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Author Topic: Agent 32 {Beguile's Mistress challenge 1}  (Read 1029 times)

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Agent 32 {Beguile's Mistress challenge 1}
« on: March 27, 2013, 11:40:19 AM »
   *Heavy very loud ringing of church bells*
   "I need a new realtor." Agent 32 muttered as he rolled over to see this weeks assignment. Friday nights assasination of Frederick Solovikei, the most corrupted politician to ever run the smallest fraction of this country, left Agent 32 feeling incredibly powerful. Which explains the two half naked females on the floor, obviously exhausted from Saturdays celebration.

   As he looked across to the one pillow that was on the bed, he saw a carefully placed envelope that made his heart sink to his stomache. Instead of the usual off white slightly manilla envelope, this was a matte black envelope as if crafted with high grade construction paper. Another unorthodox feature was the companies signature logo, wax stamped on the closing fold. This only means one kind of assignment....

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Re: Agent 32 {Beguile's Mistress challenge 1}
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2013, 11:41:37 AM »
Im jumpinng in the shower, will have a few more paragraphs up in an hour :)

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Re: Agent 32 {Beguile's Mistress challenge 1}
« Reply #2 on: March 27, 2013, 01:42:18 PM »
   Before opening the card to find out which blood relative he would be seeing an obituary about in two weeks, he grabs the last two shots of Evan Williams to relieve the taste of Kloe and Veronica from his lips. As he sits on his bed, sore from last nights game of drunken twister, his palms start to sweat as he opens his card.

   'Dear Agent 32.
We hope you enjoyed the celebratory bonus for Fredericks death. Those 3 days we lost contact with you, honestly we had notified H.R for the report of your M.I.A Classification. But once we saw your ability to handle that level of stress and keep your cover, we realize you are a very very tactical and useful member to this society.

   Your next assignment however, could very possibly kill you... And not in a dangerous environment. As you already know, yes it is a blood relative. However the followimg information may change your first mind.

   Your Uncle, Ronald J. Redmond, has been selling the children ages 12 to 16 from his orphanage, to factories over seas. We had tracked where the younger children were going, but after our surveillance had followed two men that purchased a young boy and girl, we decided your uncle needs to be terminated.

   If you deny this. Your rank and seniority will drop dramatically unless you purchase the services of the Nomad Squad.

   Talk to 3 for any questions
   Good day Agent 32

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Re: Agent 32 {Beguile's Mistress challenge 1}
« Reply #3 on: March 27, 2013, 03:04:50 PM »
   Speechless and painfully frustrated, he could only wonder why this happened. Why the children? Even understanding that times are tough all over, he can only think that someone else is in on it. His uncle could not possibly have done this by himself.

   Last time he saw his uncle, he had used the last of his money on a little boy for a new pair of shoes for the boy had lost one his own. Everything else was in order until his payday a week later yet he was going to get anti-biotics for his flu before meeting the young lad. The day before his payday his flu had grown horribly worse and had given him pneumonia.

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Re: Agent 32 {Beguile's Mistress challenge 1}
« Reply #4 on: March 27, 2013, 05:47:42 PM »
     Finally, tired of thinking how is uncle could do this with helpless children, he got up to wake the girls up for one last round.

*Scene reserved for when I'm approved*

     While washing off last nights remnants, Agent 32 couldn't help but think about what his uncle was doing. Only drying off a second he picked up his laptop and ordered tickets for the next flight out to South Carolina. While racing to the airport he tried to call his father. The only person that knows Ronald the best. His father didn't answer yet it did not surprise him in the least. Last time Agent 32 had talked to his father, he had found out what his sons secret society was. Not understanding what the society stood for he angrily told him how he felt and hung up on him.

     Flying across the sea is never easy for Agent 32 and It took more than a couple airplane bottles to knock him out this time back to the states. As soon as he got off the plane he calls his uncles orphanage.

     "Uncle Ron? Its your nephew. Mark."
     "Marky??? Oh my god its been too damn long!!! Where are you at?"
     "I'm here in SC. I was wondering if we could get together?"
     "Of course Marky of course! Meet me at Ranchers Bar and grill off Oak Ave. By the old family house. You know the place."

     Agent 32 knew the place all too well. Everything from his first kiss to losing his virginity, his first beer and first punch. All started happening at Ranchers Bar, Silver Ridge, South Carolina at the age of 14. Small town paradise. Home.

     Pulling up to Ranchers he spotted his Uncles classic '32 Coupe. As he pulls up next to the Coupe, his uncle spots him and ran out to give him 5 years lost time in hugs and noogies.

     "Marky I still can't believe its really you! God damn how long has it been?"
     "I know Uncle Ronnie. 5 years." He said calmly.
     "Who died Marky? It looks like you just got back from a god damn funeral!"

     His uncle had been hittin the sauce a little earlier than usual then again he was very excited to see his favorite nephew.

     "Marky c'mon talk to me whatsup? You want a drink? Ill buy you a drink!"
     "Hey Ronnie, I need to talk to you first......."
     "Whatsup?" Ronnie asked.
     "Hows the orphanage goin?"
     "Eh, Cant complain. Governments still sending the checks so I take it we're not facing too terrible of a crisis hehe."
     "Seriously Ron. I'm not bullshitting. I know something is up. Why the hell would I come here for no apparent reason and call you first thing. I love you but c'mon. Everyone knows my technician school doesn't let me just fly to America for no reason." Agent 32 was never completely honest with the family and luckily his father had been shunned for trying to bring him down with the truth.

     ''Jesus Ronnie okay calm down before somebody hears us..... They've got ears all over this town now.''

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Re: Agent 32 {Beguile's Mistress challenge 1}
« Reply #5 on: March 27, 2013, 05:56:43 PM »
^Should be Jesus Marky^ hahaha

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Re: Agent 32 {Beguile's Mistress challenge 1}
« Reply #6 on: March 27, 2013, 07:38:10 PM »
   "MARKY HOLY CHRIST IS THAT YOU BOY?!" Gary yelled in his thick as hell accent. "I HAVENT SEEN YOU SINCE THAT DAY YOU CAUGHT ME AND YOUR MA MAKING TERRANCE IN MY CHEVY!!" Him and the rest of the local drunks started laughing hysterically.

   "Gary Thomas??? Hell I didnt recognize you without one of your lovely sheep-"

   "Marky cut that out, god can hear an see what you do now that your back on his land." Ronnie said. "And Gary we never did get that test done. I still say little Joey looks more like you than Terrance. But thats just because he was born without any teeth. Now shut the hell up before I turn your ass in for the drug lab in your shed and save your already motherless children."
The town drunks were now laughing at Gary as he sulked back into his chair to swear under his breath.

   "Before we speak a word about whats going on... I need a shot!"

   "You read my mind Marky. Jeff is that Jagger cold??"

   "As cold as it can be Ronnie. Two bombs? Its on the house. Im about ready to kick Gary's ass out. When I opened up this morning he was passed out in the stalls." Jeff was a long time family friend who always helped Mark when he could. Like an older brother since Marks oldest sibiling was now almost 6.

   The two kicked the shots back as if it were liquid candy, ordered mozorella sticks and took the table off to the corner where it was more quiet.

   "So..." Ronnie said, watching Mark inhale the mozorella from the fried shell. "What have you heard?"

   "Well... I was told, you had made some... Sales."
   "Orphans. I was also told those sales were to factories... Over seas. But children under 12 were sold locally to what I can only assume were pedophiles."
   "Well... Im not going to lie an tell you thats not where they went. I knew where they were taking the children. They told me. Which is why I have these."

   He lifted the sleeves of his coat to show him scars on his wrists. Two on each wrist appeared to start asscending but had stopped when he realized the decision he was really about to make.

   "Uncle Ronnie who are they??"
   "The asian fellas that are like the mafia. What do they call em?"
   "Triads? What are triads doing in Silver Ridge?"
   "I asked that too. The one that spoke english said that Heroin does good out here."
   "Oh christ." Mark exclaimed "Well what the hell do they want with you?"

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Re: Agent 32 {Beguile's Mistress challenge 1}
« Reply #7 on: March 27, 2013, 11:19:58 PM »
   "It was almost 6 months ago when it happened. I had put out an ad for help after your aunt passed last year and I was doing good with the help I had, but the ads never got taken down. So I was helping the fourth graders with homework when I got a call from a man named Jack Tre-Won. He said that he basically leases out nannies of that nature and after a month I can pay them installments to pay off a flat rate. And after one year of help it would just restart ya know? So a couple months pass and its amazing. We got down to a comfortable number of children and we were making good money for ourselves, so I figured we would do just fine if I let the nannies go. I call Jack back and he says we will come pick up our nannies but you will still owe us that flat rate. When I asked why, he just chuckled and hung up. So a month passes and I get a knock at the door. I dont know who it was but he said, he was sent to pick up a child to transfer to an orphanage owned by the people I dealt with. When I said no he just smiled, opened his jacket slightly so I could see he had a gun holstered, and asked if I was sure. Startled at the fact this was becoming serious, I just let him in and watched him closely. He talked to our oldest, a 16 year old, and said this young man will be fine. Before he left he told me for every week I cant make a payment, he will come back for another transfer. I let them transfer two more kids then made payments up until two weeks ago. The same man came back the day after the payment day, held a gun to my head and told me that teasing his boss will not be tolerated. Thats when he told me what happened to the first 3 children, then told me if I was smart I would continue payments.... I still havent made payments. The night they took another child is when I tempted the suicide thought. They took two children 4 nights ago. A little boy and a little girl. When they asked where they were going, he said their knew home where they will have someone to play with them all the time. As they walked to the car he turned to me an said Raul will have hours of fun with them and smiled.... It was a disgusting smile.... I.... Just.... I dont know anymore."

   At this point Ronnie had tears in his eyes and needed some fresh air. As he walks out of the bar he opens up his wallet to look at the picture of his wife. The last picture taken of his wife two weeks before she got in the accident. A single tear drops and hits his wallet. The cool evening air fills his lungs when he gasps and almost refreshes him. As he reaches for a cigarette he notices the BMW that the man drove everytime to pick up children parked down the street. As he looks for his lighter the BMW now starts to roll forward. The sounds of the light gravel being pushed is muffled from the hum of over head power lines. After Ronnie lights up and pockets the lighter, he sees the BMW before him and the back window is now rolling down....

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Re: Agent 32 {Beguile's Mistress challenge 1}
« Reply #8 on: March 28, 2013, 02:26:10 AM »
   "So yeah that whip out there is just a rental. My Lambo is back in mother russia." Mark can put the charm on in any kind of situation.

   "Who would think stopping at a random dive bar in this state, I would meet such a gorgeous mystery man like you." She couldnt resist his features the moment she saw him.

   "Well its more or less just perfect timing. I havent been here in 5 years and I just got to the bar 2 hours ago to see my...." Mark was cut off by the sound of a fully automatic Mac-10 and the low profiles, peeling out on the BMW. "No..."

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Re: Agent 32 {Beguile's Mistress challenge 1}
« Reply #9 on: March 28, 2013, 03:10:10 AM »
   As everyone in the bar takes a look over their cover, Mark and his new lady friend Lisa are already outside to find Ronnie laying now in a mixture of blood and left over oil from the previous parked car. His cigarette still burning laying just a foot away. Mark was still in a professional state of mind although this isnt the first time finding a relative like this. Lisa however was in complete shock along with the rest of Ranchers occupancy.

   Mark has never felt so left in the dark. The time it would take for the society's surveillance to track and find the people would take too long. And triads arent exactly people to just start asking around for. This definately will push Agent 32's skills.

   "Yes Mark?"
   "Do you have any responsibilities? Kids? Pets?"
   "I have a job... And a Goldfish.... And my apartment of course. Why do you ask?"
   "Well..... We're going to dinner. We'll sort this all out."

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Re: Agent 32 {Beguile's Mistress challenge 1}
« Reply #10 on: March 28, 2013, 05:03:17 AM »
   Cruising down the freeway with Lisa in his car definately kept his mind off the fact his uncle was innocent but still wound up dead. He couldnt keep his eyes off the sight of her thighs as if she was poured into her daisy duke cut offs. Her half cut button up shirt was only held together by two buttons, not quite enough to cover all of the lacey black bra that held her plump triple d's.

   "I apologize now if this makes you uncomfortable in any way but if I glance any longer at you im gonna crash my car." They both have a good laugh as she gracefully tried to pull her jeans down slightly.

   "I was afraid you were thinking I was a whore for letting you just take me out. But I couldnt just leave you alone after that happened."

   "A whore? Isnt that jumping the gun slightly? I mean I didnt have intentions of you sleeping with me."

   "Well most people take me being friendly as Im coming onto them. Honestly I dont see any sense in turning down a free meal, and your not driving a white van with tinted windows hehe so yeah. Why the hell not?"

   "Good point! So what sounds good?"

   "Steak and salad. Maybe a baked tater."

   "I think I love you... Beer?"


   "Hot damn I do love you Lisa!!!"

   The two share a good laugh before pulling into Jimmy J's Home Kitchen Diner. A favorite place of Marks since he was a young boy.

   "Damn I havent been here since I left for Russia the very first time. I dont recognize any of the waitresses."

   The two get their booth, ask for salad and order a beer. Both finish their glass before the waitress can return with salad. Both order the special #4 dinner. 12 oz. T-bone, Baked potatoe, Jimmy J's Famous Garlic Corn, and a bowl of macaroni salad. A plate Mark has had literally more times than he can count. The two continue to talk about one anothers childhood friends and stories. After the check comes and gets paid he looks at Lisa and cant help but feel she is enthralled by his character. Maybe she was sensing some sort of vulnerability coming from him, but all he did know was she was interested in him.

   "What do you say we do now Lisa?"

   "Its up to you honey. Im up for anything."

   "Lets grab a case of brews and go to your place. We still need to get your car from Ranchers."

   "We'll get it tomorrow. Im not in the mood for that long of a drive tonight."

   The two leave the diner an go to Lisa's apartment. A very quiet secluded complex that had obviously showed the managers care about the property. The two get out of the car and enter her apartment. The place had an overwhelming sense of relaxation to it. A floral scent that was similar to hers lightly coated the apartment that made his heart speed up just thinking of her and knowing this was her sanctuary. Everything about it fitted her perfectly.

   As she came out of the bedroom he noticed she had gotten into comfy clothes. The weathered band t-shirt she had put on along with air conditioning made him aware that she had ditched the bra. The shorts became cotton and slightly shorter. When she bent down to put on the Cd 'Lets cheers to this by 'Sleeping with sirens, Mark was able to truly see the magnificent shape of her backside. The first beers of the case crack open, and the night that changes everything begins.

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Re: Agent 32 {Beguile's Mistress challenge 1}
« Reply #11 on: March 29, 2013, 12:38:49 AM »
   As the night progressed one cd at a time, one beer after another the conversations got deeper and deeper. After about 6 beers each, Lisa was feeling good enough to ask him one question shes wanted to ask him all day.

   "Yes Lisa?"
   "Do you smoke?"
   "I enjoy a cigar new years eve..." Mark replied awkwardly.
   "No silly... Bud. Kronik?"
   "Oh my god thank you!!! I havent smoked since I was in europe. I usually bring home some but I had to hijack a boat back home that time..........."

   They both fall silent as 'Silverstein continues to play on the stereo now.

   "Ya know... I know your funny and all... But you sounded very serious, I dont even know what to say honestly. Let me get my stash and bong, you just.... Hold on...." Lisa got up and went to her room while Mark thought of a quick cover. But a part of him really wanted to tell her. He was really having a connection with this woman other than any before. Of course she was stunning, yet he wasnt thinking of plowing her every 5 to 10 minutes. Then again when he did imagine caressing her body between the sheets, he felt as if his heart would give out from beating so fast.

   "So please just tell me that was a joke... Really..."
   "Well........ It wasnt. I really did hijack a boat to get back home..."
   "I dont understand. Why?"
   "Well... Because if I didnt, I wouldve been thrown in an Irish prison and would be getting potatoes shoved in my ass on the daily."

   Lisa looked as if he had insulted her. She couldnt get her head around it.

   "Why what did you do!?"
   "I burned down a bar owned by a rapist...... I am a hitman."
   "WHAT THE FUCK!?!?"

   She told him to shoosh, loaded herself a bowl, and damn near cleared it on one graceful breath.

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Re: Agent 32 {Beguile's Mistress challenge 1}
« Reply #12 on: April 02, 2013, 02:43:47 PM »
This story has been moved to Light-Human Solos