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Author Topic: Home made System, for Naruto group role play!  (Read 251 times)

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Offline ProsakTopic starter

Home made System, for Naruto group role play!
« on: March 30, 2013, 04:49:33 AM »
Hello, I am Prosak. I am a huge system styles lover. And have been working on this for some time now. I have been dabbling into making my own, detailed, system role plays. This one may be for Naruto. But, for those not interested, I will offer my personal services for making system's, for you. Now, please enjoy my system. My next post will be for plot. Two things to note. Starting level, is 3. And, all character's are at Gening level. Just passe the academy. Meaning, all character's, at least in this verse, must be 16 for the site rules. I may be persuaded to allow someone to play a sensei, but that is unlikely. I was hoping I can have either three or two squad's. And, be the Jouning, level trainer for all three. But, one is enough to get this started. Now, there is a lot to read. SO ENJOY! And send feed back. I hope to be of much help, and joy to others. As I can. I hope, to make more systems, and master my craft. Do you want a system for bleach? Soul Eater? Walking Dead? Macross? Robotech? Neon Genesis Evengaline? Or Transformers? (Yes, I love robot's, as well as ninja. :P lol.) Then I am your guy! Just ask, and I will make it! If I dont know, it, I will watch it for you, and study the product. Before making a advanced system for it. Or basic, if you want. This one is meant to be as realistic, basic, as possible. While still being identified as Naruto.

The main attributes, are important to your character. You must roll  5 d 6, take away two lowest, for a tottal score. When done, you are allowed to discard your entire roll's, and repeat them until you like your total score. Above average scores begin at 16. If you roll an 18, you roll another 6 die. Keep rolling, until you roll under a 6, or reach 30. All scores end at 30. 

Intellect:  Ones intelligence, and knowledge.  Effects all knowledge based skills.

Perception: Ones ability to perceive, or observe. Important for discovering ambushes, or using information gathering, and observation based skills. Also effects dodge, and parry. Strike bonuses.

Mental Endurence: Your ability to endure mental strain, and fight insanity. Effects Chakra points. And chakra, or will power based skills.

Charm: The ability to communicate. Also gives charm/intimidate skills. Adds to charm based skills.

Strength: Physical damage. Effects physical skills, such as climbing, swimming, etc.

Physical Endurance:  Speed, hitpoints, enduring poison/disease, dodge and parry, Armor rating. etc. Also effects ones chakra points.
                16   17  18  19  20  21  22   23  24   25    26      27    28    29     30
Int :Skills +1 +2  +3  +4  +5  +6  +7  +8  +9  +10  +11  +12   +13   +14  +15
                            16  17  18  19  20  21  22   23  24   25    26      27    28    29     30
Per:parry dodge  +1        2          3          4           5             6                7               8           
Skills                    +1  2    3    4   5     6    7     8    9    10    11      12    13    14      15
Strike bonus:       +1        2          3          4           5             6                7               8 

                                            16      17  18  19  20  21  22   23  24   25    26      27    28    29     30
Me: Skills                           +1      +2  +3  +4  +5  +6 +7  +8   +9 +10  +11    +12 +13  +14  +15
Insanity,mental attack save.10 %        20%    30 %    40%      50%       60%          70 %         80%
                                16      17  18  19  20  21  22   23  24   25    26      27    28    29     30
Ch:Trust Intimidate:10 %       20%    30 %    40%      50%       60%          70 %         80%
     Skills                  +1      2    3    4    5     6     7    8    9    10   11       12    13    14     15

                      16      17  18  19  20  21  22   23  24   25    26      27    28    29     30
Str: Damage  +1            2          3          4          5             6                 7               8                   
Skills:             +1       2    3    4    5    6    7     8   9     10   11        12    13    14    15

                           16      17  18  19  20  21  22   23  24   25    26      27    28    29     30
Pe: Dodge/parry +1            +2       +3       +4         +5           +6             +7             +8           
Poison/disease  10 %        20%    30 %    40%      50%       60%          70 %         80%
Sneak/balance    +1             +2       +3       +4         +5           +6             +7             +8 
Armor Rating:      8              9        10         11           12          13             14              15

Skill bonuses explained: If it is based in % at the end. That means it is it's own skill ending at 80%. If it is normal points, it ends at +15% to a already accesible skill, such as climb, swim, Fire Nation Lore, or Chakra Control.

Derivative attributes.
Chakra, Hit points, and stamina. Then Speed, and Armor Class/Agility class. Then Physical Condition. All this is important, to the Ninja. Chakra points, dictates the amount of Jutsu one can use in a day. Hit points is how much damage one can take before death. Stamina is how much energy, one can exert before being exhausted. Speed is important for dodging, and ones Armor class/Agility. An armor class is the role, of whether or not you get struck. While Physical conditioning, is how much damage one can take before one's core HP can be struck. Complicated? Yes this may seem that way. But, it is meant to make the most logical, and realistic way possible. To be a Ninja, in Naruto.

Chakra: PE, + ME, + 1d6 per level. When Chakra hits 0, you go into a coma.

Hit Points: PE, + 1d6 per level. If it hit's zero, you die.

Physical Condition: Is, PE, + Str, + 1d6 every 2 lvls. If you PC, points reach zero, ones hp begins to be struck.

Stamina:  ME, + Str, +1d6 per level. Every point, counts as a minute. If battle surpasses time of stamina, you are exhausted. When exhausted, you are penalized in physical actions.

Speed: PE, + 1d6 Per level.

Chart for speed.
3: 5 feet per action, 10 mph
4 10 feet, 20 mph
5 15 feet, 30 mph
6 30 feet, 40 mph.
7 35 feet, 50 mph
8 40 feet, 60 mph
9 45 feet, 70 mph
10 50, feet, 80 mph
So on, so forth. Any where past 100, is past human understanding, there for requires the use of 5 chakra points per day, to sustain such inhuman speed.

Coma/Death: When ones chakra is zero, they enter a coma. If ones hit points hit zero, they die. To fight this, all start with a save vs, coma and death, At 30%

Regaining HP, and PC, Chakra, and Stamina: + 1d6 hp, every day of resting. +2d6 PC, every day of resting. 1D6 Chakra every hour of resting. And, 2d6 Stamina every hour of resting.

Carry, lift: Example:  You have 30 Str, you can lift, 10 x your score. Meaning your lift weight, is 300.  You always carry half your lift weight. Meaning, your carry would be 150.

Armor rating: 16 Physical endurance or lower, is an 8. Another point every two levels, a total of 15. When being attacked, or attacking. One must roll a 20 die. If it is rolled higher then your AR your struck. If lower, you are not hit.

Dodge/Parry: Taking the action of dodging, or blocking/parrying. Ends at 30 for a total of 8. It is rolled with 20 die as well. Requires an action to do so.

Ninja Skills: Skills given to your character from start.

Climbing: Strength: 40% +3 per level.
Swimming: Strength: 40% +3
Jump: Strength: 40% +4
sneak: Physical:  30% +3
Balance: Physical: 40% +3
Chakra Control: Mental: 50% +4
Walk on water: Mental: 40% +5
Walk on surfaces:(Ceilings, trees, walls.) Mental: 30% +5
Jutsu Lore: Int: 60% +3
National Lore:Int: 50% +4
Ninja Lore:Int: 60% +2
Information Gathering: Int: 40% + 4
Listen: Perception: 30% +5
Spot: Perception: 30% +5

Secondary skills:
One pick's 5 to start. 2 more at levels 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.

Intelligence Skills:
Espionage: 40%+ 2
Sign language: 50% + 4
Tactics: 40% + 3
Navigation, Land: 60% +2
Navigation, water: 60% +2
Basic First Aid: 50% + 4
Astrology: 30% +3
Herbs/Medicine: 50% +3
Agricultural Lore: 50% +4
Clan Lore: 40% + 4
Secret Jutsu lore: 20% +5
Local Lore: 30% +3
Demonic/supernatural Lore: 30% +4
Higher learning: At the cost of one skill, you have a permanent +2 intelligence.

Perception skills:
Detect Ambush: 40% +3
Detect concealment: 30% +4
Sense Motive: 40% 4
Detect Gen-Jutsu: 30% + 3
Targeting: 40% +5
Tracking: 50 % + 3

Motivate self: 30% +2
Convince self: 30% +2

Motivate others: 30% +2
Lie: 30 % +3
Cheat: 30% +4
Distract: 40% + 3
Convince other: 30% + 2
Casanova: At the cost of 1 skill slot.Your confidence in yourself is so huge, you take your self for a ladies man. Giving a permanent +2 to charm. And, a +5% to all charm skills, when dealing with the opposite sex.

Honed Skills: At the cost of 1 skill slot.  Permanent +10% on all strength skills, +2 to physical damage.
Body Building/Weight lifting: At the cost of 1 skill slot. + 4 Physical conditioning, + 2 hp.
Intensive Training:At the cost of 1 skill slot. Permanent +1 to strength, and Physical Endurance.

Starting combat scores:
All ninja start with
+2 Roll/Fall
(Roll/fall. Is roll's against being tripped, or falling. If an enemies trip or grapple attack is successful, then you roll again. Against his strike roll )
+1 Initiative. (Initiative: It is the role before combat, which dictates whom gets the first action. A twenty die is rolled. The one whom has the highest number rolled, + bonuses to initiative. Gets to go first. Followed by second to third.)

Jumping distance: 6 feet. +4 feet, for a minute, at the cost of 2 chakra.
5 attacks per melee round.
(Attack's per melee round. Are the number of actions, one can take during one round. When all participants run out of actions. Then the next round starts. When you have use 5 turns, when you only ave five actions. And your enemy has 7 actions. You are helpless, to his remaining actions.)

Natural Physical damage. Is always, 1d6 for a ninja. Plus, their damage bonuses.

Martial Art's:
Every character chooses one Martial art's skill. Each style, is different in bonuses, and technique. And, each get better per level. You are allowed up to two, but as long as you quit progression with another. Example: A level 4, whom uses Drunken fist may at level 5 decide to use The Crane style. He would then quit being a Drunken fist user as a level 4 drunken fist. And be a level 1 Crane. He would keep all bonuses from the first, but stop's his progression with it. At level 10, with a Art, it can not progress any more. Which is why your allowed two. Because, at any time you level up, your completely allowed to stop training at one, and go back to the other. So, on the same note above. If you were to become a level 10  at the crane, you can go back to the Drunken fist. At level 20, your allowed 1 more style, to train on until the final level of 30. And, would then begin to progress in the Crane. Their are two types. Tei Jutsu. Literally meaning "Body Techniques" . And Buki Jutsu. Literally meaning "Weapon Techniques".

Drunken Fist (Zui Quane): Even though the style seems irregular and off balance it takes the utmost balance to be successful. To excel one must be relaxed and flow with ease from technique to technique. Swaying, drinking, and falling are used to throw off opponents. When the opponent thinks the drunken boxer is vulnerable he is usually well balanced and ready to strike. When swigging a wine cup the practitioner is really practicing grabbing and striking techniques. The waist movements trick opponents into attacking, sometimes even falling over. Falls can be used to avoid attacks but also to pin attackers to the ground while vital points are targeted.
Level 1:  + 1 dodg/parry. Stagger (SPECIAL! Sort of a broken walk/fall into combat. A successful roll means entering combat distance and gaining initiative.) +5 Physical condition. +1 to strike.
Level 2:  +1 attack per melee round. Stunning strike, when rolling natural 20 (Enemy stunned for 1 turn.) Or it is a knock out attack, if enemy is unwary.
Level 3:  +1 Attack per melee round. +1 to strike. Add +1 parry/Dodge.
Level 4: +5 % on jump skill. Add 4 feat on distance of jump. +1 Parry/Dodge, fall, and roll.
Level 5: Special! Can strike while on the ground.
Level 6: +1 strike. +2 damage.
Level 7: Critical roll's are at 19 instead of 20.
Level 8: +1 parry/dodge. + 2  fall, roll.
Level 9: +1 fall roll. +1 strike. + 1 attack per melee round.
Level 10:  +1 to fall, roll.  +1 to dodge/Parry. Add 2 feet to jumping distance. +1 to initiative.

Fujiane White Crane:The characteristics of this style are deep rooted stances, intricate hand techniques and fighting mostly at close range, as if to imitate a pecking bird. As with the Crane, all body parts are tools. There are no special tools, hand shapes or techniques. Everything results from an avoiding or evasive movement and to the uninitiated may look like an accidental movement. A flung out hand, a tripping foot, a accelerating hand grab, an seemingly accidental brush across the eyes of a stray finger into an eye. All these executed almost as an afterthought as the Cranes ultimate tool is the strength of the attacker and not the effectiveness of it's techniques. It is a you hit me, I hit you style of defensive fighting. With wide arching, and fluent ways of motion. To have reach, at almost every angle.
Level 1: +1 action per melee round. +2 strike.
Level 2:  Stunning strike, when rolling natural 20 (Enemy stunned for 1 turn.) Or it is a knock out attack, if enemy is unwarrie.
Level 3: + 1 action per melee round. + 2 dodge/parry.  Special! Maintain balance. Permanent +10 % to balance skill, adds an auto balance to being tripped, or grappled. (Cannot be tripped or grappled)
Level 4: + 1 parry/dodge. Special! Crane Fist. A normal attack, that has an increased critical chance. Lowering it from rolling a 20, to rolling an 18.
Level 5:+ 1 Strike, +1 parry/dodge.
Level 6:  Critical strike on sneak attacks
Level  7: +1 Parry/dodge
Level 8:  +2 physical condition.
Level 9: +  1 damage. +1 strike.
Level 10: +1 action per melee round.  +1 hp

Gentle Fist: It is a form of hand-to-hand combat used by members of the Hyūga clan. It inflicts internal damage through attacking the body's Chakra Pathway System, subsequently injuring organs which are closely intertwined with the area of the network which has been struck. To do this, the user surgically injects a certain amount of their own chakra into the opponent's chakra pathway system, causing damage to surrounding organs due to their proximity to the chakra circulatory system. Even the slightest tap can cause severe internal damage, hence the name "gentle" fist. It can be implemented and use by others, not in the Hyuga clan. But, only one with Byakugan, can sense, see, and strike chakra points. So, it is mainly for the Hyuga clan, whom posses the Kei Kei Genkei called Byakugan. But, for those without a Byakugan, it is still a defensive style, with acurate striking. With optimal reach, and range, with ones hands. (Not at full capability without Byakugan eyes/eye.)
Level 1: + 2 strike, + 1 dodge Parry.  Stunning strike, when rolling natural 20 (Enemy stunned for 1 turn.) Or it is a knock out attack, if enemy is unwarrie.
Level 2: + 1 strike. + 1 fall roll.
Level 3: + 1 strike. Hyuga specific, View Chakra point's.  (See jutsu's. Hyuga.)
Level 4: + 1 strike. + 1 dodge/parry
Level 5:  + 1 fall roll. + 1 strike.
Level 6: + 1 dodge/parry. Chakra point strike. ( See, jutsu's. Hyuga.
Level 7:  + 1 fall roll. + 1 damage.
Level 8: +  2 anitiative
Level 9: + 1 fall roll. + 1 initiative. 
Level 10:  Hyuga specific. Palm rotation  (See jutsu's. Hyuga.)

Strong Fist: Strong Fist is Guy's and Lee's characteristic fighting style, the purpose of which is to cause external damage and break bones. It is the exact opposite of Gentle Fist which is used mainly by the Hyūga clan.This style of fighting involves smashing your opponent and is generally used only by extremely physically powerful and dominating shinobi. It has no special benefits. But many benefit's to damage, and strike. And, a few techniques.
Level 1: + 5 damage. + 1 strike
Level 2: + 2 strike. + 1 damage.
Level 3: + 1 strike, + 1 parry Dodge.
Level 4: + 1 Parry Dodge. + 2 Fall, roll.
Level 5: + 1 strike. + 1 fall/roll
Level 6: + 2 Parry/Dodge. + 1 fall, roll.
Level 7:  Sweep kick 1d6 damage, a attack that count's as a trip. If you succede to strike, your aponent must roll against your strike again. + 1 anitiative.
Level 8: + 1 strike. + 1 initiative
Level 9: + 1 fall/roll. + 1 parry dodge.
Level 10: +1d for damage. 1D6 normal, turns into 2d6 normal strike.

Tei Chi:The philosophy of t'ai chi ch'uan is that, if one uses hardness to resist violent force, then both sides are certain to be injured at least to some degree. Such injury, according to t'ai chi ch'uan theory, is a natural consequence of meeting brute force with brute force. Instead, students are taught not to directly fight or resist an incoming force, but to meet it in softness and follow its motion while remaining in physical contact until the incoming force of attack exhausts itself or can be safely redirected, meeting yang with yin.  So, in a sense. It is a hit me, I hit you style. Focused on defensive, and wide arching palme strikes.
Level 1: + 2 dodge/parry  + 2 roll/fall   Stunning strike, when rolling natural 20 (Enemy stunned for 1 turn.) Or it is a knock out attack, if enemy is unwary
Level 2: + 1 strike + 1 dodge/parry
Level 3: + 2 fall/roll
Level 4: + 1 strike + 1 Dodge/parry.
Level 5: + 1 fall/roll + 1 dodge.
Level 6: Special! Auto dodge. (An automatic dodging action, rolling success is still required. Only makes it possible to dodge with out spending an action to do so.)
Level 7: + 1 dodge/Parry
Level 8: + 1 strike, + 1 dodge/parry.
Level 9: + 1 dodge/parry, + 1 initiative.
Level 10: + 1 damage, + 1 hp, + 2 Physical condition.

Wing Chun: Some Wing Chun practitioners believe that the person with better body structure will win. A correct Wing Chun stance is like a piece of bamboo, firm but flexible, rooted but yielding. This structure is used to either deflect external forces or redirect them. Balance is related to structure because a well-balanced body recovers more quickly from stalled attacks and structure is maintained. Wing Chun trains the awareness of one's own body movement derived from muscular, tendon, and articular sources. Performing Wing Chun's forms such as Chum Kiu or the Wooden Dummy form greatly improve. Wing Chun favours a high, narrow stance with the elbows kept close to the body. Within the stance, arms are positioned across the vitals of the centerline. Shifting or turning within a stance is carried out variantly on the heels, balls, or middle (K1 or Kidney 1 point) of the foot depending on lineage. All attacks and counter-attacks are initiated from this firm, stable base. Wing Chun rarely compromises structure for more powerful attacks because this is believed to create defensive openings which may be exploited.
Level 1: + 1 strike. + 1 damage. + 10 percent balance skill
Level 2:  + 2 initiative.
Level 3: + 1 strike  + 1 dodge parry
Level 4: + 1 fall/roll + 1 anitiative
Level 5: + 1 fall roll, + 1 hp
Level 6: + 2 minutes of stamina
Level 7: + 1 strike + 1 fall/roll
Level 8: + 2 chakra.
Level 9: . + 2 damage +1 dodge/parry
Level 10:  +  1 physicle conditioning

(I can construct martial styles, to specific real world styles wanted.)

Buki Jutsu
Weapon Fighting: There is choices, among this choice. There is a small base bonus per level. Then a set of choices added to it. MOS of sorts. (Military occupation, specialty.) Each one are different types of weapons one may chose.

Blunts: Nunchucks, Boe staff, rod's, Tonfa(Asian Night sticks.) etc.
+1 damage, + 2 strike,

swords: Katana, Ninjato.
+2 damage.  + 1 dodge/parry.

Shuriken/Kunei: Any throw able weapon.
 +1 strike.  Another + 2 to Strike when thrown.

All around scores are as follows.
Level 2: + 1 strike.
Level 3: + 1 parry/dodge. + 1 damage.
Level 4: + 1 fall/roll. + 1 Parry/dodge.
Level 5: + 1 strike. Another + 1 strike when thrown.
Level 6: + 1 Damage, + 1 fall roll.
Level 7: + 1 strike, + 1 dodge/ parry.
Level 8: Another + 1 strike when thrown.
Level 9: + 1 fall/roll, + 1 Dodge/parry
Level 10 Blunt: Double strike. Attack twice in one turn.
Level 10 swords:  Duel wielding. Allow's user to duel wield swords, when duel wielding one can parry with one weapon, while being able to strike with the other.
Level 10 Shuriken/Kunei: Double puncture. Weilder is able, to throw up to two kunei, or four shuriken at once. (Kunei are 1d6 damage, while shuriken are 1d4.)

Elemental focus.
There is a specific element to many jutsu's. Your body alway's has an natural affinity, for specific elements. Making Jutsu's within this element easier to learn. Elements are.

Fire, release
Water, release
Lightning, release
Wind, release
And, Earth, release.

Jutsu focus:
Your body is also built for focused jutsu. Not every one's chakra points are built the same. Making some excel, at things, while still frustratingly bad at others. There are three jutsu forms. Tei jutsu, the physical form. Gen jutsu, an ilusionary form.  And, Ninjutsu, the form of power's, and such ninja will use. There are three focus types, one may have.

Focus type one. Excel's at one. But is horrible at the other two.
Teijutsu: Excel's: + 6 damage. +10 to all physicle skills. + 6 speed.
               Sucks: - 6 damage. - 10% to all physicle skills. - 5 speed.
Genjutsu: Excel's: + 10% to all perception skills. - 8 chakra used when using genjutsu. + 10 % to sneak
                 Sucks: - 10% to all perception skills. + 8 chakra points used using genjutsu. -10% to sneak.
Ninjutsu: Excel's: - 10 chakra used, when using Ninjutsu, +  5 damage to ninjutsu. + 2 strike to ninjutsu
                Sucks:+10 points of chakra used, when using Ninjutsu. -5 damage. - 2 to strike to ninjutsu

Focus type two: Above average at two, but below average on one.
Teijutsu: Excel's: + 3 damage. + 5% to all physicle skills. + 2 to speed.
             Sucks: - 3 damage. - 5% to all physicle skills. - 2 to speed.
GenJutsu: Excel's:+5 % to all perception skills. - 4 points of chakra when using genjutsu. +5% to sneak.
          Sucks:  - 5% to all perception skills. + 4 chakra used when using genjutsu. -5% to sneak.
Ninjutsu Excel's: - 5 chakra points used. + 2 damage to ninjutsu's. + 1 strike to ninjutsu.
               Sucks: +5 Chakra points used. - 2 damage. - 1 strike To ninjutsu.

Focuse type three: No faults. But no benefit's to either tree. Except being able to learn jutsu's of the three.

Example's: Sakara is focus type 3. Rock lee is focus type 1, Teijutsu. Neji Hyuga is type 2, Teijutsu and genjutsu.

Using Jutsu's. Using an actual jutsu technique. Require's A) A said amount of chakra points to use. And, B) A amount of time to build up chakra, and use the jutsu. This brings a layer of strategy. Not only requireing you to know, what to use, but when to use it. Here is a list of all E-rank jutsu's you will automatically know. As a beginning ninja. Anything more, will be taught to you, by your Jounin level sensei, as the game progresses. The idea, is to become stronger. Not start out strong.

Body replacement, Jutsu: The ability to replace one's body, with a decoy. Decoy's range from small animal's like bunnies, and squirel's. To object's like log's, rocks, dummies. Requirements: It cost's 5 chakra point's to use. And, 1 minute, of preparation to use. This technique, is stack able. Meaning after preparation, it can be used at any time, as a last resort. Or counter measure. It stacks, at 1, at level's 1, 4, and ends at 8. For a total of 3 stacks. This is a Ninjutsu

Cloak of invisibility: The basic art of concealment. This is not much of a jutsu, but more of an increased ability to hide. Using, cloak's, or such to blend in with your walls, and environment. Or, boxes, and such, made to look like rock's, or stump's. Doing so, add's +10%  to your sneak, and cost's, 2 chakra points for every minute used. This is a genjutsu.

Clone Technique: Clones are intangible, images. Made to look like ones self. The can not make any physical connection in this realm. Meaning, with a good perception, one can notice clones. By key features such as, not having a shadow, or not kicking up dust. It require's  5 chakra per clone. And, 2 chakra per minute, increased by 2, per clone. And, a minute per every 2 clones. A Ninjutsu

Rope Escape technique: The simple ability, to escape ones bind's. It require's, 4 chakra point's to use. It is a Teijutsu.

Transformation Jutsu: The ability, to transform one's self into a different person's appearance. Even into animal's, and objects. It is a priceless skill, in a world of intelligence gathering, and espionage. It cost's 10 chakra, and 4 chakra per minute of use. This, is a Genjutsu.

As one can notice. I have changed some of the classifications, to specific jutsu's. Such as Transformation, being Gen, rather then Ninjutsu. This is based upon personal opinion on what classifies as what. Example: To apear as some one else is an ilusion, therefore a form of Genjutsu. Also, as a means to even out the beginning skills some.

Hyuga specific. For anyone playing one of this clan. There is only two jutsu accessible, by starting level. All Hyuga specific Jutsu, is a Genjutsu. Byakugan, is a Kei Kei Genkei, or in other words. A bloodline specific Jutsu.
View Chakra points. Costs, 2 chakra to use byakugan and view the points in ones body.

And Byakugan. Cost's 4 chakra per minute. Allow's the user to see, and sense 360 degree's around them. With a plus 5% to all perception skills. At the cost of 10 chakra per minute. One can see through walls, or even people.
(If one ask's, I can offer Originally created KeiKei Genkei. Only canon allowed is Hyuga clans.)

As for weapons. Any one with weopon techniques, can have one free weapon, pertaining to their specific MOS. 4 free throwable, if last Mos.

Katana/Ninjato: 1d8 Damage, weigh 3 pounds. -1strike, slow attack weapon. 100 yen
Boe Staff: 1d6 damage, great length, for more ranged strikes. Length 4 feet. 100 yen
Nun chuck's: 1d4, fast attack speed weapons. +1 strike.  100 yen
Tonfa: Same as Nun Chucks.  100 yen
Kunei: 1d6, throwable.  20 yen
Shurikan: 1d4 Throwable. (2 can be thrown at a time.) 10 yen.

Paper Bomb's: 2d6 if trick is successful. Can be placed on Kunei, and thrown. Or on Replacement justsu's. 50 yen
Smoke Pellet's: Conceal's user, within a 5 foot radius.  10 yen
Smoke bomb: Conceal's user, withing a 6 meter radius. Concealing whole rooms. In a puff, of smoke. 20 yen

All starting character's, begin with 300 yen.

Please rate me in comments, if you want. Or better yet, join. Since this is one of the role plays I now want to start the most. Other then, my one x one's. If you all want, I can construct a character template. But, I dont feel like it at this present time. So, if you want a character now. Then, show some initiative, and make one, without a guiding template. Who needs quid lines any way. ;D  < Stupid face. But, if you do. It would make me happy to see, my system, is manageable. ^_^

If you all feel as though I missed something. Send me a pm, and I will look, and fix that!

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Re: Home made System, for Naruto group role play!
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This is a possible plot line for us to start. So, please if you want, you can send you opinions.

First off, we will start in the Fire Nation, Hidden leaf village. It will take place five years, after the 4th great ninja war. You are all this years new set, of exceptional Gening. I do have a great plot, to go further on. But, if I tell it, allot of surprise is taken away. The manga is still going, so this will take place in the anime verse. Meaning Tsunade is still, Hokage, and many other spoiler's I dont want to get into at this present time,or place.

Or, this can take place before Naruto started. In a time where Ninja were more strict about whom became Gening. Making ages a bit more workable, from a age range of 16, or 18. I think my original plot line can work in this, just not as effectively. Although this fights canon story, with the least resistance. Since, none of the other great ninja wars are talked about much. Nor is most history in their past.

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Re: Home made System, for Naruto group role play!
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Hey, I am ok with people not liking this, but I would enjoy some opinions on my job, at the actual system. Come on? Any opinions? Any one want me to make a system for them?