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June 24, 2022, 06:05:05 pm

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Author Topic: "Saving Yanaha" || F 4 M || descriptive || Light Historial 1800's || Adult  (Read 550 times)

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  • Yanaha (Yah-nah-ha) means "Brave" in Navajo
  • Seeking someone to play the "White Man" who saved her
  • Set loosely in the early 1800's, meaning I'm down for creative freedoms
  • This idea is meant for sexual tension, possible romance, and "smutt"
  • It is also meant to play off the cultural conflict of the time
  • You may choose if he's an advocate for Indians, undecided, or usually against
  • The bulk of play should take place on his estate/homestead
  • Descriptive RP is a must!!! Click here for an idea of what I'm looking for.
  • For my sexual preferences, click here
  • For IM RP - AIM = perilousbody and YIM = perilousbody
  • If you IM, let me know you're from E, and why you're IMing me
  • I will also accept forum play and even more than one prospect to play this out
  • Meaning I'm open to play this story with different players

... The Desired Plot ...

A Navajo woman is chased onto his (your character) property by a group of men hunting her down with a few dogs. We can discuss why they were chasing her or leave it for the RP. Ideally, he runs the men off or kills them, or a little of both-- hiding her in the stable until it's clear when he takes her into the house. She knows English enough to communicate but I will be playing off unknown vocabulary as curiosities to have fun with during play.

The plot I'm most interested in isn't the chase or his saving her, that's just the catalyst that smashes their lives together. What I'm most interested in, is their relationship. She's foreign to him and a lot of things in his house are foreign to her. This is a story line for sexual tension, lust, conflict, and passion. This is also an interracial of sorts as she's never been with a white man before and he's not likely to have been with a Navajo woman before. These are things I want to play with during the RP.

Yes, they can have sex as soon as the first night if the chemistry is there. Or, it'll take a few days of intense tension before one of them crosses the line and pushes the other over the edge with them.

It's the middle of the night and there's hardly any moon, there's gunshots and barkings dogs in the distance. It's easy to ignore at first because it's so far away but after awhile it becomes obvious they're headed nearer and nearer. Their almost incoherent shouting getting louder, calling out for someone with a sweet venom. The next gunshot to go off was too close for comfort; as dark as it was a lantern would be needed to provide light outside when he went to take a look.

Upon surveying his property the best he could he heard the horses rile a little-- they weren't scared, but something got their attention. When he went to check it out, he'd hear the quiet cooing vocals of a foreign language, Navajo if he had the ear for it, though he might have thought he was hearing things, there were no Indian women around here. Like any smart man though, he entered the stables to have a look around and be sure there was no one trying to steal his horses.

What he found was startling, rich brown hair was in a curled and roughed up mess, like she'd been rolling around on the ground which was supported by the dirt smudging her face and collarbone. It was probably then he realized he could see her clavicle because her dress-- made of hide, had been torn at the seam on her shoulder, leaving the left one bare in a subtle threat of exposing the weight of her breast. It was on her dress there was a small spattering of blood though there were no visible cuts on her that he could see. Bronzed legs jutted out with a defensive bend of her knees from under the lower hem of her soiled and torn attire.

She was afraid, but not cowering and even without words he could see she was trying to decide if he was one of the men after her or the owner of the stable she'd hid in. She was panting as proof of her run which begged the question of just how far had she ran? Was she being chased because they wanted to rape them an ingin? Had she done something? Her hands were opened in front of her not unlike boxing though clearly not so refined, she appeared un-armed though there was a quiver on her back empty of arrows.

Time was up and for whatever reason he bowed his head to her, putting a finger to his lips to shush her as he crept back out of the barn. He lifted his revolver and moved around the house to face the men on their approach.

... what he says, how he does it can be discussed ...

There hadn't been a woman in the house except the rare dinner guest as company of someone else since it was erected. He didn't know what he was going to do with her exactly or who, even if, he should contact about her arrival. Alas, he wasn't going to leave her to sleep in the barn, even if she might have thought it more comfortable-- it wasn't safe. The house was much safer, and she could wash up. He returned to the barn where he found her quietly waiting beside his horse, curious if she knew that particular horse was his or not. He motioned her to follow, turning to take lead but watching to be sure she understood.

As she followed and he directed his attention the house his eyes were pulled back to her over his shoulder when she spoke. It wasn't that she spoke that caught his notice, but that she spoke English, she'd thanked him. They both smiled, he said his you're welcome and into the house they went.

... The Male Lead ...

Luke Evans - best movie for period likeness, "The Raven"

Anson Mount -  period likeness, "Hell on Wheels"

Tom Hardy - period likeness, "Lawless"

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - period likeness, "Blackthorn", others could be used as well

Chris Hemsworth - period likeness, "Snow White" ??

Hugh Jackman - period likeness, "Les Miserables" among others

Yes, I am willing to consider other picture options, just propose them! These are only meant to help for those who have no idea what sort of visual to pick.
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