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January 22, 2017, 06:27:36 PM

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Author Topic: Chronicles of the dark side. (comic book writer's plot comes to rp)  (Read 261 times)

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Offline ProsakTopic starter

Ok, right off the bat, three things.

1) These are character options. Characters I have been thinking about, and building for some time now. So, I will not. NOT. Change anything about them. Why? Because this is a social experiment of sorts, to help further my writing, into my own comic book world I want to get published. It is a extensive world, where I have many different supernatural, and cryptid characters, come together in one cohesive ongoing series. It will be a series of graphic novels. Now, on that same note, these characters are subject to some change. Sense, I have not yet truly come up with their personality's, and whom they are. This is to help me further my story, and the lore of my world. I do this here, because Eliquiy is the ONLY site I trust with my ideas. So please, fellow friends and eliquiy members, dont betray my profound trust and love for this site. And help me with this. Who knows, I may become a famous comic book writer some day. ;D lol.

2) Be literate. There are many spell checkers, so no point in not using one. I want somewhat literate, to very literate writers to help me fully flesh out my characters, and their story ark's. As long as your creative Im happy. Who knows, when I am published your character may apear in the book. ;) lol. 

3) M x f only. Although I do want to have other sexuality's in my book. So, just M x F for now.

Also, one final note to any artist's out their. Pm me, if you think your good enough. For I yet to have found a artist. At least for a short story in my world. The plan is, to see if people enjoy a free, short web comic, and start a kick starter campaign to fund my dream. I am poor, yes, and find it hard to get myself published. With kickstarter I can form a good team, and help fund the appropriate things they need to make it, and fund the shipping etc of an online store... Ah you get it. It is hard, complicated, and EXPENSIVE to make your own company.

So, without further adue, my world.

In Chronicles of the Darkside. It is a world much like our own. Humans, a race of people whom live life like hypnotised, buisy bees. Unknowing of the things that lurk in the darkness, of the powers that truly control them.  There are many unanswered questions, to the powers that be, yet many answered still. The ones that are answered, have helped the Iluminati progress through power, with up most secrecy. A covert orginization, that has for centuries were driven to achieve total, world domination.  But, that is a cover. A old wives tale. Why stop... At the world? You see there is layers, upon layers of worlds, just even within our own. In the dark alley ways, fighting for scraps of torn flesh. In the depths of our planet earth. Even in the depths of our minds. There is a fine difference from WHAT, we see, and WHAT, we dont see. WHAT, is truly there... Humans dont know... But... The Iluminati knows. Deals with demons, and angels. Working in the under belly of society, to get the edge against other beings. But, only to gain power enough, to move on. To where? Well, the nearest dimension of coarse. Take a coin flip. Heaven, hell, alternate earth? They after all, know how to travel through space and time, with their magic and rituals.

Vampires? Yes they exist, in fact they were a product of the Iluminati. Their first attempts of a Super Soldier. Alchemy, and magic, that bred the Apex Predator. But like any slave, they rebelled, and thrive on their own. Even if they are now near extinction...

Werewolves? Yes, but they are rebelling, and torn from their tradition. Were beast tribes, have been fighting a loosing battle. And most vie for being among the Iluminati. It is better then death, in there war right? Traitors, yes but the victors of a war always make history. And, with only very few clans, keeping to their traditions, it would seem that they will lose their fight.

Cryptid? A word only heard in the tabloids. But they exist. Big foot? No, but their are creatures, that shouldn't have been. Or have been extinct from society, due to the Iluminati's war hungry campaign. Few races other then human exist today, but the ones that do... Are hiding perfectly. After all, it is easy to hide when your the last of your kind.

Have I peaked your interest? Good. Now to the main event. My characters.

Jackson Booker: The first character I created, when thinking of this world. He is a member of the undead. No, literally. If he doesnt feed off of the life force of others, he will die... Well, again any way. He will decay, and fall apart, and appear dead.  Until, his soul can no longer stay on this plane. How, is he such an unnatural monstrosity, against nature? Well here is his tale.

Jackson Booker, was a normal, every day guy once. He had a family, a wife and kids. A job, as a forensic's expert. Even a best friend, who lived right across the street. A women, who had his back, all his life. She was a cop, out on the road busting the bad guys. But, she always said it was thanks to people like Booker, that these criminals get put away. Jackson, always thought it was his best trait. Not any more.. Not in the last moments of his life. Not when he was investigating a murder, that lead directly to one of the largest crime families in New York. Not when, he refused to be bought... NOT when, your tied up. And forced to watch, as your beaten, and your family is beaten too. .. Not, when a father is forced to watch his family die... Not when a father watches.... His child die... Or when he chokes on his own blood...

But, he can see something... Someone in the dark. As the men walked away, out of his attic, and out of his house. Leaving them bleeding in the dark. What was it he was seeing? God? The devil? A man. Tall, six feet to be exact. A dark skinned man, waring a white suit. And a white bowler hat. He walked slowly to Jackson. Singing a little song. The man was the source.. The reason Jackson now lives. A man only he can see. A man, only he can hear. A suave, intelligent stranger. Who, is for some reason leading Jackson down his path of revenge. A man, that runs by the name of, Mr.D

Powers: He is immortal. Incapable of death. Dismember him, crush him, cut off his head. He will grow it all back... He survives off of the life force of others. When damaged, it wont heal until he sucks someone's life force. When he does, they turn into a dry husk.. He hates this power, this urge to feed. Fighting it always. And only ever using it on the wicked. Would that ease his Morality? No. Sure, it may feel morally right to do it to the wicked. But when he feeds... He earns their memories. Everything they ever learned, ever knew. Everyone they ever cared for, loved. Their first love, their children... When you take someones life. No matter how cruel they are, you dont want to know they had a family. That they loved someone to. And this is a conflict in his character, that weighs on him forever. He has inhuman strength. Capable of at least crushing a brick wall in one punch. He has the ability to control his organic body. He can control his bone density, making it thicker for bludgeoning blows. Longer, and sharper for blades that come out of his forearm. (Not like wolvering. These are a single blade, and he only uses one at a time, preferring one open hand versus two weapons.) He can control his veins. Which is how he feeds. Shooting them out like needles, that suck a person dry of all life. Finally, he is capable of seeing the dead. Spirit's, to be exact. When he dreams he goes into a different world, one of darkness, and horror. Where the wicked, and victims without justice haunt him. Including his family. And, of coarse guns. Who doesn't like guns?

Shizuka Takeru: Stealth, subterfuge, espionage, and murder. All the traits of an assasin. All the traits, of Shizuka Takeru. He was born, in the Sengoku period Japan. During a time of war, and political intrigue. He was raised by his father in the ways, of what modern people would call a ninja. Being a simple farmer's boy, their family held no rights to weapons. Therefor, like most peasants, seeking protection from the oppressive lords, and their samurei. They developed, and honed their martial arts. Learning to use their tools, as lethal weapons. Learning to harness the qualities, of stealth, and subterfuge. He was honed into the perfect assasin. Jouning level by the age of 18. But, fate had something else in store. He was ordered, to assasinate the local warlord. But, after the betrayal of one of his comrad's. He is badly beaten, and hurt. Barely escaping, he crawls through the brush, and mud of his villiages forest's. Found by a stranger, whom would become the man whom changed his life forever. Giving him the choice to live or die. He chose life. And hence forth, became an immortal, super being, commonly known by myth as. The Vampire. Vampires are not, as we would normaly know them though. The are not, undead. In fact, sunlight does not hurt them, the light only blinds their eyes, which is sensitive to the sunlight. They are mortal, and can die if wounded badly enough. But, with a healing process far superior to human's, and super human reflexes. They are the perfect product of the human gene. They are more human, then human. Living for ages, an endless life span. But, there is it's... Quirks. For one, their relation to blood. They have a massive hunger, for... Well just about anything. They can eat human food, and feel sustained. But, they prefer their meals ... Raw. The rumors of cannibalistic creatures, emerged in times of war, struggle, and battle. Soldiers required to many resources to feed. So, they were ordered as a psychological attack towards the enemy. To partiely consume their victims. Be it human, where wolf, some cryptid creature. Another quirk, is the sexual habits. They want to breed like rabbits. They are incapable of impregnating a normal human. But can impregnate each other. Still, doesn't stop their urges. Which are great, but workable. The biggest quirk, being breeding.  9 Out of 10 children die during birth. Their young, bodies incapable of handling the physical changes, and intensities of being super human creatures. So, in order to keep up numbers, humans are turned. By drinking the blood of a vampire. But, that even now is difficult... For, when a human is fed, they do not have as much power as the previous. They have a more, watered down version, of the same chemicals  that make vampires.  At this point, a modern, freshly turned vamp is a useless gesture. No stronger then a normal human. Their race is at risk of extinction. The same formula that made them, lost to them and even the Iluminati by centuries of war in the shadows. It is because of hone killers, and assassins like Shizuka, that the war fights on. That they may recover, what was once lost to them.

Powers: Super human reflexes. Enhanced speed. He uses guns, and is a crack shot sniper. Prefer's his duel Ninjato swords. And, his kunei, shurikens, and throwing knifes.

Pythios Pendragon: It may be strange, that a bea-... Man such as Pythios to take up a first, and last name. But, if he can talk, he should at least have a name. A cryptid, and a very, very extinct one. The last of what many would call, a dragon. No, dragons are not huge, hulking behemoths of legend. In fact, they were descended from a set of Dinosaurs. Most commonly known, as a rapture. Or, translated, Bird Of Prey.  Strange? Yes. But, Pythios doesnt care. Nor does he care for a name. He has been used to being name less. Living in the shadows of alleys. In the thick brush of forests. Living off scrap's, until he found... Her. She took him in. For some reason. Maybe, because he can talk? Or maybe because she can sens the loneliness carried by being the LAST of his kind. She was afraid, at first. But, soon, she grew bold. Brave, and stood before her prey. Well, she thought she was his prey. He would never eat a human. He tried but they taste funky. (Lol that's a joke.) He has hidden within her home for a year and a half now. A one bedroom home, which used to be a warehouse of sorts. But, now is just one big, home. Well, at least there isnt any doors for him to accidentally break. She has helped him hone his speech. But, what if fate has it, that he must go out into the world? What if the Iluminati pick up on his trail. And force him back into a world of killing, fighting, and doing what it took to survive. Only this case it would be tougher. He has to protect her....

Powers: Now he is undoubtedly the strongest so far. He has the strength it takes to lift a van and toss it like a soft ball. He stands 7 feet tall. He has two, almost human like arms, and 3 fingers, each ending with a somewhat retractable claw. He has a thumb as well, which makes it easier to perform specific actions needed in battle and life. From using tools, to picking up large rocks.  He has incredible speed. Topping at the speed of 75 mph. He can run long distances, far beyond your normal long distance runner. He of coarse has large, teeth, and everything that comes with being a dino. His leg's, do arch backwards like a normal raptor, but are shapely enough to be considered human. So, he can ware pants. His feet, are exactly like a normal raptor's. Proportionate to a large shoe size, but has three toes, and retractable claws. He has an uncontrollable anger, and ferocity. His animal instincts sometimes getting in the way of the civil nature, that she tried to give him. He can also breath fire, awesome.

Ok, that's ALL I have for now. If I have gathered interest awesome. Now in case you have not yet realized, this is a DARK world. Filled with death, destruction, mystery, and intrigue. My world is not for the faint of heart. For things beyond understanding will happen. Be sure, I am not over board, or filled with senseless violence. But it is a violent world. Where all my characters try to live. Each trying to understand, discover, and overcome their own deep thought out obstacles.  Jackson, trying to overcome the evil thing he has become. Shizuka, trying to fulfill his duty, yet discover himself, having conflicts between not knowing the boundaries of being a man or a weapon. Or if he is treated as such. And, Pythios, trying to find his place in the world. Or somewhere he can belong, and fit in. Struggling in a society that would sooner scream and shoot at him, then except him.

So, I hope that people are interested, and understand. Also, any artists, hit me up I NEED one. As for kinks, and preferences, hit me up in pm, and I will send ya the link.
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