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Author Topic: Minty is Back.  (Read 610 times)

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Offline Minty MinxTopic starter

Minty is Back.
« on: April 02, 2013, 01:50:49 AM »
So I disappeared off here for a while but I just had to come back. So here is a bit about me.
~Im 19 years old almost 20
~I am female
~I can write a decent amount. About 2 paragraphs or so.
~I prefer to play females.
~I play both dominant and submissive though my dominant characters need some work

I'm not completely sure what I want at the moment and I am just looking for a good rp, some short term, some long term.... I am going to try get on once a day and I will try to reply often... I really am looking for some well put together and entertaining roleplays.

If you are interested let me know! I look forward to it!

♣ Fantasy
♦ Adventure
♥ Romance
♠ A Plot
♣ M x F
♦ Reality
♥ Twists
♠  Long term Partners
♣ Short Term Partners

Simple Pairs:
♣ Slave x Master (Slot 1- Open, Slot 2 - Open)
♦ Boss x Employee (Slot 1- Open,)
♥ Priest x Werewolf (Slot 1- Open)
♠ Goddess x Human (Slot 1- Open)
♣ Country Kid x Rebel (Slot 1- Open)
♦ Fairy x Adventurer (Slot 1- TAKEN)
♥ Human x ANYTHING (Slot 1- Open)
♣ Demon x human  (Slot 1- Open)
♦ Angel x The Devil  (Slot 1- Open)
♥ Kidnapper x Kidnapped  (Slot 1- Open)
♠ Best friend's little sister x Friend  (Slot 1- Open)

Idea 1:Alone in the world, at least no boyfriend Sam found herself getting into sexy cars and bike. Underground races and the sweet sounds of engines roaring gave her all she needed. Getting into that life she found herself trying to learn to put together bike. Soon she was racing and getting all the attention she wanted. [This story has many ways to go, maybe she gets with another racer she is has a Rivalry with, maybe she gets it on with the new comer? I love leaving my stories open so I can plot just a bit more with my Partner. First story is up... What do you think?]
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Idea 2:A new patient arrives at his desk, her name is Scarlet Peters. The young red-head with fierce blue eyes that dig deep into his soul. Scarlet was sent here for drug rehabilitation, yet every drug test he has run on her is clean. The Fed's have her on lock down and she hasn't been..... persay the kindest. She refuses to talk and is not the nice when she does. A officer comes to the Doctor and asks him to get her to talk. Now with a girl as stubborn as her, how is he to do it. [This could be entertaining. :) ] {Taken}
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Idea 3: A lonely and fit woman sits at home daily. No one knows what she does for work but unknown to her she has had a secret admirer. He has watched her everyday as she  changed, somewhat of a peeping tom. What he doesn't know is that she fianlly caught on. So know she stand in front of the window, teasing him, playing with herself in front of that window. Will there ever be a close encounter?{{Sexy neighbor?}}
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Idea 4: A Greek girl sold into slavery. Her real heritage was a secret. A rare thing she was. A pope's daughter, a well behaved girl stolen from her bed. She is quiet and absolutely beautiful, but who she is sold to will tell whether she will get back home. Maybe a roman or some other take her and uses her against her own country. {HMMMMMMMMMM?}
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Idea5: Sweet and delicious sex. Not able to get enough she is constantly looking for something better. What if she makes a deal with a demon, but he makes her give up sex completely and when the time come she will get the best sex she has ever had. What happens if she breaks that deal she has no idea, but how many temptations can she survive?
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Offline Minty MinxTopic starter

Re: Minty is Back.
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2013, 11:23:34 PM »
~Put up my Preferences!~
~Put up Simple ideas~
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Re: Minty is Back.
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2013, 11:45:37 PM »
~First Idea up.~
~Second Idea Added~
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Offline Minty MinxTopic starter

Re: Minty is Back.
« Reply #3 on: April 12, 2013, 01:33:01 AM »
idea four and five have been added
New pairs added.
FairyxAdventurer is now taken
Idea 2 Taken
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