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Author Topic: Delusions of the Innocent  (Read 901 times)

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Delusions of the Innocent
« on: March 31, 2013, 07:32:25 PM »
The following is completely fictional, only few mentioned are facts. Any relevance of the main character to history is purely coincidental
Queens, New York, October 1948

   As the last leaf of summers foliage turned its fall shade, Walter Bigsby woke from a dream that would start the writing process for his next childrens book, to be released on the new year. The basis of a young boy that wants to learn more than the school will teach. So while up late at night reading textbooks, the boy falls into an educational wonderland where he can re-live events in history. Walter's books were enjoyed by all ages that were able to read which added to the success of his epic tales.

   Walter was not a very social person. And the more successful his books became, the more reclusive he became. A normal reaction for people who grew up in poverty and then hit success. Although the thought of a childrens author to be a shut in boggled neighboors minds and worried some.

   After a month passed and his book just pages away from the end, the community couldnt recall the last time they had seen Walter. As a group of wives were talking two blocks down from Walters residence, a new face came in on the conversation.

   "I am terribly sorry to interrupt ladies, my name is Sheryll and I am new to the block and I need a quick tour of how things run and good places to shop."
   "Thats no problem at all honey. My names Cynthia, this is Belle, Lucy and Mavis."
   The ladies shake hands and gossip of their husbands for a minute and talk about the deli meats and produce markets
   "Are there any stars out here?"
   "Well of course there are," Belle replied, "But you can only see them when the suns down."
   "No no no," Sheryll said while trying not to laugh too hard, "Icons, celebrities, political figures, I am from California so I am espiaclly fond of living next to big names."
   "Well... Walter Bigsby lives just down the street." Lucy said. "But no ones heard or seen him in months. If it wasn't for the lights on at night, we would've thought he moved."
   "Oh dear thats how my cousin Jamie was until... Well... Nevermind." Sheryll said losing eye contact from the girls.
   "Oh no, do tell sister." Said Mavis. Hearing the acceptance in her tone gave a burst of self confidence in Sheryll.
   "Well, my cousin Jamie after the war, was very very different. He had a look of fright in his eyes all the time. He didnt talk much to where we didnt ever get to hear war stories. My father always told me stories of the first world war, I was excited to hear about the second one. Anyways, one day he told us all he was buying a house so he could keep to himself an not bother anyone, 6 months later he open fired off his front porch and killed 3 women, 4 children and wounded 2 officers."

   The women stood speechless as if they just heard a ghost tale. They looked at each other and immediately talked of committing Walter.
   "Lucy doesn't your brother work at Craig House, the private hospital north of here?"
   "Yes he does. Ill call them first thing tomorrows morning."

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Re: Delusions of the Innocent
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2013, 08:32:19 PM »
   "James? Its your sister Lucy."
   "Hey sis, how are you today?"
   "I am okay."
   "It doesn't sound like it. Whats going on?"
   "Its Walter Bigsby. He is off his rocker!"
   "The childrens author? Well we can't just send down the lunatic wagon, what happened?"
   "He wont leave the house, its been months, nobody can talk to him, he wont even answer the door James."
   "Wow okay. We'll be down immediately for an evaluation."

   The two specialists arrive in 2 hours flat, and knock on the door twice after peeping in the windows. After about 20 minutes of knocking and waiting, finally Walter's voice is heard through the door.
   "Hello? Who is it?"
   "Walter Bigsby? I am Dr. Schlepp with Dr. Ling. We are concerned for your safety."
   "Is it the house? What is wrong? Did someone die?"
   "Mr. Bigsby stay calm, may we come in?"
   After a moment of silence he unlocks the door. The three of them go into the dining room and sit at the table. There was a stale odor in the air along with cat dander.
   "Mr. Bigsby... Your looking quite.... Tired. Have you slept much?"
   "Not much when in process...."
   "Process?" Ling asked.
   "No details. Especially for you Charlie."
   "Walter, the war is over, and Dr. Ling was born and raised here in the states."
   "Chicago actually. And I am Korean, thank you."
   "Whatever, what do you guys want I am very busy."
   "We wanted to ask some questions."
   "You got a question. I haven't slept very much lately but when I do it is very nice. Now please leave I do not need a new bed."
   "Mr. Bigsby we are not trying to sell anything. Please just stay calm and we will be out of here in no time. Ling get him some water."
   "Why did you wink at him?"
   "Its my allergies from your cat. Please just answer me two questions and we'll be on our way."
   As the two of them talk, Dr. Ling pours a glass of water while dropping a tranquilizer in the glass. He hands it to Walter just after he answers the first question. Walter takes a drink of the water.
   "Now then, one more question. Can you count backwards from a hundred?"
   "Thats doesnt seem very relev....."
   Walter slowly stops talking and falls into a trance like state with his mouth open.
   "Alright Ling get the jacket out of the van and lets get out of here, I can't take this stench much longer."

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Re: Delusions of the Innocent
« Reply #2 on: March 31, 2013, 09:48:45 PM »
   As walter slowly regains conciousness, he sees in a blur the entrance sign to the hospital. He cant make out the words except the obvious letters of Welcome. All of a sudden it is very bright and he hears the murmering of a doctor on the phone. His conciousness is almost fully regained and he can hear the voice clearly.

   "Well after he apparently pulled a knife on Dr. Ling thinking he was a japanese soldier they tranquilized him thank god and he was subdued. Hes waking up now. Ill call you tomorrow with more info. Well hello Mr. Bigsby? How are you feeling?"
   "How am I feeling? Well I am frightened that I dont remember getting here... I am angry that I dont know whats going on... And I feel like I am going to have a heart attack from anxiety. And now.... I am.... I..."
   A doctor on guard at the door gave him an injection sedative without him even knowing.
   "Thank you James. And tell your sister Lucy thank you as well. Walter here is a bomb waiting to blow."

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Re: Delusions of the Innocent
« Reply #3 on: March 31, 2013, 10:07:06 PM »
   Walter wakes up in a room with only a desk, a bed, and a closet with 4 white jumpsuits with the initials C.H on them. A voice on the intercom comes on.
   "Walter I apologize for the misunderstanding. You are at Craig House Private Mental Hospital. You are being held on the grounds of being mentally unstable to be alone and possibly hostile to yourself or others. We are unsure why, which is why your here. Any questions?"
   "I.... Dont understand."
   "All in good time Walter. Try to get some sleep. Your rehabilitation starts tomorrow."
   "Is there a sedative I can take? I am far from tired."
   "Terribly sorry, but if your sedated one more time, I am afraid you will be left mentally retarded."
   "Try writing to pass time. You will find a journal and dull pencils in your desk."

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Re: Delusions of the Innocent
« Reply #4 on: March 31, 2013, 10:45:00 PM »
Journal Entry 1
   I am unsure what the date is... But I do know that it is 8:53 Pm. This is my first night here. I am completely unaware of what is happening. All I do know is that they think I am crazy. I have always thought of myself as unique, but never crazy. But I have realized something different about me lately. I cant put put my finger on it though. Anxious? Restless? Its a strange feeling... I wish it would stop.

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Re: Delusions of the Innocent
« Reply #5 on: April 01, 2013, 12:44:10 AM »
   A two note bell rang at 8 Am on the dot. The voice came back over his intercom.
   "Good morning Walter, sleep well?"
   "After counting the ceiling tiles 34 times over, yes my eyes enjoyed the rest very much thank you."
   "Good... Well I trust your hungry?"
   Walter sighs, "Yes I am quite hungry."
   "Excellent. Follow the yellow line on the floor outside your door to the cafeteria, take a ticket, and dish up."
   "Thank you..."
   Walter was very hesitant about every move he made. He figured since they were looking for hostility, making concious decisions would show he had control. He didnt want to make them think he was a loose cannon.

   After breakfast was finished, the patients were allowed a 20 minute smoke break.
   "Need a smoke old chap?" Said a rugged looking englishmen in the courtyard.
   "Well, I smoke from a pipe so I guess its essentially the same... Sure I'll take one, thank you." Walter grabs his matchbook and lights up the lucky strike. "What are you here for? You dont seem like... The others."
   "Thats cause they all have cuts in the lobes."
   "Excuse me?"
   "A lobotomy?"
   "I'm afraid I dont quite know what that is."
   "All you need to know is they mess you up... Trust me. 9 out of 10 just wind up moping around here, if they can still walk, and just drool the rest of their lives away..."
   "And the 1 out of 10?"
   "Good lord. They all seem like peasants, its probably to cut down on bums meeting other bums to make children to suffer with..."
   "Christ your bloody cold. They do it to everyone here. You see that cute girl over there?"
   "I was about to chat with her before you came over."
   "Well that little girl is Rosemary Kennedy."
   "Really? But... Their so..."
   "Dont make me laugh! My friend knows the family. Their far from normal."
   The bell for break rang loudly across the courtyard. Many of the patients ducked and covered only to rise back up as if nothing happened. Now it was time for patients to stay in their rooms while many systematically get chosen for their various therapies.   Walter realized that strange man never said why he was there. Then he wondered if whether or not he would remember or tell the truth for that matter.

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Re: Delusions of the Innocent
« Reply #6 on: April 01, 2013, 01:27:09 AM »
   As Walter sat staring out his window, there was a knock at the door.
   The door opened and it was a doctor he had not seen before.
   "Good afternoon Mr. Bigsby I am Dr. Winslow. How are you feeling?"
   "Sad or Happy?"
   "Neither. I am feeling just.... Homesick."
   "I understand."
   "Do you? Does this happen to you?" Walter said sarcastically.
   "No but I have been homesick. In fact I am a little homesick right now. My family is in colorado but they are short handed on coumselors here and I am one of the best in the country."
   "Well that is just fantastic Dr. Winslow... Maybe you can see I am no different than the majority of this country, and send me home!!"
   "And I would love to do that, but your hostility isnt going to get you home any faster."

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Re: Delusions of the Innocent
« Reply #7 on: April 01, 2013, 01:53:25 AM »
   After an hour of one sarcastic answer after another Dr. Winslow bids him good day and leaves. Walter started to think it wasnt as easy to get out than he once thought. He thought they were looking for something he knew, yet he didnt really know any big secrets. Then he realized how mean he was towards Dr. Winslow. He rang the buzzer.
   "May I see Dr. Winslow ma'am?"
   "Im sorry sir but your room has been checked off, he will see you again in two days. Anything else?"
   "No...... Thank you... Perfect..."