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Author Topic: Twisted Plot-heavy stories (Looking for F in FxM or FxF)  (Read 302 times)

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Twisted Plot-heavy stories (Looking for F in FxM or FxF)
« on: March 30, 2013, 02:38:59 PM »
Basically I've returned after a hiatus and naturally I'm looking for a roleplay.
Lately I'm really in the mood to play up 'messed up' characters. Not so much in the poor druggie who needs a shoulder to cry on but more in the (semi-)psychopath version. Big, bad-ass men who in all honesty should be locked behind bars if not strapped to a certain chair.
This can be in a chaotic, brutal way or in a more cunning but not less sadistic manner. When it comes down to being the evil guy I might have too much imagination.

Also I love playing multiple roles. I do not entirely believe in pairings. It has got to work between two characters. Your character or characters can basically 'choose' from a whole array of mine to find the best one in the arsenal.

These are just basic rules. I'm not overly strict but try to follow these. 
- Be literate: I'm not a native English-speaker myself but aside from the occasional typo I'm doing fine. So I expect the same from you.
- No one-liners: no exception on this ever. I always manage to squeeze out at least 2-3 paragraphs, one at a bare minimum if I have little to work with but never have I given someone a reply with just one sentence.
- I am patient but try to understand that it's difficult to get indulged again in a role-play that's been left unanswered for quite a while. I understand if something in real life comes up and I'm patient then but if your average is one post per two weeks I'm sorry but this will not work out.
This doesn't mean I expect you to reply several times a day. If you can all the better if not doesn't matter. The average I'd want is one per two to three days.
- Be creative: I leave the spots for your characters so wide open by choice. I find that it restricts if I'm given a strict role to play. I merely give the connection for our two characters to meet up. Her or his personality, backstory, appearance and more are all left open for you.
- My plots: They are very open both in what we will be doing as in your character. I love someone having input into the stories and come up with something together rather then just playing out a scene I have in my head.
I can play female and male and love to play multiple characters be them side or main. How you want to pairing to end up is completely up to you. Most of them are MxF but it can be changed to other pairings.


MxF, FxF
Modern times
Sarnath, an island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. With warm seas surrounding it, pearly beaches and a hot climate it sounded like the perfect spot to smack down a whole array of hotels, beach activities and restaurants.
However it wasn't the climate or location that didn't allow tourists, it was a civil war, a war that had been brewing for longer than a decade.
The government, or what little remained of it was still engaged in battling the organized rebels. Bombs were almost carelessly thrown about and one week the rebels could be squatting in the forests, hiding from government and the following the soldiers and politicians were huddled in their buildings when the rebels marched down their streets.

Both knew the others were corrupt and would end the existence of Sarnath. Both strived for a 'better life' of the Sarnath citizen. Both wanted the same but also something different.
But both were oblivious to the true power that was ruling over Sarnath. A power locally known as the Carter Resort, but this Resort was not a corrupt company ruling from behind the curtains, it was a mercenary gang, it's name taken from an old abandoned hotel that they used as their base of operations. Carter Resort was a welcoming home for about every filthy animal and trigger-happy nutcase to join. Everybody was accepted; prisoners escaped from the mainlands, pirates seeking for a more 'steady' occupation or locals tired of being pulled by two sides who'd do nothing but kill each other in the end.

Carter Resort was so much more than merely a mercenary gang who lend their soldiers temporarily to the side with the most cash. They were the reason for the yearlong fights, they ensured that war kept blazing but also that it didn't got out of hand, that no outside meddling was involved.
Carter Resort was also the one responsible for slowly introducing tourists back onto the island, keeping them restricted to the other side, far from the once-capital and the bushes from which the rebels struck.
In the years that the fighting went on it wasn't long until a night city had established itself. A medium-sized city named Kadath with nothing but night clubs, hotels, 24/7 malls, strip-joints and anything else young people or the adventurous elders would need.
A small city completely under the protection of the Carter Resort that looked on from afar, letting both the rebels and the government think that it was their doing that the economy had returned to the island.

Now the Resort got their finances from supplying weapons and soldiers but also through drugs in the city and ultimately large amounts of cash were introduced through human trafficking, from ransoming tourists to kidnapping young women from hotels only to introduce them years later as the little whores in the clubs.
Kadath, Sarnaths little pearl with the cesspool.

My characters will likely be the top dogs in the Carter Resort with perhaps someone from your character's immediate circle (if you wish so) and a few others to just keep the story going.
Your character could be basically anyone you'd want. Perhaps a woman visiting Kadath but kidnapped. Or a reporter who'd gotten too curious for her own good. Perhaps someone from either the government or the rebels send to the Resort for negotiations but things went downhill?
If you want I can send you a whole list of suggestions for your character's reason for being there for you to pick from if you aren't certain which one you'd like to play as.

Between Fire and Blaze
MxF, FxF
Medieval, Dragon riders
A former knight of the land arrived at the gates of the pristine city he once served. He had been a dead man, only to escape in his last hours. His crime; death. His punishment; death. The King's daughter had fallen in love with him, a servant of the king with little land or money to back him up. They had plans of marriage, of fleeing, the perfect couple.
But it was not to be. As she had gotten pregnant she was removed from him, a scandal that could not leave the castle walls. He learnt later that she died during birth, or so they told him. He wasn't even allowed to see her corpse.

He returned to the scene of his crime to claim the last daughter for the man he now serves. Not out of spite but rather pity for the land.
His former home, Lordel would not stand as it was. War was brewing at the borders. Imvor, a rival land, had made sudden progress across the lands. An alliance between magic and machines had turned them into an unstoppable force and now their eyes were preening over to the lavish lands of Lordel.
Lordel had never been a land of war but rather of knowledge and magic, in a clash between the two Lordel wouldn't stand a chance.

But the Knight had pleaded with his leader to aid his former kingdom, to spare it and finally an agreement was made. The leader would marry the last princess of the Royal family to seal their bond and assure a solid relationship between the two.

But the Knight had allied himself with a bandit gang, the worst one out there. The only ones savage and brutal enough to lay claim to the very horrid beings that were dragons. Only due to their own savage need for blood and gold, their brutal lifestyle were they able to tame the wild, ferocious beings.
But as lawless and savage as they were they knew that Imvor too frowned down upon them. That they'd be hunted down and slaughtered one by one if Imvor was to win.
The combination of the dragonriders with the fierce magics of Lordel would be the key to defeating Imvor.

Lordel, even if it disagrees with everything the Dragonriders stand for, has no other option but to agree, and even to praise themselves lucky to pay this small a price for such a war.

I will play various roles in this roleplay. Prominently the leader of the dragonriders but also the fallen knight, who will act as a 'translator' for your character and explain the world of the dragonriders.

Your character can be two things. Either she is, as the story suggested, the princess or if you think this to be a more suitable role, she could be a highly talented mage to bond the two true forces with each other. She can always be  combination of both if you wish. That way she isn't entirely helpless.

Forty Days to Salvation
MxF, FxF
Future-ish, Dystopian
Six people are settled in a small confinement for forty days. Each day they get one serving of food, one bottle of water and one bucket of water to go by. The only appliances within the room are a bed, a toilet and a slight dip in the corner of the room with a drain in it.
However the other side of the room has a wall with built-in monitors. Five of them neatly placed with the upper row the middle one a mirror. Behind it is a camera that is filming them. The mirror is made of reinforced glass, no amount of strength can break it.

Each monitor displays one person, themselves counting there are six of them. They cant hear the others, only see them and interact that way, other than that they only know each other by colorcode. From left to right they are labelled blue, grey, purple, green, red. They see everything of each other, crying, laughing, eating, sleeping and even showering.

After forty days they are released, the doors finally opening and they find themselves within a large normal house, only there aren't any windows or doors aside from the ones connecting the rooms.
There are also no outside forms of entertainment or communication, there is no television, computer or telephone. There is only one large black screen in one of the rooms displaying in a white bit-like font 'Welcome home.' No goals, no mentioning of escape, nothing.
Their freezer and fridge are stocked to the brim with food and once every week a new batch of food would simply appear within one of the rooms.

Even if nothing is happening, nothing is commanding they still had the feeling that they are simply waiting for something to happen.

How does this story work?
In this story I will likely be playing all characters aside from your own character. It's your choice to see what the ratio of the genders will be. Will your character be female amongst all males or will there be equal amounts of both or perhaps she's only got one other female friend or maybe it's all females or more females than males and such. The choice is up to you.

The five characters I will create will differ in their personalities and interests and such. If you wish for a specific trait for a character  (personality, age, haircolor etc) do ask but do not supply with pictures or real people or something.
Depending on who your character wishes to interact with will be the 'maincharacter' then. I'll likely have one to continue the story without repeating the same situation with five different guys but other than that it's up to you.
Other than that the story will play out as the entertainment of a twisted person, the one behind the console in one of the rooms. Think of it like Big Brother in system but a bit more sadistic/cruel and perhaps even a bit of dark humor.
The reason for this twisted piece of entertainment can vary. Perhaps it's a revenge plot set up by some made-man, perhaps it's a perverted mixture of a snuff and porn in which the highest bidder can supply commands to suddenly show up on the screen for the trapped people to follow. Or perhaps it's a social experiment.

If you have ideas or alterations for this plot feel free to suggest them.


These are my more worked out plots. I have several more but I need to work them out completely before I feel confident enough to show them.

If none of these plots speak to you but you still wish to roleplay with me feel free to suggest a pairing or a character from your own and maybe we can work something out. I love giving my partner an open world to play in.


I will roleplay in the universes but I do not wish to play canon-characters and rather have it you did as well unless you really want.

- Lord of the Rings
- Star Wars
- Harry Potter
- Avatar: James Cameron
- Avatar: the Last Airbender (or Korra) 
- Firefly
- Supernatural
- Doctor Who
- Fallout
- Mass Effect
- Batman: Arkham Asylum/City
- The Elder Scrolls
- Pokemon (Rather a mature perhaps even criminal world like how do grown-ups use pokemon in their daily lives)
- Virtue's Last Reward
- Far Cry 3
- Dead Island
Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter
Mass Effect
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