh and how is this our problem?" I asked as I tossed my empty cup in the trash "Well I want you to go and be apart of his gang, get close to him and then nail him" He said I looked at him. "Oh and how much is he worth?" I asked and soon seen the sheriff write down a number, I looked at it and I almost jumped out of my skin. "Are you serious?" I asked and he nodded. "Alright fine I guess I can do it" I said as he smiled and thanked me as I left.

I went and packed what I thought I would need as I soon set off to this place I had to go. Once there and settled into my fake home, I soon got ready for that night. I had heard about this enemy of this gang, there was a price on his head and I sure as well would used this as my way to get into the gang. I put on some ripped black jeans, I had died my hair a fire red as I did my make up and fixed  myself. I put on a white tan top along with a leather jacket as I soon got on the motorcycle I was provided with and road out. Once I found this bounty guy I took out my custom pistol and shot him.

Some of the men from the gang seen this woman ride up looking sexy as ever and kill the man their boss had wanted to kill. Some of the men had went to her. "I think you need to see the boss" One said as he eyed the woman up and down admiring her body. "Yes we will take you too him but we need to call him first" Another said as he soon got on the phone and called the boss's number saying he had a girl here who had just killed a guy in cold blood he had a warrant for.
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Offline yobo

Re: An Officer of the Law & An Outlaw[Yobo & Luna]
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2013, 02:23:37 PM »
The sound of the bass could be heard in Terry's office. It was about now that Kimberley was on stage, just another pretty face wanting to make it in Las Vegas, and who was now removing her clothes to make ends meet. His customers liked her, and as far as Terry was concerned that was all that mattered. Taking another sip of his drink he looked over at his second-in-command, he just went under the name Scarface. He did like the movie, but more importantly he had a big scar on his left cheek. A scar that had a new story behind it every time somebody asked.

"So he took the deal? That is good news."

Terry was referring to his latest acquisition, a gay bar in the neighborhood. It was even shadier than this place, but it had potential. That and Terry liked taking over shit. He and his crew had already moved in on several other places of business, and was starting to get comfy. The local police was corrupt and no threat, and the bigger guns in Vegas didn't care as long as he didn't interfere with their business. And Terry was smart enough to know when he was out of his league, and it was smooth sailing so far. Well, except for the occasional killing and such of course. All part of doing business.

It was Scarface who answered the phone when it rang, and he didn't look to happy about what he was hearing. "You did what?" He hung up the phone and turned to Terry.

"You know those idiots that you sent out on that errand? Some broad beat them to it, and they felt it was necessary to get her to talk with you."

Terry frowned. If this broad wanted the reward she could come and get it herself, his men had no business deciding who he should talk with.

"You know what to do" he said as he left the office. He had to see a guy about something.

Scarface nodded and dialed a number. "Get yourself over to the new place, and bring the broad." He immediately called another number. "Johnson and Di Matteo. New place." Johnson and Di Matteo had unfortunately exceeded their quota for fucking up, and would be dealt with accordingly. As soon as they entered the gay bar they would be told to get into the back room, and that would be it. The lady killer would be left in the company of whoever wanted to keep her company at a gay bar. They just wanted to have a look at her. Let her sweat for a while. Maybe they would make contact, but they would definitely have someone on her tail when she left the place.

Complications, that was what this new player brought with her. Scarface didn't care for complications. In any case there was nothing more he could do with that problem right now, so he headed downstairs to make sure everything was running smoothly.

Offline LunaWolfTopic starter

Re: An Officer of the Law & An Outlaw[Yobo & Luna]
« Reply #2 on: April 05, 2013, 03:19:07 PM »
Smith looked to the man who had gotten off the phone and who seemed to be terrified. "What is wrong?" Smith asked as she looked to the man. "Come on then lets go" He said as I nodded and soon walked over to my bike. "I rather ride alone" I said and soon put on my helmet.

The guys soon got into the car and took off. I followed behind them, making sure I knew where my weapons were. I smiled as I soon stopped at what seemed to be a gay bar. The guys got out and lead me toward the back and then left leaving me all alone.

I stood there for a little in the dark, my handgun was tucked into the back of my jeans as I looked around. "Is there eve any one here?" I said hearing my voice echo. I rolled my eyes and soon turned my head. I thought I had heard something but I shook. "Look I don't know if anyone is really here, but I want to be part of the gang" I said being straight to the point.

I fixed my hair as I undid my leather jacket so that my white tank could be seen and long with my black bra. I stood there and soon put my hands in my pockets as I waited fro someone or people to arrive and talk to me, I just hope that I wasn't putting my life on the line here for this job.

Offline yobo

Re: An Officer of the Law & An Outlaw[Yobo & Luna]
« Reply #3 on: April 06, 2013, 02:03:31 PM »
The lady killer was a cute little thing, and she looked like someone who could take care of herself. Good for her, but it didn't help him in determining what her motive could be. Maybe she had her own score to settle? He couldn't help himself for grinning when he saw where the men were taking her. That wasn't where they were supposed to go, but he could hardly blame them. He, and they, knew there was a door to the back alley in that room. But he had expected that much, and things would still be taken care of.

However, there was more to the room than met the eye. It was where those who met up and felt the need for a quickie went. What happened in the dark room, stayed in the dark room. He had never had the urge to have a look around in that room, but from what he had heard it could be quite sticky in there at times. Snickering to himself he moved away from the table and into the backroom while he wondered if the broad would find any of the toys he heard was laying around in there. Man, this place was shady.

Scarface felt certain she wouldn't slip away. He had people who would let him know when the broad would come back out from that room. They were under strict instructions not to make contact with her, if anybody would be making contact with her it would be him. And if she left, she would be followed.